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CopyIt for Kids

+10    From the makers of CopyIt The Grid Drawing Method for iOS and CopyIt Legacy Edition comes CopyIt For Kids CopyIt for Kids is a fun way to teach and learn how to draw using the Grid Drawing Method. It is ...    8 MB    Views 8136


+18    This app automatically snaps a sequence of photos with the camera, put them in a grid and allow you to share the picture grid on Instagram. Both front and back camera can be used.    6 MB    Views 1996
+4    Golden Ratio application allows you to discover and see harmonious dimensions and forms using the golden ratio proportion visually over your preffered photo, directly from your photo gallery, any time, anywhere you are... In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are ...    6 MB    Views 9609

Car Frames

car photo frames select free phone gallery image grid
+12    Car frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application Car frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    22 MB    Views 6231
+15    GRID is a new image sharing service based on location information. You can easily see photos taken at a location as well as other photos taken at a location in the photo. The more you use GRID, the more GRID expands. Work with ...    5 MB    Views 4004

InFrame Grid

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0    ALL IAPs FREE InFrame Grid is an amazingly flexible, incredibly intuitive, and comprehensively customizable tool for enhancing the presentation of your photos. Create custom frames, backgrounds, and borders, and even use InFrame Grid to create your own personally designed ...    13 MB    Views 3223

News Frames

news photo frames select free phone gallery image grid
+24    News frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application News frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    14 MB    Views 4184
Related Apps photo frame frames day rose free select grid phone gallery image
-4    Rose Day frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application Rose Day frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame ...    49 MB    Views 1206
-4    Notice. Next release version is required iOS 8.0 or later. You can change multiple grids with the swipe gesture. Gcamera is a useful application in determining the composition when shooting. Five normal grids & square grids.(save photo square size when square gird mode) You ...    5 MB    Views 493
+9    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY "Awesome update to make it 100x better" LEiMobile Still Uploading The Same Old Boring And Typical Photos On Facebook and Instagram? Please, Spare Your Friends From Boredom Get a PhotoGridPro app for your iPhone or iPad =================================== With PhotoGridPro, you ...    39 MB    Views 6634

Picture Grid

Related Apps camera iphone time measure grid picture view location grids
0    Picture Grid allows you to project virtual grids into the camera view. The main grid remains horizontal regardless of the motion of the camera. In addition, the location and orientation of the grid, as well as the scale, can be ...    5 MB    Views 6954
Related Apps photo mirrors mirror effects multiple includes grid reflections create
+22    Create stunning and reflective 2D and 3D Photo mirrors effects for your photos. Mirror grid are so realistic and create awesome reflections. Select a photo from gallery or take a selfie using camera and it automatically creates multiple 2D and 3D ...    19 MB    Views 8443


photo correction distortion symmetry cropping lens grid lines
-3    The missing link in highend Smartphone Photography SKRWT is here No more crooked lines This keystone and lenscorrection tool turns your phone into a view camera. All hail symmetry. CORRECT LENS DISTORTION Converging lines have always been a given in iPhoneography due ...    3 MB    Views 8867

Photo Kifu

photo file grid game check zoom easy
0    Convert your go/baduk/weiqi games or positions to sgf file for easy review or distribution. Take a photo of the game and let PhotoKifu do the hard work. Send the resulting file to friends, continue playing or check the score using any ...    12 MB    Views 6101

Diwali Frames Maker

Related Apps photo frames select free grid easy phone maker
+22    Diwali frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application Diwali frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    33 MB    Views 7312
photos camera filters 1000 support picture professional designed instagram grid
-8    1,000,000 users choose Colorburn Twice featured in “Best New Apps” of 100+ countries by Apple, 2 of top paid in Italy, 4 of top paid in Portugal. 50% OFF to celebrate the launch Just 1 cent for 10 filters Colorburn(Colors) is a ...    16 MB    Views 3026
art videos photos glitch create click effect grid images
+3    Glitch Art is a glitching app for glitch artists to turn BOTH images and videos into modern digital masterpieces. Glitch Art app contains a wide range of tools and options to create limitless different combinations and variations of glitches. Just 1 ...    70 MB    Views 2593
Related Apps christmas photo frame gifts design frames free select gallery grid phone
0    Christmas Photo Frames Free How you celebrate Christmas? Going Church, do prayers, great celebrations and gifts are the part of this cheerful event. Not only kids but everybody loves to celebrate Christmas with gifts and giving best wishes to their beloved ones. Mostly ...    29 MB    Views 5205
+4    Grid Camera can shoot grid combination photos from 1 1 to 9 9, you can also select any width and height of the grids to take larger size of photos. You can instantly see the combined image, and ...    8 MB    Views 7570

Flip Your Photos

photos twitter facebook flip grid game
+15    Flip Your Photos it's a memory game where you must match photos from a grid. Use your own photos from your device's Camera Roll, Facebook or Twitter account Select different grid size to increase difficulty and beat your record For Facebook or ...    10 MB    Views 8422
Related Apps photo photos facebook grid grids create interactive maker pics
+17    Photo Grid Pics Grid Maker allows you to create fun, interactive 4x4 photo grids from your photos. Whether you're travelling, doing a daily activity, attending a special event, or just out with family or friends creating a photo grid ...    6 MB    Views 3170
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0    Collage share Pic Grid Give life to your old photographs in your phone gallery, create a story with your clicked pictures, gift a friend a loving photo story, give a twist to all pictures – download Collage Share Pic ...    33 MB    Views 6567
photo editing art facebook personal twitter photos collage pic pics create grid picture collages
+3    Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you like making your own collages and enjoy retouching photos? We have created a perfect app for you Photo Collage Pic Editing is the ideal picture editing app for every true picture editor. ...    68 MB    Views 6342

Grid Lens

photos frame camera flickr photo facebook twitter grid lines mode lens create share capture shot
-9    Meet our brand new camera. Grid lens lets you shoot your precious moments on a single picture. You can take photos in each frame split by grid lines to create your own story. It allows you to capture every single moment you don’t ...    27 MB    Views 5120
-6    The Photo Sliding Puzzle game is for all ages and especially for those who love solving puzzles. The rules are very simple: Slide the puzzle pieces in the correct order to rebuild the original image. The game has the following features: Create your ...    3 MB    Views 169
drawing camera photo artist grid image draw exact shoot
-1    This is a very vital tool for any artist or anyone who wants to learn how to draw. Proportion is a very difficult skill to master and this app provides an original solution to this problem. By using the app's ...    3 MB    Views 836
photo photos facebook twitter filters filter easy share grid collage templates
+18    Filter Collage lets you easy to combine multiple filters into a nice picture! With Filter Collage, You can combine ordinary photos into worthshare photos; you can use different filters on every grids of a photo; you can enjoy with your friends ...    8 MB    Views 4086


+7    Grid is an iPhone application that allows you to see the grids of visual materials throught it's 12 different grid structures. It's a useful application for UI & graphic designers, photographers, architects, industrial designers and more.    643 kb    Views 9087

Phi Camera

camera guides overlay ratio copy golden grid cropping
+6    Phi Camera is an iPhone camera application which helps you compose beautiful photos using the power of the Golden Ratio. The Phi Spiral and "Golden Grid" guides help you frame your shots in devine proportions all within an easy to use ...    2 MB    Views 5329
Related Apps photo photos profile grid square post instagram upload tap banner
+10    The complete solution of square formats on Instagram. Post your photo beyond square boundary on Instagram. By nSquares, you can freely choose to post your photo with different square formats: 1Square (No Crop): post your photo in square format without cropping your ...    4 MB    Views 8946

Grid Filter

photo photos love designers share grid effect create cell selected
-4    Designers, Artists and Mathematicians all know how much a simple grid can do. Now with unlimited combination of effects Create, share, collaborate like never before with GridFilter. Create, share, collaborate GridFilter enables you to create custom photo manipulation effects and share ...    21 MB    Views 6235

Kyoobik Photo HD

photo art work editing image slider tile adjust grid
+5    The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (cubic), the photo app that turns your mundane photo into a geometric gridded image. Gridded image? Sounds straight to the point, but the amazing turns and slides you can ...    16 MB    Views 5452


camera function grid application touch change lock option ipod iphone4
+11    It's camera application to particular about composition. This application can display the grid which is useful to decide composition on a preview. Grid can customize from an more option. This application can change it at the time of photography quickly, if you create ...    452 kb    Views 417
Related Apps camera photo selfie 360 selfies perfect grid shuffle show
0    Show MORE on a single selfie camera photo MORE of Selfie YOU Use your camera creatively. Do the camera selfies and multiply them – all of them will be a bit different selfiegram is a perfect app for testing your comic talents or ...    4 MB    Views 258

Tilt Camera

photos camera movies time tilt grid timer indicator shoots
-7    Tilt indicator + Grid + Timer in a single app Control the tilt of your iDevice while taking photos and recording movies and ensure all your shoots are perfectly leveled Use the tilt indicator to verify that your device is leveled before ...    2 MB    Views 6643
sizes perfect grid images scale select ready dimensions paper
+20    Translate your photos into perfect compositions with Jackson's ArtGrid for iPad and Android tablets. ArtGrid takes the hard work out of the traditional grid method of composition and produces precisely scaled and cropped images, ready to apply to your canvas ...    19 MB    Views 5823

Gridz Photo

photo background support message square grid wonderful texts
+10    'Gridz' is an app that allows you to put texts on any photos with the square grid. Enjoyable sound effects, control, and various combination which makes you feel playing puzzle helps you compose wonderful results. Make your own photo message and memorable output ...    9 MB    Views 528
-7    Do you need multiple display screens when your are taking pictures from your phone ? Then you can shoot multiple photos on a single screen now. This Multi Lens camera helps you, choose different grids and then you shoot multiple pictures ...    7 MB    Views 7622

Grid Style Photo

Related Apps photo photos grids style collages grid awesome stickers decorate textures
+22    Grid Style Photo lets you build 48+ different style Photos in grids with 15 different background textures, tons of Stickers with ability to Write Text on Photos, and many Photo Effects. Grid Style Photo Key features: 1. Has 48 + Photos in ...    16 MB    Views 8178

Magazine Frame

Related Apps magazine photo frame frames select free grid easy phone
-4    Magazine frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application Magazine frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    31 MB    Views 8523

Selfie Puzzle

Related Apps puzzle iphone text puzzles selfie grid share friends fun
+21    Selfie Puzzle allows you to share your selfies and to have fun with resolving puzzle. Send/receive puzzle messages (with optional text) with yours friends (who also have Selfie Puzzle installed on their iPhone). Create classical sliding puzzles from 2x3 grid ...    3 MB    Views 5764

Photo Mixer Free

Related Apps photos photo collages free create images shapes multiple grid mixer
-6    This application has grid style collages with photo effects applied to photos. Add multiple shapes to your photos and make stunning images. Grid Collages with grids for 2,3,4 and more photos. Free Form Collages with shapes are here now. Select any number ...    13 MB    Views 8764
Related Apps photo family iphone card frame images select pictures collage grids grid share phone friends
+2    Create your own Photo Story Do you have a lot of images that are taking your phone space and yet you do not feel like deleting them? Do you want to make you’re the memories of your last vacation more interesting? ...    46 MB    Views 1412

Shake a photo H.D.

Related Apps photo iphone shake areas picture step grid area tilt ipod
-2    This app can wobble anywhere you want in your photo and express the motion of soft things like jelly. ___ Features: Draw shake areas on a picture with a pen in 3 sizes. Set softness in five levels at each cell in ...    8 MB    Views 2048
Related Apps photo photos text multiple collage grid maker picture zoom fonts
+17    Picture Grid Photo Collage Maker Select a few photos and instantly get an awesome photo collage (a grid of photos). Picture Grid Photo Collage Maker is incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful and has many options to customize and ...    29 MB    Views 3620
Related Apps photo grid collage size rectangle
+5    Photo Collage Photo Grid App is very cool for you make beautiful Grid with rectangle size photo and sharing Facebook. You will have a nice album. Try it now Features: 20 Popular Grid for design Photo Grid. Load Photos from albums ...    10 MB    Views 1137


Related Apps photo frames select free gallery phone grid image
-7    RakshaBandhan frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application RakshaBandhan Frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    51 MB    Views 4101
Related Apps photo photos filter instagram kinds templates effects filters grid
+26    FilterGrid lets you combine multiple filters into 1 photo to create astounding effects. Use the preset 44 kinds of templates and different kinds of filter combinations to quickly show a variety of styles. Of course you can still use the 65 kinds ...    12 MB    Views 1751


Related Apps bike photo frames select free gallery phone grid image
+15    Bike frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application Bike frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    27 MB    Views 5732
photo frames select free phone gallery image grid
+7    IndependenceDay frames maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free application IndependenceDay frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then a frame style,customize them ...    28 MB    Views 6513


measurement times classic called list lock modern meter grid
+9    There used to be an entire industry based on red lights, that would have nothing (or very little) to do with scarcely dressed women they called themselves photographers. If you remember these times you probably call at least one of ...    8 MB    Views 3747


camera photos apps lines grid manual focus auto levels automatically
+6    Some photos that we take from are not perfectly leveled. Some apps provide a grid to help align that shot, but the lines can be distracting and obtrusive. Also, when using these grid lines you still have to focus on ...    16 MB    Views 9993
Related Apps photo photos makeup instagram collage editor grid effects cool post maker
-5    If you need to create pic collage on instasize and post full photos on Instagram. You can use our instacollage to make photo grid & collage maker. This photo editor with effects and templates edit your pic stitch. Photo collage ...    9 MB    Views 9659

My Palette

palette test color resolution application shows helps grid zoomed
+1    "My Palette" is an application which helps photographers and merchandisers in their daily work. Color Palette, Grid Test and Resolution Test are included in this application. Color Palette shows the color with RGB code which helps users to compare and ...    189 kb    Views 8476
Related Apps photo text grid color add instagram change styles share 960
+19    SquareSize a Photo Grid app help you make photo with grid more easier and share Instagram for fun. You will not worry about size of photo when you upload. Features: 24 Grid Square Styles, add every single photo from albums ...    7 MB    Views 2130


Related Apps photo photos library collage style free grid features images apply
+6    This app makes it easy to create collage using photos, and there are bunch of other features that makes a fun to use app. Major features include: Import photos from library, camera and recent used from gallery Photo layouts (Grid, ...    5 MB    Views 1998


valentine frame photo frames select free image grid easy
-2    valentine's day photo frame maker (Free) If you have an iDevice (iPhone  or iPad) it’s easy to get the app for free.Install the free Valentine's frame application valentine's frames to create lovely photos. Select a photo from your phone gallery then ...    13 MB    Views 9019

Lens Correction

photo lens grid correction lines tool original quality cropping
+6    LensCorrection, help you fix crooked lines. Due to the wideangle lens and the position of photographer, there may be some distorted lines in your picture. For example, a rectangular wall looks like a trapezoid because the camera tilted this situation ...    4 MB    Views 6402


photos view blogs grid tap sites icon top
-1 brings together photos from the web's top style / fashion blogs and puts them on one site which saves you time and puts all your photo view interests in one place chicfeed is the iphone/ipod touch app for the new ...    16 MB    Views 115
photos photo click button photographs enjoy pictures grids set photograph choose
+19    SosoCamera is a Multishot App. Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter. Click the left button to go into the Film List interface. You can scan photographs which you have taken here. Click ...    4 MB    Views 9249
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