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Best Photo Frame

+22    Decorate Your memorable photos with most beautiful photo frame ever and share it with your love, friend and relatives. Two finger gestures : Easy to set your photo with selected frame in your way. Auto adaptable : No need to edit or ...    10 MB    Views 1542

Frame Guru

frame photo frames remover multiple guru
+9    Frame Guru is a powerful photo editor with frames for a quick and easy way to edit your photos on the go with no fuss. Here are some of the features: Great frames, multiple configurations Apply Endless Effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, ...    36 MB    Views 2914
photo frame stamp fairy tale
+8    MYDECO changes your photo to cute one. You can decorate your photo as a fairy tale using the application. [Feature]   Stamp   Frame   Share your photo We will update new stamp and frame.    12 MB    Views 1361
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+5    Photo Frame for Flickr turns your iPad into a stunning digital picture frame by showing a slideshow of photos from Flickr. No need to have a Flickr account. Photo Frame can load the latest interesting photos, recent photos, search for photos ...    4 MB    Views 6120
+9    ZFrame is collage maker that turns your photos into awesome collages. No matter how you want to arrange them, we have all the tools you need to make it. Zframe has following features available for you: Use of predefined frame ...    24 MB    Views 8627

Beauty Photo Frames

Related Apps photo frame beauty collage
+3    Photo Collage Collect many your photo into art frame. Photo Collage has so many nice frame for you Simple to click on frame and choose your photo from your gallery. Photo Collage very easy to use Photo Collage Edit photo ...    50 MB    Views 7730
photo frame frames
+18    Cupcake is a lovely treat for everyone. Cupcake Photo Frames app is a first class fun; any photo can be put in the cupcake frame. Cupcake photo frames has a collection of beautiful, amazing and tasty cupcake photo frames. Simply ...    45 MB    Views 9340

The Frame Camera

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0    Now you can capture your photo with fun, elegant, attractive and amazing. The Frame Camera got all beautiful frames for capture the moment. Features: Over 100 frames with types: General, Antique, Fame, Fun, Heart, Flower, Kid, Christmas, Halloween, Diamond and Gold Use ...    93 MB    Views 3887


+3    This is a simple application for making photographs more wonderful Put a frame on a photograph and set different tones to inside/outside photos. ◇◇◇ How to use ◇◇◇ 1. Push "Photo" button to add a photographs. 2. Move / Rotate / Resize the ...    249 kb    Views 1973

Ukiyoe Camera

+4    Ukiyoe camera, it is possible to take pictures of the actual photo and the motif of the famous ukiyoe frame repeatedly. Your photos, will be reborn into the world of ukiyoe in an instant. Operation is easy. It will please copy the ...    41 MB    Views 2172
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+28    Cut, cut, cut frames into as many parts as you need. Change size of every frame. Create collages of your own design. divide a frame into smaller ones or choose from various builtin layouts adjust: aspect ratio brightness, contrast, saturation, hue background ...    10 MB    Views 8090
Related Apps photo frame digital
-4    Free for a limited time Digital Photo Frame For Dribbble Designers Features: Scrolling display showing dribbble shots on your iPad like a digital photo frame which you are following . Supports 2x Images. View author's profile page. Seemless switching, easy to use    3 MB    Views 2949
frame fantastic frames
+2    The best photo frame app on the appstore. Use your creative to make the coolest, most fantastic frames. It's easy and free    28 MB    Views 9103
+30    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION AceCamFrame add cute frame to photo quick and easy There are 50 type of different effects to choose from. INSTANT one click effect. Even your child know how to use it. LIVE EFFECT. Easily adjust your camera before ...    17 MB    Views 981
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-2    Frame my Photo is HERE Amazing frames for your photos It's simple and fun 1. Select a photo or take it 2. Move the photo 3. Select the perfect frame 4. Share it    19 MB    Views 4970
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+4    This app allows you to create beautiful animated gif love frames. You can choose your image from gallery and adjust with in the frame.You can save and share your work to your loved ones. It supports around 15 animated frames. It gives ...    30 MB    Views 8126


photo frame zoomed
+18    Photograph | Photo Frame | Photo Editing | Photo Text | Pairing emoticonsSimple application, easy to use for smartphone, tablets. Take pictures directly or choose photos available in the device to add frame or to graft creatively with many features. ...    9 MB    Views 225
photo flower frame frames zoom purple
+1    Purple Flower photo frames: Choose photo from gallery , select a frame and generate your photo frames Some features: Very easy to use Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the photo frame as you like Share your photo with ...    5 MB    Views 1479
-3    The Frame By Frame App allows users to browse through the latest Picture Galleries of Professional Photographers and keep updated with latest Photographic news articles teaching the fundamentals of photography. All information is updated regularly via the backend portal.    943 kb    Views 8447

Frame it.

frame design photo frames
-1    Frame it allow you to frame your photos with amazing frames,in variety categories. Frame it, send your new design photo via email or directly to Your Facebook account with "feed" option. You can also save your new design in your device photo ...    19 MB    Views 8451

face photo

+5    You can take pictures of your face with front camera. You can add a heartshaped frame or a usual frame. So, you can take your pictures with your friend. It can be used in iPhone and iPod touch with front ...    90 kb    Views 971
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-5    Frame your instagram photos. Original Frames for making your photos stand out. Shoot a photo or import from your library. Adjust and crop to square. Swipe to choose a folder/category. Swipe through frames. Choose from frame categories: Americana Art deco Clouds Comic Floral Flourish Fun Gold Luxury Minimal Neon New York Paper Pride Rasta Sketched Sketching Wood More Frames added regularly.    9 MB    Views 9200

Aim Frame

frame aim share find
0    Aim Frame encourage people to find, capture and share the urban beauty around them. Each digital frame lets you focus on your beautiful find in a captivating way. Feel free to share your Aim Frame photos on Instagram with beautyinmycity.    28 MB    Views 409


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+2    Viewing your webcam images with this simpletosetup, easytouse webcamondemand app, gives you the options of singleframe and fourframe display, which means that you can connect to four separate webcams simultaneously. This app is designed with a snapshot function, and allows ...    662 kb    Views 5922


+2    FrameMaker allows you to draw from one to nine frames by drawing two lines cross in the start screen. After drawn them, if we like delete some squares to change the design. With final design pass to editing photos. Long press to browse Photo ...    4 MB    Views 1127
Related Apps music photos frame photo button select
+2    Your iPhone change to Photo Frame with this app You see your photos in slideshow with your music. You only photos button on the bellow and select your photos in your camera roll. And you touch music button you can select your music ...    42 kb    Views 8846

Snap Frame

Related Apps frame snap
-6    Snap Frame is the ultimate application for custom photo frames. Choose from dozens of frame themes including fancy, athletic, fun, antique or even magazine covers It's like having your own mobile scrapbook    17 MB    Views 7071
+9    Remember the greatest moments of your life... all in one photo. With A1 pic frame & collage you can make some of the coolest frames pictures and collages. Have fun capturing and creating :)    48 MB    Views 9589
photo frame carnival picture
0    Welcome to the unlimited wallpapers and picture frame: today watch all the world of carnival photo    42 MB    Views 4977
christmas photos frame frames awesome
+4    It's Christmas time, when you are ready to celebrate Now add stunning frames to your Christmas photos. With this App, it's easy to frame your photos with awesome Christmas frames More than 20 Awesome HD Christmas Frames are in this App.    8 MB    Views 7467

3D Photo Frame ❖

photo frame mode
+5    Gravity sensitive 3D photo frame is here Choose images from your photo library and present in 3D mode. Features include: Awesome 3D effect Customizable background 4 gravity modes Full screen mode Touch to toggle gravity sensor Available on all iOS ...    4 MB    Views 6776
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-1    You can make the photo nice with frame in app. It's simple. Snap a photo from camera or choose a photo from photo album, then you can put it into frame that you want it. Enjoy for Snapping :)    4 MB    Views 563

Angel Photo Frames

photo frame angel frames
+25    Angel Photo Frames app has huge collection of angel photo frames. This free app is very easy to use, you just need to select your photo from camera/gallery and adjust it in angel photo frame. Apply different effects and make ...    47 MB    Views 7912
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+13    Do you want awesome photo frames to make your personal pictures more memorable? Memorable Photo Frames has a huge collection of quality photo frames which can make your life events photos more memorable. You just need to take photo from ...    49 MB    Views 9302

Vintage Camera FX

Related Apps photo frame vintage
0    Have fun by creating Vintage effect of your photos. LIMITED FREE EDITION FEATURES + 21 Fast Natural Filters that convert your photo into vintage photo. + Best frames with effects.. + Crop square photo to fit exactly in frame. + Share your ...    11 MB    Views 1583

Cloud Photo Frames

Related Apps photo frame frames cloud picture
+18    Cloud Photo Frames Description Clouds are clouds in the background photo frame application made ??picture frames, cloud, romantic, white, love, downloads clouds Frame it Features: Import your photos, select the frames you want. You can write your own greetings or personalized signature save ...    10 MB    Views 1815
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-3    Have the phoot bug or just want to share your pictures? Collage them together with this awesome app. Your friends will be impressed with your design skills as well as your beautiful pictures. Edit photos with powerful color correction tools ...    21 MB    Views 2752
-6    3D Photo Frame: for every people want to make a creativity photo and sharing for instagram. Of course, Frames design simple, clean and look like 3D and 2D view. Absolute you will make a new style on instagram, and the ...    10 MB    Views 348
frame photo collage
+15    Love to take Selfies or are just have pics on yoru phone? Collage them together with this awesome app. Your friends will be impressed with your design skills as well as your beautiful pictures. Edit photos with powerful color correction ...    18 MB    Views 3322
frame photo horror scary editor
+14    Like zombies and horror movies? This scary and bloody photo frame editor is for you. Build collages of your favorite scary pictures. Add decayed and bloody frame effects. Powerful photo editing tools make sure your pics are just right. Download ...    29 MB    Views 8899
photo frame change kawaii
+1    This is a photo frame that automatically select the image of Kawaii Foods photo from on the Web. If you change your keywords, you can change the type of photo. You will be able to display and hold 26 ...    19 MB    Views 2290

Frames by Annie

Related Apps frame frames picture
+12    Frames by Annie gives you the perfect frames to embellish your favorite photos. Just select the picture, adjust the frame and share your creation with the world. After all, every picture looks better on a frame specially one made with lots ...    128 MB    Views 3378

Giraffe Photo Frame

Related Apps photo frame stunning frames
-5    Giraffe Photo Frame Giraffe Photo Frame is a stunning collection of Giraffe frames so that you can have fun all the time. Make your old, boring pictures finally stunning with “Giraffe Photo Frames” . Embed your images in beautiful habitats of Giraffe ...    14 MB    Views 9113

Vivi Frame

frame frames
+29    Vivi Frame provides 500+ frames that takes you to the world of pretty frames, you can add our super beatiful frames to your photoes and share to friends and social websites.    1006 MB    Views 4961

Classic Frame Photo

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-5    You can make the photo nice with frame in app. It's simple. Snap a photo from camera or choose a photo from photo album, then you can put it into frame that you want it. Enjoy for Snapping :)    4 MB    Views 6054
photo frame photos collage tap editor
+15    Make a great collage of your photos using this lovely app... Awesome features: Import photos from your photo library Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete Double tap a photo to edit photo with photo effects, clip photo, adjust ...    22 MB    Views 7943


photos frame retro friends
+5    UPDATE 1.2 Upload your photos on Facebook Retina Display Graphics Minor bugs fixed Load a picture or make a capture, paste your photos on the Cork. Write a title with a beautiful font and share them with your friends, send by email, ...    3 MB    Views 4382

Fruits Photo Frames

photo frame fruit frames
+8    Fruit Photo Frame app for your beautifully crafted 15 frames fruit, fruit, fresh, full of vitality, download Fruit Frame it Make your life more vitality Features: Import your photos, select the frames you want. You can write your own greetings or ...    15 MB    Views 7116
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0    Awesome Photo Frame is an app which quickly combine multiphotos into one framedphoto. KEY FEATURES Up to 100+ different layouts Up to 10+ different photo aspect ratios (1x1, 4x6, 3x4, 5x7, 8x10, 9x16, etc) Up to 50+ different photo borders Up ...    11 MB    Views 6356
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+12    Create a photo frame for your photos. Support a variety of styles, including classical, patterns, shapes, text. Support color customization. Support text adding. Support a variety of custom fonts.    10 MB    Views 2587

Multi Frame Photo

frame photos photo split frames multi
+1    Apply dazzling frames on your favourite photos Frame yourself behind a variety of cool overlapping multiframes == Split a Photo == You can split a photo with using one of the frame shapes listed below: Hexagons Suns Clouds Butterflies Camera Film Circles Hearts ...    43 MB    Views 6971
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-8    WithCam is a iPhone app that can allow you to make your own picture frames and take funny pictures. After you're done creating your own frame, try creating funny pictures. The funny pictures taken from 'WithCam' can be saved in your album ...    8 MB    Views 6347
Related Apps camera photo frame stickers editor images
+12    It is a powerful photo editor. It can help you to generate various pretty funny stickers. It has a rich set of features: A variety of popular font: size, color, style, adjustable 120+ styles of stickers 35 kinds of frame 14 ...    14 MB    Views 7302

Uidle Flickr Frame

Related Apps flickr frame photos
+4    "Flickr Frame" flickrbased photo frame. Everyday, it shows 100 new photos.You can open the list of photos and pause by tapping on. Does not require any configuration only requires internet connection.    7 MB    Views 499


Related Apps photo frame photos artist decorate stamps frames
-9    "ARTIST PHOTO FRAME" is the camera application which offers Japanese artists' original frames and stamps to decorate your photo. you can choose a frame, take a photo, decorate and share it with your friends via twitter or facebook. Functions; Take photos Download frames and ...    5 MB    Views 8245
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+10    Interior Photo Frames HD are beautiful gifts gifted to your loved ones on any occasion. Interior Photo Frames HD is one such app designed to decorate your photo with a Interior design photo frame. Features of the App include: 1)Select a photo from ...    13 MB    Views 3828

Life Photo Frames

Related Apps photo frame frames life share
+22    Life Photo Frames Description: Life photo frames apps. It has more than 300 high resolution frames in life Photo Frame:
 More than 1 photo in 1 frame.
 Download more frames easily.
 Share photo via facebook, twitter, so fast. You can share your ...    15 MB    Views 8480

Flickr Photo Frame

Related Apps flickr photos photo frame iphone ipad
+8    Features: Flickr Photo Frame makes your iPhone or iPad a digital photo frame easily. Flickr Photo Frame plays slideshow using photos on Flickr, so you don't have to bring photos into your iPhone/iPad. It can also play photos of users in your contact ...    2 MB    Views 8070

Film Tracks

Related Apps film frame
-6    Fans of traditional photography can dispense with the notepad and pencil; use this application to keep track of your film rolls frame by frame. Compare the results and see how well you've done. Features: record settings (e.g., aperture, shutter speed) and ...    3 MB    Views 6045
photo frame waterfall frames
-2    Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful and magical waterfalls? These fantasy frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable. Surprise your kids by embedding their image in the waterfall frames. ...    12 MB    Views 8920
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