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+8    KameLah is a simple utility used with our product "KameLah" remote. It can remote the camera shutter to taking photo. There is three mode to taking shot. 1. Normal 2. Continuous 3. Sequence Photo can be edited, put some sticker on and shared to social network ...    9 MB    Views 6701


+11    Remote shutter release, remote light control, and remote streaming video viewfinder for 2 iDevices within Bluetooth or WiFi range of each other (short range). Automatic sync of 2 iDevices over Bluetooth or WiFi (no separate app password required). App is ...    733 kb    Views 1517
0    This application is jigsaw puzzle, containing 58 beautiful landscape photos. This puzzle is for having great time with your iPad/iPhone. INSTRUCTIONS: The PREVIEW image can be seen in black&white for a second just at the beginning of each puzzle. Drag and ...    30 MB    Views 3168

Mirror Camera+

photo camera ipad iphone mirror easily
+5    Tired of other photography App that is just TOO COMPLICATED to use? Mirror Camera+ is simple and useful ✓ Upload photo to Facebook ✓ Mirror your photo easily ✓ Rotate your photo easily ✓ Email your photo to friends ✓ Elegant interface makes it stand out ...    338 kb    Views 8052
-1    The 1 media streaming app is back, better than ever, for iOS7. Stream movies, music and pictures from your PC to your iOS7 (or iOS6) device around your home, or even away from home over the Internet Watch a ...    5 MB    Views 394


-2    RICOH THETA S, the highspec RICOH THETA model A new way to enjoy photography 

RICOH THETA S exceeds your current world, capturing your entire surroundings with a single shutter click. 
You can view your images on a smartphone or computer, and share your ...    16 MB    Views 4741

Camera Whiz Remote

camera remote connection controller
+11    It is a remote controller of the "Camera Whiz" App. It supports the WiFi connection and the Bluetooth connection. The "Camera Whiz" captured photo autosync with the remote controller onthefly.    6 MB    Views 8558

BlueCam PRO

camera photos video videos photo recording timers flickr voice map remote focus exposure
+12    Video+Still Camera with Remote Control and Media transfer over Bluetooth. Featured in Apple's "What's Hot" List Camera Features: Gesturebased interface for: [Taking Stills, Recording Video, Starting Timers, Setting Focus, Setting Exposure] Resolution/Flash/Torch/Focus/Exposure/WhiteBalance Controls Pinch zoom while recording videos and taking ...    26 MB    Views 3589
camera iphone time photography remote lapse built www
+28    Ditch the intervalometer and take control of your camera with MaxStone MaxStone make's your photography more fun and more convenient. Use your iPhone as a wireless remote for your camera. Supports Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax/Olympus/Minolta. For a complete list of compatible brands and cameras, ...    5 MB    Views 6695


+3    The App makes it easy to control your camera remotely with your Phone, and lets you do more with your Smartcam content than ever before. Get full remote control of all camera functions. Start/stop recording, take a photo and adjust ...    1 MB    Views 9260

Smart Home HD

software video music time function alarm monitoring remote message lighting
+13    This is the controlling end software of intelligent household system.It can realize all kinds of different function of intelligent household system by this software easily.(You can remotely experience the intelligent effects of exhibition hall.) Description 1,The function of video monitoring:realtime monitoring\remote monitoring\moving ...    36 MB    Views 7870


photo iphone camera voice remote sound headset snap perfect wireless microphone bluetooth
+2    No.1 Photography and Top 50 Overall App in Belgium, China, France, Taiwan and other countries Featured on Gizmodo & Lifehacker AU Let your voice do the photo taking (Or any sound for that matter) SoundSnap is a simple ...    10 MB    Views 2972
Related Apps iphone camera photo selfie remote focus resolution control
0    Do you want to take a best selfie picture? Do you get disappointed because the limitation of the front camera of your iPhone? Do you feel frustrated because you can not focus precisely in your selfie photo? This app will ...    3 MB    Views 7951
Related Apps camera time smart remote device multiple location cloud
+16    Smart Cloud Camera Easy QR code setup Support multiple cameras Unique UID for each camera 1080P live streaming Remote Monitoring from any location Multiple viewers at the same time Snap photo/video to smart device Event PIR trigger storage to microSD ...    19 MB    Views 875


Related Apps photo camera iphone control remote
+3    The FPVCam App is associated with the FPVCam’ Remote Control model airplane for Aerial Photography. It allows full remote camera control through a mobile device. 1.Wifi connection between the camera and iPhone. Live preview. 2.Press the “shoot ” button to take a ...    17 MB    Views 3899
Related Apps camera photo remote live preview full devices version filter device
-4    Remote Shutter is the best and easiest way to take a better photo when you are alone or group photo. Remote Shutter allow you to connect your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using one as camera and one as remote to ...    26 MB    Views 3380

ShutterBug Remote

camera hardware remote support sight long bulb digital lenses
+11    ShutterBug Remote is a full featured wireless controller for your digital camera. Plug the Shutterbug Remote dongle into your camera's shutter release port and your iOS device will pair with it using its builtin BluetoothLE capabilities; no wires, tethers, or ...    3 MB    Views 992


Related Apps photos iphone ipad albums pictures
-7    The app can automatically acquire the photos you took and sort the images by albums, prefectures, cities, or dates. Troublesome photoorganizing is not necessary. Since it compresses photos to appropriate size for iPhone or iPad at the time of acquisition, you ...    5 MB    Views 5289
+3    For all devices with iOS 7.1 or above, user should get the second generation of this app: iSelfie Two remote selfie video cam, from It provides more features and better performance. Recommended from TUAW: iSelfie is a very ...    7 MB    Views 5096
photo creative photography facebook time creativity flickr ipad photos textures box soft www light http remote
+2    We are bringing something NEW to photography {{ NOTE: This app is a SOFT BOX, a lighting device often seen in studios, meant for creative shooting of subjects. Please familiarize yourself with what a SOFT BOX is before downloading ...    49 MB    Views 1278

iTel Camera

video camera time remote real shop
-5    The iTel camera is aimed at enterprises and home users launched a wireless security cameras, support remote video, photo, video playback, multi view realtime video monitoring, remote camera state, found that environmental anomaly after the realtime alarm and push it ...    13 MB    Views 6834

Remote Spy

photo monitor baby pebble phone remote spy watch image detection full
-2    Please note that the app was crashing on some iPhones. This release should fix the problem. If you still experience issues, please contact us to get a solution This is the iOS companion of a Pebble Watch application ...    4 MB    Views 4776
gps camera time running frame iphone timer remote data control
-9    ZGR1 Nikon GPS unit and timer remote control is a accessory for iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Nikon DSLR camera that send GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude, and UTC Time) from iOS device to camera with photographs, ...    5 MB    Views 379
camera iphone apple watch control remote pics contact solve price
-8    SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 5.99 >>>>> 2.99 BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Take pictures right from your wrist Use your Apple Watch as a remote for your iPhone camera. Take highres pics and control various camera related settings on your iPhone directly from ...    4 MB    Views 780


+12    Somebody usually borrow your personal iPhone,iPod or iPad. But you have to do. You must protect your secret in your devices.YESYESYES This app is for you and your secret. Features: 1. Create the password for your photos and videos. 2. Import or Export ...    3 MB    Views 4219
Related Apps camera photo remote screen click bluetooth button main shutter
+14    You can`t hold a camera steadier than having it placed on a solid surface or a tripod. This app solves this camera problem. Auto Remote Camera is a Bluetooth Remote Controlled Camera with SelfTimer shutter builtin. "We can take a family pic ...    5 MB    Views 7855
Related Apps camera iphone wifi ipad photo device devices remote picture install
+5    WiFi Camera makes a great remotephotography tool Set up one device to take a group photo, even can be used on computerUse the other one device as a remote WiFi Camera will allow you to connect two iOS devices or other ...    15 MB    Views 6700


+6    This is a remote controller application for iPhone camera. There are some other apps with remote control via Bluetooth. In that case, 2 iPhones must be installed those apps. How many people would carry around both iPhone and iPod/iPad at the same time? Or, ...    841 kb    Views 810


iphone camera video remote control timer cameras bluetooth
0    MullyCamera is using Bluetooth connected two iPhone. One of iPhone is a camera, another one of remote acts. MullyCamera provides take a photo, videos and self timer. use MullyCamera now MullyCamera is... IOS6 and iPhone 5 support One of the iPhone acts ...    1 MB    Views 9065

D-LUX View

software video time supports remote connection view footage setup live control
+3    The DLUX View uses the latest technology and software so you can setup your remote monitoring connection, which you will use to setup up the device on the app. You will have a constant remote monitoring connection to your CCTV ...    39 MB    Views 9266


camera iphone remote tap images application compatible send
+4    EXILIM Remote is a very useful application that allows you to send images to your iPhone using the WiFi function of your CASIO digital camera or to use your iPhone as a remote control for the camera. Main functions of the ...    1 MB    Views 6022
Related Apps camera iphone ipad device trigger choose tab remote picture button
+20    Trigger your iPhone's camera or another iPhone's camera with your Apple Watch or Use your iPhone/iPad as a remote trigger for an another iPhone/iPad's camera. Taking group photos or selfies can not be easier. Instructions: 1. Start up the app on the first device. ...    4 MB    Views 1352

PG Booth

photo photos booth set device remote devices countdown
+29    PG Booth, short for Pretty Good Booth, is a photo booth app. I wanted to have a photo booth set up that allowed the guests to take photos themselves without someone standing by explaining the booth to them. So I set ...    12 MB    Views 1488

Wallpaper Blur

Related Apps wallpaper ipad iphone ipod blur
+6    Customize the wallpaper of your iPhone, iPod or iPad with cool wallpaper iOS7 Blur effect. We give a few that are great, but you can create them with your own pictures. You can choose the part of the picture or photo ...    7 MB    Views 9028

Smart Cam

ipad iphone video photo camera und touch press remote ios generation control
+3    Always stay in picture and never left out any of your friends You can trigger the iPhone/iPad camera shutter remotely by using a Bluetooth Smart Remote Control. Features → Photo and video mode → Photo sharing options → One touch operation → Work with or ...    5 MB    Views 4048


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-4    Get more from your iPhone and iPad images. Order the highest quality professional photo products from your camera, photostream, instagram or facebook images directly from your iPhone or iPad. Easily order photo prints, canvas wraps, and photo greeting cards. Select, crop, ...    6 MB    Views 2772

Timelapse+ Remote

time timelapse features bluetooth version lapse update remote
+5    Features: Triggers the camera remotely using the Timelapse+ intervalometer via Bluetooth LE ( Start and Stop the timelapse Monitor the status of a running timelapse Reads battery level and other info from the Timelapse+ Notifies the user when a firmware ...    450 kb    Views 329
+14    Control your DSLR Camera from your Smartphone or Tablet. DSLR Camera Control iR requires the iRed Transmitter hardware from ( DSLR Cam Control is a DSLR Remote Controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows you to shoot your camera ...    22 MB    Views 1290


Related Apps iphone shooting photos networking social surroundings ricoh theta images share remote view smartphone image
+4    A new way to enjoy photography RICOH THETA exceeds your current world, capturing your entire surroundings with a single shutter click. You can view your images on a smartphone or computer, and share your images with friends. This single panoramic photo may lead ...    6 MB    Views 8484


photos audio video media camera apple time photo web recording recordings view remote feature space file
+4    ReconBot turns your iPhone/iPod into a fullfledged spy device with powerful video, photo and audio capabilities. With ReconBot you can record discreetly, schedule recordings to happen at a later date and time and even remotely view through ReconBot from a web ...    5 MB    Views 7340

PV Cam Viewer

Related Apps videos video support remote connection local user download images
+7    Security & surveillance control app. Support direct WiFi connection to access preview, record, photo shooting to a remote video camera or digital video recorder. Also allow user to download videos & images to a local device. Features: 1. Easy operation user interface 2. ...    13 MB    Views 5862
Related Apps camera video iphone headset bluetooth shutter picture release wireless remote mode
+14    Don't be interrupted by releasing the shutter. Wireless shutter release enables you to strike various poses. "Easy Self Shot" enables you to take a picture using your Bluetooth headset as a wireless shutter release for the camera on your iPhone or iPod ...    1 MB    Views 2434


camera photo photos shot remote pose preview
+15    Grouphie / Usie with friends, alone do selfies, pose and shot :) Link up 2 iOS devices via WIFI or Bluetooth and start a Grouphie photo session: 1. Take selfies/usies/grouphies with iSight camera. All of us are aware that iSight Camera is ...    26 MB    Views 269

ProShow Remote

software ipad iphone device desktop play remote slideshows computer screen shows
+4    +++++++ For use with ProShow Producer 6 and ProShow Gold 6 desktop software. You must have the desktop software installed to use this app. +++++++ Publish your ProShow slideshows directly from your computer to your iPhone or iPad with the FREE ...    6 MB    Views 1084
camera ipad iphone remote bluetooth shot preview live devices device connect connection
+21    Remote Shot is a remote controller using a Bluetooth. Remote Shot allow you to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad using one as camera and one as remote to see live stream preview. Remote Shot works with all iOS devices (iPhone, ...    5 MB    Views 3933
camera shooting time mode remote motion sony license capture pictures
+2    Recacon is the remote control app for SONY Camera DSCQX10, etc. Features Normal Mode Normal mode for taking pictures. You can display grid lines on the liveview. LiveView Capture Mode The mode for capturing the liveview image. WLiveView Capture Mode Capturing the liveview of the ...    14 MB    Views 1350
recording camera device polaroid smart remote
+15    The Polaroid XS100i Remote App Offers you full control of the camera wirelessly using your mobile device or tablet. You can View and change your camera settings, start and stop video recording, take photos via your smart device or use ...    48 MB    Views 4063


Related Apps photos camera stand http www remote bluetooth
-9    The ClickStik App is designed to work in conjunction with the Dexim ClickStik Bluetooth Remote + Camera Stand. You can purchase the ClickStik Bluetooth Remote + Camera stand at major retailers or online at or The ClickStik App is ...    15 MB    Views 7332


tools forum photoshop run remote connections version password
+2    PsTools is Photoshop's useful tools on iPhone. Now PsTools have all features of origin tools. You can use tools, color palette and camera. You need to version 12.0.4 or later required. How to use 1. run Photoshop (higher then version 12.0.4) 2. ...    10 MB    Views 5466
photo photos time facebook love flickr creative box soft www remote light http
+3    We know you will love it if you try it {{ NOTE: This app is a SOFT BOX, a lighting device often seen in studios, meant for creative shooting of subjects. Please familiarize yourself with what a SOFT BOX ...    18 MB    Views 3700

HD Mviewer

software video time supports remote connection setup feature footage recorded
+30    HD Mviewer allows you to view realtime streaming video from your DVR / NVR. For use with the HD Mviewer DVR and NVR products. The HD Mviewer Mobile uses the latest technology and software so you can setup your remote monitoring connection, ...    27 MB    Views 1342


Related Apps ipad iphone images pictures works
+2    iStriper creates unique artistic pictures by cutting photos into stripes with varying thickness. • Share images on Facebook and Twitter • Works in landscape or portrait orientation • Send images by Email • Pictures can be loaded from the photo library or taken with ...    12 MB    Views 5414

SLR Pro Remote

software wifi photos facebook photo slr booth remote picture mac pro start connected lite
+4    SLR Pro Remote 2 is the App that will turn your iPhone iPod or iPad into a remote for the Mac softwares "SLR Pro Picture Booth" and "SLR Picture Booth Lite" Control your photo session from your iOS device wirelessly, ...    29 MB    Views 1730

SmartTrigger App

shooting iphone ipad jump easy remote supported timelapse shoot touch
+13    ============ Caution ============ This application requires to be iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3rd/4th/mini, iPod touch 5th. ============================== SmartTrigger App can take pictures by your DSLR camera through SmartTrigger. Remote shooting: Easy remote shooting, also supported bulb and focus. Jump detect shooting: SmartTrigger App shoot by your jump motion. You ...    54 MB    Views 8937


iphone ipad crop ios
+12    Image Cartoonizer for iOS: Edit, crop and cartoonize yourself directly in your iPhone or iPad Now you can cartoonize yourself from your iPhone or iPad with our iCartoonizer 1.0 for iOS. You will able to convert all your images and pictures into cartoon ...    12 MB    Views 3195

eTransfer Lite

Related Apps iphone ipad ipod transfer
+9    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    5 MB    Views 327

CASE Remote HD

Related Apps photos camera hardware remote case functions view parameters
0    CASE Remote app is a wireless camera remote controller app working with CASE Remote hardware by CheeringTech. Check for purchasing CASE Remote hardware. Highlight functions: Live view Remote edit parameters (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, etc camera parameters) Focus adjustments Shutter control Wireless transfer photos back ...    11 MB    Views 9882
camera photo photos phones shutter bluetooth click remote screen push pictures
-1    Memosha lets you take pictures at fixed point and group photos by using two iPhones so that one of your phones works as a remote shutter. It allows you to see if there is anyone missing from the photo, the ...    1 MB    Views 395

Live Capture

iphone ipad video photo camera remote press ios control toggle
+10    Always stay in picture and never left out any of your friends You can trigger the iPhone/iPad camera shutter remotely by using a Bluetooth Smart Remote Control. Features → Photo and video mode → Photo sharing options → Private album with remote proximity locking → ...    22 MB    Views 2551


wifi remote
+17    APP function: 1、can be used as wifi helicopter remote controller . 2、can record photo and video from corresponding wifi module. APP requirement: 1、it's compatible with iPhone3GS,iPhone4,iPhone4S,iPhone5,iPod touch. 2、needs iOS4.3 version and later.    6 MB    Views 1032
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