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+13    Camera Flash & Zoom is a full featured and highly configurable camera app that has everything you need for taking pictures on your iPhone. Feature highlight: 1. Digital Flash This app uses a combination of advanced filters to add realistic lighting to your ...    2 MB    Views 5198


iphone photos fps videos camera photo mode focus zoom selectable
0    FeelShot is a camera application for iOS. In portrait mode, use is very simple. In landscape mode, exposure, focus, and zooming, can be used simultaneously. Manually control Photos & Videos (ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance) from the screen. The "moment zoom" exists only on ...    10 MB    Views 252
Related Apps video photos iphone camera photo burst mode gif sequence
+4    Burstio can browse your burst photos taken with the builtin Camera app. Play burst photos and convert them into a video or an animated GIF. IMPORTANT: Burstio works only with devices that are capable to take pictures with Burst Mode (iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 7755
+13    Instantly inspire your friends and colleagues with motivational ("fail") pictures, right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds. ...    2 MB    Views 3305

Pic Censor Lab

-1    Create images by hiding parts of your photo and share them as you like. You can use these photos to hide a child face or sell a car and hide its number or you can find your own usage. Zooming ...    9 MB    Views 6107
video photo camera photos videos application share picker tool mode night light
-4    We are thrilled to announce a "Night Vision " application. Whenever you need to take picture or video at low luminosity condition on iPhone or iPad this application is right for you. The application was maturing almost one year; this ...    3 MB    Views 7128

Camera Snipe

camera photo photos shooting iphone screen fake full mode
+12    Takes photos with your iPhone secretly and discreetly with a fake screen Camera Snipe lets you take actual photos while displaying a fake screen so no one will know what you're doing. Camera Snipe makes it easy to take a photo by ...    488 kb    Views 5567
Related Apps photo video iphone photos camera picker mode share night
+15    Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Each of us has been in such a condition when has wanted to shoot a photo or video in a partially lighted room and iphone has shown black screen and flashlamp ...    4 MB    Views 9712

Camera Shades Live

Related Apps photos camera videos photo recording artistic video effects ability add view mode
+10    Fastest startup possible. Premium camera view with advanced animation features. ● Camera view is designed the way that you can perform most of the actions with your thumb. Use volume buttons to take photos right when you start the camera. ...    17 MB    Views 6641

SeaShell Pro

+4    Seashell Apps turns your Iphone into professional camera under water, The Seashell app only can used with the SSi iPhone Waterproof Photo Housing. Purchase your SSi iPhone Waterproof Photo Housing at : and give your iPhone shell App features: Battery status display Automatic flash off with ...    3 MB    Views 2083
photography videos mode basics exposure landscapes words technical examples
+12    Understand the basics of photography with simple words ====================================== must buy   Excellent I've just completed the videos and this app has been excellent. Well presented, no over complicated instructions' just practical examples.This improved my photography skills and understanding significantly.Buy it.  The ...    215 MB    Views 7501

Janus Video

video recording videos camera photos supported mode secret record private
+1    ● Record your private video in Secret Mode. ● Record nonprivate video in Disguise Mode. ● Protect your privacy perfectly. Janus Video Two faces camera 【Introduction】 ● You don't need a secretalbum app anymore. Just use 'Janus Video' ● If you want to record private ...    5 MB    Views 1018
calculator video camera recording videos button private mode click screen enter special hidden
0    HIdden camera with special calculator have 2 Hidden/SPY CAMERA mode,first one is working internet browser but you could record video or taking picture, Other one is just blank screen when you touch on the screen you could take a picture.( ...    124 kb    Views 5669

CS Stealth Camera

Related Apps camera video media videos photos web email stealth vault pictures mode offers picture
-2    This application was developed for iOS devices running version 4.2 or newer and has been tested both on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 devices, but should function with any iOS devices equipped with cameras dynamically. This application discreetly takes pictures or ...    38 MB    Views 3762


Related Apps photos camera photo iphone darkroom online share mode roll shutter
+12    Does your iPhone photos come up blurry at times? Is it from insufficient lighting or accidental motion from pressing the shutter button? Whatever the reasons, Darkroom can help you achieve better photos. Darkroom's steady mode feature takes a photo automatically once ...    8 MB    Views 6007
camera photos iphone time timer pro mode shoot torch preview
-6    SELF TIMER CAMERA PRO IS AN AMAZING NEW APP FOR TAKING PICTURES This is what your iPhone has been missing; a delay in shutter release allowing you to be fully pictured in all your photos. At the touch of a button ...    240 kb    Views 2543
Related Apps iphone mode complete screen background optional black auto shutter
+12    SpyCamera is an application for specialist, which can photograph clip by concealment. It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting. When school lecture by parts quietly. When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring ...    NAN    Views 1627
video iphone twitter facebook image panorama capture mode recommended 360 modes
+2    Panorama is the ultimate solution to make panoramic image on iPhone. 360 panorama turns your iPhone into a 1000 wideangle DSLR. Everyone can find his favorite way to make scenic landscape photo with 360 panorama using iPhone. There are three capture modes ...    3 MB    Views 6078
0    〇XCamera([mʌ̀lekskǽmərə]) is camera application to perform multiple exposure photography. The automatic mode that iPhone photographs the designated number of times automatically. The manual mode that a photographer photographs by manual operation. Abovementioned is equipped with two modes. For the comparison of an ...    563 kb    Views 1590
video photo iphone camera facebook library videos share application night light result mode
+30    Optimized for iPhone 4S, 5 ,5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Let us introduce our latest developed application. The application takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iphone. Sophisticated algorithm was developed during ...    4 MB    Views 3748


recording videos photos video audio mode instant phone notification
+22    Camarazzo offers an allinone solution for your visual evidence collection and data security. It takes your photos and videos and protects them using quick dissemination and stealth. Handheld or handsfree operation (for example, on a car windshield or tripod). Portrait ...    9 MB    Views 2299


photo iphone movie color mask mode support slider manager
-7    Support iPhone5 4" Retina display Support iOS 7 Introducing ColorManger, that is able to control the colors of photo at your taste. You can change your photo's color as much as you want. As converting selected color to black and white, ...    2 MB    Views 4603
Related Apps camera iphone video program quickpro mode nikon guide modes priority guides
+11    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your Nikon D3000? The Answer Will Now Be in Your Pocket. With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, ...    140 MB    Views 2104


painting photo iphone frame light mode long create exposure painter exposed
+18    Create amazing long exposures and light paintings with your iPhone Light Painter finally brings long exposures to the iPhone to let you capture nighttime cityscapes, landscapes, create 'ghosts', or abstract scenes for example. Light Painter has a mode ("Additive") which makes ...    508 kb    Views 6007

Cam Espionage

+30    Cam espionage allows you to be a 007 in the real world. You know that every day there are moments that you are unable to capture and you would love to, now you can Just one warning: the first and ...    2 MB    Views 8009


Related Apps camera photos iphone photo light mode exposure long device night
-1    NightCap Pro is also available It’s NightCap with video recording, iPad support, light booster, noise reduction and ultra long exposure modes. NightCap is the original real long exposure camera for iPhone, boosting light by up to 15x for brighter, ...    2 MB    Views 4195

The Blue Cam

camera iphone blue cam mode exposure focus funny settings animations auto
+21    The blue cam app takes your photos to higher perfection and fun. Uses the extra features mostly available only in iOS 7 & iOS 8. Easy and fast way to customise your iPhone camera settings with funny animations and smart ...    7 MB    Views 6984
+3    Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Let us introduce our latest developed application Night Mode Camera. The application takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iPhone. Sophisticated algorithm was ...    3 MB    Views 7655
photo voice recording videos video camera recorder auto mode black
+20    limited time 50% Event SpyX is a 3in1 spy application where you can take a photo, shoot video, or record your voice in an incognito mode. The app features a black screen and turns off the background light so you ...    NAN    Views 2923

Janus Camera

Related Apps camera photo iphone shooting ipad support mode manual supported modern
+4    Take a photo without ShutterSound If someone else around you, it works as Normal Camera App. If nobody around you, it works as Spy Camera App. iOS 8 Full Supports. ModernStyle Beautiful Camera HDR Supports SelfTimer / Bluetooth Mode ...    6 MB    Views 4559
iphone camera flickr picture mode sound pixels size snappy timer pictures shutter
-5    Using Snappy, a magical finger will press the shutter button of the iPhone builtin camera for you. The magical finger is either an accelerometer, a mic or a timer. The picture taken will be saved in the iPhone's camera roll ...    81 kb    Views 4828
Related Apps camera video iphone headset bluetooth shutter picture release wireless remote mode
+14    Don't be interrupted by releasing the shutter. Wireless shutter release enables you to strike various poses. "Easy Self Shot" enables you to take a picture using your Bluetooth headset as a wireless shutter release for the camera on your iPhone or iPod ...    1 MB    Views 2434
retro videos camera video mode camcorder pictures snap friends
-6    Retro VHS Camcorder & Photo Camera puts you in the pilot seat of a retro 80’s VHS Camcorder & Camera Take grainy videos in landscape mode and snap pictures while filming without breaking your back shouldering those heavy old VHS camcorders. ...    65 MB    Views 9780


iphone video support control playback record cameras eye mode dvrs view
-1    Mbeye allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from IP Cameras and DVRs.. Features include: 1.iPhone and iPad compatible. 2.Support Pan,Tilt & Zoom control. 3.Support finger touch to control PTZ. 4.Support both 3G and Wifi. 5.Support Quad view mode. 6.Snapshot into your local photo ...    4 MB    Views 6473


Related Apps camera photos iphone ipod switch full screen mode start
+6    InterCam turns your iPhone/iPod touch (iPod 4th Gen) into an intervalometer using the built in camera. Use the spinner wheels to set the intervals you want to take a picture. InterCam will go into full screen mode and start taking photos ...    263 kb    Views 1061


photo editing camera videos library flickr facebook photography photos video pictures effects mode device flash
+11    For newest pictures and video for this app please use App Store app • Third party app discovery apps have old pictures. √ HDR photography for most difficult lightings. • You can adjust the input pictures, such as fusion. • You can ...    7 MB    Views 8133

Straight Shot

Related Apps video photos photo camera videos exposure focus zoom mode preview
+23    Automatically straightens photos and videos with life preview. Full resolution videos and photos. Share with most popular sites: Facebook,youtube,twitter,flickr,vkontakte,dropbox,evernote,.. Flashlight mode. Separate focus and exposure setting by swiping : start of the swipe sets the focus, the end the ...    11 MB    Views 5737


+6    Create | Share: Interactive Photography & Slow Motion Videos. Freezify is awesome for Slow Motion, Timelapses, 3D Selfies, Panoramas, Light Field Simulation and more. With freezify, you can upload videos from your camera roll, or take new videos inside the app, ...    21 MB    Views 3541


time iphone text camera display adjust mode choose
+22    Create artistic photos with reizLICHTER by drawing with light. Write texts – sharp edged – with light, or use the freestylemode to create any shape you want. Adjust the exposure time of your camera and go ahead. A vibration gives you ...    6 MB    Views 7980


fashion people iphone les qui application pour mode
+21    Very Fashion People, le concours mensuel de mode arrive sur iPhone Postez votre look, et gagnez le cadeau du mois Avec l’appareil photo Very Fashion People, trop facile d’entrer dans la course aux looks Tu pourras en plus savoir ...    1 MB    Views 5183

HDR basics course

photos workflow audio videos hdr technical simple training stunning great mode
0    WARNING To have audio on the app you need to switch your phone from silent mode to normal mode. The videos play without audio when the phone is on silent mode. CREATE STUNNING HDR PHOTOS USING PHOTOMATIX AND PHOTOSHOP Learn how ...    241 MB    Views 2733

iManner Camera

iphone camera mode auto shutter screen background black complete
+16    It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring others. When collecting the proof. You can use in various uses. : Features Manner mode. Complete black screen mode ...    1 MB    Views 8602

Self Timer

photos iphone photo people seconds fun support finally timer feature mode automatically
-9    ••••• BEST PHOTO APP AWARD 2012 IPHONE – ••••• TAKE UP TO 20 PICTURES IN SEQUENCE With the Multiphoto feature you can take a lot of photos in sequence and then choose the best, so finally you can be sure that ...    4 MB    Views 5986

Pocket Video Camera

video videos camera photos recording record timer cam pocket flash great mode
+28    Record videos with the ultimate video camera Pocket Video camera adds all the missing features you need to record fun, innovative and great videos. Clap Cam Record videos by simply clapping your hands or making a loud noise. Works by using ...    396 kb    Views 8192
photo iphone view photographs ability page mode landscape turn
+14    Renowned Japanese actor, Saburo Tokito captures the many splendors of New Zealand. Included in the photo album are 36 main photographs, a title page, introduction and help page. Ability to view the location of where the photo was taken, as well ...    78 MB    Views 2831

Camera Genius

photos camera photo iphone video videos facebook flickr twitter genius capture zoom mode
+6    ON SALE BUY IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASES Camera Genius spent over 2 weeks as the 1 Paid iPhone App Buy now to find out why Praise for Camera Genius “Camera Genius is a doitall app” — The New York Times “A ...    31 MB    Views 9579
Related Apps iphone black mode background optional complete screen shutter sound auto
0    SpyCamera is an application for specialist, which can photograph clip by concealment. It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting. When school lecture by parts quietly. When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring ...    NAN    Views 2559

DSLR Camera

Related Apps camera photo videos video photos apple tools shooting monitor mode manual filters focus dslr white
+3    DSLR Camera for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is the perfect app for your photos and videos, with an editor that includes more than 100 photographic filters. Make Photos and Videos of everything you want, at any time, even at night ...    33 MB    Views 6930
Related Apps camera shooting iphone photo photos histogram live mode guide application continuous
+27    Have you ever wanted to have live histograms on your iPhone camera? Does your iPhone camera application provides the composition guide and various shooting modes? Well, then you have come to the right place. The Camera Pro helps you to compose your photos ...    414 kb    Views 6940
iphone photos photo ipad voice delete swipe mode fun
+25    Best Photo Delete App for iPhone and iPad. Simple and secure iPhone photo deleting App. Introducing the Photo Delete App. Delete iPhone photos and delete iPad Photos with the Photo Delete App easily. Easily delete your iPhone or iPad Photos by Voice or ...    32 MB    Views 7230
video photo camera facebook videos library share dropbox result mode application
0    Takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iphone. Sophisticated algorithm was developed during one year now you can judge the result The application works without any delays and lags. During the photo/video ...    7 MB    Views 5917


movie iphone zoom manual mode line button clip
+23    CES 2015 Innovation awarded PUZLOOK Optical Lens Case and App turn your iPhone in to an friendly creative tool. This App for Zoom of X4.5 (SLR transformed value 150mm) of PUZLOOK 6/6+. This imperatively necessary combination will help you to take ...    1 MB    Views 1589

SeaShell Lite

video photo iphone time automatic mode playback status picture
+11    Seashell Apps turns your Iphone into professional camera under water, The Seashell app only can used with the SSi iPhone Waterproof Photo Housing. Purchase your SSi iPhone Waterproof Photo Housing at : and give your iPhone shell App features: Battery status display Automatic flash off with ...    6 MB    Views 3978


Related Apps video camera videos iphone sketch photo ambient cartoon artistic recording color filter images mode control
+11    Waedeo gives you continuously tunable, artistic cartoon filtering effects of live video and images in high resolution. Create your own unique productions by adjusting the filter controls even WHILE YOU RECORD, and save them automatically to your device's camera roll. Visit ...    3 MB    Views 3034


Related Apps video camera videos time photography photo pictures mode screen dark file viewer
0    IMAGINE YOUR PHONE OFF AND THE CAMERA CONTINUOUSLY TAKING PICTURES... Darkam is an advanced still and video camera with a set of POWERFUL and UNIQUE features, Darkam is a MUSTHAVE for anyone who loves to take pictures or shoot video. FEATURES ◉ DARK ...    5 MB    Views 9569

Military Armory

Related Apps photos military library photo wallpaper iphone mode picture view high save
-3    This app contains a unique collection of high quality photos of ground military armor. Lightweight and heavyweight tanks, armored personnel carriers, military vehicles, recon vehicles, and many others await you. ► The app contains more than 500 highresolution photos. The photos ...    137 MB    Views 5341


iphone camera mode wink fixed region shake screen timer
+23    Please try to take a selfcamera easy and simple (You can take a selfcamera in three ways) 1. Timer mode After selecting the time of the timer, please take photos 2. Wink mode After being fixed so as not to shake the iphone, ...    3 MB    Views 4842
recording voice camera work facebook library photo videos cam spy settings mode screen
0    The best Spy Cam App you'll ever buy It just simply works Try it out for yourself Features: Voice Activated recording. Motion Activated recording using the accelerometer. Constant sound monitoring: You can adjust the duration of recording before going back to voice ...    10 MB    Views 954
videos photos video camera photo private secret mode roll
+19    Protect and secure your iPhone, iPod and iPad private data including photos and videos with Secret Chamber. Introducing and featuring exclusive feature "Pinch" any where on the screen to enter private mode. App designed to be just like private dark ...    18 MB    Views 2345


photos photo video iphone ipad library mode macro lenses
+12    The awardwinning olloclip Lens System and App turn your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into an even more creative tool. This powerful combination will help you to take your mobile photography even further. Shoot, edit and share your photos and ...    17 MB    Views 1887
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