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+18 is a unique tool for photographers to create professional portfolios sites using their images on Flickr. This is a companion application for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to showcase your portfolios anywhere you go. You must have a account ...    13 MB    Views 604
+4    Flickr iShowPhoto HD Free is a cool app to browse photos on Flickr, when using Flickr Show HD on iPad, you'll feel like using a real photo book. Just take a look at the screenshots, you'll love it. This is a ...    5 MB    Views 5889
+14    Be inspired by the beautiful photo wall. All you need to do is choose a word, everything else is up to Discovr For Flickr. Have a break during your day with the magic scrolling wall. Save your favorite photos to turn them into ...    2 MB    Views 413


+4    FlickCam enables the user to: take pictures, geolocate them, edit photos, add information and tags to them, upload them to Flickr, view recently uploaded pictures. Application works with/without network, so the user chooses when to upload the pictures. The user can choose whether to keep a copy ...    712 kb    Views 1941
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-2    Only the interesting photos From the Flickr. It's update 500+ beautiful photo everyday. You can view, download photo and save to album. Support iPhone and iPad Note: The photographs presented in the app screenshots are owned by their photographers. Go to Flickr to see ...    6 MB    Views 2830

Explorer for Flickr

photo photos flickr search videos video twitter facebook map email view group tags add user public
+4    Browse, search & view your and public Flickr photos and videos Features: View Flickr daily interestingness photos/videos archive by date Search public photos/videos Search & view photos/video from a visible map region View/search Flickr's daily/weekly popular tags View recently uploaded photos ...    19 MB    Views 8299

Uidle Flickr Frame

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0    "Flickr Frame" flickrbased photo frame. Everyday, it shows 100 new photos.You can open the list of photos and pause by tapping on. Does not require any configuration only requires internet connection.    7 MB    Views 499
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+14    View Flickr's huge daily interesting photo archive by date Features Load the latest Flickr's daily interestingness photos Choose a date to view the Flickr's daily interestingness photos on that date View a photo full screen View a photo's exif info Add ...    19 MB    Views 2564
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+24    Mix your photos & music to make amazing video slideshows. Choose from over 16 transition effects to give your PicFlip just the right feel. Create and share short video slideshows with photos from your albums or your Instagram account Plus... PicFlip is a ...    8 MB    Views 9894
0    Too easy to take, edit, share pictures into Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr... Main features: Takes photo, add filter, add text and more... Rotates, crop your photos quickly by your device. Share your photos into Messenger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter.    9 MB    Views 3039
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-2    ▶ The Worldwide No. 1 LOMO Fisheye camera is now available on iPhone • Enjoy the amazing fisheye photo & video in analogue film effect • Optimized for iPhone 5, iPod touch5 TOP PAID APP OVER 52+ COUNTRIES Featured on ZDNET, ...    8 MB    Views 8353

Photo Timer

photos photo camera flickr facebook twitter video time timer zoom group post adjustable shot big
+9    Capture group photos and self portraits with this photo timer app. Simple to use. Just tap the numbers to change the time interval. Timer options include 2510153060120300 second intervals. A small picture count appears in the upper right as well letting ...    32 MB    Views 1144
photos video photo facebook twitter email videos camera music flickr add clips share tumblr individual
-9    Say cheese Flashback is a revolutionary camcorder app that allows you to take photos and video simultaneously. Now you can capture moments, moods, and emotions in a way you could have never imagined Every picture has a story to tell. Flashback ...    45 MB    Views 558
camera photos photo video facebook twitter flickr shooting editing apps mode folders full image shutter folder
+3    TOP CAMERA IS NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE. PLEASE LOOK FOR "TOP CAMERA 2". Create beautiful photographs using this fullfeatured camera app designed for the advanced photographer, the beginner and everyone in between. It combines features found in numerous camera apps and a ...    13 MB    Views 49


photos photo flickr photoframe enable application
+8    This application makes your iPhone to Digital Photo Frame. It rotates the interesting photos from the internet every day. It does not need any configuration. Just download and excute it You can enjoy fascinating photos instantly. Features Update the photos ...    63 kb    Views 5183

Photo Slides

ipad photo flickr show table interesting slides
+20    If you haven't realize yet but iPad is the best digital Photo frame too. Run the application when your iPad is not in use, it will show fantastic, amazing most interesting pictures from Flickr. Whether your iPad is sitting idle on the ...    58 kb    Views 2723


photos flickr viewing account
+15    WorldWind provides access to photos published on the Flickr service. Through different proposed sections discover a steady stream of photos from our small planet. Features offered: Viewing photos on your Flickr account. Viewing photos for Flickr’s categories : Recents, Interestingness, Mapping, Nearest. Search photos about ...    60 MB    Views 273


photos photo flickr view popular instagram 500px picasa
-9    View the good photos from Picasa, Flickr , Instagram & 500px. Features: View Picasa featured photos View Flickr interestingness photos View Instagram popular photos View 500px popular photos Share a photo by Email or on Facebook & Twitter Save a photo ...    9 MB    Views 9035
-2    up to 2 billions of Flickr photos. detail view of each Flickr user's photo album including yours. It is definitely one of kind. save them to your iphone or ipod touch as wallpapers. try it, you will love it. the best part of it. It ...    21 MB    Views 84


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+4    PicOGram , is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family. Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to PicOGram— it's that easy. You can even ...    22 MB    Views 2469
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-5    Create perfect video slideshows with photos from your any Albums or your Instagram account Choose the photos you want to use, add some music, choose the speed and Voala... your video is ready This is the app you like, chosen by millions ...    10 MB    Views 4417


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-8    iFlick is a Upload Client for You can upload multi photos to with your account use iFlick. This Client is easy to use and powerful,and quickly.    223 kb    Views 2780


library flickr public source reddit digital code features
-7    Search for images from multiple online image collections Currently supporting: ● New York Public Library ● Library of Congress ● California Digital Library ● Digital Public Library of America ● Europeana ● LIFE Magazine photo archive ● National Library of Australia (Trove) ● Flickr: Commons Project ● Flickr: Boston Public ...    3 MB    Views 3505
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-3    FlickAwesome is a simple Flickr Clinet, let you manage Flickr photos easier, especially photosets, tags, privacy and more..., enjoy your free Flickr account with 1T space. Features 1. Suport iPhone and iPad 2. Design for iOS7 3. Edit photos to photosets and tags 4. Easy ...    9 MB    Views 2948


-1    PhotoPeek is a social camera app designed specially for posting to your personal pages on your social networks. Because PhotoPeek contains a scheduler & reminder feature, you never have to remember to update Facebook with today's important or interesting event ...    4 MB    Views 9880
flickr friends hilarious crazy
+30    Unibrows are whats cool Curiosity of man has allowed for great innovation and invention in our society... It has also allowed for hilarious creations. It is now time for you to allow your curiosity to see how you and your friends ...    31 MB    Views 9702

Shake Flickr

flickr search photography photos shake users beautiful
+5    Explore Flickr photos just with a shake Want to see the most interesting and beautiful images on Flickr? Shake Flickr will show you this stunning photography from around the world in perfect high definition. This app was made by passionate Flickr ...    995 kb    Views 1547
+2    FVidUp is designed to be the quickest and easiest way to upload videos and photos to Flickr. FVidUp is optimized for this one task, and to do it extremely well. Tired of transferring those adorable videos of your kids to your ...    3 MB    Views 4075
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+25    Collect rich memories, not just photos Easy, modern memory keeping Complete your photoaday project 'Collect' is the perfect daily photo journal WHY? THESE AMAZING REVIEWS "Love it Downloaded a bunch of these photo journals. This one definitely beats them ...    32 MB    Views 3108
flickr photos group add interesting groups
+12    Only the most interesting photos from the Flickr group pools that you are interested. Easily catch up with the most interesting photographs from Flickr group pools that you subscribe. Search and sort your subscribed flickr groups Add comments and add ...    5 MB    Views 1971
facebook photo photos flickr logo sources experience instagram picasa
-5    Photo 3D manages all your online photos in one 3D space. It consolidates photos of you and your friends from all major social networks. Its intuitive 3D UI makes the best mobile photo browsing experience. Supporting SNS: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, ...    6 MB    Views 4263
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+1    Photo Frame for Flickr turns your iPad into a stunning digital picture frame by showing a slideshow of photos from Flickr. No need to have a Flickr account. Photo Frame can load the latest interesting photos, recent photos, search for photos ...    4 MB    Views 6120
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+3    Mix your photos & music to make amazing video slideshows. Choose from over 16 transition effects to give your PicFlip just the right feel. Create and share short video slideshows with photos from your albums or your Instagram account Plus... PicFlip is a ...    8 MB    Views 9838

OurWorld - Photos

photo photos flickr search facebook share
0    View our beautiful world through the photos of others. Search your favorite place, monument, word, etc. by tag or title. Curious to know where photo was taken? If photo contains geo location details, map option will be enabled which pins where ...    1 MB    Views 526
photos flickr map features share locate
+3    Memoratus is your tool to keep you connected to the world of Flickr. Memoratus allows you to share your photos, browse other people's photos and locate photos near you on a map. Features: • View your photos on Flickr or upload new ...    909 kb    Views 4405
photo time iphone creativity facebook flickr ipad camera video box soft www http remote shape control youtube free
+11    This Remote adds a new level of functionality to the most feature rich Soft Box apps a photographer can buy. "App of The Day" on To use the Remote app, you must already have a Photo Soft Box product ( Photo ...    5 MB    Views 1159


photos camera photo flickr twitter facebook video iphone time shooting zoom shot tripod button burst
0    Are you tired of blurry photos on your iPhone, then Tripod is the camera app for you. Antishake stabilization helps eliminate those blurry photos. Tripod uses the accelerometers in your iPhone to determine camera movement. It waits for your hand to ...    32 MB    Views 2111
+24    Browse, search & view your and public Flickr photos and videos Features: + Provide both vertical and horizontal photo thumbnail layout, which can be changed dynamically + Has external display slideshow option when connected with a secondary display View Flickr daily interestingness photos/videos ...    16 MB    Views 4737


flickr pictures snap
-6    ShakeMatic is a photoapp for iOS devices. With ShakeMatc you can snap pictures. Snap? Shake The particular feature of ShakeMatic is takeing pictures by shaking the iPhone. You may ask: Does is it make sence? YES it make With ShakeMatic ...    2 MB    Views 1639

Flickr CoverFlow

flickr effect pictures latest
+11    This is a Flickr client software which shows the latest pictures in Coverflow effect. Features: 1.Show the interesting photos within 7 days on Flickr 2.Display the latest pictures in Coverflow effect 3.Save to your own photo album with longpress gesture.    365 kb    Views 5106
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+12    Make amazing Video Slideshows with your photos in just 10 seconds. Over 16 transition effects to make your videos amazing(CrossFade, Push, Wipe, Slide, Rotate...) Create and share video slideshows with photos from your Albums or your Instagram account Choose the photos you want ...    11 MB    Views 8315

iFlick free

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0    Watch and save on your camera roll the daily best pictures on flickr. Extra features: a glossary of photographic terms; a browser with the links of all the pictures taken with apple devices on flickr.    2 MB    Views 1955

Magic Photo Frame

photo facebook flickr camera frame magic picasa picture select
0    Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. 

 Magic Photo Frame packs a simple design with a powerful editor to give you everything you could possibly want to make your photo's simply amazing.
 PicFrame Allows you to select photo ...    49 MB    Views 5949
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+23    THE FASTEST APP TO CROP VIDEO, THE BEST APP TO EXPORT HIGH QUALITY VIDEO Save half of time and get best quality when comparing with other Cropping app Crop the best position of your video. With Crop Video Plus easy and quick ...    23 MB    Views 5363


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-1    HSFlickr allows you to browse the most interesting photos on Flickr for a selected date. See more of those user's photos, their favorites, and email your finds or post your findings on Facebook, all without requiring a Flickr login. See ...    227 kb    Views 8758

Recorder Pro .

video camera frame videos flickr facebook features instagram capture save
+14    This app helps you record and quickly upload to the most popular video channels: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter Your record will be automatically saved to Camera Roll Library. Features: Extremely Fast Launch: don't need to switch from photo capture to ...    46 MB    Views 482
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+13    Photo Finder for Flickr is simple and easy Flickr photos search application. Map Search GPS Search Text(Tag) Search Save Photos on iPhone Share to other apps Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Line etc.    15 MB    Views 3509
iphone toy art flickr artists photography email photo video images www kaleidoscope lite mode http image features
+5    Kooleido Lite is a FREE version of Kooleido, a cool, trippy, highly rated visual toy for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It produces amazing animations and designs that are simply pleasing for the eyes and hypnotic for the mind Try ...    2 MB    Views 7538


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+20    Explore the world of Flickr photos with geoFlickr. geoFlickr is an iPad app that allows you to discover geocoded Flickr photos around the world through a map view. Browse in auto refresh or manual mode. Filter and search for Flickr text, tags, dates, ...    834 kb    Views 912


photos flickr facebook post helps
+4    iUniqable allows you to send photos to your blog. It supports posting photos to Facebook and Flickr. Intuitively obvious navigation helps to do it with pleasure and smile. post photos just after they have been taken; post photos that are ...    208 kb    Views 8287
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-5    ■■ Direct the lens, to record the past. ■■ PastVid shows you the world a few seconds ago. You can easily check & record the past because PastVid displays the captured data after buffering to memory. For example, to check your form ...    661 kb    Views 1467


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0    Stitch together multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. Share your creations to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. = Includes = • 50+ layouts • Colorful patterns • Adjustable borders (width, curve and color) • Powerful builtin photo editor • Designed for iOS 7 • Share via Message, ...    7 MB    Views 2794
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0    Too easy to take, edit, share pictures into Facebook, Twitter, Flickr... Main features: Takes photo, add filter, add text and more... Rotates, crop your photos quickly by your device. Share your photos into Facebook, Flickr, Twitter.    6 MB    Views 2078
photos photo ipad video videos flickr work home frame apps portfolio pro import
+27    A brandable photo and video presentation app for Photographers, Designers and Creatives. With batch import from the iPad Photos App, Flickr, and Dropbox Portfolio Pro is so fast and intuitive that your portfolio will be up and running in minutes. ...    7 MB    Views 6276


photo editing camera videos library flickr facebook photography photos video pictures effects mode device flash
+11    For newest pictures and video for this app please use App Store app • Third party app discovery apps have old pictures. √ HDR photography for most difficult lightings. • You can adjust the input pictures, such as fusion. • You can ...    7 MB    Views 8133
flickr ipad photos photo show display
-5    framr: a special flickr Photo Display Use your iPad to show your flickr photos. Framr presents a unique slide show with animated transitions, your photos will be more impressive. You can go back to the previous photo at any time ...    2 MB    Views 3827

iFlick *HD*

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0    Watch and save on your camera roll the daily best pictures on flickr. Extra features: a glossary of photographic terms; a browser with the links of all the pictures taken with apple devices on flickr.    2 MB    Views 309


iphone video ipad time camera facebook twitter flickr social recording filters density effects live true black
+29    EXCLUSIVE to the iOS App Store FormattVideo Live Video Camera Filters and Effects by Formatt Hitech with over 100+ Live filters FormattVideo from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Turn your iPhone and iPad into a ...    63 MB    Views 6083
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+14    ON SALE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Big Camera Button does one thing very well. It makes it very easy to snap a picture with your camera. How many times have you been focusing on your ...    32 MB    Views 7487


photo facebook flickr albums animated downloaded themes cool picasa
+4    Fotomatic puts your favorite Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa photo albums on the go with cool animated slideshows. Simply enter or search for the names of online photo albums and they'll be downloaded to your iPhone for you to browse or ...    6 MB    Views 438
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