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Best Front selfie Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+1    Black & White Video Camera by Applone. Let us introduce our latest developed application. The application takes real videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iphone. The application works without any delays. During the video recording you can ...    6 MB    Views 8410

Tweedle Cam

+17    TweedleCam You and what you see in one picture. No Facebook or Twitter login required. Use your front and back camera in one photo TweedleCam is a new way for you to put the fun back in making photos most ...    26 MB    Views 8962

Funny Photo Booth

-1    Join Family of 1 Million Users. Download today. Top Selling App on More than 80 Apple store. Funny Photo Booth Application takes 4 Closeup shoots with front & Rear camera of iPhone & Apply 15 Different filters. You can mail Square ...    9 MB    Views 7411
Related Apps photo video camera photos facebook eyes face auto front detection
0    Monster Eyes Video and Photo Maker for your iPhone photo, it's really fun and easy to use. Auto Face Detection for every photos and then add eyes. You may convert your photo to an animation moster movie and photo. Upload funny ...    4 MB    Views 2917


Related Apps camera photo capture share front side image single
+8    Top Ranked App, and Featured by Apple Use both cameras on your iPhone to create a single "doublesided" image. Capture two sides of the moment Here's how it works: Dblcam snaps a photo with the frontfacing camera then flips to capture a shot with ...    15 MB    Views 9890


photo photos camera note evernote put picture resolution front
+2    Take pictures of front and back and post them to Evernote This app goes with Evernote but you can also use this just for the purpose of taking a picture. This app is targeted for iOS7.0 or later. Some functions ...    7 MB    Views 8813


Related Apps photo facebook twitter share registration choose free front timeline
+7    Experience a brand new way to share with new impressions everyday. Take a photo with the rear camera first, then shoot front Photowizz is a simple way to broadcast your environment and you at the same time. ● TWO MODES Use either the ...    5 MB    Views 50

Portrait Us

camera photos facebook photo picture share portrait friends select front
+30    Take the perfect picture of yourself using the camera. Portrait us helps you create a photo of you and your friends in the all situations. Remember when you were in front of a beautiful building or in a party and ...    1 MB    Views 7899

Old Time Camera

Related Apps time photo camera photos effects front create amazing rear
-3    Take fun old time photo snapshots with lots of different cool old time photo effects right from your front or rear camera. Create photos that transform you back to the good old times. Your old time photos ready with a ...    17 MB    Views 9602
-5    Hold your iPhone in front of your mouth. Talk, laugh or scream to your friends. The mouth you selected will animate with the sounds you make. You can even take a photo in front of mirror. Share the photo of your ...    22 MB    Views 4560

Double Cam

Related Apps photos photo regular sided double pictures amazing filters front cam
+26    Take photos with both frontfacing and regular cameras Double Cam captures photos with frontfacing and regular cameras, producing amazing twosided photos. With the app, the photographer is exposed on the photo too So express your emotion and capture it while capturing ...    2 MB    Views 9873
Related Apps camera photography timers selfies quality front selfie flip focus share images
-1    This unique and innovative selfie camera app allows you to shoot epic quality Selfies with an effort similar to starting your car. You get 8 Megapixel, visually more alive images with focus depth. Use our editing suite to further enhance and personalize ...    13 MB    Views 713


photos feelings share front friends
-1    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ° ° Share the excitement of be in front of a breathtaking sight ° ° .:° EMOJIFY YOURSELF °:. With Feelings app takes the shot of the landscape, and you can capture ...    10 MB    Views 2266
Related Apps camera photos capture face faces automatically front thumbnails ios
+11    Capture Faces Automatically for iOS 5. Do you believe ? Yes, this app make full use of iOS 5 face recognition tech to capture face photos smartly. Do not need press any buttons, this app will capture any photos which contain ...    1 MB    Views 5214

Frontback Wizard

photo frame camera photos choose front share wizard final
-6    Frontback Wizard is a fun way to capture images and include yourself in all of them choosing from a variety of frames and shapes. You will take a photo with the back and then front camera in a beautiful frame ...    42 MB    Views 3780


camera photos video front requires record microphone device
+18    Have you ever wanted to become a master detective and gather evidence sneakily? Introducing Sleuthster the app that let's you record video, take photos on your phone without anyone knowing Sleuthster lets you record media by the tap of a finger ...    6 MB    Views 9238

Front Page Snapper

newspaper twitter photos front page friends required pages
+6    Put yourself on the front page with Front Page Snapper. Using Front Page Snapper you can create newspaper front pages with your photos and share them with your friends. Features: Take photos or choose from your iPhone or iPod touch photo ...    5 MB    Views 9054

Double Flow Photo

photos clock photo library screen tap button change bottom front direction speed
+21    Each front photos and back photos will be flowing leisurely. You could change the each direction(left,right,up,down,rightoblique/leftoblique)and the each speed of the both flows. Stand the iPad and play tracks in your iPod library, it's like a Flow Music Photo Frame Features: Each front and ...    167 kb    Views 5225

Phlux Free

-6    Use Phlux for iPhone and iPod Touch to capture the world changing around you By regularly taking pictures of yourself, your family with the front facing camera you can see how you change over time. If you don't have a ...    1 MB    Views 6786
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+1    Front – your free photo text editor. Front does one thing, but boy does it do it well. Front will help you turn your picture into a statement by adding fun, stylized quotes and captions to your photographs…..for free. Select from 18 free, ...    8 MB    Views 7752

Sweda Camera

camera video device front rear picture smart bluetooth
-8    This app is an application for the Bluetooth(R) Smart remote camera shutter device. This smart device can help you to take self photos or group photo. This device and app allow you switching from front and rear camera, taking picture or ...    4 MB    Views 7884


Related Apps photo time photos moment shift front effects short create
+10    Capture just the right moment Shift in time to the past and future to create the best possible photo. ShiftCam starts shooting a short moment before you take a photo, and continues a short moment after you've pressed the shutter button. NEW: Add ...    5 MB    Views 2648

Easy Shots

photos family camera ipad delay easy shots front seconds friends
+5    Easy Shots is an app that allows you to take delayed multiple photos with your iPod or iPad. It allows the preselection of up to 12 shots with a maximum delay of 60 seconds and supports front and rear camera. It's ...    19 MB    Views 8280

Face Clone

photo camera video facebook photos face clone front eyes detection
+3    Face Clone App for your photos, Best Face Edit tool to clone the face into your photo. Here you can clone face between two peoples in a funny scene. Each template is basically Face Detection of somebody where you can put ...    3 MB    Views 1098
0    NOTE FOR THOSE WHO THINK UNMIRROR DOESN'T WORK: Application unmirror your photo in realtime. You can switch it to default mode (like in iPhone camera app). So you see unmirrored photo during making photo. When you have made it, it is ...    992 kb    Views 3427

Spy Photo Pro

Related Apps photos photo camera apple video videos iphone spy front itunes seconds
+3    Starts taking photos automatically when you enter the app every 3 seconds. Nobody knows you are taking pictures because there is no preview. Takes a picture every 3 seconds until you exit the app using the home button. WARNING Keep in mind that each ...    108 kb    Views 2273
camera photos photo selfie front share instagram beautiful edit flash perfect
+2    ••• This app will add Flash Light to your Front Camera. Now you can have a beautiful selfie/ bed selfie even in dark place...••• ►►► TAKE YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL SELFIE EVER ◄◄◄ ►►► PERFECT for bed selfies ◄◄◄ ►►► TURN your FrontCamera into selfie ...    6 MB    Views 5809
+4    FrontBack Dual Photo is an amazing way to share with your friends what you see, but also including your selfie in it. It also includes a full photo editor All the tools you need are here at just a tap ...    34 MB    Views 9309
Related Apps camera photos screen dark great screenshot front picture brightness
+2    Satisfy your selfie craving even in the dark ‣ “Used this app at a birthday party tonight and it works fantastically. Took selfies with it all night, in a dark room and photos came out great. Great app” GLouBu ‣ “Really ...    2 MB    Views 4884

Dual Shot

Related Apps time camera photo picture cameras front rear shot
-7    50% Off for a Limited Time See both sides of the story again Two cameras, one surprised photo. Put yourself into the picture for the party of your life by shooting with the rear then front cameras. Get the shot you ...    4 MB    Views 1802

face photo

Related Apps camera frame face front pictures
-7    You can take pictures of your face with front camera. You can add a heartshaped frame or a usual frame. So, you can take your pictures with your friend. It can be used in iPhone and iPod touch with front ...    90 kb    Views 971
movie movies photo reverse front original cam step save add
+2    This is the most fun and easy to use backward / reverse movie app maker. All movies are fun to watch when they are made in reverse. Let your creative imagination run wild. FEATURES: • Simple and effective controls • Builtin tutorial walks ...    4 MB    Views 4394
photo iphone camera photos front click
-8    With this app you can use the front and back camera, of your iPhone in one photo By using both cameras the app will allow you to appear in the photo that you are taking. Both photos will be combined ...    7 MB    Views 6183
Related Apps photo editing photos text pic merge front tons stickers
-5    Click Click & Merge. Amazing way to share what you see and how you felt in that moment in a single pic. This app lets you merge front and back pic, add text and stickers to it and apply tons ...    17 MB    Views 8508
Related Apps camera photos monkey selfie friends front selfies
-3    Take crisply focused photos of yourself, friends or landscapes with your camera resting on a stable shelf, like a tripod. Enjoy the fun, creative freedom of having free hands while taking selfies. Use the front or rear camera. Review your selfie ...    26 MB    Views 6957


photo photos share mode adjust front
+3    Self2me uses back and front camera of your iPhone to create amazing photos Share your emotion with a mix photo/selfie: a new way to say something You can also download images from the web or your photo library to ...    5 MB    Views 3829
Related Apps camera time front pictures share live picture left photographer
-1    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Take a picture with the front and the back camera at the same time Wouldn't it be great to be able to have a double perspective in your pictures: front camera and back ...    2 MB    Views 1444

Selfie in The Dark

+15    No more guessing whether you're in the frame, now you can use your front camera to take a picture of you or you and friends in the dark and no more turning the phone around to use LED light and ...    360 kb    Views 4924

Fun Booth

video photo camera effects picture fun front twirl rear instantly booth
+5    Take fun photo snapshots with sixteen different and cool live video effects right from your front or rear camera. Twist and twirl your smile with the strange Twirl effect. Use impressive color effects and an artistic touch. Experiment with all ...    3 MB    Views 4193


camera iphone photo screen front button feel effect tap
0    NEATCam is designed to OVERTURN the interaction of mobile camera. It takes fully advantage of multitouch and gesturerecognising technology of mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch. Have you ever imagined how bigger and wider the screen would become to ...    5 MB    Views 5417

Eye Color Replace

Related Apps camera photos photo eye eyes replace color auto front detection
+29    Change your eyes look very pretty and charming with this makeover app. 12 beautiful pupil eye ball templates. it's really fun and easy to use. Auto Eyeball Detection for every photos to help you set eye position easy. You may ...    5 MB    Views 2188

Antique Cam

video camera photo resolutions support antique provide front kinds rear 720
+4    Shoot a antique photo and video. The antique camera allows you to shoot antique picture and video. By default, the pattern of six stained provide. It provide 6 kinds of Stained Pattern. and, it support 2 kinds of screen resolutions. (1280 x 720, 640 ...    21 MB    Views 6815


facebook video videos recording camera effect live start watch motion front
+16    With Motionize you can easily make amazing, colorful videos. Watch the effect applied live to the camera and hit the record button to start recording Its real motion detector. For best results, start recording then place your device at rest on a ...    4 MB    Views 2887

iFlip Media

media text selfie images flip front
+14    Ever taken a selfie to then realise that the text on your favourite tshirt is back to front? Flip this image using iFlip Media We flip images easily, superbly and effortlessly, then save straight to your images folder for sharing onwards No longer ...    813 kb    Views 7414
camera photo iphone shooting photos selfies screen facing front resolution
+30    Works fine on iOS 7. Resolution of the frontfacing camera has been improved in iPhone 5. But if you are using the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, what should you do? You can not shoot in the main highresolution camera while viewing ...    2 MB    Views 5427

Front Flash Colors

Related Apps camera front flash colors fun night
+1    Now with Front Flash Colors you can get your best photos at night with your front camera Front Flash Colors will enlighten you and your friends for the coolest night selfies. Perfect to take your shots in the club, the ...    2 MB    Views 9018

Spy Photo Front

Related Apps photos photo camera apple video videos iphone spy pro seconds front
+3    Starts taking photos automatically when you enter the app every 3 seconds. Nobody knows you are taking pictures because there is no preview. Takes a picture every 3 seconds until you exit the app using the home button. WARNING Keep in mind that each ...    110 kb    Views 2291


newspaper page front
+1    Ever wanted to see yourself on the front page of the newspaper? Now you can, with Tabloid Write your own headlines and include your own pictures to customise the front page of a newspaper and then save it to your photo ...    382 kb    Views 8

Superburst Camera

iphone camera photos ipad sec zoom front shutter 1080p
-4    Get the App Store’s fastest camera and never miss a shot again Tap the shutter button to start continuously snapping photos at blistering speed—up to 240 photos per second on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 120 photos per second on iPhone ...    3 MB    Views 6633


camera iphone photo time front seconds flash access picture pictures
-9    Take your own pictures by adding a timer to the camera of your iPhone. Simply pick the time, place the camera, move in front off the camera and have your picture without help Select the time between 30, 20, ...    9 MB    Views 7208

FaceFusion Lite

Related Apps celebrity photo library photos camera tap face roll front facing
+12    Have fun mixing faces together Have you ever wanted to get the look of a celebrity? Or to see what two of your friends mixed together would look like? FaceFusion does it automagically More than 7 million users This is the perfect app ...    36 MB    Views 8812
Related Apps photo camera photos signature person front sunlight snap free
+9    "Signature Camera" is the ONLY and FIRST EVER camera app in the world that allows you to take photo from both Front & Back cameras simultaneously WARNING Use for INDOOR photo shoot ONLY, photographerfacing camera may produce blank white photo under ...    1 MB    Views 211
card cards text baseball create front templates customize gift
+5    "Rookies" is the highest rated baseball card creation app and is an exclusive offering on the App Store. It is loaded with custom front and back baseball card templates suitable for business cards, birth announcements, wedding gifts, and everything in ...    46 MB    Views 6270


snap facing image double front capture
+1    Capture both sides of a story with Double Snap Double Snap uses both the front and back facing cameras on your iPhone to create a single image. Use the front facing camera to capture your reaction to a moment, add depth ...    7 MB    Views 8704

Demon Photo

photo photos library email effects results front english
-5    Take out your Demon Inside Become a Demon Turn yourself into a Demon with amazing and realistic effects Scare your friends and family sharing your demon photos Features: Take a photo directly (supports front camera) or import it from your photo library ...    14 MB    Views 6653

Front Back Camera+

camera photo photos front frames combined
-6    Front Back Camera+ lets you create dynamic, combined front and back photos by capturing first the landscape you are viewing and then the photograph. In this way you will always be present in your photos. Unique selective fun frames are used ...    23 MB    Views 1277
camera front pictures dark screen good application
+3    The first and only application on the app store designed to create and take Selfie in the dark using the front camera. Harnessing the interface that we have created you will be able to take the light and creating Needed to ...    624 kb    Views 5110
photo photos regular cameras sided pictures picture front facing
-7    Take photos with BOTH frontfacing and regular cameras at the same time DuoCam captures photos with frontfacing and regular cameras, producing amazing twosided photos. With the app, the photographer is exposed on the photo too So express your emotion and capture ...    9 MB    Views 975

My Selfy

camera photos share selfie selfy starts front
+6    Say cheese Take photos of you and your friends and share them instantly with the My Selfy App. When you open the camera on most devices, it starts with the rearfacing camera. To take a selfie, you have to tap to switch ...    1 MB    Views 4000
Related Apps camera photo video great control watch works shots front
+13    REQUIRES Pebble OS 2.9 or 3.0 Enabling remote photo snapping using your Pebble smartwatch Make those Selfies extra special A selftimed snap shot from a distance. On the end of an telescopic camera extension for a new perspective. ==================== What can WatchCam do? o Remotely control the ...    9 MB    Views 342
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