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+23    Sunrise Photography Compass is not only the usual compass, In addition to identification of direction, it also created by the special needs for sunrise photography. When you open the iPhone, no matter where you are in the world, just can always ...    6 MB    Views 8372


+25    the HD Tumblr Photo App for iOS View and Share High Definition photos from the worlds most popular microblogging site, Tumblr. View images quickly, share them FAST to Twitter or Facebook and LIKE or REBLOG quickly to Tumblr. You can even save ...    7 MB    Views 1834

Proximus Cloud

+4    The Cloud of Proximus is an online content storage and sharing service. Take your photos, videos and documents with you wherever you go; and share them with utmost ease. The files saved and organized in your Cloud are accessible on all your ...    9 MB    Views 5525


photos photo library sound import mode single quickly create file
+10    Listen to your photos Quickly and easily add sound to your photos to create photomessages, lecture notes, businessmemos, engaging talkingpostcards and personal journal mementos at ( almost ) the speed of thought. No complex videoediting or typing text explanations required ...    3 MB    Views 334
+10    Gagcam does not take photos it is for entertainment purposes only PERFECT PRANK CAMERA APP FOR APRIL FOOLS DAY Pick an effect, give your phone to an unsuspecting victim for a photo, pose, and try not to laugh. ...    7 MB    Views 8704
+16    You simply open the predesigned kinds of designer frames, you can immediately set into your relatives or photos, you can quickly arrange sets of plans without even understand art can easily get started, help you easily the good times in ...    167 MB    Views 2922
photo photos camera frames add quickly tool instagram effects
0    Edit any photo quick and easy. All the tools you need are here. Once you are done, your pics are automatically saved in the camera roll so you can share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Simple, intuitive and FREE Features: ...    37 MB    Views 8674

Holiday Box Lite

holiday photo santa holidays frame library box santafy lite quickly picture fun nice
+12    Celebrate the Holidays in style, with Holiday Box Lite Create fun photo memories with 5 fun images and 1 frame. Your children don't believe Santa was there? Take a picture of your Tree and Insert Santa in the photo Add a Snowman, Candy ...    14 MB    Views 6817


photos quickly easily display create print favourite
+15    Create attractive arrangements for your favourite photos quickly and easily with this app. No more fiddly measuring, cutting and pasting printed photos. Save time and waste by arranging your photos quickly and easily on your iPad. All your favourite memories on ...    2 MB    Views 2009
+3    "The 1 Photo App For Making Your Pics Into Beautiful, Creative Photo Expressions" App Indulge LLC Enhance Your Photos With A Beautiful White or Colorful Frame & Share to Instagram, facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Flickr & more Easy to use & fun We have ...    32 MB    Views 9465


photos share wireless quickly
+5    Pictures sharing made easy :) PictoShare allows you to share your photos to your friends via wireless transfer (WiFi) Be on the same wireless network or personal hotspot to quickly and easily share photos Share large amount of photos or an entire album ...    3 MB    Views 5956
Related Apps photos friends quickly privately
-4    Rolly makes it easy for friends to quickly and privately trade photos of each other. Don’t you wish you could have all those photos of you locked away on your friends’ phones? We want to help with that. :) • Quickly and ...    10 MB    Views 5271


photos social gif application quickly easily
+19    iCinemagraph Make GIF Your Photos Application is a great tool that you need. You can easily create animated photo with GIF format is very quickly, it will give you much excitement and fun. That make sure you can ...    17 MB    Views 7025
photos photo time date delete quickly albums
-3    NOW WITH LOCATIONS If you have ever looked through your photos and videos on your iPhone and wondered when a photo was taken, then PhotoDT by Applone is for you. PhotoDT displays the date, time and location that each of your ...    3 MB    Views 6263
Related Apps photos videos photo camera video iphone albums add roll quickly
+8    ON SALE Easily create photo & video albums on the go. Start organizing your photos/videos today with EasyBums. Access your favorite photos/videos easily and quickly without scrolling through 1000s of them on your camera roll. See the date and location of ...    508 kb    Views 7846
photos video frame editing videos playing twitter gif burst quickly gifs
-6    Make and share GIFs with friends quickly with ImgPlay. This is an app that can make GIFs using photos, burst photos, and video at the easiest. Advantage of iPhone You can make GIF animations quickly with the continuous shot pictures(burst photos). You ...    7 MB    Views 4695
pixlr overlays darkroom quickly fun edition secrets
0    Pixlr is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly crop, rotate, and finetune any picture, free. Pixlromatic is a fun and simple darkroom app that makes it easy to quickly add style to your photos using effects, ...    6 MB    Views 6435


photo family ipad editing face fun quality quickly effects great
0    1 iPad Photography app in September 2010 Want to see how your friend looks with a different face? Or see your head on a different body? Faceover lets you easily do this and much moreand it even looks real. Apply amazing photo ...    10 MB    Views 6298


+23    CROP + COPY = CROPY CropyCropy is a incredibly easytouse app that allows you to quickly crop, copy and share your photos. After cropping a photo with an intuitive doubletap, a quick swipe will Save it to your Camera Roll or ...    946 kb    Views 1444
Related Apps video photo pictures view days images create quickly lets journal
+2    The most advanced and comprehensive photo journal app yet. Perfect for those who want to take a picture everyday. Finally a way to take 2 pictures daily, send them to friends and family, and create your own video from these pictures. This ...    3 MB    Views 8581


photo blog quickly
-6    Echowaves allows you to take photos from your mobile device and push them quickly to a microphotoblog created within the app. Combining the phototaking utilities of an iPhone or iPad with the accessibility of a Webbased microphotoblog, you can quickly ...    11 MB    Views 386
Related Apps camera film photos photo editing edit filters quickly screen previous
0    Film Camera includes 50 filters for digital emulation of films. It's optimal for scenery and architectural photos. PHOTO EDITOR Photos taken with camera or in your photo library can be loaded and be transferred to the editing screen quickly. Edit history Even if you ...    15 MB    Views 2574

Hashly Kids FREE

photo time kids facebook twitter love share hashtag image hashtags quickly shoot
+4    Love hashtags and memes? Love sharing pics of your kids? Well you have just found your perfect photo app SAY WHAT YOU THINK: With Hashly, you can enhance your image by overlaying one of our exclusive hashtag captions directly to your image. ...    9 MB    Views 7015


photos time editing library photo people organization devices edit device quickly share tags find
-1    Mylio gives you the freedom to enjoy, organize and protect all your photos when and where you want, on all your devices. Find, edit & share photos on your phone, tablet or computer – with or without the cloud. Mylio makes ...    43 MB    Views 7435

To the Trade

+13    Easy to use, with To the Trade you can organize photos by project, room, type, vendor, and/or color. Now you can locate images quickly during meetings or onthego, and keep professional photos separate from personal ones. Privately share, by email, ...    4 MB    Views 1690
Related Apps tools photo photos text focus preset meme color enhance rotate quickly resize
-8    Cosmetic Tools: Remove red eye, whiten teeth, and magically remove blemishes with our convenient set of cosmetic tools. Enhance: Choose from three preset enhancement options to improve photos with one tap. HiDef intelligently sharpens and defines; Illuminate fixes poor lighting issues; and Color ...    9 MB    Views 1885


photos photo videos time calendar search events months find quickly friend
+13    update: iOS8 not supported in this version Convenient photo & video browser with search by dates Do you use the table of contents in the book? This is the same, but for Your Photo Library and Camera Roll You can browse and search ...    4 MB    Views 4307


+1    PhotoNotes is a camera app with the added convenience of an easy to use notes editor. With PhotoNotes you can quickly add notes to your photos, as you take them. By default PhotoNotes automatically saves high resolution images captured from ...    3 MB    Views 6573


parents quickly moments weekly
-3    Capsa is the photo journal made easy for busy parents. Parents can quickly and easily capsule seven childhood moments each week and enhance these moments with emojis, text, or audio to quickly tell their child’s stories in a fun way. By ...    14 MB    Views 6879
Related Apps photos photo artistic frame art design editing step effects complete functions quickly
-7    This is a many artistic style border photographic applications APP can put your photos in a watercolorlike Pomo art border quickly generate many artistic style photos easily create beautiful postcards, greeting cards, photo books, Professional Edition have also added a ...    80 MB    Views 8622
frame photo family ipad iphone travel lovers children card pets topics quickly sets
+4    This is a lets you have both children, pets, lovers, travel, family and other topics of photographic frame applications quickly without choreography sets of plans, so you can always through the iPhone, iPad to easily create personalized letter name Chip ...    95 MB    Views 5160
camera iphone time resolutions zoom pictures resolution flash review quickly
-2    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Turn your iPhone into a powerful camera with fantastic 12.0 MPX resolutions, up to 10x digital zoom and camera flash No matter what generation of iPhone you have, with 12.0 MPX Camera app ...    366 kb    Views 2411

ImageShack Pro

photo email image upload link quickly
+28    ImageShack app gives you the amazing opportunity to quickly upload any image from your Photo Library or Camera quickly to the one of the most popular hosting service for free Choose the image, hang on few seconds to complete the transfer ...    366 kb    Views 9048
time moon times quickly sunset easily sunrise polar
+18    Astro Locator makes it simple for astronomers to get their OTA "polar aligned" quickly and easily. It is of particular benefit to new astronomers who set up and break down each session, so is of great use to those without the ...    2 MB    Views 3920

Pic Camera Fx

Related Apps photo camera photos features effect effects editor pic amazing quickly
+5    Pic camera Fx is a very powerful photo editor app with many amazing features, effects and filters. This is a very comprehensive photo editor app with pretty much everything that you would want to have in your phone to give ...    57 MB    Views 7573

Studio J Snapshot

time design software studio layouts snapshot real online quickly life
-2    Studio J Snapshot makes it easy to take all of your beautiful scrapbook layouts with you on the go. Explore the possibilities by perusing the excellent selection of themed kits and color choices available in Studio J. Even when life gets ...    4 MB    Views 9679

Creative Outlet

creative content share quickly
+13    Creative Outlet is your source for illustrations, vectored graphics, photography, auto & food images, ad templates and more The Creative Outlet app functions identically to the Creative Outlet website in that it allows users to search and save content the same ...    13 MB    Views 8543


+26    Newly optimized for the new IOS8.. Tag photos to quickly find them. Create albums to organize your photos on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad easily and quickly. You can add the albums you create to the device albums you ...    13 MB    Views 9755
Related Apps photos text share day fun friends post quickly feel
+30    Rewind is the quickest way to capture and share the photos of your day with friends as they happen. Rewind to experience the most recent 24 hours of someone’s day and see what they are doing right now. You feel ...    30 MB    Views 5866
text photo artist photos stickers easily picture sticker quickly
-6    Sticker Artist helps you easily and quickly edit your photos by text, stickers and photo stickers. With diversity effects, this app can turn your photos into artistic masterpieces. Features: Add texts, stickers and photo stickers easily and quickly. Move, rotate and modify text ...    43 MB    Views 3618
Related Apps photos camera delete deletion roll fastest quickly
+6    iDelete is the fastest way to delete photos from your Camera Roll. We all know the pain of having to go through unwanted photos in the Camera Roll. Now with iDelete, you can discard hundreds of photos quickly and efficiently with the ...    1 MB    Views 8532

Lens App+

Related Apps photos photo professional effects easy output processing image powerful quickly
-3    This is a simple and easytouse filter applications, included a total of 135 models commonly used filters and professional special effects shots, with professional photo output and image processing technology, powerful easy to use and can quickly deal with all ...    25 MB    Views 7736

Hashly FREE

time love facebook twitter photo share hashtag image hashtags quickly tag choose
-5    Love hashtags and memes? Love sharing your pics? You have just found your perfect photo app SAY WHAT YOU THINK: With Hashly, you can enhance your image by overlaying one of our exclusive hashtag captions directly to your image. Whether you want to ...    9 MB    Views 910

ImageShack Free

photo email image link upload quickly free
+9    ImageShack app gives you the amazing opportunity to quickly upload any image from your Photo Library or Camera quickly to the one of the most popular hosting service for free Choose the image, hang on few seconds to complete the transfer ...    505 kb    Views 8530
text photo artist photos stickers easily picture sticker quickly
+5    Sticker Artist helps you easily and quickly edit your photos by text, stickers and photo stickers. With diversity effects, this app can turn your photos into artistic masterpieces. Features: Add texts, stickers and photo stickers easily and quickly. Move, rotate and modify text ...    45 MB    Views 8588

Censor This!

Related Apps photo facebook censor quickly designed add images fun image censored
-1    Have you ever wanted to hide something quickly when posting a photo to Facebook? Have you ever needed to cover up an embarrassing image quickly? Have no fear, Censor This is here to the rescue Censor This was designed from the ground ...    11 MB    Views 1666

Spy Camera

photos iphone time browse camera spy wanted quickly save
+15    Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not around? Ever wanted to take a picture of someone without looking suspicious? Ever wanted to capture a time lapse video of anything you can point your phone at? Now you ...    828 kb    Views 2663

SketchMaster Lite

sketch photos effects adjustable quickly enables create part black
+3    SketchMaster Lite was featured in the iTunes App Store/Entertainment "New & Noteworthy" section SketchMaster enables you to make sketches quickly and create amazing photos that are part sketch and part original color. To make it even more interesting you ...    NAN    Views 2141

Collage Pics

text twitter facebook photo photos collage share quickly weibo easy stickers
-6    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. DOWNLOAD NOW Tell the world your story via amazing looking photo frames and unique collages with caption in seconds Collage Pics helps you quickly combine multiple sized photos into one beautifully framed picture & unique collage ...    37 MB    Views 3188

Photo Mail

photos photo email body mail send comments quickly settings address
+4    Photolightning Photo Mail is designed for businesses such as real estate, construction, inspectors, adjusters, appraisers, installers, etc. that have services employees who need to quickly send photos along with comments which are easy for recipients to view and then respond ...    4 MB    Views 982

365 photo project

photos photo project 365 quickly display
0    You can organize simply and easily your project 365 photos. One calendar display for months, every day you can add photos to the project quickly. You can also modify a photo (change photo, date or title) Gallery view to display all photos ...    61 MB    Views 2598

Photography Toolkit

photography time photo camera photographers filters distance determine quickly sunset hyperfocal
-2    Photography Toolkit is an allinone app for DLSR photographers to help you when using dark ND filters, finding the hyperfocal distance and sunset & sunrise time. The following 3 modes can help you get the best possible result, with minimal fuss: ...    1 MB    Views 8991
Related Apps photos photo work iphone space delete pics easy find screenshots similar quickly
+19    Clean Master iOS edition A great way to save tons of space on your device Analyze your photo gallery and find duplicate pictures that needlessly waste your valuable space If your phone is full of similarlooking photos, we’ll clean them in a ...    4 MB    Views 6290

FB Collage

Related Apps photo facebook collage quickly find
+7    Ever tried to find a photo of you and two or three friends in Facebook? You would have searched thousands of photos in their albums. "Our Collage" can find them very quickly for you. All you need is a few ...    18 MB    Views 3080

Free Photo Crop

ipad iphone photos free ipod edit crop quickly touch
+1    Quickly edit your photos. Crop Rotate Flip Black and White Sepia Tons of effects Add Borders Save No image quality lost iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch This app contains only the features you really want so that you can quickly and ...    7 MB    Views 8567


photo twitter iphone 2012 ipad share quickly
-1    IPAD AND IPHONE RETINA DISPLAY COMPATIBILE Are you a Democrat? Are you going to vote for Barack Obama during the upcoming election in November 2012? With ObamaBooth, you can easily and quickly TRANSFORM yourself into the 2012 Democratic candidate Barack Obama All you ...    12 MB    Views 8674


photo photos customer upload services enter quickly matching
+13    Retain Loyalty photo uploader is a simple way to take photos of your customers and upload them to our servers for easy matching This app is for any salesperson who wants to use our services to retain their customer's loyalty. It ...    14 MB    Views 4892

Meta Editor

ipad library photo edit export editor quickly exif send fields
+26    IPTC editor for pictures on your iPad. Tag them, set title, credits and description, and export through share, export or mail. You can also edit the GPS portion of Exif, and we set the date on the Exif. A must have ...    1008 kb    Views 5847

Legal Observer

police legal quickly
-3    Legal Observer is an app that can be used to record and report interactions with the police at protests, demonstrations and other events. A legal observer acts as a witness to hold police accountable for their actions. The functionality of this ...    5 MB    Views 7628

Image Blender 3D

+6    A simplistic and creative app for combining images in a new original way with 3D rotation. You can combine your photo on 50 background images for many topics : family, travel, holiday, mountain, sea, sport ...    14 MB    Views 5587
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