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Nail Designs!

+7    Nail Design Incredible Nail designs and lots of fashion ideas. Nails designs step by step a collection of inspiration pictures for you. Here you can find popular nail styles, will give you the knowledge to get you painting your own manicures today. ...    12 MB    Views 3822


+1    SonicGraph is a photo sound app that allows you to add your voice to any picture that you select from your phone. SonicGraph guides you through a simple step by step process to create your voice with photo. Take a ...    4 MB    Views 3227


+6    Pinch your friends and watch them in motion. iPinch is amazingly fun. Here is how iPinch works: step 1 take a picture or select one from your photo album; step 2 pinch, pinch, i pinch; step 3 capture ...    652 kb    Views 3897
+1    Playfan is here to revolutionize the way you meet people. This interactive app allows you to communicate with others in a direct, effective and secure way, igniting relationships with interesting people while still being on the go. Misleading pictures and ...    18 MB    Views 814
+14    Celeb Cam gives you a chance to pose with your favorite stars in a real time photo booth. Tons of Stars and More 500+ Live Celebrities for Photos Crop | Resize | Move | Erase & Restore Add Text ...    42 MB    Views 9739

Movie Frame

frame movie photos camera movies roll step swipe export save
+11    Save HD movie frames as photos(1920 x 1080 jpeg). Movie Frame can import movies from your iPads Camera Roll or Movie Frame has its own Recorder for creating your own movies. You can then scrub, step/swipe through the movie frame by ...    3 MB    Views 9037
instagram screen step save shots
+7    Ever find yourself taking screenshots of your Instagram feed to save photos? Tired of cropping those images? Now you can let instacrop+ do it for you Step 1: Import Instagram screen shot from your Photo Library Step 2: Share newly cropped image DONE. Note: ...    4 MB    Views 2271

Flower Frame

photo flower camera frame frames step beautiful free gallery
0    BEST FLOWER PHOTO FRAMES APP FREE BEST FLOWER CAMERA APP FREE Use this flower photo frame app to memory happy moments with your loves and friends Apply amazing and beautiful flower photo frames to your photos by choosing photo from gallery or take ...    42 MB    Views 3106

LockScreen DIY!

photo frame press step button image words screen favourite pick
-6    LockScreenDIY is here to help you choose so many exclusive images from categories such as: Funny, Cars, Guys, Movies, Space, Cute, Girly, Sports, Games, Beaches, Water, Messages / Quotes, Night, Hearts, Swirls, Explosions, Buildings, Cities, Fantasy, Sunsets, Technology, Flowers, People ...    8 MB    Views 6265


+7    photolulz is designed for one purpose; to make you laugh hard and fast. How is this accomplished? Step 1: Download the app, it's free and under 2MB Step 2: Sign up, it takes 30 seconds Step 3: Jump right into the "Shuffle" What you'll see ...    2 MB    Views 6727

Birthday Frames..

birthday photo photos camera happy frames step free choose
+29    BEST BIRTHDAY PHOTO FRAMES APP FREE BEST BIRTHDAY CAMERA APP FREE We wish you Happy Birthday Hope you celebrate this special birthday with your loves, family and friends, take birthday photos and decorate with this awesome birthday frames app to memorize every ...    29 MB    Views 2146
Related Apps photography learning learn step start
+23    50% Off Only 2 Weeks Left Start off learning DSLR photography with 13 instant lessons. There is no time limit so enjoy the learning at a pace that suits your daily routine. Like what you see? Start learning ...    42 MB    Views 4808


Related Apps photo camera image step effect easy fun
+4    Easy and fun app to transfer your pictures to a circular image, also called little planet effect or stereographic projection. In three easy steps you can create a creative effect and a fun image. Step 1. Use a photo from ...    2 MB    Views 3145
thanksgiving photo frame library items add step position hundreds
+5    Wanna make a special Thanksgiving? Capture Thanksgiving dinner in great way? Send a thankful ecard to your friend? Thanksgiving photo surely the app you want to STEP BY STEP: Capture a photo from camera or pick one from library Choose a Thanksgiving frame. Position ...    38 MB    Views 2274


facebook email work library step masterpiece save icon
+7    FlatHead is the only way to say "I'm Crushing Your Head" with style. Take a picture, position the Crushing Fingers(TM) with care, and save a masterpiece to your photo library or share it with the world With FlatHead you can email ...    2 MB    Views 5470
printing print create designs kits step prints custom
+9    Lumi is the easiest way to print your own Tshirts and textiles. Create longlasting prints, with no fancy equipment necessary. Our app and custom kits make it easy to do it yourself. Create your own designs, or browse our Spotlight collection. ...    17 MB    Views 1259
photo email text twitter facebook animal add troll features step click funny
+14    Make your pics more funny, lovely than ever with Troll, Face, Text and More ... #####FEATURES##### TROLL FEATURES: add multiple trolls, animal faces – more than 300 troll images. TEXT FEATURES: add text with color, shadow and many many beautiful fonts. ...    41 MB    Views 474


Related Apps photo blend button step touched screen photograph select light
0    The abBlender is very easy operation and carries out alpha blend composition of the two photographs A and B. The following 12 kinds of blend modes are prepared.  1. Add  2. Multiple  3. Difference  4. Screen  5. Overlay  6. Dodge  7. Burn  8. Darken  9. Lighten  10. Soft Light  11. Hard Light  12. ...    124 kb    Views 8935
+9    Photoshop is a powerful tool, and it's useful for anyone who can take a picture. EasyGuides for Photoshop provides stepbystep directions for many different features ranging from basic to advanced. Want to learn how to create layers and text? About all ...    10 MB    Views 2133

Lightroom Magazine

magazine lightroom photoshop tutorials articles step issues free issue professionals
-7    Lightroom magazine: The Adobe Photoshop Howto magazine, from Scott Kelby and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, is where you'll find columns and feature articles from the industry’s top experts on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Readers will find plenty of Lightroom tips ...    28 MB    Views 943

Love Frame..

Related Apps photo love camera frames step beautiful friends free gallery
+20    BEST LOVE PHOTO FRAMES APP FREE BEST LOVE CAMERA APP FREE Use this app to memory happy moments with your loves and friends Apply amazing and beautiful photo frames to your photos by choosing photo from gallery or take a new photo with ...    31 MB    Views 9316


photos email twitter facebook share sharing step easy free
0    A free, easy and fun way to create and share pictures with your iPhone. Pick from one of the many beautiful filtered effects and bring your photos to life with Pixavid's clean and simple approach to photo creation & sharing. Share your ...    19 MB    Views 3843
photo dinosaur step favourite choose picture australian museum
0    Welcome to the Australian Museum Tyrannosaurs photo app where you can take a photo and add your favourite dinosaur to be in the picture with you. STEP ONE: Take a photo or choose an existing photo with your phone STEP TWO: Choose ...    28 MB    Views 7006
photo cat cutout superimpose complex face step places
+5    Try the most awesome photo cutout and photo blender appCaty, that allow you to make translucent profile and shadow Cutout, especially complex hair edge Cutout, and create professional grade superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone Just with one step(Cicle the ...    36 MB    Views 7466

Rage Comic

+19    Your portable meme maker is here You're going to love this Step 1: Hang out with some buddies Step 2: Take a photo Step 3: Customize your memes and phrase and place it over your photo Step 4: View the result Step 5: Epic Win Also: Add your ...    106 MB    Views 5482


Related Apps photo camera video screen motion phone easy step hand
-9    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME (Reg 1.99) SwiftCam has been designed to easily take photo and video with one hand. It is buttonless and uses motion gestures to easily access features. SwiftCam uses the phone's Motion Sensor to simplify each action. Every ...    10 MB    Views 2202
Related Apps romantic photo photos frames step choose
+4    Romantic Photo Frames can make you unforgettable romantic and love photos All romantic frames are specially designed for lovers. This is a very EASY and SIMPLE app Step 1: Choose a photo from photo gallery or Take a new photo with camera Step 2: ...    43 MB    Views 5422

Infocus Australasia

+3    Infocus Australasia is the ultimate in photography magazine experiences. Infocus will cater to the photography and cinema enthusiast across the board, serving to the reader world class tutorials, stepbystep instruction on taking better photographs and all the latest in equipment ...    19 MB    Views 5324
moments step moment stay hours share
-7    Going to the beach? ... See who wants to join you Share your best moments with everyone that's nearby. If you like someone else's moment, take a nibble. Once someone's nibbled your moment, you'll be able to message each other. Nibble is ...    15 MB    Views 253
Related Apps photo baby step phrase chop snap phrases don current edition
-3    From the developers of the popular and highly addictive Snap Chop now with speech functionality... Powered by iSpeech. You're gonna love my shots Step 1: Hang out with a baby (or old person) Step 2: Take a photo Step 3: Snap Chop: Baby Edition ...    3 MB    Views 5817

Wedding Frame

Related Apps wedding photo photos camera frames step choose free
+5    BEST WEDDING PHOTO FRAMES APP FREE BEST WEDDING CAMERA APP FREE Wedding Photo Frames can make you unforgettable wedding photos All wedding frames are specially designed for wedding. This is a very EASY and SIMPLE app Step 1: Choose a photo from photo gallery or ...    35 MB    Views 260


creative step create takes
+10    If you are looking for an app that quickly and easily takes your photos and words to create something new, then ARType is the app for you. Unleash your inner designer and get creative With just a few clicks create... => Personalized Greeting ...    17 MB    Views 9035
Related Apps post step making create posts
-3    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Have you ever thought about making posts like you see on Facebook or 9GAG with just a few taps? Well, now you can. With MakeAPost you can create your own internetlike pics and make all your ...    2 MB    Views 9994
movie movies voice music library photo photos facebook videos face funny friends talk share step celebrities add
+18    Instantly create hilarious movies to share with friends. Choose any face — photos of friends, celebrities, politicians or yourself — and record videos replacing their mouth (or entire face) with yours. Adjust the pitch of your voice and add music ...    34 MB    Views 3298
video set flash tutorial nikon understanding system step modes
-5    iPad only version SB900, SB800, SB600 Confused after reading the manual? You are not alone. This video tutorial simplifies the Nikon Creative Lighting System so you can take the photos you want. Your new SB Speedlight from Nikon can be the ...    1 GB    Views 2785
Related Apps camera photo text face meme funny memes friends send step
+2    MAKE A MEME, SWAP YOUR OWN FACE IN AND ADD FUNNY QUOTES SEE IT IN ACTION AT MEMEOGRAM.CO.UK OR ON YOUTUBE.COM (SEARCH FOR MEMEOGRAM). Definition of "Meme" an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and ...    5 MB    Views 246

ToyClip Lite

shooting time movie clip maximum seconds speed start step lite
0    Toy Clip Lite Version iPhone 3G, iPad, iPod touch without camera are not supported. Clip your daily happenings with high or low speed. You only need 14 step to make a movie with Miniature effect. Maximum 15 seconds movie clip ...    5 MB    Views 2493


-6    Quickly draw sketches and show the artist within you with Draw. Draw is one of the finest and easiest to use drawing Apps that you can find. You will be amazed of how easy it is to do great drawings ...    86 MB    Views 1454
photos followers likes step thousands coins images instagram
+23    Getting more likes and followers is the only way to get Easily Get LIKES Explosion on Your Instagram Photos Your photos deserve followers and likes InstaLikes definitely helps you get them as many as possible It's really very simple to do ...    14 MB    Views 4439
warhol andy step information pop museum learn print
-2    Create your own digital silkscreen print, just like Andy Warhol would have with the Warhol: D.I.Y. POP app from The Andy Warhol Museum. Learn the Warhol silkscreen process step by step: Take a photo. Crop. Expose. Underpaint. Share. And print a ...    23 MB    Views 3936
Related Apps photo library funny add head korean step big pic series
0    You are a fan of Korean series "You came from the stars", "The Heirs",... and hallyu trends? Surely you want to make a funny pic as series theme Want to make big head, cheek lovely photo? Just try Korean Photo. STEP BY STEP: Capture ...    10 MB    Views 3260


photograph step toolbar processed size touching touched
+7    ImageMonochrome (ImageMono) can make the monochrome photograph by a very easy operation. The monochrome photograph of an arbitrary color can be made by adjusting the slide bar of R, G, and B corresponding to each element. The processed photograph maintains the aspect ...    326 kb    Views 7822
Related Apps photo iphone filters effects easily world share step images
0    Photo Effects & Filters for iPhone allows you to easily add different effects/filters to your images to help add to your most memorable moments, or just have some fun with them With this east to use app you can make your ...    5 MB    Views 3127
photo step black pirate captain experience real
+14    Thieves come in many shapes. Enter the world of the Starz Original Series Black Sails and see yourself as a real pirate in this experience. What is your Captain Name? Step One: Take your photo Step Two: Position your photo and select ...    12 MB    Views 8165


photo media photos stickers step fun automatically ios
-2    When you take a photograph, Stickers automatically detects faces and overlays different fun effects and features. You can then share your saved photos in the inapp gallery. This iOS app from Flubber Media is so addictive that you will find ...    25 MB    Views 3824
Related Apps audio music videos video step instagram vine select add background
+7    Add Background Music To Your Vine and Instagram Videos Add any iTunes song to your recorded videos to create amazing clips to post on Instagram and Vine Easy and Quick to Use: Step 1: Select your video from your device’s photo album. Step 2: ...    9 MB    Views 1943
Related Apps photo step bit select turn
-4    Turn your photos into the 8bit Step 1 Select a photo or take a new photo Step 2 Select the part of your photo that you want 'crafted' Step 3 Watch as you are turned into the new, 8bit version of ...    16 MB    Views 4941

Camera Box

Related Apps camera photo box step filters effect save styles
0    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Dramatically enhance your photos using 10 effect filters in Camera Box. It's like having 10 unique cameras all in one tiny device The effect filters included in Camera Box are: "Black & White" ...    123 kb    Views 36
Related Apps photo wallpaper background add step color editor unique kind choose
-3    A Unique Wallpaper Editor Pro. It 's power by simple, and help you create a photo very creativity and beautiful pics you never see. You can save and view photo on app or share Facebook. How it work ? You edit two ...    28 MB    Views 5524
Related Apps photo chinese face step fair princess style makeover adjust
+20    【琼瑶】笔下,经典角色大变身 穿越时空两百年,清乾隆年间古装造型任意变 不论是皇上、小燕子、五阿哥、紫薇还是尔康 通通可以选择扮演 【步骤1】选择角色 【步骤2】直接对准五官按下快门 (或选取相片簿里的照片) 【步骤3】接着进行微调整 (不论是上下左右、旋转或放大缩小,通通可 依脸型、发型、去做不同位置调整) 【步骤4】除了可将照片储存到手机之外,还可立即 发邮件或转发至社群喔 还等啥?快来试试哪个角色最适合自己吧 Classical characters in Fair Princess, story written by the legendary script writer Qiong Yao, have a huge makeover Take the "Time Machine" to go back to the 1800s, you can go retro, the ancient Chinese style with the look of ...    19 MB    Views 4233
Related Apps step instagram short overlay link website repost choose
+12    Repost photos from websites to instagram Step 1: Click the "add" button on upperright corner Step 2: Enter url of the website Step 3: Choose the image Step 4: Choose the style of short link overlay Step 5: Repost the images on instagram And the app ...    11 MB    Views 3749

Scream Capture

Related Apps video capture scare step setup friends prank options fun
+1    Scare your friends and capture it on Video with this Scary Scream Capture Prank You've got 4 choices of, "setup" games to pick for your friends to play and 3 monster scares that really come to life with animation and sound ...    13 MB    Views 4969
thanksgiving photo frame library items add step position hundreds
+2    Wanna make a special Thanksgiving? Capture Thanksgiving dinner in great way? Send a thankful ecard to your friend? Thanksgiving photo surely the app you want to STEP BY STEP: Capture a photo from camera or pick one from library Choose a Thanksgiving frame. Position ...    35 MB    Views 3766
audio music videos video step instagram vine select add background
+1    Add Background Music To Your Vine and Instagram Videos Add any iTunes song to your recorded videos to create amazing clips to post on Instagram and Vine Easy and Quick to Use: Step 1: Select your video from your device’s photo album. Step 2: ...    9 MB    Views 4651

New Birthday Frame

Related Apps birthday photo frame frames step choose sending
-4    Birthday is an auspicious moment of life but it is incomplete without sending birthday wish to birthday girl or boy. So make it wonderful by sending your wish by this app. Birthday Frame is a complete package of nicely designed frames. This ...    15 MB    Views 3113
Related Apps photo photos stickers step motion bring life
+15    Motion stickers bring photos to life Step 1: Take a photo. Step 2: Add motion stickers on photo. Step 3: Share animated photo with your friends. Have fun    22 MB    Views 5928


camera capture step
+11    RubCam is a minimal iPhone camera that lets you take photos by rubbing the screen. 1. No more shaky grip 2. Super fast combo interface How to use Step 1. Capture Rub down and hold your thumb to capture Step 2. ...    3 MB    Views 8563

Shake a photo H.D.

Related Apps photo iphone shake areas picture step grid area tilt ipod
+14    This app can wobble anywhere you want in your photo and express the motion of soft things like jelly. ___ Features: Draw shake areas on a picture with a pen in 3 sizes. Set softness in five levels at each cell in ...    8 MB    Views 2048
Related Apps halloween photo frame library items add hundreds step position unique
+23    Wanna make a scary Halloween photo? Capture Halloween's party with unique style? Add Halloween frame to your pic? Halloween photo surely the app you want to STEP BY STEP: Capture a photo from camera or pick one from library Choose a Halloween frame. Position ...    52 MB    Views 7447

Sepia Camera Pro

Related Apps photo camera photos library sepia pro fast create step
+16    ► One Day Sale 50% OFF Sepia Camera Pro is a camera app that changes your photo to old sepia style. FEATURES: Create sepia photos directly using iPhone Create sepia photos for pictures in photo library Autoadjust photo to best quality ...    295 kb    Views 8336
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