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+21    The "Photo Rubber" is very convenient blur application to be able to easily cover the place that you do not want to show before contributing a photograph. You can also hide the slight wrinkle / stain with thinly blur to ...    20 MB    Views 9768


0    What is SafetyPic? SafetyPic is an app that removes the location data from your photos as you share them, preserving your privacy and thereby keeping your loved ones safe. Did you know that every photo you take with your iPhone contains the ...    207 kb    Views 2998


time email iphone lighting create information softbox description tap share
-1    Are you a photographer? Are you looking for a tool to help you to create your lighting diagrams while you're heading to your next shooting session? Or maybe you just want to archive them in a convenient way? Then, you'll love ...    12 MB    Views 4672
Related Apps photo gps time photos social camera information date image exif album data
+8    Have you ever wanted to know when or where a picture was taken? SPIED allows you to view exif data from photos and images including location, date, time, image size, exposure and shutter speed info, make and model of camera. SPIED ...    923 kb    Views 7082

Pic Clapboard

photos gps camera time editing photo information images cameras location enter
+3    A featurerich, easytouse app to quickly add impressive highquality "title Images" with GeoLocation (GPS), Metadata and other information about your photo shoots in convenient photosized images added to your Photos Album. Includes 11 professionally designed templates that cover a variety of ...    22 MB    Views 571


Related Apps photo gps photos maps work camera map time picture find places address street information
-4    Photolocator can tell you exactly where a photo was taken, your own or someone else’s one What is the difference of the function PLACES contained in PHOTOS of Apple? Simple, PLACES from a photo can not tell you where it was taken, ...    10 MB    Views 6780

Salon de la Photo

photo details salon event information
+11    The Official App for the Salon de la Photo, the mustsee event for photographers and photography enthusiasts This app is a must for all visitors. Here’s what it does: it provides all the useful information you need (dates, address, how to ...    24 MB    Views 7420

Photo EXIF Viewer

Related Apps photo information viewer exif
+28    Photos can often contain a wealth of unseen metadata showing not only information about not only how the photo was taken, but also things such as location. Photo EXIF Viewer allows you to explore all of this very useful and ...    5 MB    Views 9138


camera settings guide information
+3    ClickaPix is your guide to camera settings. Simply select the type of picture you would like to take, click on the image example and view a brief and concise list of setting suggestions. This quick and easy guide gives you ...    9 MB    Views 7772


-3    Description If you have always thought that time travel is impossible, you are wrong LugaNow is the new app in augmented reality that allows you to relive Lugano how it was at one time and to get a peak of the ...    6 MB    Views 2024


+7    GPSRaw provides nofrills GPS waypoint logging in GPX format. Nothing more, nothing less. Collected waypoint information can be exported via email for further processing (e.g., to tag photographs with geolocation information in the Exif metadata). And you will always remember where you ...    464 kb    Views 9996


photo easily size information
-8    Application to easily make a photo small. [New feature] add more quick action function that can be easily operated App display the pixel size of the photo and information of the file size. You easily choose image size and compressibility. App delete Exif information ...    829 kb    Views 8467
time map navigation location information venice guide image images city practical
-9    The Venice Photographer’s Guide has all the practical information that will help you to take memorable photographs from your journey to Venice especially if your time is limited to 1 or 2 days. It will guide you to 25 selected locations ...    41 MB    Views 1123


Related Apps photo time shooting date information automatically add friends pictures
-7    AutoPhotoPlus, is a simple application that allows you to upload your pictures on your Facebook profile, but with a higher gear ... In fact AutoPhotoPlus adds to your photo all the information regarding the place where it was taken, the ...    4 MB    Views 9480
wedding photos photo cards love guests share timeline website information fun
+12    All your wedding memories in one place The Photo Share app allows your guests to take photos during the wedding that are automatically shared on an interactive timeline. Guests can Love or comment on the photos, add filters, and share photos ...    23 MB    Views 3753

Photo Time Machine

time photo photos camera place machine share nice pictures information post
+3    Camera app that can meet the muchvalued photo You can watch the photo that everyone posted , of course , You can see by going back to the past , the photos around the place where now If you find a ...    7 MB    Views 9052


photo car time record oil information moment
-6    This is an app for your beloved vehicle. It allows you to integrate bluetooth tire gauge, keep/share the best moment with your car/motorcycle and record relevant information in one App 1. Record tire pressure: by using our bluetooth tire gauge, you ...    14 MB    Views 2768
Related Apps photo map compass camera gps iphone text maps time tap information info location resolution
-3    I am here is a useful augmented reality geo photo camera. Turn your iPhone into advanced photo camera with realtime GPS information about your position, compass, map and pointer to the particular place. One tap and you will get photo with GPS ...    6 MB    Views 3613


-3    It is an application for viewing Eixf data that is included in the photo. [Main feature of this app] And information of iPhone photos body all can be displayed. ·If the location information is included in the photo, I can be displayed on ...    671 kb    Views 4948

Transterra Media

media news contributors world information added
+2    This free app lets journalists create or log into their profile, upload photos, and videos and manage the media and personal information on their accounts. Descriptions and titles for collections can be added simply with the touch of a finger. ...    16 MB    Views 5120
Related Apps time iphone photographers photography email client edit templates create list information shoot
0    The Original Contract Maker and Model Release App Go paperless, reduce clutter, and streamline your contract organization Introductory Price For a Limited Time Only 2.99 Create, Edit, Sign and Email Photography Contracts and releases from your iPhone Embed images and branding options. ...    1 MB    Views 5074


property time photographers legal release store information automatically simple
+9    The only dedicated property release contract maker for aerial photographers / cinematographers, location scouts and drone pilots, Legal Flyer is finally here Go paperless, reduce clutter and streamline your contract organization Legal flyer was designed to provide a comprehensive, powerful, yet simple ...    7 MB    Views 2598
Related Apps photo photos enjoy beautiful information collection application
+3    Innovated application "photo collection + tour guide". Discover the Ogasawara Island, a World Natural Heritage from beautiful photo collections with local information. You can simulate the experience by seeing the photos sorted by following categories, Landscape, Animals, Plants, Culture and Food. Let this ...    39 MB    Views 3019
Related Apps map iphone photos travel information share pictures album journey
+15    Your travel memories have never been told in such an original, elegant and innovative way. Adopt Travelpad Now  NEW VERSION WITH IOS 4 & 5 SUPPORT ASK YOUR IPHONE WHERE YOUR PHOTOS WERE TAKEN No information to provide, TravelPad ...    2 MB    Views 782
-5    Information such as location, time, and GPS coordinates can be contained within your photos. Anyone you share your photos with can retrieve this information and pinpoint the exact date, time, and location of your photo Download Metadata Cut to cut private ...    21 MB    Views 9108

DIY Photo

photos photo diy time weather share location click watermark information friends
0    DIY Photo is a fantastic application. You can add on your photos locations, moods, weather information, etc. Then share them on social networks and share feelings with your friends at this moment. Come on, download DIY Photo right away and ...    7 MB    Views 9249
photography iphone ipad video camera time images image times information
+4    The App includes 7 collections of Vincent Laforet's most recognizable images. There are a total of 63 images contained within the app and more than 90 minutes of video interviews that cover both the creative and technical challenges of each ...    18 MB    Views 6668

iEphemeris Pro

+26    iEphemeris Pro is an astronomy program for iPhone or iPod Touch. The target for the professional version is the astronomer who want to have in your pocket that main astronomical information, but even photographers could find iEphemeris Pro useful for their ...    7 MB    Views 6336
compass photography iphone chinese time sunrise support sunset information quickly connection digital
+9    Sunrise Photography Compass is not only the usual compass, In addition to identification of direction, it also created by the special needs for sunrise photography. When you open the iPhone, no matter where you are in the world, just can always ...    6 MB    Views 8372

Photo Information

photo camera information exposure roll
-9    Photo Information can read all kind of important metadata about your photo from camera roll, it also works on the images imported from your computer to your iPhone. key features: get photo's Exif information, include Exposure time, Flash, ColorSpace, SubjectArea, SceneCaptureType, ...    1022 kb    Views 7491


photo location information send privacy
+3    This is an application for removing location information from photography and protecting your privacy. JPEG Photo images have location informations as exif by which we can know where they were taken. It's very useful. However sometimes we need to remove them ...    269 kb    Views 6304


Related Apps card photos time email photo christmas free send create information
-6    Create and send a card using your own photos quickly, easily and efficiently. There is something special about sending a card to someone. It evokes a sense of warmth and joy. Better still is a card that is personalized, with your ...    2 MB    Views 9726

Photo Info

photo camera time photos information info
0    Photo Info will allow you to review your old photos and find out more information about the photo taken. Reveal information like date and time, camera make and model, resolution, focal length, exposure time, aperture, ISO equivalent, GPS location including ...    781 kb    Views 7167
Related Apps photos time share level noise current instant top information skin
+19    InstaDecibel is a little utility app that overlays noise level (dB) on your taken photos and share them instantly. You can make creative and informational photos by overlay decibel reports on top. And most importantly, share them in an instant ...    7 MB    Views 5905


photos information lab picture takes detailed device interface
-2    "Lab tells you everything you want to know about a picture, and it does it with a gorgeous interface that makes it easy to use." Wired "A pretty app for finding out all the stuff your iPhone doesn't tell you ...    2 MB    Views 4283


photos photo twitter media profile social facebook browse flickr search share information detailed photograph
+5    With many photos taken on mobile devices, you can communicate with close people more fun, or upload photo for social media profile pictures. This app helps you to search for smile face, portrait, landscape photography that are stored at camera roll, ...    4 MB    Views 9215


Related Apps artist information works
-4    Since its opening in 2005, Forma Galleria (Milan) actively promotes international masters of photography as well as emerging talents, throughout a series of exhibitions that show the new work of each artist. Thanks to the high quality and variety of ...    178 MB    Views 5391


+2    Free for a limited time Travel? Take trip photos and upload them to flickr? iSimple Trip Journal is an easy way to capture your trip in photos and upload them to flickr. Create your trip in iSimple Trip Journal and snap ...    690 kb    Views 3073
cartoon time adventure ipad wallpapers football running apple privacy game network device information
+7    PLAY WITH BEEMO Put Beemo from Adventure Time on your device. BEEMO IS VIDEO GAME Can you beat Beemo at his own game? Play Adventure Time games with Beemo. Outkick Lincoln in a football punting competition in Pro Football 1861. BEEMO IS CAMERA Add ...    39 MB    Views 1902
Related Apps iphone photos application night view spots information selection spot
+1    This is a can'tmiss application packed with Night View Spot information and photos, which is useful for date, declaration of love and your marriage proposal. The application introduces 96 spots, the beest selection of night view spots in Japan, which are ...    11 MB    Views 6015

Lighthouse Locator

map photos wikipedia time iphone ipad information lighthouses find updates places location lighthouse
-1    Do you love visiting lighthouses? Now you can use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to find lighthouses to visit in the United States or across the globe, all on one easytouse interactive map. Find places to take a tour, ...    3 MB    Views 7612


photography news purchase users information
-5    PlanetPhoto Magazine is an Asiabased travel and photography news and information platform that is hellbent on bringing the latest news and information from the industry to it's users. We focus on topics such as the social impact of photography, introduction of ...    2 MB    Views 9309


social facebook time personal communication twitter hub accounts networks track information messages share application
-4    Love spending time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but hate switching between networks? SOCIALHUB will turn your onlinesocialisation experience into sheer joy For communication fans SOCIALHUB is a modern, comfortable, efficient and safe tool developed specially for the active users of the ...    7 MB    Views 6354

Geotag Editor

map geotag location display information editor data
+10    "Geotag Editor" enables you to edit the location data (geotag) of the photos. [Map Display/Modification/Deletion Function] Map display and modification can be performed for the location information (geotag) recorded in the photograph. Location information can be added to photographs taken using ...    326 kb    Views 3343
wallpaper photos iphone camera text time designed information preview optional touch
-5    Experience the beauty of Vermont each time you turn on your iPhone or Touch. Includes 80 original photos of Vermont’s landscapes, nature and animals by Vermont photographer Paul Moody. Stunning rich colorful photos of mountains, flowers and scenes that will ...    3 MB    Views 6287


photos map application information internet access stored
+17    Photo, Map and Position Information are stored on a picture simultaneously. When taking photos, then photos are stored in camera rolls. You can this software many scene such as in journy, in working outdoor, etc, ... I hope you will ...    155 kb    Views 836

Photo Date

Related Apps photo photos time date day exif data information exact
-4    Not yet compatible with iPad update coming soon. NEW: now see the time a photo was taken as well. Want to know when a photo was taken? 'Photo Date' connects with your existing photo library (including Camera Roll and Photo Streams) ...    3 MB    Views 8393

[email protected]

Related Apps photos map iphone information location url image mail view
0    Photos taken with the iPhone contains location information. That wanted to send photographs with friends and acquaintances to use this information for? This software is a handy tool to solve it. Easy to use, select a photo from the list, email with the ...    125 kb    Views 2120

HDR Shot Free

Related Apps photography time photo camera mode photograph exposure hdr display information function timer
+1    This App is high quality photo camera. It's possible to take a very beautiful photograph with an original tone mapping composition engine. In HDR shot mode, the first RAW development in an iOS application is possible. This application is a free version. ...    8 MB    Views 353

This is Macau

weather information
-9    “This is Macau” shows different aspects and sceneries of Macau. You can always keep updated with the latest weather information and choose your favorite photo from 9 different color themes to match your mood. Like and share with your friends Special ...    4 MB    Views 901
Related Apps camera photos time wifi apple full built rebel touch canon exposure information
+27    Unlock the potential of your compatible WiFi camera with Cascable. Built for professional and amateur photographers alike, Cascable is the best tool available for working with your camera in the field. Whether it’s taking perfect group shots with your family using ...    9 MB    Views 3500


card business time data worry encrypted information function scanning leaks
+24    Business Card main features include: 1, photograph card identification, and to save the data, and data is encrypted, need not worry about information leaks. 2, set up his own business card, other people can use this application by scanning identification function to ...    1 MB    Views 3459
gps weather camera time photo information geo address
+5    GEO Camera records the many information(GPS/Compas/Weather/Address/Time) on the photo. When you look at photo, you can know various information such as gps/compas/weather/time information. ◉◉◉ GEO Camera Features ◉◉◉ 1. Record GPS Information Latitude/Longitude/Altitude Information Full Address 2. Weather Information Current/Max/Min Temperature Time Information 3. Compas ...    1 MB    Views 4221


photo size easily information application
+13    Application to easily make a photo small [New feature] add more quick action function that can be easily operated App display the pixel size of the photo and information of the file size. You easily choose image size and compressibility. App delete Exif information ...    3 MB    Views 4725


photo children photos email time people dating kids pets family pet child lost hair information wall click
+13    App with more children to join Mao Mao child to hemp friends, together bought something Share Photo: Mao child version of Instagram, let Mao child was more seen Convenient shopping: Mao child Bazaar offers a variety of fresh / natural ...    NAN    Views 4830


censor share ability purchase blur don remove pixelate information
+10    Censor It allows you to easily censor sensitive information from your photos before sharing them. Took a screenshot that has important information you don't want to share? Censor It out. Want to share that group photo but want to preserve the privacy ...    574 kb    Views 352

Photo Redact

photo information
+3    Photo Redact is a simple but powerful tool to remove sensitive information from photographs. You can blur or black out parts of a photo. You also can view, edit, or delete information that is stored inside your image files, such ...    4 MB    Views 1802

Big Wedding News

wedding news big gown information
-5    Big Wedding News is an electronic catalogs for all wedding related photos and references. Not only focusing on the local wedding information but worldwide ones. You can get the latest information about diamond ring, bridal gown, evening gown, wedding makeup ...    5 MB    Views 2042


Related Apps photo info information check
+7    check your photo information. this application list all photos on your iOS device. your can see your photo base info like time,size,name and so on. check more detail info: Exif,TIFF,GPS,GIF,JFIF,PNG,IPTC,Raw,CIFF,8BIM,DNG,ExifAus information and so on.    2 MB    Views 8164

ClearCam by Murad

photos business age security media party social time information policy automatically collected device privacy
+5    NOTE: This application simulates the effects of Murad products on your photos. It is for illustrative and entertainment purposes only and may not reflect actual results. Individual results may vary. ClearCam by Murad photo editor makes it easy to snap, clear ...    52 MB    Views 6061
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