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+9    "Photo merger” is fun and easy to make beauty photo app. It not just as usual photo app you are using, there are many addon features that you needed and you will need in the future, other than that we give ...    13 MB    Views 7071


+29    You can take pictures of things you want to promote. The app sends your image to an actual human being, a professional photo editor, that removes the background and make your image looks good Whitin 24 hours for only 3.    18 MB    Views 1230

Backslide Video Cam

+13    If video recording is carried out by this application, as for those who are walking, a car backruns backward, and all the things that fall can make the mysterious image called going up. The image photoed by this application is seen ...    752 kb    Views 4795

Visa pour l'image

0    Discover Visa Pour L'image, the premier International Festival of Photojournalism held in Perpignan, France In this application You will be able to see a few of the exclusvie pictures of the festival. You will also get the detailed list and description ...    11 MB    Views 5902

Sketch the Image

+29    "Sketch the Image" is a very easy to use app which allows you to sketch on existing images and share the outcome to whomever you want Just open an image and you are all set Use the variety of brush sizes ...    429 kb    Views 9416
image size
+5    Four images or less are synthesized, and it is possible to make it to one portrait image. The image that can be chosen can use it directly by taking preserved image or photograph. The image can be synthesized by being able to ...    60 kb    Views 9564

MTS Photo Editor

Related Apps photo editor image
+2    A simple and easytouse photo editor. This app allows you to add effects, stickers, and more with any image stored on your device. After you are done, save the image and share it easily to any of your favorite social ...    8 MB    Views 9567

Color Burst !!

+15    Color Burst, is a application that lets users to make very nice photos with selective colorization effects popularly known as color splash. Feature You can zoom and move image so that you can colorize image more effectively Both gray to color ...    4 MB    Views 2247


format jpeg image
+3    This application can convert the image of the PNG (ex. Screen shot) form into the image of JPEG format that is suitable for the transmission with MMS. Moreover, it is possible to use it to resize the photograph of JPEG format.    81 kb    Views 9752

DoubleMatic Pro

+15    Make realistic pictures of you and your clone within a few seconds State of the art image stabilization and blending technology with fully automated image processing. No more difficult framing and precise trimming of photos, DoubleMatic can handle everything within seconds automatically 3 EASY ...    27 MB    Views 6305

Emboss FX

emboss image
+1    Emboss FX, is a application that lets users to make very nice photos with selective emboss effect. Feature You can zoom and move image so that you can emboss image more effectively emboss particular part of image Undo any number of ...    8 MB    Views 945


+18    Pictorian quickly and efficiently stores photos that you want to keep handy, but separated from your regular photo library. Simply copy one or more images, open Pictorian, and let it handle the rest Most common image formats are supported Detects ...    6 MB    Views 9656


-7    Use an image from your photo album or take one with the camera and create an artistic sketch version of the image. Upload it to Facebook or Twitter with press of a button. Perfect to use as your profile picture in Facebook ...    4 MB    Views 3869
+10    The photograph taken with the camera carries out 3D animation immediately. It is fresh every day and pleasure is full. This is a novel application. [Feature] ●Orientation: Portrait / Landscape ●Source: Camera / Camera Roll / My Document ●Resolution: Low / Medium / High ●Animation: All the ...    2 MB    Views 8650


-8    Make all kinds of different shapes by pan and pinch. Place shape any where on an image by rotation and pan. Crop that part of image and share with friends. Possibilities are infinite, get creative and cut those super shapes from ...    473 kb    Views 276


-6    It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. Imagine how much you could say if could combine up to a thousand pictures into one single picture. With pixelMug you can create a stunning effect by using images ...    2 MB    Views 3050


friend image
+20    Pixsaw is a photo messaging app with a twist. Simply take a picture or select one from your library, split it in to pieces and send it to a friend. Curiosity is a powerful thing.. Your friend must correctly reassemble ...    27 MB    Views 5112

Tattoo Later

+3    Tattoo Later It’s a fast, fun way to design your tattoo. Take your photos and convert them into tattoos. The tattoo possibilities are endless. Just select your body image. Then convert your photo and tattoo. Edit and share your tattoo. You can size, rotate, erase, ...    32 MB    Views 1371

Painter ®

0    Painter is the ultimate drawing tool. You can use it for your own sketches or let your kid enjoy drawing in your iPhone and iPad. Features: Different brush width sizes. Full RGB Palette. Opacity level. Undo feature. Clear screen. Export image to ...    21 MB    Views 1602


Related Apps photo image
+10    This app generates an image like neon lights from a photo. Features are very simple: Adjust the parameters interactively, to generate the image. Save the generated image to your photo album.    5 MB    Views 4932

Blur Fx !!

+26    Blur FX, is a application that lets users to make very nice photos with selective blur effects. Feature You can zoom and move image so that you can blur image more effectively Change blur intensity Undo any number of accidental brush ...    6 MB    Views 468


-8    Ad supported 1 ad on app start only. Photobombs is an easy to use app that allows you to create one or more 'bombs' by using a simple image editor to cut out a face or person and then layer ...    14 MB    Views 377


Related Apps photo creative edit image
+22    Create photo with a fog glass effect, edit photo in a unique, creative way, save and share with your friends, play with your photo in creative way. Instruction: double tap to show options. Rotate function can make the edit area much larger ...    4 MB    Views 9706
+12    Pictures of the present from the past. Tired of the overabundance of colours and pixels on all these newfangled devices? Now you can safely retreat to a time when you could count the number of available colours on one (potentially excessively ...    17 MB    Views 1094

Image Photo

-9    “Image Photo” help you to create special FXs on photos. Over thousands lovely and funny decorative items which include bears, dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, super stars, movie characters, models etc. It also incorporates a function of removing the photo background. Make ...    11 MB    Views 6289


Related Apps camera scan image
-8    Gyro Scan is a gyrocontrolled slit camera. Spin in a circle to generate a 360 degree scan, or rotate up and down to create a vertical scan. Stereo mode captures anaglyphic 3D panoramic photos. After capturing an image move the camera ...    135 kb    Views 3270


+10    iBaron is the image editor that allows you to classup your photos on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Look like a baron without needing a time machine or a mansion Add over 70 different turnofthecentury items to give you photos that ...    9 MB    Views 9764


-6    B It is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you generate from your photos, or any image on your device, a variety of wallpapers. The application allows you to choose the level of blur and color saturation, giving a lot ...    962 kb    Views 30

Blur picture

Related Apps blur image
0    Make blur image. Easy with this application. This will help you make blur image from your library or take new photo.    3 MB    Views 4597

Rainbow XP

+2    Rainbow XP is a graphic application that allow you to set wonderful image effects in a fast and easy way. It's possible to apply the effects in sequence, getting amazing results. Available effects: reflection shadow border glass perspective rotation flip resize crop ...    756 kb    Views 6728


Related Apps photo image works
-3    iWipe is an amazing photo and image editing app designated for smartphones and pads that allows users to wipe part of image out. you can create great works here all by your self, and only limited by your imagination using ...    5 MB    Views 8422


Related Apps photo image album save
+14    This application is a little Digital Image Processor (DIP). Starting from an image, it creates a new embossed image, introducing a 3D effect, known as bassrelief. The main menu lets you choose where to get the original picture from: or an existing ...    180 kb    Views 741

Lovely Camera

camera image lover
+16    An image admiring the feeling that idealized an ideal partner among oneself more again is completed. It is saved automatically when I choose whether I photograph it with a camera among an album. The done image may use instructions for selfintroduction of ...    2 MB    Views 6849


Related Apps photos image size
+13    A fast, fun, and simple way to convert your photos into penandink renditions that display beautifully on your ereader. Share the resulting highcontrast blackandwhite photos via email or Dropbox. You can export image with the original size. In this case please ...    2 MB    Views 5136

AsciiArtist HD

-5    AsciiArtist is your choice to turn your favorite images into stunning text versions of themselves. Convert your photos to original ascii art or apply another cool text filter that creates results you will be surprised of. AsciiArtist allows you to select the ...    9 MB    Views 8318
image images
-2    Monokrom is an intuitive and fun way to create monochrome or 'black & white' images. This jargon free app can be enjoyed by a wide variety of users anyone who has dabbled in finger painting to the finest fine ...    854 kb    Views 7750


Related Apps camera image
-7    "Mecha camera" is a camera application that can quickly and easily create captioned image of "the mess 'OO' after this." The photos processed immediately, to process the image in the album Part of the 'OO' will be placed up to ...    18 MB    Views 4814

PeeNGe S

+10    Everyday a new insprining image All pictures are made by myself. With PeeNGeS you can save the image to your photo library. The images are available for your own use. This App is retina display ready. Let you surprise everyday    1 MB    Views 5419

Image Editeur Lite

image lite
+11    Image Editeur Lite Edit all your favorite photos in your iPhone & iPad Features amazing Tools like: Filters/Effects Enhance Frame feature Stickers Focus/Blur Orientation/Rotate Whiten Blemish Add text Crop Adjustment Brightness Saturation Contrast Resize Sharpness Splash Draw Meme Redeye and much more… Sharing options as well. 3a6f430b3c    7 MB    Views 9499


search image images
0    This app allows you to search Google Images. Simply take a snap and send it out to search. Search by image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. So you’ll get ...    3 MB    Views 2505
photo image
+28    Pictify lets you quickly and easily create beautiful photo collages out of a single image. Simply select your photo, add photoFrames, and drag the photos around to setup your layout. Then save the image and share with your friends on Facebook, ...    10 MB    Views 8451
Related Apps movie image
+7    support for iOS7 or later This app makes stripe image / movie by take a camera or from photo library. I think that it becomes a very impressive stripe image if it goes well. Please enjoy    5 MB    Views 7304

Hype Crop Image

Related Apps photo image crop albums
-2    2,99 > 0.99 saleoff 30% Many Unique features that no cropping app in market provides + Rotate the photo by 90° either clockwise or anticoockwise and then crop the photo. + Easy to use and intuitive UI. + IMPORT photo from albums inside photo ...    2 MB    Views 8027

iLove Wallpaper

Related Apps wallpaper text image
+13    The easiest way to show your love to celebrate MY birthday it's free for the next 3 days. Customize your iPhone wallpaper with only a few simple steps, no photo editing experience or knowledge necessary Facebook and Twitter now supported. 1. Pick ...    907 kb    Views 5294
photo lab image
-3    U lab photo studio , Take a selfie and make it as you want by this app. User Friendly all functionality will help to make your image how you want . Basic Feature : 1. Filter 2. Adjustment 3. Effect 4. Blur And Focus 5. Crop 6. ...    9 MB    Views 1030


image woman
+2    It is a makeup application for the woman whom the woman created. However, if it is iPhone regular user, everyone can enjoy that even the man can say of course. Isn't there experience that had been thought to be "Well" when it ...    7 MB    Views 9833
image picture
+25    Lilliput is a great app that let you Take any element from one picture and add it to another. ①. Erase the background of a photo. ②. Combine the image to another image ③. Save or share the amazing picture your make to ...    4 MB    Views 9919


Related Apps photos frame image
-8    This app allows users to take photos (or pull photos from their photo album), center/scale the image, and type 60 characters of text into a white frame at the bottom of the image. User will be able to post the image ...    2 MB    Views 1509


photo image galleries
+4    We were looking for a good way to browse the NASA image galleries on the iPhone, so we created this handy app for it. It downloads pictures of Apollo 11, Hubble, weird spacecraft from the 1960s, and more. You can ...    125 kb    Views 2651


Related Apps pan image shapes
+2    Make all kinds of different shapes by pan and pinch. Place shape any where on an image by rotation and pan. Crop that part of image and share with friends. Possibilities are infinite, get creative and cut those super shapes from ...    476 kb    Views 5417
processed image
+9    By rubbing the image can be easily processed photos. There are also various filters. (Add planned in the future) You can quickly processed by easy operation. Expansion and touch the image with two fingers, movement is also possible.    16 MB    Views 3072
image add images sticker
+15    Welcome to Image FX for your iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad Featuring amazing filters to transform your photographs Tweak simple settings such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, blemish or whiten... Or take it more advanced Use saturation, crop, orientation Why not add Text to ...    22 MB    Views 4107

Photo Chroma

photo image add chroma
+12    Introducing offer…… for limited time Photo Chroma app will add the effects in your photo and make memorable. Very easy to use. Features : Extent or Modify any photo with just simple tap. Adjust Orientation,Crop,Sharpness, Brightness, Saturation and Contrast ...    5 MB    Views 6885

Share Your Pic

Related Apps image share
+4    Login one time and share message and image on facebook or twitter. You can choose image from photo library or capture one from camera. Enjoy    4 MB    Views 3009


device image
-2    This app will generate an image of Sensu by processing an image that is saved to the device. You can also use a photo taken with a device that can be taken.    1 MB    Views 6261

Image Uploader

Related Apps photos server image uploader
+25    Image Uploader App: Personal photo management tool on remote server Exports all the library photos and ability to upload photos on own server    561 kb    Views 4363


search image
+1    WhatsArt is an image search utility that enables you to take a photo or a saved image of art to investigate the artist, title of the piece and value. WhatsArt can search paintings, drawings, graffiti and photographs to find exact ...    2 MB    Views 9948

web image clipper

web image
-7    web image clipper It's simple web image download tool. Just visit website and save in your photo album.    478 kb    Views 560


-3    Hello, TinhCam allows simple control over iso, shutter and focus of your iPhone camera. In addition, TinhCam processes the image into monochrome or color after it is taken. The purpose of TinhCam is to invite you to engage in photographyfrom selecting ...    4 MB    Views 4791
Related Apps image color instagram share
-8    Color your Image with B&W, Colorful effect & share on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook instantly Features =========== Pick image from photo gallery or take image with camera Color specific portion of the image using our advanced tool Share on Ig,Fb,Tw & via Email. Support for ...    NAN    Views 1776
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