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iScreen HD

+4    ● 100 Best iPhone Apps Of 2011 ● ● Introduction ● iScreenBuilder is the first editable icon app for your iphone. It make by a professional designer with high quality icon, shelve, background and user friendly UI. Personalize your iPhone with your unique ...    19 MB    Views 268
+3    The little app that scans everything easily with auto edge detection Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad nice crop option also make it perfect IS THAT A SCANNER ...    10 MB    Views 7780

Photo Geo

+30    Answer to the questions: Where was I when I took that photo? That was fun place. Where was it again? Nice fish Where did you catch it? Photo Geo will allow you to review your old photos taken with the integrated ...    72 kb    Views 6668
iphone photos photo ipad chromecast shows
+13    Requires Chromecast Do you want to watch iPhone photos on your TV? CastMe shows your iPhone photos on TV using Chromecast. Enjoy CastMe on TV with family. FEATURE > Connect with Chromecast > Shows iPhone/iPad photos on TV > Slide show > Select photo albums > iPhone ...    3 MB    Views 6545
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+13    Rollit is the easiest and fastest way for transferring photos and videos from your computer back to your Camera Roll. Rollit works with a regular USB cable, which is 3x faster than WiFi transferring and there is absolutely no thirdparty software ...    775 kb    Views 426
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+15    Turn your iOS screenshots into new images with an iPhone frame and custom background. Choose a screenshot and background from your camera roll or photo album, add text if needed and then export. It's that simple Captions can be customised by changing ...    5 MB    Views 6280
+5    You know that EPIC moment that you want to remember forever? That "you had to be there" joke? Perfect Captions helps you keep and share those memorable times. Perfect Captions is the perfect travel companion, the essential app when you're hanging out ...    3 MB    Views 7131


ipad iphone face put
+15    This app that can you can put the photo in real time, a face caught on camera of iPhone / iPad. You can choose the shape you can put on (one after another will be added). You can also of course ...    419 kb    Views 9347


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0    iStriper creates unique artistic pictures by cutting photos into stripes with varying thickness. • Share images on Facebook and Twitter • Works in landscape or portrait orientation • Send images by Email • Pictures can be loaded from the photo library or taken with ...    12 MB    Views 5414
+8    With Date 1 or All you can add the date to some or all of the photos in an album, or your entire Camera Roll, with just a few button taps. You can also use Date 1 or All to ...    2 MB    Views 6069


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+6    Omoidebako is an application for importing photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the Buffalo Omoidebako and exporting photos from the Omoidebako to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected ...    NAN    Views 9303

WiFi Camera Roll

photos camera videos web ipad iphone wifi browser roll upload download chrome
+5    Download or upload photos/videos via WiFi It is a easy way to wirelessly access your photos/videos in camera roll on devices. It only needs a web browser and not depends on any other transfer utilities. Just start the app and input ...    2 MB    Views 4110

Rollei Add Eye

camera ipad iphone rollei eye add
+10    With the app Rollei Add Eye you can connect to the Rollei Add Eye to get direct access to the camera. This will give you the live image from the camera directly on your iPhone or iPad. This allows the app ...    15 MB    Views 4066

iCartoonizer Lite

iphone ipad crop ios
+8    Image Cartoonizer for iOS: Edit, crop and cartoonize yourself directly in your iPhone or iPad Now you can cartoonize yourself from your iPhone or iPad with our iCartoonizer 1.0 for iOS. You will able to convert all your images and pictures into cartoon ...    15 MB    Views 2166


filmmakers ipad slate roll scene timer www cam support choice
+10    HDSLR Slate is a digital clapper board application for filmmakers and especially the new breed of DSLR filmmakers. This is a perfect and affordable companion for the indie filmmaker, videographer, and the new breed of video photographers. Features Include: Universal App ...    48 MB    Views 6956


videos photos ipad iphone ipod secret
+27    Somebody usually borrow your personal iPhone,iPod or iPad. But you have to do. You must protect your secret in your devices.YESYESYES This app is for you and your secret. Features: 1. Create the password for your photos and videos. 2. Import or Export ...    3 MB    Views 4219
camera iphone photos photo pictures labels picture touching roll dropbox label
+20    Already 1 500 000 downloads Now with PicItEasy, your pictures will always be perfectly SHARP ORGANIZE your camera roll by labels to find your photos easily, take a picture without touching the screen(iPhone ONLY), share easily your pictures with your ...    4 MB    Views 4008
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-8    Cambox is iPhone 5 & iOS6 ready ================================ Cambox is a direct link between your iPhone’s camera and your Dropbox. Snap photos through the beautiful full screen camera and have them seamlessly uploaded in the background into your Dropbox. Cambox starts fast, ...    1 MB    Views 7017

Wallpaper Blur

+1    Customize the wallpaper of your iPhone, iPod or iPad with cool wallpaper iOS7 Blur effect. We give a few that are great, but you can create them with your own pictures. You can choose the part of the picture or photo ...    7 MB    Views 9028
camera iphone photos photo pictures picture labels dropbox touching roll
-8    FULLY FUNCTIONAL LITE VERSION Now with PicItEasy, your pictures will always be perfectly SHARP ORGANIZE your camera roll by labels to find your photos easily, take a picture without touching the screen, share easily your pictures with your DROPBOX ...    4 MB    Views 1049


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-9    The app can automatically acquire the photos you took and sort the images by albums, prefectures, cities, or dates. Troublesome photoorganizing is not necessary. Since it compresses photos to appropriate size for iPhone or iPad at the time of acquisition, you ...    5 MB    Views 5289


ipad iphone stunning great
+14    Dolphins HD Wallpaper for iPad & iPhone Great app for all Dolphin and sea animal lovers On the app it has a large selection of Dolphin photos in stunning HD quality, Looks great on an iPad as well as a iPhone/iPod Touch Stunning images    23 MB    Views 7882


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-4    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    2 MB    Views 5199
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+2    Pls. be aware: No iOS 5 support with the new version. Easily download lots of photos from Dropbox to your iPhone or iPad No cables, no iTunes required ++ Usecases: Perfect for offlineviewing of Dropboxphotos (when no WiFi, cellular ...    2 MB    Views 4816

Pixly App

-1    In one sentence: Create virtual cameras, share them with friends and family, then see everyone's photos in the shared camera rolls automatically. Here are the cool fun facts: Pixly is a FREE app that lets you create multiple virtual cameras, each ...    17 MB    Views 2215


iphone ipad crop ios
+30    Image Cartoonizer for iOS: Edit, crop and cartoonize yourself directly in your iPhone or iPad Now you can cartoonize yourself from your iPhone or iPad with our iCartoonizer 1.0 for iOS. You will able to convert all your images and pictures into cartoon ...    12 MB    Views 3195

Gif Camera

camera iphone email search photos facebook time social twitter home gif frames share support save tap roll user
+13    Limited time for FREE Top 1 Overall in France Top 10 Photography App in more than 50 countries Featured in What's Hot on App Store Home Page in USA and China Staff Favorites on App Store Home Page in US, Brazil, Mexico, Costa ...    5 MB    Views 1018
+1    Some might say that only great photo's are taken by professionals. I'd like to prove them wrong. Every photo in this app was taken with just a point and shoot camera. Except for fitting them to fit the screen size, they ...    50 MB    Views 5676

Wildlife Wallpapers

ipad iphone wallpapers images wildlife scott
+4    Wildlife Wallpapers by Scott Bourne Internationallyrenowned wildlife and nature photographer Scott Bourne presents 15 stunning images of animals in their native habitats. These amazing images will look great on your iPad or iPhone and will work in either landscape or portrait ...    13 MB    Views 7109
camera photos iphone roll
-4    Easily create your own photobombs from any two photos on your iPhone and iPod Touch Use your device's camera to take photos or select them from your camera roll. Simply color the area of your bomb photo that you want ...    488 kb    Views 2199


camera photos twitter photo iphone roll note post
-9    Is not a leaving pictures taken camera roll, is an application that can then be stored photos. When would using a standard camera app when you leave a little note to the iPhone, To camera roll dirty would, but it capacity also ...    15 MB    Views 4088
ipad iphone content images
-8    Alumina is an app designed for iPad, iPhone, iPod. With Alumina for iOS, AppWorks SC provides functionality to download photo albums from a content library compiled by artists, photographers and sponsors. Browse album images and related information, set as device ...    2 MB    Views 3594
iphone ipad
-5    中文摄影杂志 ( 创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影网路杂志,坚持为 150 万订阅读者提供良质而高端的影像阅读体验;坚信影像具有改变生活及世界的力量。 「中文摄影杂志 for iPhone」主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读: 全球摄影奖项追踪、摄影师介绍、摄影画册介绍、摄影技巧分享 2.每日格言: 来自艺术家、摄影家的精炼观点 3.每日一图: 每天推荐一张优秀摄影作品,每日欣赏 4. ViewFinder: 为你的 iPhone 提供专业画幅支持,可以直接拍摄 6×6、3×2、Xpan 等画幅照片;同时适用于专业摄影师与摄影爱好者 5.支持离线阅读,支持图片保存,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon... 鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文 iPhone+iPad 资源分享网站荣誉推荐 ================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPhone App for Chinese photography learners, all photo copyright belongs ...    5 MB    Views 7909
ipad iphone contact
0    鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文iPhone+iPad资源分享网站荣誉推荐 中文摄影杂志(创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影独立媒体,坚持为超过 260 万订阅读者提供良质量而高端的影像阅读体验,坚信影像与审美具有改变世界的力量。iPhone 版读者已突破80万。 中文摄影杂志 for iPad 主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读:全球摄影奖项追踪,摄影师介绍,摄影画册介绍,摄影技巧分享 2.器材控:每周精选最令人心动的高端专业败家指南,让器材控的你欲罢不能 3.摄影书店:权威推荐不可不藏的原版摄影画册,限量发行 4.每周壁纸:让你的 iPad 与众不同 5.支持离线阅读,支持 Email、微博分享,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon… 如果喜欢,请将中文摄影杂志推荐给你的朋友们,我们永远相信,分享是一种美德。 =================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPad app for Chinese photography fans, all photo copyright reserverd by photogrphers. If you want to recommend yours ...    6 MB    Views 8960
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+15    The most complete Google Photo viewer, photo manager, and slideshow player available on iTunes. Web Albums HD brings you quick access to your photos and videos on Google Photos and Picasa Web Albums to your fingertips. Web Albums HD also ...    16 MB    Views 4944

Cool Movies!

movies camera movie videos iphone video facebook email recording photos roll theme live cool www load
+2    Make awesome birthday, party, diary and wedding movies in several clicks with cool themes, overlays and frames, use Camera in realtime and Load videos from camera roll Full package for your creativity: Live Effect ► Total live view with movie Theme just as ...    120 MB    Views 1044
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+22    AddPhoto allows you to easily add movies (MP4, M4V, MOV) and photos (JPEG, PNG) to the Camera Roll. Supports the Exif informations(shooting date and time, location).  The high appraisal has been received from the user in each country. Please trust the quality ...    1 MB    Views 3081


+1    Capture real 3D anaglyph digital pictures with your iPhone or iPhone 3G with TwinShot3D. Using Apple iPhone’s digital camera, and TwinShot3D's proprietary image processing, you can now take real 3D photos anywhere you go. It's as simple as point, shoot, shift, shoot. Vacation ...    1 MB    Views 3019
iphone ipad touch crime scene ipod fan
+27    Beautifully designed for iPad and iPhone. Free forever. Are you a CSI Fan ? Or NCIS fan ? Create your own unique crime scene snapshots, apply various elements of bloody killing with a touch of your finger Use any photo or ...    15 MB    Views 6708


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+5    Get more from your iPhone and iPad images. Order the highest quality professional photo products from your camera, photostream, instagram or facebook images directly from your iPhone or iPad. Easily order photo prints, canvas wraps, and photo greeting cards. Select, crop, ...    6 MB    Views 2772


camera iphone email calendar slideshow snapshots start setting mp4 roll snapshot selfie save
+5    SELFIE Take a your SELFIE Continuous shooting photo up to 10 by automatic. You can save photos by calendar ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE and arrange to MP4 movie Let's your SELFIE Let's keep your picture memories forever and enjoy it on your iPhone. You won't miss ...    3 MB    Views 8382


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+7    Print photos, create Frames, Canvas, Cases, Tshirts, Mugs, Pillows, Puzzles and Calendars straight away from your iPhone and iPad. Use the images of your camera roll and your social profile albums. Try it now The first 20 prints are free Every ...    93 MB    Views 5756
photo photos videos camera iphone video drag private delete roll images
+24    Video Preview (Youtube 'photo drag pro') Make your Photos & Videos private with Touch ID. Support Strong Encryption on each photo and video file Save videos in Private Album GIFs are now animated (pro version only) A great feature perfect for iOS 8 Quickly ...    1 MB    Views 6362
ipad iphone scanner scans scan
+8    The little app that scans everything easily with auto edge detection Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad nice crop option also make it perfect IS THAT A SCANNER ...    10 MB    Views 2724


photos photo iphone film roll finishing bring
-8    RollFilmTimes is not only a toy camera app for your iPhone. It will bring you back to the age of roll films. Did you remember the expectations happiness and disappointing when you got photos of a roll film 20 years ...    37 MB    Views 6201


photos videos camera iphone ipad web wifi pics albums album roll view
-1    Notice: We had released the "Pics 2", and we won't add new features to this app in the future, we recommend you buy Pics 2 instead of this app. Pics give you revolutionary management for Photos and Videos. With Pics, you can ...    3 MB    Views 7412
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+2    This application is jigsaw puzzle, containing 58 beautiful landscape photos. This puzzle is for having great time with your iPad/iPhone. INSTRUCTIONS: The PREVIEW image can be seen in black&white for a second just at the beginning of each puzzle. Drag and ...    30 MB    Views 3168
camera photos video videos time email shooting iphone fast shots roll exposure focus
+4    ON SALE TODAY 50% OFF Lightning fast burst photos. Save only the best Timelapse Video, Timer & Stealth Mode. • Shoots up to 1,500 pictures a minute • Save only the best shots to your camera roll • NEW: Export Timelapse Videos & ...    25 MB    Views 7723
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+9    Update: 6 more full size pictures added. This new edition includes the newly added 29 full size desktop computer pictures...gorgeous These wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod are high quality digital images taken on the Oregon coast by the Lagniappe crew. There ...    103 MB    Views 7296
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+11    Need a photo to renew your Singapore NRIC or passport, or to apply for an employment pass? Don't spend 7 at a photo booth or 7 hours with your digital camera and photo editing tools — just use this app ...    9 MB    Views 8253
camera wallpaper iphone wallpapers roll add images press abstract
0    These wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod are high quality digital images taken with the abstract view in mind by the Lagniappe crew. There are eyes, bridge, flowers, etc. Just a random collection of images. There are 30 wallpapers to select ...    8 MB    Views 1223
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+3    Need a photo to apply for a US passport? Get perfectlycropped photos quickly and easily with ID PhotoPrint Purchase prints within the app (6.95 for 2 photos including delivery, US only) or save photos for printing from your computer on ...    9 MB    Views 8006


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+1    Having trouble managing your pics and snaps? Meet MySnaps, the photo gallery that you, your friends and family will love. We’ve fixed the frustrations of organizing, finding, and sharing the great memories you haves snapped. With MySnaps you can easily and ...    3 MB    Views 8167
camera wallpaper iphone wallpapers add roll select press crew flowers
+28    These wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod are high quality digital images taken of beautiful flowers by the Lagniappe crew. There are 30+ wallpapers to select from. Press "Next" to get started and then press "Add" to add the wallpaper to ...    10 MB    Views 1011
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-4    ON SALE Easily create photo & video albums on the go. Start organizing your photos/videos today with EasyBums. Access your favorite photos/videos easily and quickly without scrolling through 1000s of them on your camera roll. See the date and location of ...    508 kb    Views 7846
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+23    MAC OS X CLIENT APP is available in Mac App Store WINDOWS CLIENT APP is available from the web site Save all new photos and videos from your Camera Roll to any computer in just one tap No iTunes ...    10 MB    Views 5263
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-8    SnapPad – send snaps from your Camera Roll, save any photos and videos from SnapChat, using handy full screen app. Nowadays SnapChat became very popular, but it doesn’t look really good when being used on iPad. Try SnapPad – the full ...    3 MB    Views 531

Photo Request

photo ipad iphone ipod room living
-5    You are at work and want to see what your dog is doing in the living room? Easy: Leave your Iphone / Ipod / Ipad with camera pointed at the living room and start “Photo Request”. From your office, ask for a ...    5 MB    Views 1255
wallpaper design camera wallpapers iphone photo screen lock roll ipod images
+13    Introducing Lock Screen Wallpapers Maker Create a cool background for Lock Screen with Status bar and Dock. Pick a wallpaper or a photo, add an overlay designed to perfectly accentuate the Screen menu area and use it to show your individuality. You ...    13 MB    Views 314


iphone news facebook camera photo apps twitter elements category roll facial
+14    Apple featured this app as Staff Favorite Cartoonizeme is a cool app for iPhone that lets you add funny elements such as glasses, hats, mustaches and many more themebased elements to your photos. How to use: Choose a photo from your iPhone or ...    13 MB    Views 1923
Xhamster Organize Photos Xvideos Artwork Library Xnxx Effects Tool Hclips Select Tool Tube8 Beauty Images Beeg Family Santa Drtuber Collages Magic Tnaflix Heads Photo Redtube Information Ipad