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+10    950+ sticker icons and more coming with new updates Many photo filters included right out of the box. Add tons of additional editing tools with the purchase of a premium account. Double tap to like posts, triple tap to ...    39 MB    Views 8988
+3    Welcome to Year of The Snake, symbolic of all the goodness in Chinese belief will bring you a Happiness, Healthiness and Wealth in the year 2013. Let’s celebrate the Chinese happy holidays with Facinate China Town. Create your photo be fascinating in ...    32 MB    Views 8561

[email protected]

+3    Photos taken with the iPhone contains location information. That wanted to send photographs with friends and acquaintances to use this information for? This software is a handy tool to solve it. Easy to use, select a photo from the list, email with the ...    125 kb    Views 2120


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+17    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME Need to hide someone's face in a group photo? Either by blurring it, pixelating it, or maybe just covering it with something funny? faceBlocker makes it easy, fast, and fun It will autodetect the faces, and you can decide ...    2 MB    Views 2556
+3    ONE OF THE "COOLEST" PHOTO APPS OF THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Do you live in a warm country or did it snow only a little where you are? Don’t worry Using this app you can for sure get in the ...    4 MB    Views 2468

Mail Images

+4    Easily add multiple images at once to an email. Quickly resize images to a manageable size. No restrictions on the number of images attached. Requires an outgoing email account set up on your iPhone. Note: Accessing the photo library requires enabling ...    504 kb    Views 842


+20    celebrity+ is your ultimate lookup utility for celebrity photos All the latest and greatest photos of your favorite celeb Features include millions of photos, capability to save, share via text/SMS, email or social media. With the simple interface, you can ...    537 kb    Views 8055


photo crop send rotation features widget friends fingers mail
0    don't forget to send the card to your friends you could add your photos into albums that created by yourself. with crop features. This application is used for create and send daily and warmly greeting to your friends via mail in ...    5 MB    Views 147


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0    Flip your photos in amazing collages, edit with the most powerful editor and share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail. Features: Adjustable flip grid Share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail And many more Tons of fun stickers Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and ...    41 MB    Views 5245

Photo Mail

+9    Photolightning Photo Mail is designed for businesses such as real estate, construction, inspectors, adjusters, appraisers, installers, etc. that have services employees who need to quickly send photos along with comments which are easy for recipients to view and then respond ...    4 MB    Views 982
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0    Do you like Zombies that don't like diets? Enjoy the ultimate Booth App that will turn your photo into a FAT ZOMBIE A new visualization app that adds the effects of being a Zombie and of weight gain to any frontal face ...    31 MB    Views 8770


facebook twitter photo apps editing instagram mail
-8    You may have various pictures made by several photo editing apps. How about giving a small but big change one more time by PolyPic? You may not like the result. However, if you want it, it will be a photo you want ...    693 kb    Views 2168

Flowing Photo

Related Apps photo iphone twitter photos gif sharing full support mail share
+2    Flowing Photo is fun and easy to use With a swipe of a finger, Flowing Photo makes your photos come to life just swipe a cloud to send it rolling across the sky, or why not make that waterfall ...    8 MB    Views 5399

Split Shape

photos twitter facebook flip share mail tool
+12    Flip your photos in amazing collages, edit with the most powerful editor and share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail. Features: Adjustable flip grid Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip, Mix Flip Gorgeous photo effects Onetap auto enhance Focus Tool Color Splash Tool Tons of ...    32 MB    Views 6884


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+2    Look at the sunny day, choose a skin and take a photo. It’s quickly and easily to record the nice skin on your photo with ViziumPro and instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mail and Instagram. Let your friends ...    4 MB    Views 3784


editing color vertical ellipse mail horizontal square pastel manual image
-3    [Requirements] ・OS: iOS6.0 compatibility fix. (It may not work in iOS4.2.) ・H/W: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 [Support] Selling points Easily "operability" for anyone. Main function 1. Image Editing [Blur] Position the focus. Start with "Double tap". Deep of blur is determined by the slider. a) Circle b) Ellipse (Vertical) c) Ellipse (Horizontal) d) Square (Vertical) e) Square (Horizontal) After ...    4 MB    Views 7038


program perfect mail encryption picture album sina including
+14    This is not only an album, or to beautify the picture app. First of all, it is a powerful beautify picture app. Whether change color, filters, textures, text, spot repair, red eye, etc.. It definitely make your picture perfect show. Support ...    8 MB    Views 8018


photos user account send automatically mail receive
+10    PhotoSweep is an app designed to provide users a way to receive printed copies of their photos, on a regular basis, by simply adding the photos into a queue at the time of capture, and indicating how often they wish ...    3 MB    Views 4862


+15    This application is simple to attach a taken photo to send email. It is the most appropriate to share the photos in real time and can use with the Digital photo frame. [Feature] 1.Simple of 3 steps for Take, Make sure and Send(about 6 ...    169 kb    Views 66

Postcards by Mail

postcards paper real mail
+5    Send real paper postcards from any where on the globe Convert your photos into real paper postcards and have them mailed out for you to any location in the world all with the simple touch of a button No ...    29 MB    Views 6070


iphone facebook printing twitter military ipad send personalized mail note message pictures simple
+4    Send real printed postcards straight from your iPhone or iPad. Everybody loves getting personal notes in their mailbox. Prices start at 79¢. Simply choose or take a photo, type a personalized message and specify a recipient. We will quickly print and mail ...    14 MB    Views 305


facebook photo postcard templates gallery mail
-4    Create your custommade postcard by use several templates or photos from your gallery, add your text and decorate it with cute stamps and frames that the app provided. Features: Choose from different postcard templates Use photo from your camera or your ...    42 MB    Views 5162


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-8    Flip your photos in amazing collages, edit with the most powerful editor and share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail. Features: Adjustable flip grid Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip, Mix Flip Gorgeous photo effects Onetap auto enhance Focus Tool Color Splash Tool Tons of ...    36 MB    Views 3479
Related Apps photos photo mail simple docs size select sending
+6    "Simple Photo and Docs Mail Attacher" is a simple and handy utility that enables you to change the name and reduce the size of your photos when sending via EMail. For example, in case the transmitted photo of 320x200 size is ...    4 MB    Views 5526


+1    Twickr Feature This application automatically takes pictures in a specified intervene which you can set up. It sends these pictures to three survives; flicker, twitPic, and any anemail address you choose. Additonal Freature But what if the shootting chance comes not at the exact time ...    430 kb    Views 2062


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+1    EffectBox is a fun and easy to use photo editor tool Take a photo, or load up from your library and easily apply one of the filter. Save it for future use, upload to Twitter, or send it to one of ...    676 kb    Views 5124
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+3    LOVE PHOTO FRAMES Awesome Lovely Frames 4 U Free : A huge collection of beautifully Romantic photo . ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº Perfectly Designed Frames For Lovers Grab it today ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº Best Features: • You can select photo from Image Gallery otherwise shoot new photo. • Photo is ...    8 MB    Views 6738

Postcard On The Run

-7    NEW FEATURE – Add a FREE video to your postcard. “Genius Idea: Automatic address retrieval.” – Mashable Featured WHAT'S HOT in App store Photography Instantly create and mail real photo postcards directly from your iPhone from 2.49 to 2.99. ...    7 MB    Views 6810


audio photo photos history iphone camera select mail record note annotate capture
+1    Caboodle is a multiutility application. Use it to capture photos from the camera, annotate in multiple colors, record audio notes and save or email the package, all this right from your iPhone without the need to switch applications. Caboodle even ...    1 MB    Views 5827

My Secret Photos

photos photo videos break location reports secret mail
0    Manage your photo and video collection with simplicity and keep track of who has tried to breakin using Touch ID, advanced location tracking, email reports and breakin intruder photo. My Secret Photos Features: • Catch Intruders with breakin photo & GPS location • ...    12 MB    Views 1874
photos iphone photo history gps data private privacy documents mail lock access
-8    Private Photos protects photos, pictures and documents of any kind and works independant from passlock. Private photos and sensible informations are securely hidden even when the iPhone or iPod is unlocked and ready for use. Private picture locks away documents, pictures, music, ...    48 MB    Views 101
wallpaper iphone cards facebook twitter postcards postcard valley national canyon park mail
+11    Now you can have photographs of Utah's stunning Arches National Park to use as wallpaper, share as a virtual postcard on Facebook or Twitter and even have the printed as a REAL postcard and mailed to family and friends around ...    60 MB    Views 303
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+9    HO HO HO Merry Christmas You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is comin’ to town Santa is coming and he has a big bag which full of special gifts; Christmas items, Christmas’s tree ...    42 MB    Views 5839

Photo LoL Free

Related Apps photo iphone twitter facebook photography picture lol mail color result tutorial version tumblr operate
-7    1 in Photography in Italy FREE VERSION If you are very keen on photography or you do it just for fun, Photo LoL is the greatest app available on AppStore to manage and modify your pictures. A really simple ...    20 MB    Views 3941

Album App Mini

twitter facebook iphone photo work album albums mail themes user features pages
+11    Missing iPhoto on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Album App Mini is designed to create full featured digital albums. You can view them directly, or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Email. TUAW: "Create photo albums right on your iPhone with Album App ...    30 MB    Views 748

Jail Mail

+23    Do you have a friend or family member currently incarcerated? With Jail Mail app you can write letters and send photos directly from your iPhone or iPad device. Make sure the inmate is Not Forgotten.    4 MB    Views 3782


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-6    This is not only an album, or to beautify the picture app. First of all, it is a powerful beautify picture app. Whether change color, filters, textures, text, spot repair, red eye, etc.. It definitely make your picture perfect show. Support ...    7 MB    Views 556
+20    Take a picture, tag it and send it to your friends and colleagues With Photo +, improving your pictures by adding personal or professional texts (tags) has never been so easy and fun. Share your photos with your friends or acquaintances ...    20 MB    Views 4753

Media Mail

media photos email videos send share mail resolution albums pick
+5    With Media Mail, you can finally send several photos and videos in a single email Bored of sending dozens of emails to share your photos? Use Media Mail and send them all at once Media Mail is the perfect app ...    9 MB    Views 5268


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+2    Powerful, completely free of charge, shooting at any time, fast, simple to share Love pat, whenever and wherever you take your favorite scene, simple operation, fast processing, the two microplatform sharing. Select a picture: You can select the photo album and camera; Deal ...    2 MB    Views 2623


text character recognition mail sms image optical
-9    gOCR is your one stop shop for Optical Character Recognition. With gOCR you are able to either take a picture or select a photo with text from your library and have it determine the text in the image taken/selected. You may ...    6 MB    Views 6577
Related Apps email photos photo snaps mail option life gmail
+19    Have you ever wondered how many beautiful photos you have in your email, how those priceless moments gets lost in the pile of thousands of emails. SnapsMail app makes browsing photos from your favorite email provider a very easy affair ...    12 MB    Views 2306
Related Apps mail send
0    This is a simple app made for the elderly and children. It is possible to register the email address to two buttons. You can easily send photos by email. This is an app that can add shooting date to pictures.    4 MB    Views 8660

Tattoo HD

artist facebook twitter design tattoo find mail tattoos 1200
+5    Do you want to find the Perfect Tattoo Idea? Then this is the collection for you 1. Browse through 1200+ unique Tattoos. 2. Find Your Tattoo. 3. Take the Tattoo to your local design artist. Share your Tattoo ideas with your friends via Facebook, ...    11 MB    Views 2648


Related Apps photos twitter facebook flip tool share mail
-8    Flip your photos in amazing collages, edit with the most powerful editor and share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail. Features: Adjustable flip grid Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip, Mix Flip Gorgeous photo effects Onetap auto enhance Focus Tool Color Splash Tool Tons of ...    24 MB    Views 3491

Geek Booth

geek entertainment facebook detection acne mail support world top
+2    1 Top Paid Entertainment App in Norway, Sweden and Denmark Top Ten Paid Entertainment App in the UK Turn yourself into geek for a day with GeekBooth Thanks for all the Geek Support A brand new app from the makers of GingerBooth ...    32 MB    Views 98
photo photos time facebook collage maker editor share mail multiple
+7     Photo Collage Maker satisfies your desire to share multiple photos with your friends at one time, via Facebook,Mail. With the adjustable layouts. Photo Collage Maker is the best collage maker and photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with ...    38 MB    Views 857
photo facebook twitter instagram sharing images mail
-9    Easily prepare your photos to share them on Instagram and PIQUK with instaFixx, or show them to your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Mail You can keep your favorite images with their original size and apply nice filters and borders around ...    31 MB    Views 6250

Pocket Gallery

photos photo pocket password folders pictures gallery protect manage mail notes
-8    Pocket Gallery is an iOS application for managing and protecting your photo galleries. All packed in an elegant and easy to use UI which will look beautiful on your device. =[ Main Features ]= Take new photos or import from existing ...    2 MB    Views 8404

XPaint Lite

drawing wifi painting photos support line bluetooth rectangle size mail
+2    XPaint Lite is a powerful and userfriendly graphics painting program. Just touch on the screen and move your figure/figures, the painting work will be created. You can also open the photos in the album, process it with XPaint and share ...    8 MB    Views 9296
Related Apps photos photo friends view friend specific added share mail
+9    Do you also think that it's more important who actually is shown on a photo rather than when it was taken? Well, then Me And My Friends is for you Take Photos Take selfies or group photos together with your friends. Taging ...    4 MB    Views 4555
Related Apps photo facebook iphone face screen items free share mail lock albums
0    Let’s make some fun on your face Download now “Facinate Free Version” Make your face fascinating, The combination of face and fascinated items create yourself with cuties accessories for FREE. The variety of face items ready for decorate on your photo and ...    13 MB    Views 9289

Burn It Up!

photos ink invisible burn friend mail data send pictures
+2    Burn Photos photos that contains bad memories pictures of your boss boyfriend's photos who was cheating You can burn up any photos. ※ we just burn in the application, in fact it isn't burned. Nor the picture data doesn't disappear. Play in invisible ...    10 MB    Views 7218

Snap Filters

photos iphone photo body flickr filters snap settings images easily mail
-4    Designed for speed and ease of use, Snap Filters lets you apply simple filters to your photos and make the most out of your iPhone's camera. You can review the preset filters to decide in a second which style will make ...    1 MB    Views 8212

Scary Booth Me

twitter facebook camera scary save roll mail face share
-7    Make your photos look scary. Simply snap a picture, or use one of your existing ones and Scratch for Scary face. You can save camera roll this scary face and share to friends with facebook, twitter or email. Moreover completely FREE FEATURES: Loads ...    7 MB    Views 5258
Related Apps photo frame facebook frames select share gallery save image mail
+5    Perfectly Designed Frames For Photo Frame Lovers Grab it Today, :: Optimized for iOS 8 :: :: "The Best Photo Frames on market" :: :: A huge collection of beautifully designed photo frames :: Best Features: 1) You can select photo from Image Gallery otherwise ...    35 MB    Views 7065

Snap n Mail

email snap image mail simply captured sending
-4    Photo recording and sending via email have never been easier. Now that you have “Snap n Mail,” taking and sending photos are much simpler and faster. Snap n Mail is suitable for everyone to share images captured by iPhone and iPad, to ...    26 MB    Views 8811

ePhotos Free

photo photos iphone email resolution set mail multiple folder
+28    ePhotos is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that enables you to set various resolution levels and select multiple photos from any folder in Photo Album and sends via email with a single click. Features: . iPhone OS 3.0 Support . ...    187 kb    Views 8247

Event Pics

photos event simple tired mail single pics
-1    Need to take a few pictures of a particular event or job site and have easy access to them? Tired of creating albums just to organize a few photos? Tired of naming, uploading and individually attaching single photos to an ...    17 MB    Views 2775
Related Apps camera facebook photos images stereo bluetooth modes effects mail friends
+4    Stereo Camera by ChromaPIX converts ordinary pictures to amazing photos. Stereo Camera gives your photos a unique look with 45 effect presets and 6 different adjustment filters. Photos can be customized, cropped, rotated then saved to the Photo album, Clipboard, sent ...    8 MB    Views 9404
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