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+4    Wallpaper HD for new iPad is an application designed specially for The new iPad. With this app, there are as many as one hundred 2048 1536 high resolution wallpapers built in it. What's more, each of these wallpapers is ...    48 MB    Views 3961
+18    Optimized for iPad + iPhone, iPod's may have technical issues due to insufficient device memory. Photo Shaper lets you turn amazing photo collages into awesome shapes like hearts, dogs, cats, paws, martini glass, teddy bears, and more. It can retrieve photos from ...    48 MB    Views 4858


+10    This app loads photo galleries from a server and displays them. Currently, the iPad UI is the same as the iPhone UI. In improved iPad UI is under construction.    5 MB    Views 2382


ipad videos photo design albums
-2    Deezine is the first app for iPad which allows you to design easily, any interactive publication with digital content from your IPad or from your favourite social networks: Your iPad photo albums Your Flickr gallery Your Facebook photo albums Your Youtube videos Your Vimeo videos Text ...    116 MB    Views 2928


+8    iStriper creates unique artistic pictures by cutting photos into stripes with varying thickness. • Share images on Facebook and Twitter • Works in landscape or portrait orientation • Send images by Email • Pictures can be loaded from the photo library or taken with ...    12 MB    Views 5414


ipad images actual screen
+10    BackgroundPics is a collection of Images that will actually look good behind your icons. Each is a fullsize image matched to the iPad screen. The images fill the iPad screen without stretching or tiling even in portrait view. No internet ...    77 MB    Views 843

Beach Wallpaper HD

ipad wallpaper beaches top
-5    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME TOP 100 APP IN 70+ COUNTRIES Get amazing photos of beautiful beaches in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with ...    14 MB    Views 9133
photos ipad application professional images commercial
+29    IrishInsomnia is a combination of beautiful photo set by a professional photographer A. Chilikin and a specialized audio player. It lets you listen to your favorite music tracks and enjoy a virtual slideshow trip through the modern and heritage Ireland, ...    30 MB    Views 6675
ipad cars classic top
+30    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME TOP 10 APP IN 13 COUNTRIES Get beautiful photos of classic cars in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with ...    13 MB    Views 8862

Shuttr for iPad

+16    Shuttr is a photo shutter for a family photo, a group photo. It is a group timer camera made for iPad. Best to use for weddings, camps, parties, sporting teams, school etc. Features: Photo Booth Timer camera Photo effects Share to ...    7 MB    Views 1995
photo ipad photos device devices
+3    All 5star reviews by test users Pailo redefined photography with the interaction of 2 devices. Core Features Connect 2 devices with no need for WiFi or mobile data. Get live preview of your partner's camera on your own device. Remote to Shoot. Realtime photo sharing. ...    19 MB    Views 1873


ipad photos share
+20    aBubbl is the fastest way to share photos. Broadcast to everyone nearby or hold devices together to share privately. What you need To share photos, all parties need the aBubbl application running Allow access to Location API You also need to ...    6 MB    Views 723
+15    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME Get beautiful photos of mountains in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with iPad 2 as well as the original iPad. ...    22 MB    Views 2854


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+4    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    2 MB    Views 5199
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+3    Photo Paint Professional is a great tool to transform your photos in real paintings. Features: State of the art painting algorithm Painting steps HD Quality Photo Gallery Powerful Photo Editor Share Photos (Facebook, Twitter, Mail, etc) Universal app Retina graphics iPhone ...    39 MB    Views 1295
+19    "ID portrait for iPad" is a photo application for iPad. "ID Portrait for iPad" can make your best shot ID photograph. The following photographs can be selected. ・Photo taken with camera ・saved pictures in photo album. A part of the ...    428 kb    Views 3274

Dogs Game

Related Apps dogs photos dog photo ipad awesome
+1    Take HD Photos with Dogs from your iPad DESIGNED FOR IPAD Dog Me is a photo utility for anyone to take photos with Dogs. Make your photos with Dogs awesome. 40+ dogs and puppies for you to choose 25 awesome ...    30 MB    Views 6981


photos ipad instagram check users
+23    Access Instagram on your iPad 2 or The New iPad with PicoGram A List of Features: Check Your Feed. Check Your Profile. Check What's Popular In The World of Instagram. Search For Users. Follow And Unfollow Users. Like photos Tappable User Names Comment On Photos You Will Not Be Able ...    3 MB    Views 2483


-5    This app that can you can put the photo in real time, a face caught on camera of iPhone / iPad. You can choose the shape you can put on (one after another will be added). You can also of course ...    419 kb    Views 9347
Related Apps photos photo ipad
-4    Enjoy viewing your Mashbooth Photo Booth photos now in large format on the iPad Spread the fun by printing, sharing and sending these photos at your event.    34 MB    Views 6065
0    Want to pin your own photos to Pinterest? Now you can Just pick a photo from your iPad Library and upload it to Pinterest. It's extremely easy Bonus: detailed instructions on how to pin directly from Safari (iPad only). DISCLAIMER: This is not ...    3 MB    Views 1334
Related Apps ipad tap amazing tab images
+1    This application contains amazing Wallpapers for your Lovely iPad. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Self animation. Tap the Next tab to view the Images one by one. You can also save these Images to your iPad photo Library.    9 MB    Views 6073


ipad frame imagine
-7    Anishot is the companion app for the Anishot Frame iPad app. Use Anishot to send photos directly to a iPad that is installed with the Anishot Frame app. Imagine you can link all the smartphones in your entire family and share ...    5 MB    Views 482
Related Apps ipad photo connection save
+7    WARNING ONLY FOR iPad3, iPad4. Compatibility in progress for iPad Mini et iPad Air (Photo picker is failing). After a lot of users request, this update allows to save project Redesign your garden, balcony or terrace with MyGarden 3D. ...    84 MB    Views 1399
+1    中文摄影杂志 ( 创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影网路杂志,坚持为 150 万订阅读者提供良质而高端的影像阅读体验;坚信影像具有改变生活及世界的力量。 「中文摄影杂志 for iPhone」主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读: 全球摄影奖项追踪、摄影师介绍、摄影画册介绍、摄影技巧分享 2.每日格言: 来自艺术家、摄影家的精炼观点 3.每日一图: 每天推荐一张优秀摄影作品,每日欣赏 4. ViewFinder: 为你的 iPhone 提供专业画幅支持,可以直接拍摄 6×6、3×2、Xpan 等画幅照片;同时适用于专业摄影师与摄影爱好者 5.支持离线阅读,支持图片保存,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon... 鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文 iPhone+iPad 资源分享网站荣誉推荐 ================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPhone App for Chinese photography learners, all photo copyright belongs ...    5 MB    Views 7909

RGB Digital

Related Apps ipad photo images professional add
+1    Link your iPhone or iPad directly to our professional photo lab Have your pictures professionally printed and couriered back to your door. Effortlessly browse hundreds of products from wallets and 8x10s to stretched canvas and full colour aluminium. Add images from your ...    7 MB    Views 1430

Wolf Wallpapers

ipad iphone images wolf scott
+25    Wolf Wallpaper by Scott Bourne Internationallyrenowned wildlife and nature photographer Scott Bourne presents 15 stunning images of wolves in their native habitats. These amazing images will look great on your iPad or iPhone and will work in either landscape or portrait ...    19 MB    Views 9028
+20    This application is jigsaw puzzle, containing 58 beautiful landscape photos. This puzzle is for having great time with your iPad/iPhone. INSTRUCTIONS: The PREVIEW image can be seen in black&white for a second just at the beginning of each puzzle. Drag and ...    30 MB    Views 3168

Animal Wonders

Related Apps ipad tab images tap
+19    This application contains wonderful photographs of the deadliest animals for your Lovely iPad. Tap the PLay tab to start the Self animation. Or Simply tap the NExt tab to view the Images one by one. You can also save these Images to ...    7 MB    Views 4591
ipad calendar photo photos notes adding
+5    With Photo Calendar you can add photos and draw notes holding reference to the calendar Photo Calendar allows you to: Take NOTES on significant and interesting events STORE birthdays data PLAN your day Make a RECORD of visited places and activities Features: Very USERFRIENDLY EASY to learn HD Quality Various ...    5 MB    Views 1559
Related Apps ipad kittens super retina
-9    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Get beautiful photos of little kittens in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with iPad 2 as well as the ...    11 MB    Views 9872
ipad iphone contact
+1    鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文iPhone+iPad资源分享网站荣誉推荐 中文摄影杂志(创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影独立媒体,坚持为超过 260 万订阅读者提供良质量而高端的影像阅读体验,坚信影像与审美具有改变世界的力量。iPhone 版读者已突破80万。 中文摄影杂志 for iPad 主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读:全球摄影奖项追踪,摄影师介绍,摄影画册介绍,摄影技巧分享 2.器材控:每周精选最令人心动的高端专业败家指南,让器材控的你欲罢不能 3.摄影书店:权威推荐不可不藏的原版摄影画册,限量发行 4.每周壁纸:让你的 iPad 与众不同 5.支持离线阅读,支持 Email、微博分享,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon… 如果喜欢,请将中文摄影杂志推荐给你的朋友们,我们永远相信,分享是一种美德。 =================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPad app for Chinese photography fans, all photo copyright reserverd by photogrphers. If you want to recommend yours ...    6 MB    Views 8960

Clown Booth HD

Related Apps library ipad photo clown booth friends
+9    Do you know many clowns but have never seen them dressed like one? Well, now you can with Clown Booth HD (by the creators of FACEinHOLE), an easy to use and amazing way to turn everyone into a clown using your ...    14 MB    Views 9889

HOT ROD Then & Now

Related Apps ipad hot content
+21    HOT ROD introduces Then & Now, a vibrant, imagecentric application for iPad that brings content to an audience the moment the staff of HOT ROD creates/dearchive photo, video and vintage article content. HOT ROD Then & Now for the iPad ...    16 MB    Views 1971

Wings Creature

Related Apps ipad tab play application
-3    An interesting application for your Lovely iPad. This application contains high resolution photography of the beautiful birds. Features: Tap the PLAY tab to start the Slide Show. A Magic Wand to change the color of the Image. A reverse Play Tab. Next and Previous Tab. User can ...    7 MB    Views 416

PicPic Social

ipad folder images
+10    This app is for photographers and photo booth companies. The iPad app has a companion that works on the pc, which creates a network connection between the PC and the iPad. The iPad syncs with a folder on the PC ...    3 MB    Views 5461
Related Apps camera ipad photo digital effects picture
-7    Digital Camera How many camera apps do you have on your iPad? One? Tow? Three? Even more? Now only ONE will be enough. Digital Camera will cover everything you need and more than all your cameras have done. Digital Camera ...    2 MB    Views 5928
-9    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME Get beautiful photos of waterfalls in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with iPad 2 as well as the original iPad. ...    21 MB    Views 3468


videos photos ipad iphone ipod secret
0    Somebody usually borrow your personal iPhone,iPod or iPad. But you have to do. You must protect your secret in your devices.YESYESYES This app is for you and your secret. Features: 1. Create the password for your photos and videos. 2. Import or Export ...    3 MB    Views 4219

Soft Box Color

Related Apps ipad soft turn box color
+3    A Soft Box application for your iPad with color filters. Be sure to turn your screen brightness up before using this app. This app will turn your iPad into a lighting system used for photo shoots. perfect for the photographer ...    1 MB    Views 4887


Related Apps photos iphone ipad albums pictures
-3    The app can automatically acquire the photos you took and sort the images by albums, prefectures, cities, or dates. Troublesome photoorganizing is not necessary. Since it compresses photos to appropriate size for iPhone or iPad at the time of acquisition, you ...    5 MB    Views 5289


iphone ipad crop ios
+14    Image Cartoonizer for iOS: Edit, crop and cartoonize yourself directly in your iPhone or iPad Now you can cartoonize yourself from your iPhone or iPad with our iCartoonizer 1.0 for iOS. You will able to convert all your images and pictures into cartoon ...    12 MB    Views 3195

Pic To Pic

photos ipad pic tested
+7    Tested on iPhone 4,4S, and 5. Tested on iPad Mini and iPad Easily create your own personalized photoized tictactoe style game using your photos. Add your photos and play today    6 MB    Views 9388

Deadliest Animals

ipad animals tap tab images
-6    An Interesting Application for the iPad Lovers, Deadliest Animals bring amazing Photographs of the Rare animals of the World. So Decorate your iPad with these Lovely Wallpapers. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Slide Show. Tap the NEXT tab to view ...    6 MB    Views 580

Nature Reserve

Related Apps ipad tab tap play images
+5    This application contains interesting wallpapers for your lovely iPad. Features: Tap the PLAY tab to start the slide show. Tap the Magic wand button to change the picture color. Reverse PLAY tab. Tap the NEXT tab to browse the Images one by one. User can save ...    12 MB    Views 8079

Rare Animals

Related Apps ipad animals rare images tab tap
-6    This application contain wallpapers of rare animals all over the world. Rare Animals bring stunning photographs of deadliest animals for your iPad. Features. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Self animation. Or Simply tap the next tab to view the Images one ...    7 MB    Views 5280
Related Apps photos ipad tvs access supports share
+25    Share your photos and videos from your iPad and iPhone on your Smart TV Simply launch this application, turn on your TV and browse to your network to access content from your mobile phone and iPad on your television. No configuration, no ...    14 MB    Views 6296
Related Apps ipad play friends don choose
+2    SeeSomething is the popular game: "I see something you don't see" everyone should know it Now available on your iPad, and iPad mini Play funny turnbased matches with your Friends or random Opponents. How it works: 1. take a photo or choose one from albums 2. Mark ...    19 MB    Views 5208

Achie Pro

Related Apps ipad newer select share pro
-5    Let us know how we can make Achie better How to use Achie: 1) Use camera to take a photo, or select a picture from your gallery 2) Add some text 3) Select a badge 4) Hit 'Make' That's it Save or share your creation to ...    14 MB    Views 8605
Related Apps videos ipad photos stupid material funny
-3    That Was Stupid Funny Videos and Photos for iPad provides educational material for those who learn from the mistakes made by others. Material often consists of videos and photographs of people doing something stupid. With the That Was Stupid app, ...    4 MB    Views 486
ipad iphone content images
-9    Alumina is an app designed for iPad, iPhone, iPod. With Alumina for iOS, AppWorks SC provides functionality to download photo albums from a content library compiled by artists, photographers and sponsors. Browse album images and related information, set as device ...    2 MB    Views 3594
Related Apps ipad transfer
-8    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPad to iPad iPad to pc pc to iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you need is the device that installed ...    3 MB    Views 3598
Related Apps wallpapers ipad tap cute tab images
0    This application contains amazing wallpapers of the cute Babies for your lovely iPad. Tap the PLAY tab to start the self animation. Or simply tap the NEXT tab to view the Images one by one. You can also save these images to your ...    6 MB    Views 2366

eTransfer For iPad

Related Apps ipad transfer
+8    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPad to iPad iPad to pc pc to iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you need is the device that installed ...    1 MB    Views 9792
Related Apps ipad photo rss display
+4    ••• only for Phanfare RSS photo feeds ••• Display your Phanfare RSS photo stream on your iPad. Enjoy you photos at all times. Includes playback customization settings and an optional onscreen day/date display. Compatible with iOS 4.3 and newer (can be used ...    3 MB    Views 9037


ipad drive usb network peer
+10    iUSBport is the USB port for iPad. This is the companion app for HyperDrive iUSBport (a hardware accessory sold separately) which allows the iPad to access any USB flash drive or hard drive over an adhoc peertopeer WiFi network or ...    12 MB    Views 3199
Related Apps ipad cars retina super top
-4    FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY Get beautiful photos of the best and fastest cars in super high definition, just right for your new iPad This app is optimized for the new iPad and is compatible with iPad 2 as well ...    14 MB    Views 1663

SciFi Scenes

ipad images
+25    SciFi scene wallpapers from the studio of award winning illustrator F. R Amthor ( There are 25 landscapes that will transport you into distant solar systems and warped dimensions. All images are landscape formatted for the iPad. You can save these ...    6 MB    Views 9121

AlbMap for iPad

map ipad shows pictures
-7    This app is album over map. AlbMap shows your cool pictures in camera roll and photo stream as a diary, using time and location information Select a date and map shows pins where you took pictures in that day. Manipulating iPad ...    167 kb    Views 1174

Mirror Camera+

photo camera ipad iphone mirror easily
+4    Tired of other photography App that is just TOO COMPLICATED to use? Mirror Camera+ is simple and useful ✓ Upload photo to Facebook ✓ Mirror your photo easily ✓ Rotate your photo easily ✓ Email your photo to friends ✓ Elegant interface makes it stand out ...    338 kb    Views 8052
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