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iRose Scent

+20    iRose Scent brings stunning wallpapers of beautiful Flowers for your iPhone and iPod touch. High resolution photography. User Interaction enabled. View the Image in Landscape as well as in Portrait. Tap the PLAY tab to start the animation. Just tap the NEXT tab to ...    11 MB    Views 6846

Lite Mate

iphone camera lite data ipod touch saved picker speed
+27    "Lite Mate" is lite meter application with iPhone, iPod touch (with camera model). iPhone, iPod touch camera by photographing a subject for metering, the shooting information, and then calculate the exposure.iPhone, iPod touch to use the camera and metering. By operating ...    1 MB    Views 7269
+25    InstaLayout allows you to make your pictures more attractive with various photo frames and stickers. Of course, you can add a text to your photos. === FEATURES === 56 adjustable layouts 99 frames 170 stickers 15 effects to apply individual photo Adjustable ...    37 MB    Views 5499
+4    If you have a SMALL CHILD at home playing with your Iphone you probably noticed that his FAVORITE app is your FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM. Family Touch is both a photo album AND a game designed especially for children. 5 STAR Review ...    21 MB    Views 5457
-3    From the National Mall to the US Capitol, WDC Wallpaper Gallery gives you the world famous National city in pictures. With these 28 images, enjoy the beauty of Washington DC in high resolution. Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery ... ...    27 MB    Views 6130

Make Over

Related Apps photo library iphone photos images add finger fun touch features
-3    Make Over – Touch is a great fun and social entertainment application where you can create fun Make Over photos of yourself and your friends. Take a portrait photo of yourself or friend with your iPhone (or use existing photos from ...    4 MB    Views 1161
Related Apps iphone pictures touch famous picture nyc compatible city
0    From WallStreet to Central Park, WallpaperGallery NYC gives you the world famous city in pictures. With these 28 images, enjoy the beauty of Big apple in high resolution. Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of liberty, Rockefeller plaza ... ...    25 MB    Views 4255
photo iphone selfiecam selfies landscape touch resolution image free
+11    SelfieCam is the newest member of ProximityCam that has been optimized for hands free selfies. SelfieCam works in landscape and portrait orientation and this is especially helpful when you use an iPhone case that props up the iPhone in landscape ...    58 MB    Views 7588
Related Apps photo animation time library kaleidoscope mirror tap image touch images pad colors screen including
-3    Kaleidoscope X Pad is an amazing work of interactive art. Also available for iPhone and iPod touch as Kaleidoscope X. Much more than just a traditional kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope X Pad is a creative tool for producing beautiful images and for stimulating ...    3 MB    Views 1999
+19    From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, SF Wallpaper Gallery gives you the world famous golden city in pictures. With these 25 images, enjoy the beauty of San Francisco in high resolution. Alcatraz, Lombard Street, Pier 39, Pacific Heights ... so ...    23 MB    Views 6243

My Cars Album

car iphone show ability button quickly display touch
+21    You have the sweet ride now show it off This is an intuitive and fun way to display pictures of your car. This is an outstanding app that makes it easy to quickly show a picture of your vehicle. Easily show ...    1 MB    Views 9699
Related Apps photo camera photos touch button choose filters images post effects
+8    Get creative and transform your photos into stunning works of art with Camera Features: take a photo on your camera or choose from your library. choose from twenty photo filters and effects. change filters and effects quickly and easily by the touch of a ...    25 MB    Views 6637

100 FX

iphone ipad photo camera touch 100 ipod generation upgrade effects
+9    100 FX is the the BEST Camera app with 100 REAL TIME CAMERA EFFECTS HOW TO UPGRADE =========================================================  IF YOU TOUCH WATERMARK(100FX) YOU CAN SEE MESSAGE THAT EXPLAIN HOW TO UPGRADE Devices compatibility ========================================================= iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone ...    14 MB    Views 7769
iphone camera shake selfie stick smile filters touch
0    **Don't touch anymore** **Just shake or smile** With Shake Camera, you can take pictures without touching iphone. When you shake iphone or have a smile, it takes a picture automatically. You can take selfie or wefie continuously without click. Also you can customize photos with ...    4 MB    Views 4690
ipad iphone magnifying touch ipod great zoom light glass mirror
-6    State of the Art Magnifying Glass and Magnifying Mirror designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also great like binoculars and as a minitelescope. Great for explorers, labs, people with low sight, woman that use makeup and more. Feature Highlights: See what ...    5 MB    Views 3941

Frame It Lite

Related Apps frame photos art iphone frames touch version lite ipod
+22    An intuitive tool for iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly frame photos transforming them into a work of art. Frame It has an assortment of distinctive frames to choose from. Frame sizes are easily adjusted using the on screen heads ...    6 MB    Views 3177

Photography 101

photography iphone show access bonus 101 episodes features touch play images
+17    The Photography 101 app is the most convenient and reliable way to access this toprated photography show on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You’re always connected to the latest episode with instant access, just touch and play Hosted by photography ...    5 MB    Views 1437
photo editing camera images supports effects manual types apply touch
-2    LightBoxr is the next evolution in photo editing applications. It's an nondestructive type of photo editing tool. You can edit images without touching original images. You don't need to make a copy of original, LightBoxr also support iCloud. You can ...    42 MB    Views 5444


-1    Touch 3x3 cells picture on iphone and ipod touch. This application is fully interactive with picture taken with your iphone or your saved image from photo library. You can touch one of the cell to expand picture and change an image view. ...    513 kb    Views 5048


iphone events ipod touch cinema
0    The most awaited sivajitv app is launched. Now users can get regular updates of news and Kollywood cinema events, right on their smart devices like iPhone and iPod Touch. The specially designed photo gallery gives a close up of cinema ...    2 MB    Views 6860
iphone ipad touch crime scene ipod fan
+18    Beautifully designed for iPad and iPhone. Free forever. Are you a CSI Fan ? Or NCIS fan ? Create your own unique crime scene snapshots, apply various elements of bloody killing with a touch of your finger Use any photo or ...    15 MB    Views 6708


photo photos iphone black white picture touch appstore save pictures
-9    Make your pictures, photos and images black and white Give a new style to your photo with this awesome black and white filter Black&White is the simplest app of the AppStore to transform your images, photos and pictures in Black ...    607 kb    Views 6813


iphone kaleidoscope touch images styles world beautiful live
+4    Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a live kaleidoscope camera and capture beautiful images. ‟You'll find this app is a bit addictive.” ­­­— Mashable ‟… seeing the world through kaleidoscope eyes, without any worrying side effects. The KaleidaCam iPhone app is a ...    2 MB    Views 4152
Related Apps wifi ipad iphone photos ipod touch bluetooth transfer qrcode
+17    PhotosSync Wifi Bluetooth let you transfer photos from one iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad to another iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, PC. 1. Wifi Transfer, support PhotosSync or most web browsers(safari, firefox, chrome, opera, IE). 2. Bluetooth Transfer, very useful when no ...    7 MB    Views 2848


-2    Omoidebako is an application for importing photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the Buffalo Omoidebako and exporting photos from the Omoidebako to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected ...    NAN    Views 9303


photo iphone camera passport visa touch album pan select style
+14    PassportCAM is an application that would turn your iPhone into a passport camera. You no longer need to go to photo booth, or professional photographer to get your passport/visa/immigration/ID photo, instead, you can do it all by yourself with a ...    2 MB    Views 8097


iphone ipad slideshow touch publish ipod
+7    SlideWow is an easytouse yet powerful application designed for making HTML5 slideshow with your image and photo collections on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Add your favorite photos, choose one template and publish, and an awesome animated HTML5 slideshow will ...    29 MB    Views 2945

Zoo Animals World

+27    Let your child enjoy and learn about Zoo Animal life by touching and hearing LOTS of beutifull HD images AND SOUNDS of many diffrent zoo animals Each image was CARFULY CHOSEN to be of intrest and educational value for you child. We ...    83 MB    Views 7372

VnMob - In Touch

voice video photo iphone chat call slide touch image
+2    Vnmob In Touch VnMob's a free, simple way to make friends, chat, voice call, share photos, thinks on your iPhone, Android. Features: Friends Photo, video Sharing Chat & Group Chat Voice call between 2 vnmob users Voice via Wifi, ...    6 MB    Views 9612

Astronaut Envi

photos web iphone space envi based touch
+4    The next best thing to actually going into space, in your pocket Astronaut Envi brings thousands of Webbased space photos to your iPhone or iPod touch. If you've always wanted to be a space traveler, or just like looking at ...    3 MB    Views 4718

i-Scan Duo

ipad iphone scan ipod touch scanner scanning
-6    The iScan Duo is specially designed to work with the Docking Scanner for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch exclusively. The App enables the Docking Scanner to scan photos, postcards, business cards, receipts, and documents at up to standard A4/Legal paper ...    8 MB    Views 8409

Water in Camera

camera photos iphone water touch effect ripple feel
+21    Have you ever feel you are in water while taking photos. So , Now We introduce new camera tool for you and now you can feel you are in water while taking photos. "Water In Camera" can add water effect in you ...    1 MB    Views 1260

Veescope Live Full

Related Apps photos movie time iphone ipad touch ipod real
-1    Realtime Green Screen/Chroma or Blank wall Keying to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds. Include 20 background movie and photos. Record in realtime to a Quicktime movie. Works with iPhone, iPad or ...    80 MB    Views 7864


twitter facebook iphone ipad photos artist 2013 watercolor images touch create
+17    • Picked by Apple for inclusion in the App Store Best of 2014 See the world like an artist You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images—Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color. • Waterlogue transforms your ...    42 MB    Views 5064

Frame It

Related Apps frame photos art iphone ipod touch
+21    An intuitive tool for iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly frame photos transforming them into a work of art. Frame It has an assortment of distinctive frames to choose from. Frame sizes are easily adjusted using the on screen heads ...    14 MB    Views 863
photos email iphone ipad blur images size touch ios crop pan adjust
+5    Blur Photos allows you to do just that blur photos with ease using your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and your finger. In a matter of seconds you can blur faces, trademarks, logos, license plates or other copyrighted images. ...    8 MB    Views 7837


iphone ipad program people touch ipod setting
+3    Announcement: You can now check out PushyPixels for FREE Download "PushyPixels for Everyone" on the iTunes and have fun (iAd supported, pay version does not have iAds) Instructions Touch the screen to play with the pixels. Touch the hidden button in ...    732 kb    Views 9293

Face On Stamp Booth

-8    See your photos on stamps This iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app turns your photo in to postal stamps. ● Load from photo library or camera. ● Fast and easy interface. ● Customize numbers and text. ● Graphics designed for iPhone and iPad resolutions. ● Touch ...    8 MB    Views 2549

Aisu Deluxe Camera

Related Apps iphone photos pictures white sepia black touch ipod convert
+2    The familiar tones of sepia/black and white are great ways to add timelessness to your photography. With “Aisu Deluxe Camera”, you can take beautiful photos in SEPIA or BLACK & WHITE on the iPhone or convert pictures on your iPod ...    2 MB    Views 7863


Related Apps iphone realtime ipod touch adjust
0    You can take a fisheye photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Adjust Hue,Saturation,Brightness realTime. Adjust Fisheye effect realTime. Share your edited images on Facebook,Twitter or email. Save original size image. Compatible devices : iPhone 4,4s, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch ...    2 MB    Views 2309


iphone library photo shake touch japanese means ipod
0    shake iPhone and get old photo ([Furu] means [Shake] in Japanese. [Furu] means [old] in Japanese.) When iPhone is shaken, photo becomes old one after another. How to use 1. A picture is taken in from a camera or a library. Notes: You can use ...    974 kb    Views 7423


Related Apps photos touch images pictures fun
-6    FotoBrander by Gizmojoy gives your images an impressive individualized touch. It's amazing what a little creative touch can do to your photographs. With over 200 beautifully designed seals, stamps, badges, crests, labels, insignias to chose from, you'll certainly have fun ...    34 MB    Views 6483

type on photo

memo iphone ipod picture type touch
-2    You can type memo on the top of pictures. You can select a picture from your album stored in the iPhone or iPod touch, add a memo by typing the soft keyboard and store the picture with the typed memo. ...    64 kb    Views 4665

My Loved Ones

Related Apps photos facebook iphone family loved themes friends touch share publish
+4    Why keep your photos of your loved ones in your wallet when the rest of your life is on your iPhone ? Customize your personal photos with a great range of themes to suit your mood. The application comes supplied with ...    7 MB    Views 8477
wallpaper photos email iphone wallpapers library home screen images backgrounds preview resolution touch
+7    Optimized for iOS 8. Enjoy the new wallpaper. Limited time SALE 50% OFF Introduction Do you still use typical and dull backgrounds? 'SCREEN' is the finest wallpaper app you have found yet. It’s definitely not typical collection of backgrounds that ...    367 MB    Views 8436
music beauty iphone wallpaper file files ipod images resolution touch screen mobile
+29    Mobile Beauty Wallpaper helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves and many other eye candies. Features: Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 4th gen ...    215 MB    Views 9154


photo music touch images
-9    iMasic is an 'image+music' app. iMasic is an application that makes soothing ambient sounds using images. Until next update, it's free. iMasic plays music from a photo in your photo library or from a photo taken using your iphone/ipad camera. iMasic has its ...    16 MB    Views 747

FotoBrander Lite

Related Apps photos version lite full touch images fun 200
+8    FotoBrander Lite by Gizmojoy gives your images an impressive individualized touch. It's amazing what a little creative touch can do to your photographs. With over 200 beautifully designed seals, stamps, badges, crests, labels, insignias (in the full version) to chose ...    15 MB    Views 5115

Touch Colors

Related Apps iphone photo colors color touch view create digital
+3    Touch Colors is the incredible new color utility available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and anyone can use it Touch Colors makes it easy for you to find the perfect color for any project, professional or personal. Whether you ...    5 MB    Views 1291


Related Apps iphone time camera photos apple photo touch screen great easy
+11    iEasyCamera is an easy to use and fun photo application for the iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs that lets you easily take self portraits. iEasyCamera also allows you to take clear photos at night by helping stabilize your iPhone. Stability UI is awesome Because ...    560 kb    Views 5987


Related Apps photo photos iphone email facebook fix picture white touch balance pictures
+4    Photo Retouching tool. It helps you to fix your photos' brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation and more. Share the result by email or Facebook directly from your iPhone. While you're on the go, you need to email or share on facebook ...    2 MB    Views 8440

Veescope Live

Related Apps photos movie time iphone ipad ipod touch real
+24    Realtime Green Screen/Chroma Keying to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds. Include 20 background movie and photos. Record in realtime to a Quicktime movie. Works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.    80 MB    Views 801

Canon CameraWindow

camera ipad iphone video photos images canon compatible touch ipod
0    Canon CameraWindow (Canon CW) is a free application which enables users to transfer images shot with Canon compact digital cameras (see below for compatible models) to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via WiFi and share these images in simple steps. You ...    8 MB    Views 9725

Remote Cam

iphone camera wifi ipod device remote generation touches touch fixed
+4    New Version 1.0.2 Fixed passcode keypad issue for OS >= 4.0 devices. Version 1.0.1 Fixed garbled static preview capture issue. Improved realtime preview streaming response. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote for another iPhone's camera. Share your ...    476 kb    Views 6118

Mazda Wallpapers 1

car wallpapers iphone photos media cars series 3gs touch ipod images
+26    Cool Car Pics HD & Retina: Mazda Pack 1 The coolest Mazda performance car photos available on iTunes. In this awesome pack you get premium examples of the following cars, some of them rare: RX2 RX3 RX3 station wagon RX4 RX7 Series 1 RX7 FC3S (Series 4 ...    43 MB    Views 9142

Digital Negative

Related Apps camera ipad iphone tools editing digital negative images ipod touch jpg pictures
-8    Digital Negative is specifically designed to capture the highest quality images from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch camera. Digital Negative is the first app that captures uncompressed images that retain all of the information recorded by the camera sensor. These ...    7 MB    Views 1020


Related Apps photo iphone camera photos work pictures touch images create image album picture
-1    50% discount for our 1st anniversary on the AppStore Give a new dimension to your pictures Picture 3D is a unique application that let you work with your pictures in 3 Dimensions Work on a single image, or with several ...    390 kb    Views 1896
wallpaper wallpapers ipad iphone photos set touch ipod ios
-9    HD Wallpapers All Optimized for the latest iOS 7, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Gen and all other iOS devices. Disclaimer: The app is entertainment purpose only. Share your stunning ...    21 MB    Views 44

Baseball Booth!

photos iphone baseball add fan touch ipod player stickers great
+1    Add baseball stickers to your photos and make yourself great baseball player and crazy fan Features: Add baseball stickers to your photos: baseball balls, beats, helmets, etc make yourself a true baseball fan and great player. Write your captions and ...    3 MB    Views 3381
Related Apps twitter facebook photo photos image effects images touch suggestions
+2    Stitched allows you to easily stitch multiple photos together to create a stylish collage. Simply move and zoom each image, apply your desired effects and your image is ready for sharing with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. Key Features: ● Supports ...    7 MB    Views 9647
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