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Blur Camera

+2    A few of the latest digital cameras include image stabilization technology. But we launch "BlurCamera" that makes a blurred picture. How to use: 1.Shake your iPhone to take a picture. 2.lick on the "save" button to save picture. And if click on the "cancel" ...    355 kb    Views 2666

My Palette

palette test color resolution application shows helps grid zoomed
+1    "My Palette" is an application which helps photographers and merchandisers in their daily work. Color Palette, Grid Test and Resolution Test are included in this application. Color Palette shows the color with RGB code which helps users to compare and ...    189 kb    Views 8476

ePhotos Free

photo photos iphone email resolution set mail multiple folder
+30    ePhotos is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that enables you to set various resolution levels and select multiple photos from any folder in Photo Album and sends via email with a single click. Features: . iPhone OS 3.0 Support . ...    187 kb    Views 8247

Retina Booth

-2    The new iPad's high resolution Retina Display is remarkable But none of your old photo/wallpaper look all that great on your new iPad Retina Booth will do scaling on your photo/wallpaper to fit Retina Display's high resolution double the width and ...    160 kb    Views 7180
+25    iQuikSplash was Featured in New & Noteworthy in 2010 in 69 Countries Apple loves this app. :D Selective Coloring App On Steroid Now a Universal APP Looks Good in iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads, and even iPhone5 Buy once for ...    5 MB    Views 7259


photos iphone resolution image dimensions
+23    PhotoSize does one simple job: It reveals the pixel dimensions of any image you choose from a device photo album or Camera Roll. From the convenience of your iPhone, you'll be able to see if your image editing apps save results ...    328 kb    Views 7900
photos social frames gallery resolution framed high
+9    High resolution frames Make your memories unforgettable Easy to Use Select a photo from your existing gallery or take a new one Enable rotate and scale photos in the frames Save framed photos into your gallery Share framed photos via Facebook,Twitter,Bluetooth or other social networks Colorful and ...    5 MB    Views 2063


camera program mode picture high resolution volume application shutter button
+3    It is a camera application program with small shutter tone. ・It becomes operation off the subject about 3G. Please push volume + button of iPhone if the volume is 0.00. It goes up if the manner mode is released when the volume ...    6 MB    Views 8045


camera iphone photo photos photography apple hdr pro image images ios resolution beautiful
+11    [FOR iOS 8 USERS: get our brandnew app, Pro HDR X. If you're still running iOS 7 or earlier, you should download this app.] Automatically create stunning fullresolution HDR images with just a single tap Pro HDR supports iPhone, iPad, and ...    3 MB    Views 4281

ReSkin PRO

+14    Featured at WHAT'S HOT in 46 COUNTRIES (Dec 2010) From the creator of iQuikSplash & LiveDOF, comes another ground breaking effects app Selective Color and/or texture Changing with 2 Taps This can't be ANY easier SEE VIDEO DEMO: √ With smart ...    6 MB    Views 8423
sketch photo photos twitter high resolution achieve realistic
+9    Features ========================================================= Turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch Create unlimited sketches High Resolution Photos can be taken directly from Camera or Photo Album Adjustment of Edge, Brightness and Contrast and Saturation to achieve the best Sketch Results Sharing via Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr,Flickr and Email Why are we different ...    19 MB    Views 5132

Pictrix free

Related Apps frame photos image resolution high border perfect change size adjustment effects
+2    Create a highresolution framed image by selecting a layout. Arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and drag to get the perfect composition for each individual photo. You can change the size of the frame or resolution of the final ...    5 MB    Views 3604


photo camera times resolution button touch operation simple
-6    ImageCompactor is Limited functionality of “ImageDoubler”, is adversion. A very simple operation, You can reduce the size of the photo. Not only reduced simple, beautiful and smooth, you can modify 1/2 times, by 1/3. For example, you can fix low resolution (1/2 times, ...    3 MB    Views 2895
Related Apps video photo rate control hero gopro resolution
+4    Control your GoPro Hero remotely. Features included video resolution, frame rate, field of view, light level, photo resolution, continuous rate, burst rate, orientation, spot meter, video + photo, looping video, LED and video type. Now control your GoPro Hero from your ...    13 MB    Views 1985
Related Apps photo text photos effects export resolution instagram
-7    Got bored with the same dull texts on your photos? Textmatic is the most powerful way to add text with gorgeous styles, colors, fonts on your photos. Do it on your iPhone what you could only do on a computer. And ...    NAN    Views 6425


photo photos camera shooting resolution sharing
+27    Special Limited Offer Price Roundgraphy is a camera app that creates photos with a circle frame. ▧ Artistic Effects Beautiful & Cool FXs vignette/xpro/oldstyle/pop/warm/ bluish/faded/twotone/cinema/sekki/ toy/vintage/xpro2/ocean/fire/cream/ rose/dogdays/fishsheep ▧ Colorful Frames 63 Colors ▧ Photo Sharing Easy to Sharing Photo with your frinends Twitter Facebook Email Instagram Photo Album ▧ Resolution Full device ...    512 kb    Views 9957
Related Apps photo images shape effects image create resolution lens elements
-9    Innovative and elegant application with precision controls to shape and sculpt images. Short demo video at ===== EXAMPLE USES ===== Correct or Simulate Lens Distortions Create fisheye lens effects ranging from subtle distortions to full 180 degree projections. Also ...    5 MB    Views 1397

Pic Frame Studio

Related Apps frame photos collages create image resolution pic frames color brightness slider
-8    Pic Frame Studio offers the easiest way to create awesome photo collages. With 6 types of full customizable filters, rounded borders and 28 customizable and resizable frames, there are unlimited options to create unique collages Features: • 28 different frames • Powerful Image Editor ...    11 MB    Views 1771

C64 Camera

-6    Pixel art nerd? Make sure to also check out the 2Bit Camera with settings for dithering, contrast, brightness and LCDtone Don't you sometimes miss the 80's? Get ready to step back in time Back to the eighties when the Commodore 64 was ...    317 kb    Views 465


video ipad photos photo time videos editing apple film text effects image output face resolution process powerful
-1    Bricolage is a powerful specialeffects toolbox for tricking out your photos and movies like the Hollywood pros do. Pipe your video through a chain of basic effects, each processing the picture in a different way. With over 100 to choose ...    62 MB    Views 2516


photo art photos photography artist students photographers designers image resolution computer noise increase
0    Segmentix is a invaluable study tool for all art students, photographers and designers. It simplifies any type of photography into its core values and reduces nonimportant details using specially developed natural Segmentation. The result image can be used alone but more ...    5 MB    Views 6882
lines images perspective free horizon resolution
+5    Perspective Corrector corrects falling lines and fixes the horizon in images. Falling lines are caused by lens distortion which makes straight lines to appear distorted in photographs. Features: Fix vertical and horizontal falling lines. Align image with the horizon. Support for ...    2 MB    Views 5676

SketchMee Lite

art sketch photo full image high sketches images resolution
0    The phototosketch app that stands out from the rest SketchMee analyzes, interprets and redraws your photo from scratch, instead of the simple edge filtering other apps do. New York Times sums it up: "This app turns your photos into pencil sketches ...    5 MB    Views 5296

Pic Grunger Free

Related Apps photo grunge choose effects effect color strength device resolution options
+5    Rock out your photos Pic Grunger makes your pictures look as if they were hanging on the wall of a rock club for years. Choose from 4 different grunge effects and 3 color styles to apply to any picture stored ...    2 MB    Views 4210
+1    Featured in over 80 different countries in the top 150 Photography Paid aps of all time. This is the ultimate app for photographers, geeks and anyone with a need/passion for resolution calculation. This app allows you to calculate the resolution, megapixels, type ...    66 kb    Views 7719
Related Apps camera time 2400 slider kaleidoscope resolution control high real photograph
-3    This application can save the photograph of high resolution. Max. 2400 x 2400 pixels. The printed photograph is the best for wrapping paper or origami. It's also Realtime kaleidoscope camera. [Realtime controls] Density: Slider control Zoom: Slider control Pattern Type: A / B [Settings] Input: Rear camera / Front ...    2 MB    Views 3787


photo library facebook poster resolution inch
+6    With iWanted Poster, you can create humorous posters of your family and friends and share them via Facebook or email. Each poster can be customized with different dastardly deeds and reward amounts. Choose a picture in your Photo Library or ...    3 MB    Views 6726

Image Pro

+29    A professional Image Editor, Timelapse maker, Album sorter, auto Face cropper, Slideshow sharer and high frequency shooting camera This App contains more than 200 functions and allows your imagination fly by creating the most interesting and attractive photos of yours within seconds Image ...    9 MB    Views 1511


Related Apps photo shooting leaks light resolution effects sharing choice
-6    Special Limited Offer Price Professional Light Leaks Effect Photo App ”Back in the good old days of traditional photography, light leaks marked a mistake in the development process. In today's day of filters, it's a stylistic choice, and Lightleaker offers a choice ...    14 MB    Views 7573
retro camera photos ipad photo effects resolution
+4    Retro Camera – see the Retro world “Through the Retro Camera” Now you can shoot oldfashioned photo Take full resolution photos at the maximum speed avalaible on your iPad 2. Capture the moments of daily life Users ...    4 MB    Views 1334

France Wallpaper HD

Related Apps wallpaper photo photos france resolution save
-2    How to Use France Wallpaper HD: france wallpaper is an app that's offers gorgeous photos of france there are 36 stunning photos to save the resolution of every photo is 3000x2000 pixels that's high resolution this app features to save every ...    110 MB    Views 5833

HeartBooth Mosaic

Related Apps facebook photos heart mosaic instagram resolution
-2    Create a heart mosaic fast & easy. Take each picture by just pressing a single button, no confusing navigation between different screens. The resulting heart can be saved to photos in superb resolution and shared to both Instagram and Facebook. Features: ...    3 MB    Views 8335
Related Apps photos high updated resolution stunning zoom automatically
+11    Test your skills in identifying 5 differences in the photos With tons of stunning high resolution photos automatically updated online, and our advanced photo zoom feature, there's no reason to settle for anything less Features: Challenging beattheclock format Hints Stunning high resolution ...    152 MB    Views 5336

proView ®

iphone images resolution view viewer image native internet zoom
-5    proView native high resolution image viewer. proView is a small,lightweight,dedicated image viewer that takes images already on your iPhone or iPod touch and let you and your chums view them at their full glorious native resolution, as intended. Get maps,art, ...    59 kb    Views 7583
video photo camera photos time videos iphone5 resolution zoom function image
-8    HiVideo is an app that allows you to shoot horizontal videos and photos while holding your device vertically. You can shoot videos and photos easily with one hand. Use the real time zoom for a smooth enlarged or reduced view. The image stabilizing ...    4 MB    Views 5741
Related Apps photos flickr facebook photo effects image blend instagram resolution
-3    Create stunning effects to your photos with PicBlend Pick your photos from your camera, photo album, or from online accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Skydrive. Search for public photos in Flickr for the image to ...    15 MB    Views 2834


photo photos extension resolution
+1    ClarifyPhoto uses unique algorithms to give clarity to any kind of photo you may have. Your photo is underexposed, overexposed, partially overexposed or underexposed, ClarifyPhoto can take care of it all. You have a old photo that looks faded? Just ...    2 MB    Views 2160
+24    Album Express mobile is a appmobile specifically designed to accelerate the creation and the layout process of high quality digital photo albums. Easy, Fast and Professional. This version allows you to share your project in High Resolution through Dropbox in order to ...    10 MB    Views 9834
video silver gopro hero control rate settings resolution
+8    Control your GoPro Hero 4 Silver remotely. Features include video resolution, frame rate, field of view, protune settings, photo resolution, burst rate, night shots, spot meter, LED and Beep settings, startup modes and video type. Now control your GoPro Hero 4 ...    28 MB    Views 7782
library email iphone frame photo picture pictures framed resolution image save
-7    Do you miss an option for framing your pictures directly on the iPhone? Furthermore, do you miss an option for limiting the resoultion of your pictures due to the image data size? There is a solution "WinterBoard" can do both and ...    65 MB    Views 9958

Sketch Camera Pro !

Related Apps sketch camera photo photos pro realistic resolution high
+11    ON SALE BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Sketch Camera Pro is an awesome application which turns the world around you into a sketch Features: Turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch Share artwork with friends. Create unlimited sketches High Resolution Photos ...    284 kb    Views 300

aE Camera Flash

camera email photo images image flash compression capture resolution save select
+8    aE Camera Flash brightens images just like a good flash It was developed in cooperation with an award winning professional photographer, the director of graphic design for an international magazine, and a DSP expert from USC. This is not a ...    743 kb    Views 7121
Related Apps work love photos people images high resolution usd gallery free image photographs
0    The app Your Gallery opens the door to thousands of photographs and illustrations for free use. New Photographs Daily Every day we publish new images in the app. We have signed agreements with a number of photographers and illustrators worldwide and expect ...    16 MB    Views 3298

Mosaic Camera Pro

Related Apps email photo time mosaic pictures resolution friends share
+12    50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME You can take a Mosaic photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Take pictures at your camera’s full resolution, even with effect Use the flash and frontfacing cameras on most devices Store ...    389 kb    Views 1091


art image picture resolution create deer parts original images
+3    Create beautiful lowpolygon versions of your favourite photos All the features from Polyd Free, plus high resolution exports. Take a selfie and polygonize yourself Import that awesome photo you took a while ago and convert it to lowpoly art Choose which parts of the ...    4 MB    Views 2248


frame photos image resolution high result perfect border change zoom
-7    Create a highresolution framed image by selecting a layout. Arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and drag to get the perfect composition for each individual photo. You can change the size of the frame or resolution of the final ...    5 MB    Views 3579


camera photo time zoom shot image default resolution detail capture
0    The better way to zoom Don't miss another great shot fumbling with sliders and other controls. When you are limited to a digital zoom (as you always are with the iPhone camera), photographic experts recommend zooming after you take the photo. ...    2 MB    Views 8533

Movie >> Photo

Related Apps frame movie camera photo save roll resolution image screen fast
+21    "Movie >> Photo" is the application that save it to a camera roll. It is favorite 1 frame of the movie which I photographed with iPhone camera. App is very simple and easy to use. How to use The operation function explanation of ...    1 MB    Views 1951


video iphone photo resolution frames http create
+14    StillShot can help you create high quality photos from any video on your iPhone. StillShot can be found useful when objects are on the move and it is hard to catch the moment or when a video was already taken instead ...    16 MB    Views 6425
wallpapers ipad retina display mode share 1536 designed high resolution
+26    In very high resolution, 2048by1536pixel, special designed for the new iPad's retina display. Wallpapers are sorted by categories, you can view it by tap the image icon, you can save wallpapers into your photo library and use it as your wallpaper ...    404 MB    Views 61
facebook photo photos apple ipad beautifully filter background resolution tiles
+9    Beautifully Done A new way to view your Facebook photos. We bring you a revolutionary way of viewing your photo on iPad as well as Apple TV via AirPlay. WHAT REVIEW SITE SAID ABOUT BEAUTIFULLY DONE APPADVICE "Beautifully Done ...    23 MB    Views 6254


art photos processing resolution process cross
+17    LOFI (LOwFIdelity) is a most simply put a celebration of imperfection. Cross processing, also known as xpro, is the art of developing film in the most untraditional ways, to give the most untraditionally beautiful appeals. LOFI takes the art of ...    5 MB    Views 5793

Frame Photo free

Related Apps frame photo photos image resolution high size great effects perfect
-9    Tell a great story to your friends with the beautiful picture made by "Frame Photo". Create a highresolution framed image by selecting a layout. Arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and drag to get the perfect composition for each ...    5 MB    Views 4201


hardware pictures conditions picture light resolution
+22    This app improves taking pictures in low light conditions. In very low light conditions LowLightCam can take decent pictures, even if pictures taken by the standard camera app are hardly usable. The app simulates long exposure times while stabilizing the picture. ...    5 MB    Views 3161

TypoBox Pro

Related Apps camera character image album characters resolution size pinch fonts
+9    "TypoBox Pro" is an application for support to more than 260 fonts, easy to put a comment in the image. In the image on the album or a photo that was taken with the camera, you can easily add characters on ...    24 MB    Views 9285
Related Apps photos editing twirl powerful features resolution full image turn
+22    Turn any photo into a surreal masterpiece with Elasticam. Stretch, squeeze, pinch and prod your prints to create magical effects with ease. Elasticam features a simple yet powerful toolset to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. Using ...    3 MB    Views 3125
Related Apps frame photo photos image resolution high change border zoom perfect
+20    Tell a great story to your friends with the beautiful picture made by "Photo Image Frame". Create a highresolution framed image by selecting a layout. Arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and drag to get the perfect composition for ...    4 MB    Views 5815
Related Apps wallpaper photo photos france save resolution
+8    How to Use France Wallpaper HD: france wallpaper is an app that's offers gorgeous photos of france there are 36 stunning photos to save the resolution of every photo is 3000x2000 pixels that's high resolution this app features to save every ...    109 MB    Views 979

Camera for iPad

Related Apps ipad camera iphone photos touch ipod resolution devices connect pictures
-9    And now for something truly Magical. Add a highresolution camera to your iPad (or iPod touch)wirelessly Easily connects any two devices to send the camera from one to the other. Simply start Camera for iPad on both devices, and they'll find ...    5 MB    Views 9244

Movie >> Photo LITE

Related Apps frame movie camera photo roll save screen resolution change fast image
-6    "Movie >> Photo" is the application that save it to a camera roll. It is favorite 1 frame of the movie which I photographed with iPhone camera. How to use The operation function explanation of each screen. ※explain an icon under the ...    3 MB    Views 6174
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