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Selfie Machine

+16    Selfie Machine You don't need to push the button anymore. There is you can take a photo with countdown button. Photos saved in your own album. You can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can send your photos to ...    3 MB    Views 69

Wasted Selfie

social selfie
+1    Wasted Selfie is a photo sharing social app erase its database weekly. No profile needed. No strings attached to your other social apps.    12 MB    Views 4734
video selfie selfies
+3    With selfie video app, you can make a video with all your selfies. Take yourself a selfie every day and put it on the app calendar. It's better if you take photos in landscape mode in order to get a more ...    1 MB    Views 6733
+25    This App will analyze your beautiful from your face. How Beautiful Do I Like is a fun way to interact and socialize with others. Guess the beautiful of other people, upload a selfie on your own profile and see how beautiful ...    10 MB    Views 6672
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+6    With Waterfall Selfies app take selfies with waterfall. You know you want a giant waterfall selfie so selfie waterfall app is perfect for you, providing you images of big waterfall, rapids, running water, and so much more to take selfies with. There ...    47 MB    Views 2614

Nightly Selfie

photos time selfie face highlight night
+5    Tired to take badquality selfie at night? Want a portable softbox? Want highlight your face in the darkness? Download "Nightly Selfie" unique selfie camera app that uses screen brightness as a flash. Every time you want take facial photos at ...    2 MB    Views 8083
photo selfie splash
+17    U lab photo studio , Take a selfie and make it as you want by this app. User Friendly all functionality will help to make your image how you want . Basic Feature : 1. Filter 2. Adjustment 3. Effect 4. Blur And Focus 5. Crop 6. ...    36 MB    Views 6854

Old Selfie

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+8    Old Selfie transform your photos using the most advanced face transformation techniques, edit them with a powerful photo editor and share with friends. Face recognition Projects management Custom adjust for better results Enhance photos Gorgeous photo effects Share with ...    57 MB    Views 7595


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-1    Hashtag us selfiegame on all social networks. Twitter: selfiegame Instagram selfiegame Think you got what it takes to play the Selfie Game? Well, it's time to work out your face Meet new friends and challenge good friends with selfie categories. Unlock and ...    29 MB    Views 9376
+10    Magic Selfie Make funny cards, wallpapers, cartoons, photos from camera You want to see yourself in beautiful pictures like fairy tales? You want to have a unique and individual background image for your iPhone? You want to share funny cartoon ...    29 MB    Views 3141

My Selfy

camera photos share selfie selfy starts front
+9    Say cheese Take photos of you and your friends and share them instantly with the My Selfy App. When you open the camera on most devices, it starts with the rearfacing camera. To take a selfie, you have to tap to switch ...    1 MB    Views 4000
-3    With MX48 you can finally get the best selfie of yourself or with friends easier and faster than ever. Just hit the 'Start' button and keep posing for the 16 photos the app will take in the next few seconds. When the ...    617 kb    Views 7572


Related Apps camera photo easy selfie
-9    Make a selfie is easier now, you won't fail again pushing the camera button, with Easy selfie, you can push anywhere on the screen to take a photo. Fast and easy to use, using the main camera to have high ...    22 MB    Views 1122

Selfie snapper

photos selfie effects free add locations special apply
-2    With Selfie Snapper you can apply cool overlays and current locations/date stickers to your pictures, take pics right away or just pick images up from your device’s Photo Library, apply nice filters to them and finally share them with your ...    3 MB    Views 9169

Caricatura Selfie

sketch photo styles lab selfie
+11    Do you like Caricatures? You can't draw, sketch or paint?... That is not a problem anymore... With 'Caricatura Selfie" you can apply to your photo several types of sketch styles. More than 200 combinations of sketch styles are offered. You can modify ...    38 MB    Views 4634


photo selfie checker turn
+11    Slfy uses facial feature detection to automatically take your selfie Simply tilt your head to match the guide on the screen and a selfie will be snapped Once Slfy has snapped the photo you can then save to your photo library ...    2 MB    Views 6255
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0    But First, Let me Take a Selfie SelfieApp let's you join the new video craze taking over Instagram and Vine of funny Seflie Videos with its EASY to use interface Here's how to make one: 1) Film yourself talking about or physically about ...    2 MB    Views 2680


photos selfie sharing gifs animated friends snaps
+4    Welcome to Snapd. A brand new way to share photos with friends and capture their reactions as animated gifs For when "LOL" and "WTF" aren't enough say it with a selfie. We quickly discovered that the best thing about sharing photos is ...    10 MB    Views 9506

Selfie Flash

+10    Selfie Flash allow you to take selfie photos with the frontfacing camera in dark room by using a white screen when taking the photo.    345 kb    Views 4896

Selfie Band

microsoft iphone photos band selfie shot tile
+15    Take photos from your wrist with Selfie Band, an iPhone camera remote for the Microsoft Band. Install Selfie Band's companion tile onto your Microsoft Band to allow you to take photos via Selfie Band. No longer do you have to use the ...    4 MB    Views 1614
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+9    Take crisply focused photos of yourself, friends or landscapes with your camera resting on a stable shelf, like a tripod. Enjoy the fun, creative freedom of having free hands while taking selfies. Use the front or rear camera. Review your selfie ...    26 MB    Views 6957
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-3    Your timer. Your autocamera. You choose the time This way you can appear in your own photos. Take pictures without pressing the button. Now you can appear with all your friends in your pictures. Easy, simple and necessary. Perfect for selfies. Enter the ...    10 MB    Views 7998
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-2    This is a camera. With this camera, your audiogenic control selfie stick and bluetooth selfie stick can remote control to use with the functions of zoom in, zoom out, turn on/off flash light, switch from back/front camera, take photos, record ...    12 MB    Views 1912
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+20    With thousands of Huskies alumni and only one Blizzard, our mascot celebrity is always in demand. Perfect for Winter Carnival or whenever you want, HuskySnaps lets you add Blizzard to your smartphone pics. Ready for the field, the rink, or ...    9 MB    Views 4925
+6    Funny Selfie Camera is a collection of really cool photo frames and fun cute sticker. Transform your boring photo to a brand new funny masterpiece. Create your own creative customized photo. Make your daily moment MORE FUNNY with Funny Selfie ...    41 MB    Views 2506

ahha emoji

emoji selfie templates shot icons sound unique create
+3    Create your own emoji series with Selfie Features: Enable sound activated Say “ahha” to take your selfie pictures Builtin timer function provides for both sound and tap screen photo activation methods Easy to use and more stable to capture every ...    21 MB    Views 3258
Related Apps selfie snap
+29    SilverCrest Selfie Snap is a simple and easy to use camera app. It is tailormade for the SilverCrest selfie remote. Functions include timer 2s/10s, grid, flash and facebook photo post.    1 MB    Views 8169

Photo Selfie

+9    Take the perfect selfie with countdown of 5 seconds delay. Take a quick selfportrait photographs, apply nice filters and instantly share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can also pick up pictures from your camera ...    4 MB    Views 8311

Triggertrap Selfie

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+3    Triggertrap Selfie, for when a normal selfie just isn’t loud enough. Shout, whistle, sing make a noise, and make it clear. Hot on the heels of our first Pro app Triggertrap Timelapse Pro Triggertrap Selfie brings the incredibly ...    5 MB    Views 988
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+7    Take your selfie to the next level PicSee Create Your Own Emoji lets you take a Selfie and turn it into a Emoji. Just snap pic and PicSee Create Your Own Emoji does the rest. Then post to Facebook, ...    11 MB    Views 7070

Spartan Selfie

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+4    Show your Spartan pride by wearing the Spartan helmet in your own customized photo. With this official Michigan State University photo app, it’s a snap. Using the Spartan Selfie app, take a photo or upload one. Add the Spartan helmet. Then ...    50 MB    Views 7804

Selfie Clicker

-2    Want to share the photos with your family members and best friends? Looq creates a new way to make selfie easier, more fun, at any angle, and put more people in your camera while turn selfie to group selfie which ...    13 MB    Views 604

Looq DG

+8    Want to share the photos with your family members and best friends? Looq creates a new way to make selfie easier, more fun, at any angle, and put more people in your camera while turn selfie to group selfie which ...    10 MB    Views 1041
photos facebook twitter funny https reality selfie model watch
0    Create amazing 3D Photos and Selfies with the Augmented Reality Rotate, move and zoom the 3D virtual animals and objects with your finger into Real World Add funny filter to your photos an share with friends on Social Networks Watch the ...    42 MB    Views 1869
Related Apps photo photos strips fun booth selfie sepia
+2    Who needs the mall when when you have THIS? The Best answer to making photo strips, squares, or just plain do a selfie. A vintage style photo booth that transforms you into the Master of Fun. Show your friends and family ...    10 MB    Views 9976
Related Apps camera photo movie ugly funny picture result face selfie
-8    Take funny photo Ugly Camera creates funny ugly face picture or movie in a very few steps. What you should do is just take photo. Several effects that result in ugly funny faces; distort, duplicate and transform your face. Live filters; ...    6 MB    Views 2764

Selfie Editor

photo selfie editor amazing blur attractive
-5    Take Selfie and Try Selfie Editor The best photo editor app in app store let you customize and enhance you selfie to make more attractive and amazing. The stunning features you will MISS: Photo Filtering with amazing style Photo Adjustment Lots of ...    5 MB    Views 7144

Selfies Cam App

-8    Want the easiest way ever to take the best selfie? Download the Selfies Cam App now for FREE Taking great selfies is hard you need the right angle and right pose. And when you get that right then you have ...    4 MB    Views 2007
photo dark light selfie selfies
-3    Nightly Your selfie in the dark Take your selfies even in the dark. Its a really simple and easy to use app. You will use it everyday and every night. Perfect for your nightlife at pubs, bars, hangouts, nightclubs, parties, live music, ...    8 MB    Views 7363


selfie shirt choose print
0    SelfieShirt. The name says it all. You take a selfie and put it on a shirt. Take any of your photos and we'll print it on a shirt and have it delivered right to your door. It's that simple. All ...    8 MB    Views 9158

Funny Beards Selfie

Related Apps photo beard funny beards classic selfie
+23    Funny Beards Selfie is a funny app that puts a beard (and a smile) on your face. Just take a picture of yourself or your friend and then select from a variety of beards and whiskers. Scroll to pick the ...    19 MB    Views 5215

Baby Selfie Cam

Related Apps baby camera selfie smile animations cam
-1    Ever had the big challenge of taking a picture of you and your baby and he just doesn't want to look at the camera? Those days are over with Baby Selfie Cam. Take that stunning selfie in just a matter ...    4 MB    Views 4972
photos group easily panoramic users selfie style
+11    PanoSelfie allows iOS users to easily take panoramicstyle photos of themselves. This way, their selfies are no longer dominated by their faces; instead, an impressive background can also be easily seen in these panoramic photos. If you’re planning a vacation ...    16 MB    Views 7776

Suit Me Up

Related Apps photo suit phone screen capture selfie
+3    If you want to buy a suit or sherwani for yourself, you can use this app (Suit Me Up) to take your selfie in your selected virtual outfit to see which one would look more appropriate for an occasion. Instructions: Run ...    55 MB    Views 4072

Symmetrical Selfie

selfie symmetry facial friends faces selfies
-4    Create funny selfies with Symmetrical Selfie Take a photo and make mirror selfies from right or left side. Share your perfect selfie with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest or any other app that can handle an image. Is your face symmetrical? ...    13 MB    Views 2278

Shake! Selfie Stick

selfie stick shake activate timer arm
+1    Shake Selfie Stick Let's utilize selfie stick with no more stretching your arm. Musthave application for selfie stick Still stretching your arm to activate app's self timer? You just shake the selfie stick, to activate selftimer. (with ...    2 MB    Views 7

Selfie Flash FREE

selfie flash
-1    Selfie Flash allow you to take selfie photos with the frontfacing camera in dark room by using a white screen when taking the photo.    2 MB    Views 6001
Related Apps photo front selfie dual
+7    FrontBack Dual Photo is an amazing way to share with your friends what you see, but also including your selfie in it. It also includes a full photo editor All the tools you need are here at just a tap ...    34 MB    Views 9309

Super Selfie Cam!

camera photos super cam selfie arm silly selfies
-9    Do you love selfies? Ever wish you could be in pictures without that silly 'extended arm' look? Ever want to use your higher quality camera to take selfies? Now you can with the Super Selfie Cam. Features: 3 ...    19 MB    Views 3042

One Million Selfies

selfies wall million selfie free
+18    Welcome to One Million Selfies The task is simple, we want to get One Million Selfies on our selfie wall. Our app if free to download and contains no advertising, everybody who downloads the app get one FREE selfie upload to the ...    43 MB    Views 9929


selfie perfect face quality
+1    IntelliSelfie is a revolutionary app to create the perfect selfie The modern phones have great cameras, but they are always on the back, otherwise the front ones always offer a lower quality. But to make optimal selfie you must look at ...    932 kb    Views 2318

Selfie Maker

photos selfie maker une avec est son
-9    Selfie Maker, comme son nom l'indique, est l'application qu'il vous faut pour avoir de belles photos personnalisées avec une panoplie d'effets, textures, cadres et faceinhole. Prendre un selfie est encore plus facile avec la détection facial et la reconnaissance vocale. Selfie Maker ...    56 MB    Views 2578
social selfie project site global website uploading
+13    The Global Selfie application is an app for uploading your selfie pictures and others' to the Largest Selfie Project website. Through the app you can take part in an international social artistic project that aspires to create the largest selfie ...    9 MB    Views 504


photo time video selfie effects feature easily application
-4    Take selfie easily with that professional application 6 different effects 55 different textures Time based taking photo Video capture feature Special video effects Slow motion and time lapse feature Enjoy taking photo with all cameras on your device has ...    36 MB    Views 5903

Selfie ®

Related Apps camera photos selfie share
+11    Selfie is a full app for iPhone and iPad that enables the front camera in order to quickly take selfie photos and instantly share them to Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Whats'App and all the apps that handle images. Featuring: 5sec self timer ...    7 MB    Views 8930
Related Apps photo pose free selfie
+3    Need an Photo Pose Idea for Selfie or Group Photo with Friends or Relatives, well your search is over. If you always how you will pose when someone takes your photo, this is the best app for you. Features: High quality ...    7 MB    Views 8913
share selfie
-4    GET THE STICKER OF ME Well here they are. Who has not enjoyed Me companion in school desk in the folder, or stuck on the wall .. it now comes to your iphone "ME tired", "ME crappy" or "ME disguised". Now you're ...    19 MB    Views 1750
Related Apps photo selfie share picture
+30    Vocal command Shot and selftimer for a friendly user app which allows you to take all the pictures and selfies you want, everywhere… even if you are alone Place your iPhone wherever you want, start vocal command function, strike a pose ...    11 MB    Views 2338
trends combine emojis emoji selfies internet selfie
+2    SELFIEMOJI COMBINING THE TWO BIGGEST INTERNET TRENDS Selfiemoji is an app designed to combine the biggest internet trends of the decade Selfies and Emojis Using the editor, insert any photo or selfie onto the stage and edit it in no ...    265 kb    Views 3022
Related Apps photos selfie share comment
+15    Selfieez is a fun App that allows you to Share Selfie photos and also gain your own “Selfieez World”. You get points and Badges(according to like, comment and view count of Share Selfie) when you share Selfie photos in the ...    36 MB    Views 1800
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