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+13    中文摄影杂志 ( 创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影网路杂志,坚持为 150 万订阅读者提供良质而高端的影像阅读体验;坚信影像具有改变生活及世界的力量。 「中文摄影杂志 for iPhone」主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读: 全球摄影奖项追踪、摄影师介绍、摄影画册介绍、摄影技巧分享 2.每日格言: 来自艺术家、摄影家的精炼观点 3.每日一图: 每天推荐一张优秀摄影作品,每日欣赏 4. ViewFinder: 为你的 iPhone 提供专业画幅支持,可以直接拍摄 6×6、3×2、Xpan 等画幅照片;同时适用于专业摄影师与摄影爱好者 5.支持离线阅读,支持图片保存,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon... 鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文 iPhone+iPad 资源分享网站荣誉推荐 ================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPhone App for Chinese photography learners, all photo copyright belongs ...    5 MB    Views 7909
+15    Enjoy an automatic Instagram slideshow on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch. Instamatic is a simple app to display a hands free endless slideshow of photos from Instagram. Set it next to your desktop or laptop while you work ...    11 MB    Views 1325
+1    Get your mobile photos printed right from your iPhone. Need to print your iPhone photos? Get your Facebook, Instagram and iPhone photos printed and delivered to you or your loved ones. What's more easy than printing your mobile photos directly from your iPhone. Print ...    6 MB    Views 761

Full Size Photo

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-1    Special promotion 50% off for a limited time FullSizePhoto™ The easiest way to post entire landscape, portrait or panorama photo to Instagram without square cropping. Make any size of your photos perfectly fits in 1:1 square size for Instagram. Square fit to ...    43 MB    Views 2508
+18    InstaFeeds HD is an iPad application for viewing your Instagram feeds. This app has many useful functional and great user experience. So It quick and fast to navigate photo in your feed. Photo in your feed is Highest Definition Quality ...    18 MB    Views 2995
facebook green iphone ipad photos twitter apple library image location yellow service red instagram background
+9    Featured in US App Store (Photography > What's Hot) ✽✽ Notice about Location Service ✽✽ PhotoBg is using Apple's Assets Library for users to select multiple photos. And this Apple's library requires Location Service. If you didn't allow PhotoBG to use ...    NAN    Views 8035

Flow for Instagram

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+1    Flow for Instagram The missing iPad app for Instagram Featured by Apple, The Next Web, CNET, Cult of Mac, and many more. "Featurefriendly and indisputably beautiful, Flow for Instagram lets you search the popular social network on your iPad" Apple Instagram ...    26 MB    Views 2439
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+4    Turn a simple Instagram photo into an awesome one Add amazing photo effects to your pictures so that you can post the using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save and more. Steps: Take a fresh photo or one from the photo gallery. Select ...    30 MB    Views 3295
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+25    iOS 8 Compatible An app that lets you pull photos from Facebook, Instagram your camera roll, or shoot a new one, then add beautifully designed custom flower themes photo bokeh effects and email or share your beautiful creation with ...    31 MB    Views 2566
-3    支援的OS: iPhone & iPad OS 5.0版 節錄部分全球的好評 This is great app, impressive function Great This is amazing app, You can take photo easier by yourself, Trust me, you will love it. 這是目前我看過最棒的自拍軟體 搜尋臉部很精準 (Photo Me) 讓自拍就是這麼輕鬆簡單 搭載先進的類神經網路人工智慧,透過臉孔偵測對焦自動完成自拍。有了Photo Me,您的iPhone就擁有其他手機所沒有的特異功能。 將你的 iPhone 鏡頭對準自己,擺上你最燦爛的笑容,不需要鏡子或任何輔助,也不用擔心手忙腳亂或按不到按鍵。當(Photo Me)偵測到您的臉蛋及雙眼落在鏡頭範圍內,它即會發出震動,並且以提示音提醒你,然後倒數計時,這時候您唯一要做的就是拿好相機,其他一切交給(Photo Me) (Photo ...    732 kb    Views 8463
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+20    Instawhere browse Instagram photos by location Instawhere allows you to view Instagram photos via location. It features a map of all of the locations (from Foursquare) near you where photos have been taken, and features a simple interface to let ...    7 MB    Views 3269

100 Cameras in 1

photos iphone apps photo camera ipad 100 version cameras effects enjoy instagram
+11    Thanks to Gizmodo, Wired, Kotaku, TouchArcade, and so many more for great reviews. “INSPIRING ✭✭✭✭" 148 Apps ♥ You'll feel happy and creative when using 100 Cameras in 1 ♥ Top 10 in 45 Countries around the world ➤ See demo video ...    21 MB    Views 1287
photos ipad time photo profile iphone twitter map apps instagram view gallery users user browsing
+8    • "Instamap is the best way to view Instagram on the iPad" • Gizmodo: "Instamap for iPad: A Slick Instagram App for your iPad" • "Instamap is an elegant and lightweight Instagram client that feels good on the iPad and ...    4 MB    Views 7395
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+11    Want to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? With InstaWorld you can save all of videos and photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad. Main Features: Enjoy photos by category,nature,sports,boys and girls,pets ,food and so on Browse photos :Popular,Liked,Feed,your own photos ...    14 MB    Views 7448
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-5    “I’m dreaming of a white christmas, 
just like the ones I used to know 
Where the treetops glisten and children listen 
to hear sleigh bells in the snow” 
 Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, boys and girls I am so glad to ...    9 MB    Views 9416


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+1    The app can automatically acquire the photos you took and sort the images by albums, prefectures, cities, or dates. Troublesome photoorganizing is not necessary. Since it compresses photos to appropriate size for iPhone or iPad at the time of acquisition, you ...    5 MB    Views 5289
ipad photo time search instagram tap copyright images single screenshots results
+9    Do you find yourself spending half your life on Instagram? Seen a photo you like on Instagram but fed up with having to take screenshots? Want to comment on search results of a certain hashtag but having to tap on the ...    7 MB    Views 4077


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-8    Get more from your iPhone and iPad images. Order the highest quality professional photo products from your camera, photostream, instagram or facebook images directly from your iPhone or iPad. Easily order photo prints, canvas wraps, and photo greeting cards. Select, crop, ...    6 MB    Views 2772


-6    RepostGram Connect Instagram and 500px, and repost any amazing photos you like from 500px to Instagram. You can batch download 500px photos and share them to other social services. With RepostGram you can discover awesome photos by categories and search photos and ...    6 MB    Views 5132
Related Apps photos videos ipad iphone repost instagram save ipod user
+5    InstaRepost makes it easy to save, repost, share, shoutout your favorite Instagram photos and videos on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, plus much, much MORE Features: Save Instagram photos Save Instagram videos Support BATCH DOWNLOAD Switch between MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Repost photos ...    8 MB    Views 6587
iphone ipad photo facebook email photos effects bokeh instagram full features
+27    iOS 8 Compatible An app that lets you pull photos from your camera roll, or shoot a new one, then add beautifully designed custom flower themes photo bokeh effects and email or share your beautiful creation with friends and ...    52 MB    Views 5225
photo profile photos search navigation ipad browse easy instagram list feeds
-4    This is an awesome app for Instagram users with iPad. Easy to browse and easy to make relationship with other IGers. Features: View Instagram photos.(follower's feeds, popular feeds, your photos) Easy to view other's profile and move to browse other's feeds ...    3 MB    Views 870


iphone ipad crop ios
-2    Image Cartoonizer for iOS: Edit, crop and cartoonize yourself directly in your iPhone or iPad Now you can cartoonize yourself from your iPhone or iPad with our iCartoonizer 1.0 for iOS. You will able to convert all your images and pictures into cartoon ...    12 MB    Views 3195

Photo Request

photo ipad iphone ipod room living
-3    You are at work and want to see what your dog is doing in the living room? Easy: Leave your Iphone / Ipod / Ipad with camera pointed at the living room and start “Photo Request”. From your office, ask for a ...    5 MB    Views 1255
-3    Enjoy Save, Repost, Share and Download Photos and Videos From Instagram Instagrab makes it easy to save Instagram photos and videos from your own, or any user to your iPhone, iPad. It can also help you to Repost & InstaSave all the ...    8 MB    Views 8438
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+5    Unauthorised Guide to Instagram is an independent interactive guide to using the official Instagram app. Whether you're new to one of the world's most exciting retro photo apps, or a regular user of the app, you'll find dozens of top ...    66 MB    Views 6563
Related Apps photo iphone art photos effects choose add instagram editor
-2    Photo Editor that will add to your photos: Text: Choose the color, font, type & size. Artwork: Choose from among many clip art to add to match the background of your photos. Effects: Many popular effects, making it a complete ...    13 MB    Views 6528
-6    Enjoy Saving Videos and Photos on Instagram Downgram makes it easy to save Instagram photos and videos from your own, or any user to your iPhone or iPad. Did you loved that one beautiful Instagram photo or amazing video and want to ...    9 MB    Views 3916
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0    Create perfectly timed photos from any video. Choose an existing video or record a new one. Play the video in realtime, slow, or ultra slow motion then pause and flip through frame by frame to select a perfectly timed photo. ...    47 MB    Views 4041
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+7    This application is jigsaw puzzle, containing 58 beautiful landscape photos. This puzzle is for having great time with your iPad/iPhone. INSTRUCTIONS: The PREVIEW image can be seen in black&white for a second just at the beginning of each puzzle. Drag and ...    30 MB    Views 3168

Flickr Photo Frame

Related Apps flickr photos photo frame iphone ipad
+14    Features: Flickr Photo Frame makes your iPhone or iPad a digital photo frame easily. Flickr Photo Frame plays slideshow using photos on Flickr, so you don't have to bring photos into your iPhone/iPad. It can also play photos of users in your contact ...    2 MB    Views 8070
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+5    Padgram is a fast, versatile and easytouse Instagram App for iPad. It's the pro version. The wonderful and powerful feature Smart Download allows you to save at most 100 favorite photos and videos from Instagram at the same time ...    19 MB    Views 7683
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+28    From the creators of FlickStackr, PhotoStackr for Instagram brings to the iPad and iPhone a beautiful and intuitive way to browse, download, and share your photos from Instagram. Key Features: • View Instagram photos in slideshows with music, on your device or ...    18 MB    Views 6732
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+29    The BEST live fisheye Camera App on AppStore, with Quick and Easy fisheye effects and Industry Film Coloring Standard to simulate the great fisheye photos. To all Instagram users, the Worldwide No. 1 LOMO Fisheye camera is now available for square ...    2 MB    Views 5900
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+5    Welcome to "Nice day stamp" Let's take a photos with "Nice day stamp", enjoy with free stamps and frames Fulfill happy and cheerful into your photos to get smile with wonderful characters. Decorate your photos with more stamp sets to make your ...    46 MB    Views 2780
photos search ipad instagram play game set matching memorize collect
+20    Memorize and collect matching Instagram photos. Featured in "New & Noteworthy" in more than 100 countries "My children love it" José, Cosmonaut Games "We played Instamory during a camping trip and we couldn’t have had more fun." Drew Olanoff, ...    14 MB    Views 3588
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-7    Want to save your favorite photos from Instagram? 

With PhotoGrab you can save all photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad.

 And PhotoGrab makes it easy to repost your favorite photos on Instagram while giving credit to the original users. 

Features include: 
 ...    9 MB    Views 4781
0    Easy and Quick gallery for Instagram "InstaCloud is Photo gallery of Instagram famous photographer" Best way to show instagram photo on iPhone, iPad. [Feature] _ Instagram popular image _ iPhone5, iPad mini support _ Retina Display support _ 4way display rotating _ Sharing photo(twitter, facebook)(after iOS 6) _ Favorite ...    9 MB    Views 4759
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-4    iOS 8 Compatible An app that lets you pull photos from Facebook, Instagram your camera roll, or shoot a new one, then add beautifully designed custom flower themes photo bokeh effects and email or share your beautiful creation with ...    32 MB    Views 2002
twitter ipad facebook photos camera photo cam instagram selection exposure ios mode
+17    Nabbit Cam is a Camera application which have many stamps for decorating your photos. Nabbit Cam อยากจะให้คุณมีความสุขกับการแต่งรูปไปพร้อมๆ กับกระต่ายและแมว สนุกไปกับสติ๊กเกอร์กระต่ายและแมว แต่งรูปให้ดูสนุก น่ารัก มากกว่าเดิม หากยิ่งคุณเป็นคนที่คลั่งใคล้กระต่าย แมว และหางกลมๆ คุณจะยิ่งหลงใหล Nabbit Cam แน่นอน มาร่วมแบ่งปันความสนุก ความน่ารักให้เพื่อนๆ ได้อิจฉาง่ายๆ ลงใน Facebook, Instagram และ Twitter 'Nabbit Cam' will make you happy with various ...    40 MB    Views 2079


photos ipad instagram check users
-3    Access Instagram on your iPad 2 or The New iPad with PicoGram A List of Features: Check Your Feed. Check Your Profile. Check What's Popular In The World of Instagram. Search For Users. Follow And Unfollow Users. Like photos Tappable User Names Comment On Photos You Will Not Be Able ...    3 MB    Views 2483
photos ipad search save instagram multiple interface mini feature simple
+20    Click and save on as many Instagram photos by feed, popular, people or hashtag and user searches. ClickNSave app is designed to save the best Instagram photos. Additional option is to save several images simultaneously using “Multiple Save” button. The number ...    16 MB    Views 6711


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+14    iStriper creates unique artistic pictures by cutting photos into stripes with varying thickness. • Share images on Facebook and Twitter • Works in landscape or portrait orientation • Send images by Email • Pictures can be loaded from the photo library or taken with ...    12 MB    Views 5414
frame photo facebook iphone language ipad twitter email tile www create tiles instagram
+4    Tiled is a photo editing program that let you choose several pictures and make them into one image. This tile based collage application will help you to create your own unique style photo, and share them via facebook, twitter, instagram ...    12 MB    Views 9410
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0    Want to make your photo lovely, funny, and memorable? Cam Cheese will serve you with tons of stickers and all the essential features to make your photo more delicious With "Cam Cheese" you will enjoy decorating your pictures with tons FREE stickers ...    43 MB    Views 5839
photos videos iphone ipad instagram save settings support user
-7    Enjoy Saving Videos and Photos on Instagram Downgram makes it easy to save Instagram photos and videos from your own, or any user to your iPhone or iPad. Did you loved that one beautiful Instagram photo or amazing video and want to ...    9 MB    Views 3921
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-5    Easy way to post photos on Instagram in a square shape with crop and many special editor features for: Instagram Facebook Twitter Email Save & More Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad & iPod touch (including 5th generation). InApp purchase option ...    13 MB    Views 1237
photos ipad instagram latest blocks widget feed today watch
+19    Get a peak of your Instagram feed in your Notification Center Feeday is a new Today Widget for iPhone and iPad to keep track of your latest Instagram feed in a overview, you will see the photos divided into different blocks: ...    19 MB    Views 8806
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+10    The Pro Version Of QuickPoster Special: Unlimited to batch download photos. No ads. Repost to Instagram. QuickPoster offers a very simple way to export, download and save pictures from Instagram. Using QuickPoster, you can repost all kinds of pictures if you like. We know that Instagram official ...    7 MB    Views 2290
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+2    With InstaDownloader you can batch download and backup Instagram pictures and upload them other social services. InstaDownloader support multiple Instagram accounts, you can switch different Instagram accounts easily. With InstaDownloader you can batch UPLOAD and SAVE Instagram photos to Dropbox. With InstaDownloader you ...    7 MB    Views 8456
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+25    iOS 8 Compatible An app that lets you pull photos from Facebook, Instagram your camera roll, or shoot a new one, then add beautifully designed custom flower themes photo bokeh effects and email or share your beautiful creation with ...    23 MB    Views 4884
Related Apps facebook twitter iphone photo instagram gallery picture frames
+5    Top Instagram, Facebook & Twitter companion App. Create great picture frames with pictures from the camera, the gallery, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Choose from many frame styles, add photo effects and share them using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, save into the picture ...    21 MB    Views 1258

eTransfer Lite

Related Apps iphone ipad ipod transfer
-3    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    5 MB    Views 327
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+28    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY "Awesome update to make it 100x better" LEiMobile Still Uploading The Same Old Boring And Typical Photos On Facebook and Instagram? Please, Spare Your Friends From Boredom Get a PhotoGridPro app for your iPhone or iPad =================================== With PhotoGridPro, you ...    39 MB    Views 6634
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+10    Memorize and collect matching Instagram photos. Featured in "New & Noteworthy" in more than 80 stores. Multiplayer on a single iPad. "My children love it" José, Cosmonaut Games "We recently played Instamory during a camping trip and we couldn’t ...    9 MB    Views 8283
ipad iphone contact
-8    鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文iPhone+iPad资源分享网站荣誉推荐 中文摄影杂志(创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影独立媒体,坚持为超过 260 万订阅读者提供良质量而高端的影像阅读体验,坚信影像与审美具有改变世界的力量。iPhone 版读者已突破80万。 中文摄影杂志 for iPad 主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读:全球摄影奖项追踪,摄影师介绍,摄影画册介绍,摄影技巧分享 2.器材控:每周精选最令人心动的高端专业败家指南,让器材控的你欲罢不能 3.摄影书店:权威推荐不可不藏的原版摄影画册,限量发行 4.每周壁纸:让你的 iPad 与众不同 5.支持离线阅读,支持 Email、微博分享,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon… 如果喜欢,请将中文摄影杂志推荐给你的朋友们,我们永远相信,分享是一种美德。 =================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPad app for Chinese photography fans, all photo copyright reserverd by photogrphers. If you want to recommend yours ...    6 MB    Views 8960

Retro for Instagram

retro photos ipad instagram beautiful feed multiple quick update great
-7    Retro is an Instagram client, designed for the iPad. Featured by Apple (best new app), TechCrunch, Mashable, AppAdvice, Beautiful Pixels & others. "Retro is one of the most beautiful Instagram iPad viewers." TechCrunch " user interface, as well as faster and more ...    14 MB    Views 790
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+5    CropPhotoSquare™ for iPad & Instagram Landscape or panorama no need to crop out on Instagram anymore With CropPhotoSquare™ will let you post full size photo on Instagram without cropping. Adjust photo position, resize, rotate and fill background color. GET FEATURED: add CropPhotoSquare ...    28 MB    Views 4057
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0    "Swell Instagram client for the iPad" Daring Fireball "Think of it as the perfect canvas for your tiny pixel portraits." Gizmodo "Instagallery [now InfinitGallery] ... is fully featured, yet easy to use." C|NET View a gallery of Instagram photos in ...    2 MB    Views 5992
ipad iphone scanner scans scan
+13    The little app that scans everything easily with auto edge detection Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad nice crop option also make it perfect IS THAT A SCANNER ...    10 MB    Views 2724
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