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BB Photography

+5    The Official ButterButter Photography App is Here Specializing in Newborn, Kids, Maternity and Family portraits. Capturing those special moments, Kelly brings her passion, creativity and expertise together to create beautiful vibrant and precious memories that you will cherish forever. Experience it all with ...    2 MB    Views 7971


+1    Travel anywhere, from your phone. Discover any city in the world by taking a look at the most recent Instagram photos in that area. Scroll through an infinite canvas of pictures that are recent and relevant to the city. Tap to ...    794 kb    Views 401

Expression24 HR

+7    This application contains Beautiful hot images of latest fashion ,trendy dresses, hairstyles, jewelery and makeup. You can save these images and also set these images as your wallpaper, Tap the save icon to save the picture into your photo Library. Goto you photo ...    9 MB    Views 6632


-2    MysKaLightin' is an app that looks light lighting interacts with touch and it has a Kaleidoscope effect in the background. It is interactive with up to 5 touches to add more lighting bolts. Double tap to change the color of ...    315 kb    Views 4668


Related Apps photo filter tap
+30    This camera app creates 8bit game console(NES) like photos. Tap a person or cat to filter and tap backgrounds in photo.It photo will filter. You can adjust dotsize and colorparameter.    10 MB    Views 2136
+10    Meet the most minimalistic photo editing app in the world Now to edit the photo you don’t need any interface. All you need is the photo itself. Filtry is the simplest, clearest and most fun way of photo editing. No registration, no ...    12 MB    Views 3486


+15    Everyone can be a pirate with the iPatch Take a photo, or choose one from your iPhone's library, and Piratize it by adding unlimited eyepatches. You can resize or rotate a patch with a gesture, or flip it with a double ...    2 MB    Views 1033
-4    Transform your photos into stunning blurry wallpapers. Make your Home/Lock screen shine You get the best result with bright colorful photos, like a handful of jellybeans or unicorns. Comes bundled with some beautiful photos to get you started. Just shake to get ...    1 MB    Views 2280


photos home people instagram likes tap pics view range community pre filters
-5    The best accompaniment to Instagram NOW INCLUDES REPOSTING (Simply Triple Tap) Instagram has restricted the Commenting Feature of this App Limited by Instagram Rate Restrictions, 30 likes per hour At The Moment Truly Amazing +++++ by AB3 L1NC0LN Version 2.0.0 ...    5 MB    Views 4619

Deadliest Animals

-3    An Interesting Application for the iPad Lovers, Deadliest Animals bring amazing Photographs of the Rare animals of the World. So Decorate your iPad with these Lovely Wallpapers. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Slide Show. Tap the NEXT tab to view ...    6 MB    Views 580
-6    Use your iPad as a digital photo frame that automatically shows pictures from Instagram Can show your own pictures, your feed, popular photos or the latest photos taken around your current location (a really nice way to see what your fellow ...    1 MB    Views 3449
Related Apps photo photos art effects instagram including light share frames tap send
+11    Want to have more special and attractive looks on Instagram? Check InstaPhotoFX It lets you make much more charming and eyecatching photos with exclusivelydesigned filter effects, light effects and photo frames, and send to Instagram directly by one tap. [KEY FEATURES] • ...    40 MB    Views 9733
Related Apps photos photo frame editing text presentation artistic frames add instagram real life tap
+1    Key Functions: 1. Set your photos into beautiful professional real life frames to create fun photos to impress your friends. 2. Group and overlap multiple photos on artistic backgrounds with no grid to make scrapbook, postcard, etc 3. Add text label to your ...    51 MB    Views 2928
photos photo videos map browse iphone facebook food time pets instagram user check tap download
-4    Phonegram is a fast, versatile and easytouse Instagram App for iPhone. It's the iPhone version of Padgram. The wonderful and powerful feature Smart Download allows you to save at most 100 favorite photos and videos from Instagram at the ...    8 MB    Views 7434

No-Button Cam

Related Apps button cam tap
-1    Feel lazy to tap and capture the image/photo? then try this app. No Button Cam is an app that totally "Button Free". There's no button inside the app. How to Use? No more touch or tap in the app, swipe your finger to control ...    208 kb    Views 8847


photo tools frames tap
+24    Magistro is an amazing photo editor with frames We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing. Features: Double tap on frames to select your own picture from photo library or ...    47 MB    Views 7624

Photo mirror+

Related Apps photo photos mirror tap
+15    Photo Mirror+ is a fast and easy way to mirror your photos. You can bring this interesting effect to you photos just in a few steps: 1. Take photo from library or phone camera 2. Crop it(to accept your choice tap ...    3 MB    Views 1684


photo tap choose
-2    KEOIS Vista is the best photo repeating app. Use with all photo sizes including panorama photos. To repeat a photo: Tap the choose photo button and choose a photo, that's it To adjust photo: Tap and drag photo    192 kb    Views 9673


0    A simple app to search Twitter for any text. You can tap on any link to view it in your browser, or tap on the photos to view them in the app.    3 MB    Views 7446


Related Apps photos photo draw line tap instagram
+3    Make collages for Instagram. Share more photos in one single moment. Just draw over your photos with your finger. No preset frames, no boring boxes, no limits Every line you draw splits a box in two. It’s like mosaic mitosis. To Use: • ...    1 MB    Views 5929


photos tap button instagram added textures texts shadow size add outline
0    ◇ This is an application for adding beautiful texts to instagram photos. ◇◇◇ Features ◇◇◇ ◇ Outline can be added ◇ Textures can be applied ◇ Shadow can be added ◇◇◇ How to use ◇◇◇ Tap "photo" button to add a photograph. Tap "Type" button ...    12 MB    Views 6892


Related Apps iphone photo tap
+14    Take some funny pictures of yourself and your friends 100% Fun Guaranteed Select a funnycam by swiping left and right Tap to take a picture Tap another time to email photo or save to library Shake to switch between front and ...    6 MB    Views 1648
Related Apps photos photo effects editor amazing tap
+5    Ever Excellent Photo Editor Now you can edit your photos with many many unique effects. Go to make a 1minute studiolevel photos A HUGE COLLECTION OF popular stylized effects are all in this app. ONETAP operation allows you to make pictures perfect in seconds. Some ...    8 MB    Views 9923


software tap sphere feature similar
-7    PirTie is a visual that is similar to tie die. It uses simplistic math mapped smoothly onto a sphere. The angle of vision can be widened to see more of the mapping. That is done using the pinch zoom feature. ...    372 kb    Views 6380
+9    DELIVERING THOUSANDS OF LIKES TO YOU FOR FREE Ever wonder how huge Instagram accounts got started out? How did they go from 10 to 100,000 followers quickly? It all starts with more likesthis gives you a chance to reach the Popular ...    28 MB    Views 6088
mosaic tap photograph posting
+30    The Tap Mosaic App is able to make the Mosaic Effect in the spacific area of the photograph. In case of doing the taken photo the posting to SNS and blog is there the part(Face, Address, Telephone/Cell Phone Number, ...) which ...    8 MB    Views 5137
creative image tap picture animated mosaic
+13    Turn any picture into Awesome animated graphics with a single Tap Create your own Creative Mosaic NOW 1 Load an image or shoot a picture (available for iPhone only) 2 Pick your favorite soda 3 Try a high or low ...    885 kb    Views 4997


0    VoxCamera lets you take pictures by saying "Cheese" or "Smile".  There is no need to tap a button. Use VoxCamera when you take selfportraits. when you take closeup pictures. when you take pictures with difficult angles This app eliminates camera shake when you ...    NAN    Views 8402
photos videos downloading photo instagram instagrab download manage tap repost save
+12    Enjoy Downloading Photos and Videos From Instagram with One Tap It’s FREE. It’s Simple & Fast. No Limits on number of saves. No watermarks. Did you want to keep the beautiful and amazing photos and videos you like forever? Instagrab makes it so easy to download ...    14 MB    Views 5705
Related Apps photo tap friends free
+27    PrincessCam is a free, fun, and simple way to take hilarious themed pictures of yourself and your friends on your iPhone or iPod touch. Swipe to select your tiara left and right Shake to switch between front and back cameras ...    3 MB    Views 6783

burn Date-today

camera date tap screen stamped display
+14    This application takes photograph including the date. That date is stamped like a film camera. 1st. : Tap display to start. 2nd. : Take picture. 3rd. : Tap "Use" Finaly, Photo (was stamped date ) display on screen. It saved in "Camera Roll". If you want ...    608 kb    Views 1290

Nature Reserve

Related Apps ipad tab tap play images
-7    This application contains interesting wallpapers for your lovely iPad. Features: Tap the PLAY tab to start the slide show. Tap the Magic wand button to change the picture color. Reverse PLAY tab. Tap the NEXT tab to browse the Images one by one. User can save ...    12 MB    Views 8079
Related Apps photos camera retro photo twitter facebook filters filter instagram random tap
+6    Enjoy instant camera on your iPhone In a few touches, you can make beautiful nostalgic retrostyle photographs. No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can easily create AMAZING pictures using highquality camera filters. If you are in a hurry, ...    7 MB    Views 3667


gradient tap image colors
-8    Direction and extent of the gradient can be changed freely by swiping a photo. According to the movement of your finger, gradient also changes in real time. You can create a gradient that matches the picture.(max 50) You can include up to seven ...    5 MB    Views 5254
Related Apps ipad tap amazing tab images
-5    This application contains amazing Wallpapers for your Lovely iPad. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Self animation. Tap the Next tab to view the Images one by one. You can also save these Images to your iPad photo Library.    9 MB    Views 6073


Related Apps halloween photo tap
-9    ON SALE THIS WEEK. HALF THE USUAL PRICE. Keep the Halloween spirit alive Take hilarious Retinaquality themed pictures of yourself and your friends. Select a HalloweenCam by swiping left and right Tap to take a picture Tap another time to email photo ...    1 MB    Views 4459
Related Apps photos email tap double stickers instagram followers fun pictures powerful
+14    Doubletap Stickers is an amazing app which can give you an opportunity to become the next big Instagram celebrity. Are you tired from posting so many pictures on Instagram but don’t get likes on your pictures or followers? Don’t worry ...    7 MB    Views 4270
+15    Great review by Cult of Mac: "And it’s not just good for vacation photos." This photo app enjoys good reviews on other professional sites such as "iOS Photo Apps" and "Hand Held Hollywood" as well. Map Camera not just shares your photos with ...    4 MB    Views 6124

FunnyCam Lite

iphone photo tap
+11    Take some funny pictures of yourself and your friends 100% Fun Guaranteed Select a funnycam by swiping left and right Tap to take a picture Tap another time to email photo or save to library Shake to switch between front and ...    3 MB    Views 8485

Animal Wonders

Related Apps ipad tab images tap
-1    This application contains wonderful photographs of the deadliest animals for your Lovely iPad. Tap the PLay tab to start the Self animation. Or Simply tap the NExt tab to view the Images one by one. You can also save these Images to ...    7 MB    Views 4591


photo frame camera email apps facebook twitter tap save instagram roll turn resize
-5    Instantly pop your photo The fastest way to create a striking image of your ordinary photo. Tap on a photo to pop Great for selfies, landscape and group photos. Create your splitagram in 3 easy steps. 1. Tap to select a photo from ...    13 MB    Views 4569

Appeal !!!

Related Apps display tap picture
-2    Simply, This application takes photograph including "Intensive Line". 1st. : Tap display to start. 2nd. : Take picture. 3rd. : Tap “Use” Finaly, Photo (was effected ) display on screen. It saved in “Camera Roll”. Note) Pictures, too dark or too bright picture, may effect ...    4 MB    Views 7933


software movement tap lens colors random
+25    A multitouch movement of neon colors and distortions. It reacts to movement using the accelerometer. It generates a random lens effect as well as random images to create a fluid and quick movement and rotation. Tap once to change the ...    324 kb    Views 2440
photos people search photo places find tags cities tap discover million instagram
-2    On Instagram there are 90 million active users and more than 40 million photos uploaded every day. Out of these millions of users and photos , it is becoming very difficult to find the amazing people and hash tagged photos in ...    44 MB    Views 9008


Related Apps design photographs tap
-1    Get hip with PaperWall's wallpapers. A unique set of HD photographs that'll dress up any iOS device with a bit of style. This wallpaper collection comes wrapped in an intuitive design that is at once beautiful yet invisible. Tap to ...    75 MB    Views 6658


photos instagram watch tap
+13    Watch the world unfold before your eyes. Livestagram enables you to tap into the millions of photos posted on Instagram in a way you've never experienced before. Tap any location on earth and watch photos appear the moment they're taken. ...    4 MB    Views 9862


software tap light rainbow
+7    This app started with a child's painting of a tornado rainbow. This was then turned into an interactive colorful, spinning, turning, twisting, 3 dimensional visualization with the colors of the rainbow. It functions nicely as a mood light as well, in ...    388 kb    Views 7916


photo tap
+8    ON SALE THIS WEEK. HALF THE USUAL PRICE. Take some funny themed pictures of yourself and your friends Select a LOLcam by swiping left and right Tap to take a picture Tap another time to email photo or save to library Note: ...    6 MB    Views 3262
Related Apps photos contact add tap
+4    Change the overall look of your iPhone This brandnew app allows you to add simple, photorealistic and patternoverlayed round shaped photos for your contact photos It's so easy: Choose one of thousand styles and add it WITH JUST ONE TAP to a ...    23 MB    Views 6741


panda face tap change
-5    Do not you become tired? Is not humandays painful to you? Do you wish to live idly? Then... Join us FEATURES Changes the face in the photo into a panda if possible. Tap to erase the panda which is not good. If you could not ...    13 MB    Views 1902
photos business likes hashtags tap instagram accounts filters pre
-7    Whether you just want more likes and followers or you’re building a business, you have to show some INSTALOVE By liking more photos, you make others feel the love. It will also help drive traffic to your Instagram gallery and direct ...    12 MB    Views 3908

Rare Animals

Related Apps ipad animals rare images tab tap
+14    This application contain wallpapers of rare animals all over the world. Rare Animals bring stunning photographs of deadliest animals for your iPad. Features. Tap the PLAY tab to start the Self animation. Or Simply tap the next tab to view the Images one ...    7 MB    Views 5280

Photo Frame!

Related Apps photo tools frame frames tap
+29    Photo Frame is an amazing photo editor with frames We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing. Features: Double tap on frames to select your own picture from photo library ...    39 MB    Views 9538

Camera Awesome

Related Apps camera time iphone tap photographer instagram effects sharing countries memories
+5    Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, betterexposed shots. Make your memories come alive with stunning professional effects, and 1Tap sharing on the sites you love. 1Tap Sharing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SmugMug, ...    46 MB    Views 4028
twitter facebook social search lovers photos tags hashtags instagram copy categories tap users
+29    Tags App tags for Instagram and other social networks. It contains more than 9000 useful and relevant hashtags for you to copy and paste fast in more than 230 popular tag categories. This tags app tool will help to get ...    2 MB    Views 4720
photo tap friends
-3    ON SALE THIS WEEK. HALF THE USUAL PRICE. This full version unlocks all the tiaras and is stampfree. PrincessCam is a fun, and simple way to take hilarious themed pictures of yourself and your friends on your iPhone or iPod touch. Swipe ...    5 MB    Views 6373
Related Apps effects tap
+3    You can apply teleportation effects by using this app on realtime. Features You can select three types of teleportation effects. You can save photo in your library and send twitter, email. You can set Focus and Exposure (Auto/Lock). The settings panel ...    2 MB    Views 3921


0    Get Saucy and tap your friends • Share photos & text to followers • Tap the things you like • Everything disappears in 24 hours • Get notifications when someone posts to you • Check out locations, events, & schools    9 MB    Views 503


photo instagram panel crop upload featured choices tap choose
+18    Super honored to be featured as a "New and Noteworthy" app in the photo and video category on the App Store Also featured on CNET, Yahoo news, BGR, the Daily App Show and many more Now with 8 different standard crop choices, ...    4 MB    Views 665
photo frame photos collage tap editor
0    Make a great collage of your photos using this lovely app... Awesome features: Import photos from your photo library Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete Double tap a photo to edit photo with photo effects, clip photo, adjust ...    22 MB    Views 7943
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