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+21    It is a simple camera app that can easily create comiclike photos and images. You can freely combine lighting effects, a wealth of sound effects, and so on. Processing speed is now 10 times faster. Machining process divided into two ...    20 MB    Views 6865


0    The most powerful cam APP for dogs Simplest tool to take a nice and clear photo of your pets “Oh doggie, please look at the camera.” Have you ever tried to take photos of your pets, and they always look away? The most powerful ...    26 MB    Views 42
photo photos camera funny friends perfect hilarious sounds sound
+7    FREE For a Limited Time Only Funstagram is a hilarious new camera app that lets you bust out some AWESOME FUNNY SOUNDS, take priceless funny photos of your friends, then add the PERFECT CAPTION and SHARE ONLINE Humiliate your friends (or ...    7 MB    Views 2615


cat camera cats photo facebook sound attention picture device play
+9    Ever tried taking a cat photo and had trouble getting the kitty's attention? Take nice cat photos with CatPix Attract cats' attention to the camera by playing various sound effects. CatPix is a camera app developed by a cat lover for cat ...    7 MB    Views 3169


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0    Your Voice. Your Photos. Your Life.℠ Start living our loud For the first time ever, KBaang is bringing sound to photos; they're what we call votos. Sure we love beautiful pictures, but we're more about personality. Our goal is to capture ...    33 MB    Views 4092

Sound Mixer+

+27    Sound Mixer+ is a collection where you can find detailed info and great photos. You can search, add to favorites, compare, view in gallery mode and play a quiz game to test your knowledge. Features: Detailed info and great photos Compare ...    6 MB    Views 1005
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0    FamilyBook lets you share talking photos with your family. It works like a group album, except every photo has voiceover. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a talking picture means so much more. It's a story book that ...    42 MB    Views 7766
+3    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ Please enjoy a lighthearted camera life of the shutter sound quietness sound. ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ The photograph is easily almost taken into PC with taking a picture and iTunes in silent, and a lot of functions like the folder classification in ...    1 MB    Views 2680


car love cars share favorite sound users
+1    Finally, the long awaited social network for the modern car lover. Incarnation is simply the best way for car enthusiasts to share and discover the cars they love. Worked on your own custom car? Photograph it, record its engine sound, enter ...    11 MB    Views 5586

ahha emoji

-8    Create your own emoji series with Selfie Features: Enable sound activated Say “ahha” to take your selfie pictures Builtin timer function provides for both sound and tap screen photo activation methods Easy to use and more stable to capture every ...    21 MB    Views 3258

Palm Lab for iPhone

Related Apps photo iphone watch lab effects process sound effect water
-3    Palm Lab is your personal photo processing lab on iPhone or iPod Touch Load your photo into the developing tank, and watch your film gradually develop into a masterpiece art in the water as you are immersed in the ambient sound ...    6 MB    Views 685

Photo Sound

Related Apps photos sound
-5    Liven up your photos, by adding the surrounding sound at the time of shooting. Create your own albums using your photos with sound.    5 MB    Views 7786
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0    News I changed to " Frame a lot of Camera 2014" the application name . We are planning to add frames a lot in the future Thank you 2014 version is upgraded and more In addition to improved operability , the frame ...    53 MB    Views 8926
photo camera sound sounds record favourite child pet friends
-5    Are you tired of struggling to get your kids’ friends’ or pets’ attention when trying to take a great photo? With LookHear you now have a camera which can make a funny or attractive sound BEFORE you take your photo ...    18 MB    Views 4321
Related Apps photos camera photo application share sound unique integrated interface
+11    To celebrate the new update, Camera SX application is FREE for the next 24 hours ONLY. Enjoy it and spread the word Camera SX application takes photography to a new level, by merging it with audio recording to create incredible, unique ...    15 MB    Views 5955

Virtual ANS

virtual sound file bug unique draw
-7    Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958. The instrument was used by Stanislav Kreichi, Alfred Schnittke, Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edward ...    8 MB    Views 4847


images sound 2014 compositions open version
-6    iCoda: (Open Version out NOVEMBER. 2014) Capture random compositions into your image folder through the input of sound. Using the screen as a canvas sound activates the stored images layering latent images forming compositions akin to the minds eye. [palimpsest] is a culmination ...    129 MB    Views 9073
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-2    Emotion in the image, Atmosphere in the sound. Photos are getting old they no longer capture the feelings, atmosphere or thrills of the moments we want to remember. Enter Soundscape. A new, unique way of sharing the moments you want ...    7 MB    Views 8048
+6    The spy camera 2 acquires proof certainly calmly. Continuation shooting can be carried out if imitation which telephones is carried out. Main features A spy camera is only photography. A black screen and a normal screen can be chosen. Continuous shooting. Shutter operation ...    325 kb    Views 2168


photo camera album sound pet shortcut
+21    This app makes your lovely pet album easily and share with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. Pet album can be sent to your PC by email for permanent preservation. For trainer, app has whistle range from 10000Hz to 17000Hz to ...    3 MB    Views 7910


photo camera sounds red sound professional effects
+15    PLEASE SWITCH ON SOUNDS GLAMCAM IS THE ONE AND ONLY PHOTO APP WITH CHEER SOUNDS GlamCam is the app that makes you SMILE A musthave for party people worldwide. Tested in high profile locations including Ibiza, Miami, and St. Tropez. GlamCam is ...    7 MB    Views 5018

Palm Lab for iPad

photo ipad watch lab effects process effect sound images
0    Palm Lab is your personal photo processing lab on iPad Load your photo into the developing tank, and watch your film gradually develop into a masterpiece art in the water as you are immersed in the ambient sound of a photo ...    9 MB    Views 9750


film effects german sound grey
-4    Vampyr (German: Vampyr Der Traum des Allan Grey) is a 1932 horror film directed by Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer. The film was written by Dreyer and Christen Jul based on elements from J. Sheridan Le Fanu's "In a ...    156 MB    Views 1109
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+27    Rightnow is an interesting and easytouse short video camera.With Rightnow, you can record and edit 25 second short videos, share it to your social networks including Instagram,Vine,Facebook or save it to gallery.It is the best and easy way to capture,edit,merge,connect ...    18 MB    Views 8302


+4    There are situation that make you want to video record but you fear being confronted if you attempt to capture it openly. You a need discreet app that can just record based on a swipe of your finger, tap on ...    NAN    Views 1302

dePICtion app

sound moments posts pictures interactive world hashtags
+8    dePICtion dePICtion for iPhone is here The free and extremely interactive app allows users to share posts with high quality sound. DOWNLOAD NOW and begin sharing moments with other dePICters. dePICtion is the best way to Snap or see moments and ...    8 MB    Views 2587
Related Apps photo music sleep photos personal slide show choose sound speed play custom
+7    MUSICALME SLIDE SHOW DESCRIPTION “A new slide show app, where every image strikes a chord” “Enjoy soothing, meditative music played with the various colors of your personal photos.” “It's a fantastic sleepaid” ABOUT MusicalMe Slide Show is an easy to use app designed to allow ...    48 MB    Views 9005
-7    50% off for a Valentines Day Share with a loved one InstaVideo is the perfect video editor for Instagram and all your videos. Add a personal touch to all your videos with fast and easy editing tools and a suite of ...    16 MB    Views 4889

Picasound Free

Related Apps camera photo photos baby dog email twitter facebook button sound favorites simply roll
-9    When you want a smile, Picasound Capture pictures with ease by playing one of the selectable sounds while you are taking a picture of that special Baby, Toddler, Dog, or Unsuspecting Adult to get the perfect photo every time Compatible with ...    10 MB    Views 1594


dog picture sound play
-9    Get your pup to say cheese Have you ever tried to get a dog to smile for the camera….it’s pretty imposible to get their attention. When you are ready to click, the dog looks away, moves, or jolts leaving you a ...    402 kb    Views 4654
apps messaging voice photos sound imessage send add quickly friends
0    SoundGif is super easy and fast: 1. Press and hold to take photos, or choose 3 photos 2. Add your voice 3. Send in iMessage or social apps Quickly make your own GIFs, add sound or voice. Tap to send to your friends in ...    8 MB    Views 5361

Cute Photo

photo baby camera cat cute sound picture
0    Do you forget to shut off the sound on your phone before taking a picture of something cute? Do you wake up your cat or baby overtime you try to take a picture? Annoyed by the shutter noise of the camera, but ...    8 MB    Views 6192

Hidden Spy Camera

photo camera iphone library facebook photos save secret option camouflage mode settings sound
+8    This is an excellent app which has all the options that you'll ever need to take a secret photo completely undercover. If you are looking for an app to take secret photos, then this app will not disappoint you in ...    19 MB    Views 7472
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0    With Croice you can create a photostory, when one photo is just not enough.. Croice it is more than photo and easier than video Combine photos video and sound in one masterpiece Tell the whole world what is happening around ...    56 MB    Views 3456
photos camera photo application unique share integrated sound
+6    To celebrate the new update, Camera SX application is FREE for the next 24 hours ONLY. Enjoy it and spread the word Camera SX application takes photography to a new level, by merging it with audio recording to create incredible, unique ...    31 MB    Views 4940
photo camera iphone library facebook photos save secret option camouflage mode settings sound
-7    This is an excellent app which has all the options that you'll ever need to take a secret photo completely undercover. If you are looking for an app to take secret photos, then this app will not disappoint you in ...    17 MB    Views 7427
photos videos sound clips express
+12    The world's most popular soundboard for your photos and videos Combine your photos and videos with your favorite sound clips to express how you feel. No sign up required 1) Snap a photo or video. 2) Add a sound. 3) Share your clip with ...    11 MB    Views 4528

Sonic Camera

-1    Welcome to Sonic Camera; experience a sound activated camera as never before Take photos without even touching your iPhone Activate the sound feature, put your device in the appropriate position, then just clap, snap your finger, whistle or make any sound ...    2 MB    Views 3019

Alien Booth

avatar photos photo library twitter email facebook alien booth fun aliens friends transform sound share
+5    Alien Booth, the original alien creation app, is now universal for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Turn yourself into an ALIEN with Alien Booth, the original & highest rated alien creation app that makes it easy and fun ...    26 MB    Views 9308


shooting recording seconds timer sound recorded function playback turned cheer
-1    This app camera can be used as a cheer when the shooting and his voice was recorded. In addition to normal photography, but also equipped with selftimer function. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Feature Details >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Recording / playback ・You can use the recorded sound when shooting. Selftimer (5 seconds, 10 ...    80 kb    Views 3697

CineSound FX.

video videos movie email photos recording high effects sounds sound imovie maker
+28    Looking to add special effects and sounds to your videos and photos with a fun and easy to use App? CinesoundFX lets you choose between four different effects and sounds to apply to your videos, photos and sounds. Easy to use, ...    7 MB    Views 5991
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+19    SlideshowMakerSquare™ The Easiest and Quickest way to create video slideshow with transitions for each photo Mix your photos with captions and multiple background musics or sound effect as a beautiful story. Then share to Instagram world or any place you ...    68 MB    Views 7005
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+3    Also Check out and Download instavoice Pro App. CameraVoice App allows you to take photos without pressing the snap button, CameraVoice uses a built in Sound Trigger that allows anyone to say something to the camera microphone and it will snap ...    2 MB    Views 6820


Related Apps photo photos clock time voice recording camera library select tap screen setting alarm sound ipod
+3    Your favorite photos will be a clock. You can gaze in rapture at your favorite person, family, memorial photos and all that. Features: Your selected photo will appear with clock every minute. You can select the one from your 'Photo Albums'. You can set the ...    612 kb    Views 3988
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+11    TriggerCam lets you shoot photos or video when triggered by motion, sound or a timer. TriggerCam can be triggerd by ➤ a timer ➤ motion (or stillness) ➤ sound (or silence) The motion and sound sensitivity can be adjusted to fit your needs. In addition you ...    843 kb    Views 7942
Related Apps video text camera music photo facebook social twitter instagram share background roll sound
-2    TextonVideoSquare™ Turn your video into beautiful video text designs. TextonVideoSquare™ will give you the quickest and funniest way to insert text quote message caption or any phase on any where on video. Then share to Instagram or save to camera roll and ...    26 MB    Views 4275

Ears Up!

Related Apps iphone camera dog sound sounds ears select choose dozen trigger
+5    Rule number 1 of dog photography: get the dog's attention and interest. Perk his ears up and snap the shot. Every dog photographer has his own way to do this a toy to toss, a weird little throat noise, ...    18 MB    Views 7107


photography camera stamp turn sound photograph put
-6    A baby, a child and a cat, and a dog The honey which does not turn to here though I want to take the photograph If take a photograph of the dear honey; honey Camera The honey camera gives a sound to ...    6 MB    Views 2709
photo photos music free sound
+4    Free radical is an experimental work of the photographer, Emi Ichikawa. It is not merely an electronic form of her photo collection, but it is combined with sound, creating an original worldview. You can enjoy pairs of photos arranged in two columns as ...    202 MB    Views 8001


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+11    You draw attention of a child and the pet by a pleasant sound by using this application and can take a photograph well. You can change the photograph to comics and an illustration,the oil painting style and attach a decoration to ...    12 MB    Views 6888


Related Apps photos voice photo friends share add download sound short
-2    Why spending time on texting? Share the right sticker with sound in one tap Download and start Veeming. Veems lets you share photos with sound and sharing them with friends and the community of Veemers. Add your unique take on any ...    NAN    Views 2193


Related Apps birthday send images atmosphere add record sound
-1    Chatsnap : Make your images come to life with an audio soundtrack Chatsnap is the amazing FREE app for sending pictures with sound. Capture the Atmosphere Snap, record, send – it’s so simple Download Chatsnap today to get going Record sounds from ...    6 MB    Views 8667


photo photos time sound share record
+21    A fotone is a photo which, in addition to the intended subject, contains the sound that is occurring at the time; or conversely, it is sound illustrated by a photo. We don’t even know what is more important here. In any ...    10 MB    Views 8088
switch zoom sound shutter provide
+4    Thanks for 30,000 users Capera is more convenience app than default camera. 【Features】 Switch the shutter sound with slide switch. To provide zoom photographing can be simply executed with slider. Selectable Zooming Rate. Toggle Resolutions ・ Automatic Setting (to provide zoom.) ・ FullHD ...    4 MB    Views 6306
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0    Easily pair a memoryworthy still image with a meaningful sound. Sharing a Soundpic is like sharing the essence of the moment—without sending an entire video. You can mix and match sounds with your images from videos and photos. Pair that giggle ...    9 MB    Views 4023
camera photos sound small
-8    Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. And does not harm others in public places. Features: ● IP Camera. ● HighQuality Photos. ● Auto save to Camera Roll. Small Sound Camera is a good ...    5 MB    Views 4503

Silent Camera!

Related Apps camera photo silent sound pictures
+11    'Clicks'  Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? Use the 'Silent Camera'? Take pictures without sound. Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. Does not harm others in public places. 'Silent Camera'? Highresolution photos. Familiar, easy UI/UX. Store map info to photo. Photo/Video recording can be ...    4 MB    Views 7832
photo selfie mode motion sound timer credit sensitivity microphone device
+1    Selfie Cam provide 3 ways to take selfie without pressing button 1. Timer Mode • Simple Timer Mode • Option : 3.5,10 seconds 2. Motion Sensor Mode • Detect movement of device and take photo whem device is stable. • Can adjust motion sensitivity 3. Voice Shutter • Analyze ...    3 MB    Views 493


photo library photos messages choose spooky sound pictures message effects
-4    Scare and amaze your friends with this spooky and fun photo app. With bloodcurdling fonts and spinechilling sound effects, GhostWriter reveals hidden ‘supernatural’ messages in your pictures. Use GhostWriter to photograph your Halloween celebrations or just as a fun trick ...    3 MB    Views 1430
photo photos recording audio facebook social sound moments filters record
-2    "Soundpix makes your photos talk. For a shooter, it could not be easier...just aim and fire" — Jackie Dove, The Next Web "Wonderful interface and so easy to use. Best photo app going" — xJools56x "The thing I like about it is, u can ...    3 MB    Views 9270
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