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+7    Ever felt tired of plain, boring identification photos of your company’s staffs/community’s members? Already tried to find a solution yet still there is none? Ome now can help you to solve that problem. Ome is a free application that ...    13 MB    Views 6672

WebGUI Gallery

+2    WebGUI Gallery is an iPhone app that interfaces with the WebGUI Gallery and allows you to create albums and upload photos to your WebGUI site. It works with WebGUI 7.6 or higher. WebGUI Gallery is copyright 2008 Plain Black Corporation.

 For ...    460 kb    Views 2322
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+5    This app contains over 150 photos and illustrations of firearms from all eras of warefare, including Muskets, Rifles, Revolvers, Shotguns and modern day assault weapons. A great gallery app for anyone interested in the history of firearms in warfare. Browse pictures ...    49 MB    Views 4037

Snow Photo Frames

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0    Snow Photo Frames Create special moments of your life by embedding your images in awesome snow based themes. Cover yourself with snow all around.Choose picture from gallery or take a picture using camera. Apply the best snow frames which are so ...    13 MB    Views 4244

Photo Roll Pro

0    Photo Roll Pro is a great photo roll editor combined with powerful effects using all the available cameras and our amazing photo gallery. Features: ✮ Front and back camera ✮ Scroll, edit photo roll ✮ Gorgeous photo effects and frames ✮ Onetap auto enhance ✮ Tons ...    53 MB    Views 9112
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-4    An incredible photo effects app that includes a collection of 19 effects You can take a photo by Camera or Gallery and apply to it an effect of your choice Photos are auto saved to Gallery after applying effects You can directly post ...    5 MB    Views 3137
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+16    Apply American Photo Frames to your photos. Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, the apply frame to photo. === HOW TO USE === + Pick photo from gallery or take photo from camera + Apply cool effect to them.    29 MB    Views 3927
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-5    Aquarium Photo Frames Description Aquarium Photo Frame if you want your photo, Fishes and Photo Frames as part of your Wallpaper. Aquarium Photo Frame Lets you set: 1. You own Photo (Select from gallery ).
2. Select Frame from variety of Photo Frames. 3. Zooming Zoom ...    10 MB    Views 7478
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-7    Import your own photos into realistic 3D gallery. Just a few taps, you can start walking inside a real gallery filled with your own favorite photos. Max 16 photos allowed. Note: only landscape photos are supported. If your photo is taken ...    35 MB    Views 6405

Himalayan Cat

-3    Have fun and learn about your Himalayan Cat with this amazing iPhone App. It has everything you want to know about your dog. Information about the Himalayan Wonderful photo gallery Video gallery with many videos including funny videos A Puzzle game with 3 different ...    2 MB    Views 7096


dogs photos photo gallery
+13    Dogs is a photo gallery of dogs. This application has the fallowing features : Weekly update of new photo gallery Send photos of your dog 300 photos of dogs of all breeds    3 MB    Views 3393

Meaghan Ogilvie

art gallery
+14    The official mobile application for Torontobased photographer Meaghan Ogilvie puts a beautiful art gallery in your pocket Meaghan's unique and distinctive works are captured in this interactive virtual gallery that lets you experience her art from wherever you are.    44 MB    Views 1885

Hair Booth!

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+1    Choose the style of hair you want Highlight features: Amazing hair styles for men and women. Add cool stickers Add cool text selecting the size, font & color & alignment. Share your new photos using Facebook, Twitter, Email. Save your photos ...    51 MB    Views 6718

Spectacle US

+16    Spectacle is an amazing new concept that turns everyone at your event into a photographer. Never again will you miss that candid shot or special moment with a camera at every turn. Simply install the Spectacle app, select your event, ...    2 MB    Views 4293
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+3    Sunrise photo gallery, is an app for iphone and ipad with a beautiful collection of pictures of sunrises over the sea. The app shows the pictures as an image gallery, with a main thumbnail view and a detail view to ...    58 MB    Views 5846

Gallery Guard Lite

photos gallery lite guard private locker password
+6    Gallery Guard Lite lets you passwordprotect your personal photos yet.User can transfer their private photos to locker folder.This is fully password protected.In free version this locker is limited photos locked.Gallery Guard Lite provides security for your private photos, mainly when ...    596 kb    Views 4802


photo friends gallery share
+17    Jigster is the new, fun and interactive app that lets you turn your photos into puzzles that you can share with your friends and family. Stay socially active while keeping your mind mentally challenged and stimulated 1. Take a photo or ...    23 MB    Views 5653


photo search gallery find
+3    [DailyPhoto] Searching any photo in gallery app is frustrating. DailyPhoto is here for easy and simple search through your photo gallery. 1. Click on any day, then you can find picutures you want 2. Swipe the screen left or right for moving to other ...    14 MB    Views 6420


+19    SonicGraph is a photo sound app that allows you to add your voice to any picture that you select from your phone. SonicGraph guides you through a simple step by step process to create your voice with photo. Take a ...    4 MB    Views 3227

Calm Photos HD1

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0    This Application has each one's photo gallery, you can take look each one's gallery, and save their photos on your iPhone's background. This Application works better on iPhone4 graphic.    13 MB    Views 808

Shared Roll

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-2    Shared Roll allows you to create an instant, shared photo gallery with anyone. Your gallery is available both via your mobile/tablet as well as the web. Key Features: Share any set of photos with a short url Comment on any photo ...    4 MB    Views 6841
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-1    Amazing collection of Bollywood Photo Frames Apply Bollywood Photo Frames to your photos. Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, the apply frame to photo. === HOW TO USE === + Pick photo from gallery or take photo from camera + Apply ...    66 MB    Views 8899
photos vintage www 1000 slinkyapps panoramic gallery
+7    Vintage Panoramic Gallery with over 1000 photos Great app for photo lovers The app has over 1000 Vintage photos in rare panoramic format You can save the photos to your device to do with what you like Works on all devices 4.0 and above ...    6 MB    Views 1872


art photos iphone canvas canvases gallery incredible
+18    iPhotoCanvas is an application where you can create incredible canvas art. Upload your photo direct from your Instagram, Facebook, Cloud, Dropbox and Iphone camera roll Our digital artists transform your photos to art on our own fine art archival canvas ...    30 MB    Views 8727

Top Photos HD 1

+5    This Application has each one's photo gallery, you can take look each one's gallery, and save their photos on your iPhone's background. This Application works better on iPhone4 graphic.    5 MB    Views 4840

Galerie Mondapart

art artistic gallery member selection
-7    Since it’s started back in 2007, the Mondapart gallery operates an eclectic selection, emphasizing the sense, aesthetics of the work and the relationship with the artist. A selection serving “live art”. The twenty artists have in common a strong identity ...    5 MB    Views 4626


Related Apps photos iphone slideshow view gallery photographer
-1    StudioShare is a simple way for you to connect with your photographer and start viewing, sharing and ordering your photos all through the ease of your iPhone. Simply enter your unique gallery Event ID (password given to you by your ...    359 kb    Views 5804


+2    View our gallery of professional portraits & pinups. Create your own gallery portfolio with our integreted photo utility feature. Take our onetoone digital camera tutoring class via skype. Play our portfolio puzzle. Order prints,enlargements and fun merchandise. Access our blogs,facebook ...    38 MB    Views 4910

Real Gallery 3D

Related Apps photos gallery real landscape
+2    Import your own photos into realistic 3D gallery. Just a few taps, you can start walking inside a real gallery filled with your own favorite photos. Max 16 photos allowed. Note: only landscape photos are supported. If your photo is taken ...    34 MB    Views 6742
photos social frames gallery resolution framed high
-7    High resolution frames Make your memories unforgettable Easy to Use Select a photo from your existing gallery or take a new one Enable rotate and scale photos in the frames Save framed photos into your gallery Share framed photos via Facebook,Twitter,Bluetooth or other social networks Colorful and ...    5 MB    Views 2063
photo photos safe private hide protect gallery
+2    Have something to hide? Photo Safe will be the BEST tool to hide your private photos from "uninvited guests" Manage your private photos with Photo Safe. Add photos from your iPhone photo gallery or take shot directly from this app. Your secret photos ...    4 MB    Views 3757

Camaro Gallery

car pictures great gallery size
-1    50 high quality photos of Chevy Camaros. A great photo gallery and full featured download support. A great app for any Chevy Camaro fan Keywords Chevy Camaro Pictures, Muscle Car Pictures, Fast Car Pictures, Camaro Pictures Updated often with new pictures and ...    3 MB    Views 5010
Related Apps images zealand gallery photographer
0    Over 100 images reflect the spectacular beauty and distinct character of this amazing destination. Mossy forests, icy glaciers, fiords, wildlife, beaches, lakes, vineyards, and sunrises as can only be found in New Zealand. Take a virtual tour via this gallery ...    43 MB    Views 7114

Pintar una foto

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+20    Take a photo or choose one from your image gallery and write on it whatever you want. You can write down notes or memos. Share it with whoever you want. An original way of surprising with a postit your girlfriend ...    7 MB    Views 4224


photo color gallery image includes
-1    ToonPAINT HD allows you to easily create awesome looking cartoons with your own photos. ToonPAINT HD generates adjustable ink lines from photographs imported from your iPad, camera or gallery. Next it allows you to toggle between three modes for adding ...    15 MB    Views 4381

Zombie Booth HD

zombie photo face save gallery
0    Do you like Zombies? Turn your picture into a ZOMBIE Lots of fun with this hitech app that adds the effects of being a Zombie to any frontal face photo. The app employs automatic face recognition to detect the eyes, mouth, and chin, ...    36 MB    Views 2193
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+13    Jonathan Gecht Photography fine art photo Gallery. View photos, connect to website, Facebook page and ETSY store.    13 MB    Views 8346

Holho Gallery

-6    Holho Gallery is an app to be used with our Holographic pyramid. Holho pick a photo from phone's gallery and display it for the hologram generator. The generator need to be placed on the phone to see the hologram.    4 MB    Views 3351

Easy Meme

Related Apps meme gallery easy form share choose
-6    The easiest way to make meme It's Easy Meme Make your own photo or choose it form gallery, and meme it. Choose meme form existing meme gallery. Save to Album, or share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Download today, share ...    38 MB    Views 3774

Secret 'Stache

Related Apps photos stache secret private gallery
+16    Secret 'Stache is a password protected gallery app that helps you keep your private photos…private. No sharing. No cloud. And the only way to access the photos stored in this handy little app is through a custom, 4digit pin code. How ...    888 kb    Views 9752

Image Puzzle HD

Related Apps puzzle photo share gallery friends
+23    Play games with your photos or choose one from our beautiful gallery share your puzzle with your friends and ask them for help. Features: Adaptive AI Columns and rows Photo Gallery Load your photo Export puzzle photo Share with friends Checkout some ...    32 MB    Views 5588


facebook photo postcard templates gallery mail
+29    Create your custommade postcard by use several templates or photos from your gallery, add your text and decorate it with cute stamps and frames that the app provided. Features: Choose from different postcard templates Use photo from your camera or your ...    42 MB    Views 5162
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+2    Set amazing photo frames on your dramatic photos and share with your friends. Import photo from photo gallery or device camera 30+ Amazing photo frames. Share exciting Facebook profile pictures using this Amazing photo frames Share via Facebook, twitter , instagram and email Save altered ...    24 MB    Views 179

Painting Gallery

gallery started
+7    Eachscape Picture Gallery A beautifully simple app showcasing beautiful pieces of art Replace the Gallery with photos of your own Much more... EachScape is the most powerful visual app platform on the market. Drag & Drop, great tutorials and examples will get ...    19 MB    Views 1583

Soccer Photo Frames

Related Apps photo soccer camera frames apply gallery
-3    Amazing collection of Soccer Photo Frames Apply Soccer Photo Frames to your photos. Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, the apply frame to photo. === HOW TO USE === + Pick photo from gallery or take photo from camera + Apply ...    57 MB    Views 4388


+10    „Nature, power of the mountains, wild places, rock, water and paths ... different views.“ MountainView is a ImageArtGallery on the iPad for your Inspiration. All the photographs were captured in the valley of Ridanna (Ridnauntal). More GalleryRooms and Pics will be added soon ...    34 MB    Views 2719
photography und gallery ein
-2 | Ihr Fotograf und Videograf am Bodensee Unser Angebot umfasst folgende Aufnahmebereiche: > people > prominente > events > konzerte > business > tiere > filme > > > > In unserem Blog berichten wir laufend zu aktuellen Themen der Fotografie und neuen Ereignissen rund um den Bodensee. Ein ...    NAN    Views 8352


Related Apps photo gallery albums upload create
+27    Upload photos and create new albums on your Piwigo photo gallery. Piwigo empowers you to create your own photo gallery on the web. Piwigo includes many powerful features such as albums, tags, geolocation, many levels of customization, upload by visitors, privacy, calendar or statistics. ...    2 MB    Views 5196

3D Photo Gallery

iphone photo photos gallery easy select template
-1    This app offer a perfect way to show your photos in 3D gallery. It is easy to use and share with your family and friends. Just three easy steps to create your own gallery. 1.       Select a 3D gallery template from ...    9 MB    Views 2693
Related Apps photo images funny pictures gallery
+26    The most crazy and funny pictures. You can forward the images from the application of very quickly. Take this free app to laugh with friends. They are images of much laughter. Choose between two options: • gallery with the best photos of ...    19 MB    Views 1157
art gallery street
+18    Welcome to the Fascination Street Art Gallery App. We have a great selection of art in our gallery. Using our IMAGE WIZARD, you can take a photo of your space, put our art in your picture and instantly see what ...    46 MB    Views 5827

iArtte Photo

photo collection add slideshow friends seconds gallery
+24    iArtte Photo is a High Definition photo gallery collection you can experience, download and share with friends. First, browse the existing gallery and pick your favorites. Then, select slideshow from "My Collection" and enjoy beautiful photography wherever you are. It's ...    12 MB    Views 6588
Related Apps photo images funny gallery free pictures
+21    Adfree version. The most crazy and funny pictures. You can forward the images from the application of very quickly. Take this free app to laugh with friends. They are images of much laughter. Choose between two options: • gallery with the best ...    17 MB    Views 7764
gallery team choose
0    Take a photo or choose one from your gallery Choose your soccer team Save the result image to gallery Thanks for you support ;)    3 MB    Views 3218


photos gallery friend icons8 show
+29    Show friends only those photos that they should see. No "accidental" swiping to the right/left revealing images not meant to be seen. Fast and easy: 1. Select photos to show 2. Start the gallery and hand your phone to your friend 3. Done :) You can ...    2 MB    Views 6400


photos text share fun post gallery
+10    Share life's moments with cool and witty text. Snapsidy is a simple and intuitive app you can use to create and share photos with beautiful and fun text. You can post your photos on the public Snapsidy Gallery or share them ...    15 MB    Views 6135
Related Apps web show gallery
0    Jon Kessler's The Web is a photosharing app designed to work only within the bounds of Jon Kessler's 2013 solo show at the Swiss Institute Gallery, New York City. It will only function when connected to the gallery's wireless router. Take ...    1 MB    Views 7616

Photo Editor Pro

Related Apps photo email pro save gallery editor
0    Your pictures are not nice? You don't look so good? Try the 'Photo Editor Pro' so your colors will look the best Change gradually the: ➤ Brightness ➤ Saturation ➤ Hue Then save and share them to anyone using: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the photo gallery. Notice: ...    3 MB    Views 1372
work photo gallery
+19    Browse the AdoramaPix online photo book gallery on your mobile device. Our app makes it easy to view, rate and share hundreds of photo books created by members of the AdoramaPix community. Perfect for showing off your work, or for finding inspiration in ...    1 MB    Views 5434
Related Apps sketch photo click pencil gallery images single instagram
-5    Did you ever sketch your photo in single click? Do you want to sketch your dear ones photo in pencil sketch? This app will help you to full fill your dream about sketch in a single click. You can convert your images ...    38 MB    Views 326
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