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+14    From the creators of FlickStackr, PhotoStackr brings 500px photo sharing to the iPad. Designed from the ground up for the larger screen, it allows you to BROWSE photos in the 500px universe. UPLOAD photos to 500px. What can you do with ...    18 MB    Views 9684


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+30    PhotoTell by Adaptitec is a fun and easy way to display and organize your favorite photos with audio captions. It lets you record a message for every picture and allows you to play it each time that photo is displayed. ...    11 MB    Views 8634
+2    Have you ever needed to disable the touch screen on your device briefly while viewing an image? Either be your grocery shopping list image, your boarding pass, an electronic coupon during the store checkout or showing a photo to your ...    673 kb    Views 8597
+10    Anna Kazakova is a young and promising artphotographer from Russia. Her heroes are common people with their rich inner world, emotions, senses, moods, soul balance or plain hysterias – all of them are unique in their individuality. Author’s favourite – ...    11 MB    Views 2531

Tiger Photo Frames

+16    Tiger Photo Frames Get free tiger photo wallpaper with the exciting IPhone app Tiger Frames. People love to click photograph with the huge creature and decorate this photo frame at their home or workplace. We know tigers are deteriorating day ...    35 MB    Views 4923
photos people share
+22    Shoot moving photos with Chinchin and share them everywhere • Our animated camera makes your photos look alive. • Faster than video, better than still photos. • Share your creations and get the likes you crave from new people. People you know can’t see ...    30 MB    Views 2677


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0    Strudel collects and organizes all the photos taken by different people into one private album. It works with both smart phones and digital cameras, and it's the perfect solution for birthdays, weddings and corporate parties. What makes Strudel new and shiny: ● ...    9 MB    Views 7516
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-6    Do you want to know who's partying at your house when you're not home? Want to see what others are ordering from the menu at your favourite restaurant? Are you curious to know what fashionistas wear in Abu Dabi? Are there any difference ...    2 MB    Views 9885


photos browse people
+8    Welcome to FotoTiger – the app that sorts your photos by people. Browse your growing photo collection by organized galleries of friends and family. Get your library started by tagging a few faces and the app will search through thousands ...    23 MB    Views 9323
+28    Primary is a powerful Instagram gallery app. Fastswitch between accounts, notifications for all your accounts, hide unwanted posts/users within Primary, create lists of people and tags, pinch to zoom. NOTE: You CANNOT POST to Instagram from this app. You need to ...    15 MB    Views 3905

G&E Lite for iPhone

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0    This is the Lite Version of the Set Lighting App && theGripApp. It was created by people, for people, who work in films, Television shows, commercial, and photography. The application is an instructional and educational tool which is a reference ...    42 MB    Views 3036
photo people discover
+26    Pockit is a simple way of communication through photos. Its a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. The beautiful photo capturing power and smart pinning system to express your love. You click a photo, add pins to describe what stuff are there ...    18 MB    Views 4284

iObsessed Companion

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0    All My Mobile Photo Interactive eBooks ARE NOW FREE till July 25th to commemorate our 25th year in business GO TO to see our story. Thanks you to the thousands of people who already downloaded my series... with the ...    370 MB    Views 1587

Pumpkin 3D Magic

pumpkin ipad photo time magic iphone people web halloween art http stencil
-7    TEMPORARY PRICE CUT Pumpkin 3D Magic is a Revolution in Advanced 3D Artistry Powered by the "Perspectiverse Engine" Try our latest app iHole, the amazing holethroughthebody app you can wear as a Halloween costume “Tracks motion in a fashion that yields seemingly ...    14 MB    Views 8384

FaceMorpher Lite

people friends favorite faces mix
+8    Blend the faces of your friends and favorite people together See what your favorite people's faces blended together would look like Mix your best friends' faces together Morph your girlfriend/boyfriend with their favorite animal ...and much more Use your phone's camera ...    1 MB    Views 3294
iphone ipad program people touch fingers particles setting
-7    PUSHYPIXELS FOR EVERYONE This is the free, iAd supported version of PushyPixels. Now everyone can play with pixels This psychedelic app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is the most advanced particle system available on the App Store today. Touch ...    742 kb    Views 8772
flickr photos ipad iphone editing photo browse twitter facebook people ipod upload features
-8    Pure Flickr brings Flickr photo sharing on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Designed to bring a pure and simple Flickr experience, you can BROWSE photos in the Flickr universe. UPLOAD photos, and TAKE & EDIT your photos with our powerful ...    22 MB    Views 2928

set Lighting

people lighting application equipment
+2    The setLighting application was created by people, for people, who work in films, Television shows, commercial, and photography. The application is an instructional and educational tool which is a reference for lighting equipment. The application includes equipment, and specs from ...    464 MB    Views 5621
-4    Established Photojournalist currently based in Mexico City. Erotic and Fashion Photographer. Writer. Editor. Publisher. Photography Trainer. Visual Provoker. I am a writer and photographer, and now the two things are related. I love the streets. I love people. The contact with ...    24 MB    Views 263


photos people countries friends support
-4    One of the best social games in AppStore Are you the most beautiful and popular person among your friends? Do you want to prove it? Let's see what people worldwide will say Or maybe you want to meet other girls ...    3 MB    Views 885


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+24    Sometimes, a broken old photos, brought back a soulstirring dream, people eyes sank, rolling past could not bear to see. Some people love free to photograph, into a distant sunset there. Do you want your own pictures have traces of ...    13 MB    Views 7578
photos browse photo ipad iphone time email flickr people library share upload download stack
+17    From the creators of FlickStackr, PhotoStackr for Ipernity brings Ipernity photo sharing to the iPad. Designed from the ground up for the larger screen, it allows you to BROWSE, UPLOAD, SHARE, DOWNLOAD and EDIT your photos on ipernity Key Features: ==== BROWSING ...    18 MB    Views 7624


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-9    Anonymously or not immortalize your epic moments of tomfoolery, gossip, good times, bad times, you name it. Only people visiting the place you posted can see your comments and photos. Some call Klroy a locationbased mobile community. But nongeeks ...    13 MB    Views 2329


people share interesting
+3    Yomapic photos around you All you need is to select point on the map and you could start exploring interesting people and places around Share with your friends and search new and interesting people Just connect your social profiles and you can ...    28 MB    Views 482

PicStroom Pro

-4    PicStroom is a beautiful application that makes following images from websites easy and engaging. PicStroom takes your favourite websites and transforms their published pictures into a "picture stream" that you can browse with truly amazing speed. Tap on a picture to ...    3 MB    Views 3257

iSHOWCASE vol.02(w)

iphone photos photo camera iphoneography ipad flickr people vol japan
+23    Please check previous app iSHOWCASE vol.01, also FREE. Photos taken by iPhone is called "iPhoneography". And, people who use iPhones to take photos are called "iPhoneographer". Today, iPhone became the most used camera in Flickr, a popular photo sharing site. And "Instagram" has become ...    12 MB    Views 2142
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+3    Picture of Make your twin Do you have a twin brother/sister which looks exactly like you? Here's an interesting way to trick your friends. Will they believe you if you told them that you have a twin? Well if not...then show ...    37 MB    Views 7699


+21    The Frandz app pulls all of your memories and photos the people close to you. It curates photos from Instagram and Facebook to show you your relationships with the people who matter in your life, and lets you easily download ...    11 MB    Views 4616
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-4    Finally, there's an Instagram client for iPad. Padgram is a fast, versatile and easytouse Instagram App for iPad. Apart from managing multiple Instagram accounts, Padgram allows you to browse photos in 4 amazing modes, default, card, album and map. It's ...    31 MB    Views 7584

007 Camera HD

camera people photo 007 page
+20    The most sold app in the store in it's genere Have you ever dreamed to take photo without people know it? With 007 Camera HD now you can 007 Camera HD allow you to take photo without let other people know. With ...    866 kb    Views 4049

007 Camera

camera people photo 007 page
0    The most sold app in the store in it's genere Have you ever dreamed to take photo without people know it? With 007 Camera now you can 007 Camera allow you to take photo without let other people know. With this app you ...    207 kb    Views 4240
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0    Pholeido lets you edit and apply special effects to a photo selectively with your chosen details and colors intact: convert the photo into black and white while keeping chosen details in colors, or blur it, turn it to a sketch ...    NAN    Views 1512
videos photos video camera photo iphone green ipad people apps background effects create
-2    The chromakey effect has finally arrived on the iPhone and iPad. Try the first chromakey camera of the AppStore and capture amazing videos and photos. Even if you are not familiar with this term, you have seen this effect on TV, when ...    76 MB    Views 6953


iphone ipad program people touch ipod setting
-4    Announcement: You can now check out PushyPixels for FREE Download "PushyPixels for Everyone" on the iTunes and have fun (iAd supported, pay version does not have iAds) Instructions Touch the screen to play with the pixels. Touch the hidden button in ...    732 kb    Views 9293

Desiree Photography

photography people world hope tutorials drawn
-9    Welcome to Desiree Photography I am an International Editorial Portrait and Travel photographer. I am a true vagabond and there isn’t a whole lot that I love more than taking photos of people and the world around us. I’m drawn to people ...    9 MB    Views 8065
people camera face degree
+2    It evaluate the degree of two people resemblance. It measure the resemblance using facedetect and recognition. You can use the camera or the photos. It must be exist 2 or more people in picutre(It does not matter 3 people, 4 people) If you load ...    2 MB    Views 1036


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+12    Private Social Albums. Automatically save Your photos in a private Cloud. Access all Your photos from anywhere. Automated arrangement of Your photos in manageable, time,place and people albums. Automatic sharing of Albums only to People You care about. Your closest friends can contribute to Your ...    7 MB    Views 7165


-6    PicStroom is a beautiful application that makes following images from websites easy and engaging. PicStroom takes your favourite websites and transforms their published pictures into a "picture stream" that you can browse with truly amazing speed. Tap on a picture to ...    3 MB    Views 489

Islam Photos

photos people islam
-5    “Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be among the richest of people.” We are proud to be designers of the best Islamic photo application. Surely a Muslim will be enthusiastic about having these specially designed photos. ...    22 MB    Views 9460
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+26    KLIK is a new way of matching with people around you. With other dating apps, you’re never quite sure if the person your talking to is who they say they are. Or worse, they might not look like their profile ...    13 MB    Views 3776


people instagram guess
-6    Are you a fan of Instagram? You know well the people you follow? Prove it in this simple game Guess who is the author of every picture of all people you are following. Try to guess the maximum possible in order to ...    9 MB    Views 1171

Pilbara Stories

people stories exhibition region heritage
-1    The Pilbara Stories app functions as an exhibition guide, replacing traditional didactic text. It also allows people unable to visit the exhibition to access the work, from a range of locations. The Pilbara, the economic powerhouse of Australia’s economy is ...    59 MB    Views 117
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+1    "Swell Instagram client for the iPad" Daring Fireball "Think of it as the perfect canvas for your tiny pixel portraits." Gizmodo "Instagallery [now InfinitGallery] ... is fully featured, yet easy to use." C|NET View a gallery of Instagram photos in ...    2 MB    Views 5992


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+21    BE UGLY the first and only mobile ugly people photo contest app. Zap through thousands of pictures of other BE UGLY users, rate them and share them on facebook if you like to. If you think you are ugly enough to ...    2 MB    Views 3299
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+4    PLEASE NOTE: This is for the previous version of iMovie (version 9) on a Mac and not for the version released in October of 2013 (version 10). If you are looking for a tutorial on the latest iMovie (version 10), ...    733 MB    Views 3598

RainApp Social

social people users nearby
0    RainApp is a new social App that enables you to capture hyperlocal moments from around your life and share them with people nearby. What makes the App unique is that there is no registration required. Users can create their user ...    36 MB    Views 5897

iMut8r for iPad

Related Apps ipad camera people photo family character effect page click save fade image
+4    iMut8r for the iPad is here The fantastic face morphing app takes full advantage of the size and resolution of the iPad, making for amazing and even more realistic transformations than ever before. Create ghoulish, scary, eyepopping Mut8shuns With a ...    364 MB    Views 5182
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-3    Pop is a quick and fun way to poll your friends and get immediate feedback. Snap two photos, add a question, and “pop” it to your friends or people nearby to see what they think. Decisions come down to two choices. Pop ...    19 MB    Views 9075
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+26    PhotoStackr for Picasa brings Picasa/G+ photo sharing to the iPad and iPhone. It allows you to BROWSE photos in the Picasa/Google+ universe. UPLOAD photos, and EDIT your photos' metadata. Follow us on Twitter ipontCA Key Features : ==== BROWSING ==== Single app compatible ...    18 MB    Views 2309


people mobile
+12    Have you ever wanted to have a private mobile discussion with a group of people you have personally invited? A place where you can easily share text, photos, audio and video all in one seamless viewable discussion thread? Introducing LoopSocial LoopSocial is ...    7 MB    Views 4588
+15    People become Hay Fever This is an app that people become hay fever ( Kafun syo ) in photo. Let's share pain of hay fever    2 MB    Views 9651


people family photo camera printing iphone ipad postcard post good community recipients
-2    The Postcare App allows you to send a real postcard to your family and friends from anywhere in the world, and at anytime, directly from your iPhone or iPad. At the same time you support people with disabilities with employment The ...    33 MB    Views 6981
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+10    Sending is free and does not require any registration The fastest and simplest way to send and share your photos/videos from your iPhone and iPad. Filemail lets you send your pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad to any ...    5 MB    Views 3466


photo people photos stupid face
-2    StupidCam can automatically make the people face become stupid or funny Use a family, friends or colleagues photos,put it in the StupidCam, you will see a amazing result. Features: • Works with photos taken with your phone camera or photo library. • Automatic people ...    4 MB    Views 2805

Prank Snap!

Related Apps photo people snap prank
-6    Prank Snap takes photo pranks to the next level Trick your family and friends, and even take Prank Snap out onto the streets and watch with amazement as people try to figure out what they are doing wrong Upload a scary ...    60 MB    Views 4422


people picture
+5    Kiwipik lets you share, rate and comment photos anonymously with people around you. If you like a picture, add a kiwi If you don't, remove a kiwi When you post a picture, people around you are alerted. Invite your friends and just ...    9 MB    Views 2759
people doctor free
-2    Look at me, I'm all grown up That's what your people will say when they see how you've made them look with iLookGrownUp. Use it to turn people into Astronauts, Baseball and Football Players, Cowboys, Doctors and more. 30 items come ...    18 MB    Views 8244
people balloon lite manga maker fun
+21    Turn an Everyday Photo into Something Fun □─────────────────────□ Manga Balloon Maker LITE □─────────────────────□ Manga Balloon Maker (Lite)is simply the quickest and easiest way to caption photos with cartoonstyle speech or thoughtballoons, then share the results with friends and family via email or Twitter or ...    3 MB    Views 6434


people hobby pictures shoots follow
-5    This app is for people who want to follow my page beside of facebook. I am taking photos as a hobby, an I would like to show the people where I've been, what I've done an what pictures I've taken. What you ...    NAN    Views 854


photos people local
+3    What's happening around you? ϟ Take a photo ϟ Add a caption ϟ Broadcast it to the people near you If your neighbours like what they see, your reach will increase, allowing you to send photos to more and more people. ϟ Vote on photos ...    17 MB    Views 1207
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