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+3    SnapTheHappy A Disposable Camera App for your Wedding Snaphappy is a snap and store app and instant wedding enhancer. So much is put into that day why not invite your guests to capture candid reception moments that the photographer wouldn’t ...    845 kb    Views 5632


+4    FREE for a limited time for the 2013 holiday season Engage your party guests in this holiday season Let each of your guest take a photo, make a wish. And you can pick a lucky guest for rewards Our creative app makes ...    579 kb    Views 7833

Event Smart

0    Event Smart Find Events, Share Photos and Video Event Smart is a social utility that helps you find Facebook events to attend and to share photos and videos with other event guests. Login to Event Smart with your Facebook account to ...    7 MB    Views 5689
wedding photos photo cards love guests share timeline website information fun
+14    All your wedding memories in one place The Photo Share app allows your guests to take photos during the wedding that are automatically shared on an interactive timeline. Guests can Love or comment on the photos, add filters, and share photos ...    23 MB    Views 3753
+24    Simple Booth Event Edition is designed for a real photo booth experience at live events. Set up a DIY photo booth or even book your own photo booth gigs on a budget. Simple Booth Event Edition has the features of ...    72 MB    Views 6715
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+16    WiFi Booth is a professionalgrade photobooth app that works wirelessly with your existing equipment Designed and built by a professional event photographer, WiFi Booth brings a new level of fun and guestinteraction to existing photobooth setups at weddings, corporate events, ...    17 MB    Views 5424
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-3    Easily create a fun photo booth for friends and family at your wedding. Easy Set Up Direct Printing Add Custom Borders Lock iPad to App Lock Settings Easy To Use Once set up you can leave for your guests to enjoy. ...    15 MB    Views 7473
wedding party love photos guests share details schedule connect smart
+2    Smart Love App is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all your friends, family and guests and help them socialize and share at all of your wedding events & occasions. Share your wedding event schedule, wedding ...    23 MB    Views 1361
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-6    Collect, share and swap all the photos taken at your wedding events LIVE. Guests using Wedding Photo Swap have their photos sent directly to your albums in real time. See your wedding from 100's of viewpoints instantly and settle back after ...    8 MB    Views 3311


+24    Giclie lets people print photos from their iPhones in 3 simple ways: by using this iPhone app, by uploading them to Instagram with a special tag, or sending them via email to It’ll make your corporate party, tradeshow, conference or ...    3 MB    Views 4405

Best Moment

photos wedding card application moments moment pre guests phones smart precious
-9    "The moments will become precious treasures of your life" Best Moment is a brand new application designed for Newlyweds to save wedding cinematography scenes into any prewedding photos. It is innovative and creative ideas to see prewedding photos come to life via ...    17 MB    Views 5884


wedding photos photo guests share place key info couple
+14    From today until your day, we do. Create your app in three steps: create a user account, enter basic info & upload a cover photo. Share wedding story with friends and family. See your wedding through the eyes of your guests App ...    37 MB    Views 5533
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+4    Photo and video memories are one of the most valuable things we share during events. But often these disappear in the cloud.incrowd solves this and will change the way we share photos and videos at events. Capture memories Never miss any photos ...    5 MB    Views 2263

Wedding Party

wedding photo photos party videos guests share event information booth
-3    Wedding Party is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all of your guests and help them stay connected and in the loop as you count down to your big day. Get all the photos from all ...    37 MB    Views 4305
wedding videos time guests download pictures couple share click amazing
+11    This app is an amazing feature for any wedding With the app you can make all your guests wedding photographers. They will take pictures and videos with their smartphones, and after the wedding you simply download everything with one click on ...    28 MB    Views 813
wedding guests
+1    Mine Forever Wedding App allows your guests to have access to all bigday details, and also collects photos from all your guests into one single gallery Your guests will be more involved and entertained than ever using the Mine Forever ...    19 MB    Views 5667


photo marketing videos photos card email social branded guest brand message online access guests
-8    Capture branded photos and videos for your customers and event guests. Guests receive their photo and share it together with your brand message. Create social wordofmouth marketing and collect leads for your brand. You or your staff use the app to ...    10 MB    Views 2315
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+12    Bliiss is the photosharing app for weddings. Using Bliiss, wedding guests take pictures with their smartphones or digital cameras and share them to the couple's personal album. ONE AWESOME GALLERY Bliiss lets you capture your wedding from every angle—more than your photographer ...    15 MB    Views 8153
-1    Introducing PhotoOpp Bride Edition "The Original Wedding App that Replaces Disposable Cameras" COLLECT HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS INSTANTLY AND AUTOMATICALLY FROM ALL YOUR WEDDING GUESTS BRIDES FROM ALL AROUND THE GLOBE use PhotoOpp Bride Edition to capture all the fun and fascinating ...    13 MB    Views 6970
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+13    Getting Married? Ditch the disposable cameras and try WedPics The 1 Photo and Video Sharing App made just for YOUR wedding. Capture unlimited photos taken by all your wedding guests TOP 11 REASONS TO USE WEDPICS: 1. Capture unlimited photos taken ...    36 MB    Views 2355

Cake Face

photos album face pictures event guests sharing
-4    Cake Face the real time photo sharing app for special events Capturing, collecting, and sharing event photos just got a whole lot easier Guests take pictures through the app, which are uploaded to an online album the moment they are ...    1 MB    Views 2629
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-5    Selpic is an innovative Crowed Event Photography service which puts the power of photography in the hands of the participants. Selpic empowers participants to capture compelling images at meaningful events and receive printed copies on the spot, helping your guests share ...    11 MB    Views 4875


photos family events event join perspective access guests friends
-1    Pivit: Get the picture. Pivit is a new way to share photos. Create or join an event, then post your pictures with those of other guests. The entire event is shared, giving you instant access to all the best shots and coverage from every perspective. • ...    7 MB    Views 6026

Perfect Event

photo time facebook email event share guests information story experience
+14    Tailormake your event at Eaton, Hong Kong and share it instantly with your friends and family This Event app is ideal for personalising your event and making it a great experience. Be it a Kids’ Event, Wedding Party, Graduation Dinner, Birthday ...    10 MB    Views 239
+9    FotoWed, Live. Love. Snap. Share. A new way to capture and share your Wedding Photos, create a gallery for your special day that friends, family and guests can be a part of. Gather even more magical moments of your day all in ...    39 MB    Views 3726
people time guests events multiple signatures favorite support contact
+1    A digital guestbook. Your guests can sign it: By taking a photo and signing it with their finger. By recording a video. Or by writing a letter. Later, you can view all guest signatures, and easily respond individually or to everyone ...    6 MB    Views 8803

Whirlii 3D

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-9    A fun and exciting way to capture pictures, videos, and voice notes from friends & family + An incredible 3D photo and video album + Guests can chat in the app + Add photos, videos, comments, and voice notes + Far away friends and ...    16 MB    Views 7116


+8    Your Personalized Quinceanera Camera App IT'S YOUR QUINCEANERA COLLECT HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS INSTANTLY AND AUTOMATICALLY FROM ALL YOUR GUESTS Guests use QuincePix to take and share photos with the Quinceanera and each other… all in realtime IT'S SO MUCH FUN Use ...    16 MB    Views 2921
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+14    Why isn't there a simple way to get those awesome photos of you from your friends phone? How come we all leave the party asking our friends to send us their photos? Well now that's a thing of the past. ...    77 MB    Views 4309
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-5    CrowdCam is an easy way to collect photos from your guests and stream them in realtime to a big screen at your event. === HOW IT WORKS === 1. Guests Take Photos at Event. ​Your guests download our free easy to use app ...    13 MB    Views 8906

Fiesta Booth

photo video text email guests booth mode enable print messages device
+22    Transform your device into a photo booth for your next celebration Email, text, and print photos instantly. Gather video messages from your guests to save memories from the occasion. You can customize your guests' experience in the settings pane. Fiesta ...    7 MB    Views 1005


time pictures event participants live space guests large screen
+5    LINKAVIE EVENTS: Get all the pictures taken by your guests synchronized in realtime on a dedicated and private LINKAVIE shared space for your event...and present a Live slideshow on a large screen with all pictures taken by your guests LINKAVIE ...    9 MB    Views 5772
video guest clients guests form event chart
+2    WEDDING AND EVENT VENDORS Are you interested in offering a unique service to your clients? Then the iSIT Seating Chart and Virtual Guestbook app is the perfect solution for you. Our app allows you to replace the need for ...    78 MB    Views 1221
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+7    Libby360 makes it easy to capture all of the photos from your wedding day – even those taken by your guests From the creators of Libby James DIY wedding albums comes the newest innovation in wedding photo sharing. Libby360 allows your ...    18 MB    Views 6248
photographers wedding photos event guests collect
0    This app allows photographers using ShootProof to collect (preregister) emails at an event with or without an internet connection. The purpose of the app is to help photographers get more leads, increase sales, and allow guests from the event to view ...    10 MB    Views 6664

Picolia Data

photo data collect upload register guests information
-4    Picolia Data is a data collection application. With our app you can collect information from your event guests, register them for sweepstakes, collect your product feedback, etc. App can be customised to fit your brand. Upload your logo and you have ...    700 kb    Views 8871
party photo social photos pictures wall free mode guests
0    The social photo wall app that will wow your party guests. "This is possibly the coolest idea for an app I’ve seen in a long time.“ – jonfeulner via Indiegogo “I love this idea because aside from the cool factor of showing ...    24 MB    Views 3718
+2    Why pay thousands of dollars to hire a photo booth for a special occasion like a wedding, Birthday or engagement party when you can purchase Celebration Photo Booth for a fraction of the cost. With a huge range of themes and ...    132 MB    Views 5344
wedding party love photos guests share details schedule connect smart
-6    Smart Love App is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all your friends, family and guests and help them socialize and share at all of your wedding events & occasions. Share your wedding event schedule, wedding ...    23 MB    Views 5260
wedding videos photos guests ceremony code
-4    Keepchest ( is a service that allows wedding ceremony or reception guests to create photos and videos, share them with other guests, order photo prints, sign a guestbook and more This is a free companion app used by guests to ...    8 MB    Views 1989
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-5    Getting married? Congratulations Say goodbye to disposable cameras and hashtags. Capture, share and preserve every photo and video taken at your wedding with Ceremony Your guests will love using it and you’ll walk away with a complete archive of your ...    7 MB    Views 3104


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-2    הפתרון המושלם לתיעוד האירוע שלכם בלי שום מאמץ מצדכם. PicMe מאפשרת לכם לשתף עם האורחים שלכם את הרגעים היפים מהאירוע ישירות למכשיר הסלולרי שלהם. אנחנו נעשה עבורכם את כל העבודה ונדאג שהאורחים שלכם יקבלו את התמונות לאחר עריכה וטיפול מקצועי איך זה ...    10 MB    Views 9429


photos photo event guests place instantly capture choose share private
+2    Snapable is the easiest way for you to collect all the photos your guests take at your event. Simply set up an event at, have your guests download the app and during the event and every photo they take will ...    3 MB    Views 3289


photos event slide show live upload guest occasion guests
+7    PhotoOpp is the fun and interactive way of taking and sharing photos of any live event such as wedding receptions, ceremonies, conventions, parties, sporting events and more PhotoOpp becomes the life of the party by allowing any guest with an iPhone ...    13 MB    Views 114
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-8    The Ultimate app for your Wedding. Your Guests' Photos, Instantly Yours No need for disposable cameras. Use this app to view beautiful highresolution photos from and contribute your photos to events you attend where the couple have informed you that they're ...    5 MB    Views 5311


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+10    Take control of the events in your life with Valo. Valo is the free and easy way to help you organise your events, create an online community around your events, and find fun events to join Imagine creating an event: • Simply fill ...    20 MB    Views 6677
wedding party love photos guests share details schedule connect smart
-4    Smart Love App is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all your friends, family and guests and help them socialize and share at all of your wedding events & occasions. Share your wedding event schedule, wedding ...    23 MB    Views 9330


photos time social party camera media facebook twitter photographers ipad event net real automatically sharing guests
+14    PhotoFiesta.NET allows real time sharing of professional photographs from DSLR cameras directly to Email, Facebook, Twitter and others CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS, EVENT ORGANIZERS AND PARTY HOSTS. Get the most out of your event by allowing photographs shot by a professional photographer ...    4 MB    Views 3301


wedding party photos events guests share details set
-7    Lovie is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all your friends, family and guests and help them socialize and share at all of your wedding events & occasions. Share your wedding event schedule, wedding couple profile ...    56 MB    Views 3422

Love Lens

love photos lens event guests
-4    Love Lens is a way to collect photos from everyone at your event Use Love Lens to take photos in place of your normal camera app and all the photos will be uploaded to a shared album automatically Perfect for weddings ...    3 MB    Views 6058
facebook photos event sharing guests group
-3    Groupic "Group Picture Sharing" is an app for Facebook events that collects the photos taken by the events’ guests. During the event the photos can be viewed by all guests on their mobile devices, and streamed live to a screen. ...    12 MB    Views 5345
video maps calendar facebook photo age send event guests invitation icon selfie message
+4    SelfEvite Invite Yourself….is a fun new way to send personalized invitations in the Age of the Selfie It is the perfect way to send your friends and family members a personalized invitation. Whether it's a birthday party, graduation, wedding or ...    29 MB    Views 7548
wedding photos cards browse guests day online private album share capture
-9    Invite wedding guests to capture every moment of your day, from arrival through to the very last dance using hitched for Wedding Guests. Have guests make ever lasting memories of your wedding for free. hitched for Wedding Guests allows you to capture ...    NAN    Views 1761
photos wedding media social family share guests view guest day
+10    Sharing your friends and family's wedding day just got a whole lot easier Take, crop and share photos from their big day for all guests to see View, like, comment, and download photos – even share on your favorite social ...    48 MB    Views 7706
wedding photos messaging apple ipad time party slideshow guests messages create instant
+3    Want to show your wedding photos in an interactive way? Blessing On Air is the app that turns your beautiful photos into a slideshow with instantmessaging feature your photos are displayed together with realtime blessing messages posted by your ...    15 MB    Views 3792

Party People Pics

Related Apps party photo photos videos people guests pics
+14    Take your party to the next level with the Party People Pics app. Whether it's your wedding, a birthday, or a Saturday night dance party, this iPad Photo Booth lets you capture the scene perfectly. Style It Choose from a selection of ...    10 MB    Views 8855
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