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+1    With Cameratmo it is easy to share the weather report from your Netatmo weather station. Just take a picture and Cameratmo will add the weather information to your photo as an overlay. Cameratmo works in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Install Cameratmo and share ...    4 MB    Views 8173


images information
+24    Cedric Uebersax is an advertising photographer specialising in beauty, photomontages and personnages.  Althoug based in Paris, he frequently works abroad on location assignments. Download this app to view his portfolio, is the perfect way to stay in touch with cedric uebersax photography. the app feature ...    16 MB    Views 3092
0    Use Exif Viewer to show your photo's EXIF data. EXIF tags provide useful information such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the picture. Important Please grant EXIF viewer location service (which ...    2 MB    Views 4951

Geotag Plus

photos camera geotag support information location saved access privacy
+7    Support notes and options are listed at the end of this description. Geotag Plus allows you to add, edit or remove geotag information stored within images on your camera roll. Modified images are saved as copies to the end of your ...    137 kb    Views 4919
Related Apps photo photos time date exif day information data exact
+16    Want to know when a photo was taken? 'Photo Date' connects with your existing photo library (including Camera Roll and Photo Streams) and allows you to scroll through your photos and see the exact day they were taken The app pulls ...    290 kb    Views 4907
+18    Now available for free (with ads) iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy the now Kyoto flower information. Know the Kyoto full bloom of flowers Tourism taxi driver, People of shrine that grow flowers, People of senior, Kyoto of seasonal flowers, and would like to convey the ...    3 MB    Views 2728


camera settings guide information
-4    ClickaPix is your guide to camera settings. Simply select the type of picture you would like to take, click on the image example and view a brief and concise list of setting suggestions. This quick and easy guide gives you ...    9 MB    Views 7772


flickr photos stats account pro views days api information required
+14    Flickr stats for iPhone. Flickr Pro Account Required Stats must be enabled on your Flickr Pro Account f/stats is a simple but fun app to see which of your Flickr photos are getting the most views, comments & favorites. Get started by authorizing ...    4 MB    Views 2773
+24    Create your own digital silkscreen print, just like Andy Warhol would have with the Warhol: D.I.Y. POP app from The Andy Warhol Museum. Learn the Warhol silkscreen process step by step: Take a photo. Crop. Expose. Underpaint. Share. And print a ...    23 MB    Views 3936


0    Photolocator can tell you exactly where a photo was taken, your own or someone else’s one What is the difference of the function PLACES contained in PHOTOS of Apple? Simple, PLACES from a photo can not tell you where it was taken, ...    10 MB    Views 6780
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-9    Your travel memories have never been told in such an original, elegant and innovative way. Adopt Travelpad Now  NEW VERSION WITH IOS 4 & 5 SUPPORT ASK YOUR IPHONE WHERE YOUR PHOTOS WERE TAKEN No information to provide, TravelPad ...    1 MB    Views 9340

Where Take

Related Apps photos photo information
+17    Got thousands of photos in your iphone? Could you remember where are these photos taken? Where Take records all the geo information when you take the photo , and you can share this information to your friends and we provide cloud ...    8 MB    Views 8674


photo location information send privacy
-9    This is an application for removing location information from photography and protecting your privacy. JPEG Photo images have location informations as exif by which we can know where they were taken. It's very useful. However sometimes we need to remove them ...    269 kb    Views 6304

Fbk Photo

photos facebook photo camera upload information protect exif roll
-6    Fbk Photo is a fast solution to access all your Facebook photos with few taps. With Fbk Photo you can download, like, bookmark and share your awesome photos in Facebook. Fbk Photo allows you to include EXIF information in the Facebook ...    6 MB    Views 5298
snap daily kittens live information lives life
+26    Your one location to subscribe to Models from around the world and get a daily insight into the lives they live and what they do. Our Kittens snappers will be sending you daily photos & videos into the life that they live. Whether ...    893 kb    Views 8434

Hollands Glorie

city visit town beautiful information cities
+12    Hollands Glorie is a combination of thirteen different cities, towns and landscapes in different parts of the Netherlands. This ipad app shows with many beautiful pictures and information what you can visit. Beautiful cities like Breda Nassau City, Utrecht with the ...    310 MB    Views 2885
exif tags location data editor modify information remove picture files
+23    Exif Editor supports viewing and modification of EXIF data of your pictures. EXIF tags can reveal information you do not want to share such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the ...    843 kb    Views 6436

Student iBase

school student information database teacher mobile edition contact
+28    Student iBase is a simple application for schools that contains a database of student details together with their image. Teachers and staff members can lookup a student and view their image together with information such as teacher, homeroom and importantly, ...    2 MB    Views 3656


+10    GPSRaw provides nofrills GPS waypoint logging in GPX format. Nothing more, nothing less. Collected waypoint information can be exported via email for further processing (e.g., to tag photographs with geolocation information in the Exif metadata). And you will always remember where you ...    464 kb    Views 9996

picTimeline Pets

photos pets library pictures tag shoot information cam
+9    Do you have tons of photos of your pets on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and a big mess of information? With picTimeline Pets you can tag all yourpet's pictures while you shoot them or from your photo library. Plus, with picTimeline Cam, you ...    3 MB    Views 1885
house golden section information lots
+9    Mobile application for "Golden Section" auction house. "Golden Section" auction house is founded in 2004 and since then carries regularly out auctions and exhibitions sales of works of classical painting of the XIXXXI centuries, arts of alternative currents (vanguard, nonconformism, ...    22 MB    Views 8394


people talent page great agent information discover takes
-7    Do you, or someone you know, have the potential to be a model, an actor, or a singer? With iScout you can submit your photo, video, or audio file straight from your iPhone to an iScout talent agent for review. iScout was ...    4 MB    Views 1777
Related Apps photo photos navigate directions location application information
+15    This apps help you to navigate to locations where pictures have been taken. Navigating to where you have previously taken photos has never been easier. Just select a photo and press the navigate button to launch the iPhone maps application which ...    395 kb    Views 7891
photo book products 100 order layout information usd
-7    Free Shipping for your first order 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or get a refund FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY 20% off all products. Prices in the app are already reduced. The perfect holiday photo gift for your loved ones. Create your PhotoBook with ...    78 MB    Views 8470
+13 is an all category picture encyclopedia posted and classified by everyone.Using an optimized this app on iPhone, you can browse various picture encyclopedia including the web fish encyclopedia with 2850 types of fish and 36,000 data as well as ...    6 MB    Views 926
Related Apps photo photos gps time metadata cut information quality date
+15    Information such as location, time, and GPS coordinates can be contained within your photos. Anyone you share your photos with can retrieve this information and pinpoint the exact date, time, and location of your photo Download Metadata Cut to cut private ...    21 MB    Views 9108
Related Apps information address check location exif
-3    Is an application to verify the address of the location information to parse the Exif information has been recorded in the photo was taken. Because you can easily check the location information, also available as a security check.    1 MB    Views 8880

Photo EXIF Viewer

-8    Photos can often contain a wealth of unseen metadata showing not only information about not only how the photo was taken, but also things such as location. Photo EXIF Viewer allows you to explore all of this very useful and ...    5 MB    Views 9138

Photo Information

photo camera information exposure roll
-1    Photo Information can read all kind of important metadata about your photo from camera roll, it also works on the images imported from your computer to your iPhone. key features: get photo's Exif information, include Exposure time, Flash, ColorSpace, SubjectArea, SceneCaptureType, ...    1022 kb    Views 7491

Australian Outback

photo photos australian information enable sites guide slide
+1    Free DL for limited period only  Australian Outback is a travel guide application with rich contents in terms of photos and information about world of Australian outback. MAIN SITES ・Broome ・Mataranka ・Devil Marbles ・Cooper Pedy ・Derby ・Fitzroy Crossing ・Kununurra ・Wyndham KEY FEATURES Photo Slide Show 8 slide shows with ...    32 MB    Views 1377


photo information displayed create copy included location
-6    It is an application for viewing Eixf data that is included in the photo. [Main feature of this app] And information of iPhone photos body all can be displayed. ·If the location information is included in the photo, I can be displayed on ...    671 kb    Views 4948


Related Apps photo info information check
-8    check your photo information. this application list all photos on your iOS device. your can see your photo base info like time,size,name and so on. check more detail info: Exif,TIFF,GPS,GIF,JFIF,PNG,IPTC,Raw,CIFF,8BIM,DNG,ExifAus information and so on.    2 MB    Views 8164

Photo Redact

photo information
+3    Photo Redact is a simple but powerful tool to remove sensitive information from photographs. You can blur or black out parts of a photo. You also can view, edit, or delete information that is stored inside your image files, such ...    4 MB    Views 1802
facebook twitter frame picture pictures free materials information shop
+3    The "Itemshop" has been renewed You can get materials now in exchange for points or coins. You get more points every day by logging in By collecting coins you get big material sets Those who have been using the premium version get special points ...    66 MB    Views 4441


design information april 2013 published
-7    Interactive photo tool for visitors and fans of the see8 | the conference on visualization of information, which will be held on 20 April 2013 at Schlachthof Wiesbaden. Submitted photos will be published live onstage, and may also be saved ...    NAN    Views 4803
picture album color information choose coloring free copy
-9    This application Coloring Free rearranges the picture saved on the camera roll according to color(RGB). The number of photos is up to 80. The picture in the selected album and the average value of each color information are computed, and it ...    1 MB    Views 3625

My Trip Notes

trip photos trips information include select mail organized
+14    With this handy app; you will have all the information about your trips, organized and clear in your iPhone. All your photos, reservations, bills, maps; plus anything else you want to organize. Define all the outstanding details of each trip, such ...    6 MB    Views 8599

Photo Date

-9    Not yet compatible with iPad update coming soon. NEW: now see the time a photo was taken as well. Want to know when a photo was taken? 'Photo Date' connects with your existing photo library (including Camera Roll and Photo Streams) ...    3 MB    Views 8393


photography news purchase users information
+3    PlanetPhoto Magazine is an Asiabased travel and photography news and information platform that is hellbent on bringing the latest news and information from the industry to it's users. We focus on topics such as the social impact of photography, introduction of ...    2 MB    Views 9309


photography wildlife safari additional information africa
+17    African Safari Wildlife Photography is a guide to perfecting your photography skills while photographing wildlife in Africa. The application is automatically updated with new content when they come available. You can also signup to our newsletter to receive additional information for ...    18 MB    Views 3685

Image Privacy

Related Apps gps image privacy remove information picture data
+7    Do you know that a picture you post online or send by eMail may distribute many informations about you or you mobile? Some pictures carry GPS information, camera settings, equipment model, date, time, etc... Sometimes you don't want this information disclosed. So ...    1 MB    Views 7443

Transterra Media

media news contributors world information added
+4    This free app lets journalists create or log into their profile, upload photos, and videos and manage the media and personal information on their accounts. Descriptions and titles for collections can be added simply with the touch of a finger. ...    16 MB    Views 5120


Related Apps photos camera photo gps easily information location mode manage
-1    Organize your thousand of photos in an elegant and intuitive way. PhotoPlus combines powerful features with simplicity. Together with a beautiful user interface, PhotoPlus makes photo management both easy and security. Features: All folders and photos are displayed in one page, ...    1 MB    Views 2778
photo flickr photos view wall information swipe flick tap
-3    Reduced price New for version 2.0, take and upload geo tagged photos right from flicksplorer Updated user experience and user settings. Settings include the photo size on the flicksplorer photo wall Flick and swipe your way through recent flickr photos Search for ...    558 kb    Views 4717


photos personal iphone information exif folder enable easily
+13    Emphasize on secure personal information protection When we share the photos on internet, there is a possibility of personal information leakage unintentionally. It is because we ignore the Exif information most of the time. 「Exif Remover」enable you to delete those Exif information ...    5 MB    Views 2849
Related Apps map iphone photos travel information share pictures album journey
+1    Your travel memories have never been told in such an original, elegant and innovative way. Adopt Travelpad Now  NEW VERSION WITH IOS 4 & 5 SUPPORT ASK YOUR IPHONE WHERE YOUR PHOTOS WERE TAKEN No information to provide, TravelPad ...    2 MB    Views 782

This is Macau

weather information
+4    “This is Macau” shows different aspects and sceneries of Macau. You can always keep updated with the latest weather information and choose your favorite photo from 9 different color themes to match your mood. Like and share with your friends Special ...    4 MB    Views 901


photo size easily information application
+15    Application to easily make a photo small [New feature] add more quick action function that can be easily operated App display the pixel size of the photo and information of the file size. You easily choose image size and compressibility. App delete Exif information ...    3 MB    Views 4725


photos trip maps information lake beautiful city
-1    New Zealand City of Queen ’ Queenstown’ Queenstown is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by the majestic Remarkables mountains. Some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness areas.
One of the most beautiful, majestic and untouched places in the world. This App takes ...    127 MB    Views 3412

X of 365

date day 365 current display year information reset
+14    X of 365 is a great companion to 365 photo projects X of 365 makes it easy to determine the ordinal day of the year. When the application starts, it will display the current date and the ordinal day. You can ...    3 MB    Views 3078

Analog Raid

camera film analogue analog send information
+7    The perfect app for the analogue photographer First, choose the analogue camera and film you are using. Second, the light conditions, the settings on your camera and the accessories. Then, just shoot With Analog Raid you can gather the information of ...    1 MB    Views 1678

myPhotos Pro

chinese viewing exif provide information display modes support
+1    myPhotos is a photo viewing tool serving for photographers. According to personal habits,it offers four viewing modes for users to choose,contrast and also provide Exif information display. Main functions: 1、Support languages:English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese; 2、Creat and manage folders according to individual needs; 3、Offer four ...    4 MB    Views 3341
Related Apps photos gps camera photo exif information photographer info copyright geotag
+3    EXIFfi is an easytouse toolkit for viewing and correcting photos' information like Photographer, Copyright, GPS(Geotag), EXIF, and Camera Info. Features: Album viewer preload and preanalyze the photos from your device album, so user can check GPS/EXIF status before open it. EXIFfi ...    2 MB    Views 7475


download patterns package minutes exclusive application visit information
0    Kimono is the traditional costume of Japan. This app contains handson information about Kimono with fabulous presentations and let you use our exclusive collection of beautiful Kimono patterns for your personal and educational projects. It comes with a FREE package of ...    142 MB    Views 4276
news photo information kinds
+20    Mayday App has been released. The lasted news of Mayday with HD image and videos. All kinds of news and information including Maydays profile, personal photo are available in APP. If you want to get the lasted information of Mayday better and fast ...    14 MB    Views 5895


search photo logo product information
+1    PicRead Is a visual search. Take a photo of a advertisement, product, billboard with the PicRead logo or scan a barcode or QR code to gain access to extended product information. PicRead search will return with more details for images & ...    5 MB    Views 6373


photo easily size information
+3    Application to easily make a photo small. [New feature] add more quick action function that can be easily operated App display the pixel size of the photo and information of the file size. You easily choose image size and compressibility. App delete Exif information ...    829 kb    Views 8467

Cologne Camera

map camera photo photos memories guide information
+22    Cologne camera is a camera app that can store photos on the map. Cologne Cathedral is the Germany's Highest peak building. Several million tourists visit in one year. Cologne attractions information has been included, this app is also available as a tour guide. The ...    15 MB    Views 2966

ASMP Bulletin

media work photographers members information digital year online
+3    The Bulletin is the journal for members of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). Published five times a year, the Bulletin is a respected source of information for imaging professionals and contains important information about current industry issues, trends ...    14 MB    Views 2532


photos map application information internet access stored
+24    Photo, Map and Position Information are stored on a picture simultaneously. When taking photos, then photos are stored in camera rolls. You can this software many scene such as in journy, in working outdoor, etc, ... I hope you will ...    155 kb    Views 836
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