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Uidle Flickr Frame

+13    "Flickr Frame" flickrbased photo frame. Everyday, it shows 100 new photos.You can open the list of photos and pause by tapping on. Does not require any configuration only requires internet connection.    7 MB    Views 499

iFlick free

+8    Watch and save on your camera roll the daily best pictures on flickr. Extra features: a glossary of photographic terms; a browser with the links of all the pictures taken with apple devices on flickr.    2 MB    Views 1955
0    Photo Finder for Flickr is simple and easy Flickr photos search application. Map Search GPS Search Text(Tag) Search Save Photos on iPhone Share to other apps Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Line etc.    15 MB    Views 3509


+12    A Toy Shrine in your iPhone or iPod. An exclusive selection of toy photographs and illustrations curated by doc18. The Toy Shrine showcases doc18's much loved toy photographs and some of his favourite artists' artworks, to brighten up your day and ...    15 MB    Views 3247
photos flickr facebook photo memories picasa networks instagram
-1    Photos are things past. Literally. But when it stays that way, precious little moments are forgotten. We all have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos lying scattered in many of the social networks and online backups. This app helps to bring all ...    59 MB    Views 1834

Camera 4 Light Glow

+2    Thank you for 150,000 downloads all over the world "Camera 4 Light Glow" can create the paintings as if drawn by the light glowing in the dark. You can incredibly easy to make pictures as below. You may create a cool ...    2 MB    Views 9897
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+18    Only the interesting photos From the Flickr. It's update 500+ beautiful photo everyday. You can view, download photo and save to album. Support iPhone and iPad Note: The photographs presented in the app screenshots are owned by their photographers. Go to Flickr to see ...    6 MB    Views 2830
baby flickr photo pix pictures lets touch picture local
+19    Capture every moment of your kid as he/she is growing up Baby Pix is a simple easytouse app custom made just for this purpose. Click a quick photo and upload it to flickr in a single touch. Baby Pix ...    2 MB    Views 7329
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+2    View Flickr's huge daily interesting photo archive by date Features Load the latest Flickr's daily interestingness photos Choose a date to view the Flickr's daily interestingness photos on that date View a photo full screen View a photo's exif info Add ...    19 MB    Views 2564
+14    Pixor helps you give your photos creatively with effects, enhancements, text and frames to make greatlooking masterpieces. You can also share them with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and via email. Over 1 million people are already having fun ...    14 MB    Views 8963


flickr photos camera roll share https yahoo free
+13    Upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world. • Put your free 1000GB to work autoupload all your photos and videos to your Flickr camera roll. They'll be private, until you choose ...    59 MB    Views 7587
photo frame photos flickr time whatsapp frames features overlay fun colorful color
+8    Welcome To The PRO Version With NO Ads & UNLIMITED Frames All Frames Are Unlocked for your immediate use "The 1 Photo App For Making Your Pics Into Beautiful, Creative Photo Expressions" App Indulge LLC Enhance Your Photos With ...    32 MB    Views 2888


flickr pictures snap
0    ShakeMatic is a photoapp for iOS devices. With ShakeMatc you can snap pictures. Snap? Shake The particular feature of ShakeMatic is takeing pictures by shaking the iPhone. You may ask: Does is it make sence? YES it make With ShakeMatic ...    2 MB    Views 1639
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-2    View Flickr's huge daily interesting photo archive by date. Features Load the latest Flickr's daily interestingness photos Choose a date to view the Flickr's daily interestingness photos on that date View a photo full screen View a photo's exif info Add ...    16 MB    Views 5225
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+10    Too easy to take, edit, share pictures into Facebook, Twitter, Flickr... Main features: Takes photo, add filter, add text and more... Rotates, crop your photos quickly by your device. Share your photos into Facebook, Flickr, Twitter.    6 MB    Views 2078


photos flickr contacts load posted contact view
-2    With FriendsForFlickr you can view your friend’s photos on Flickr. Enter a Flickr user name and FriendsForFlickr retrieves photos for you. You can even link them to your contacts You can view photos by contact or map views for geocoded ...    717 kb    Views 2341
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+8    Do you love cute kitties? Well now with InstaKitty, you can add all sorts of cute and funny kittens and cats to your photos The app is simple and fun to use. First you either take a picture from within the ...    22 MB    Views 5324


photo facebook flickr albums animated downloaded themes cool picasa
+16    Fotomatic puts your favorite Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa photo albums on the go with cool animated slideshows. Simply enter or search for the names of online photo albums and they'll be downloaded to your iPhone for you to browse or ...    6 MB    Views 438

Cap That!

+4    SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE FREE GET IT NOW BEFORE WE CHANGE OUR MIND The funniest random usergenerated caption app ever Humiliate your friends or just bring your boring photos to life. Every few days you'll get more new funny captions for FREE, Unlimited laugh ...    14 MB    Views 7157


library flickr public source reddit digital code features
-7    Search for images from multiple online image collections Currently supporting: ● New York Public Library ● Library of Congress ● California Digital Library ● Digital Public Library of America ● Europeana ● LIFE Magazine photo archive ● National Library of Australia (Trove) ● Flickr: Commons Project ● Flickr: Boston Public ...    3 MB    Views 3505

The Tap a Cat App

photos cats flickr cat tap https 465959568
+2    Note: this app downloads sweet cats at high CPS (catspersecond) — consider using your wifi for ideal catflow Have you ever wanted to tap cats to see more cats? Well then this is the app for you Open the app, tap tap ...    4 MB    Views 6558
flickr camera photo photos iphone recommended operation
-7    Make a sandy picture? This is a simple camera App, letting you create sandy drawings from your photos with ease. Recommended for those who want a funky photo. = FEATURES = Easy operation Adjusting the density or transparency of sands Changing the canvas ...    3 MB    Views 4327


Related Apps flickr images free portfolios professional features
+2 is a unique tool for photographers to create professional portfolios sites using their images on Flickr. This is a companion application for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to showcase your portfolios anywhere you go. You must have a account ...    13 MB    Views 604

Butterfly Faces

photo photos flickr www characters faces roll create
+8    This crazy app allows you to create limitless weird, funny or downright cranky characters from photos of you and your friends. Or you could use it a little more seriously to see the differences between the left and right sides ...    1 MB    Views 7584
-1    Do you love emoticons? Well now with Emoticon Photo Booth, you can add awesome emoticons to your photos and bring them to life The app is simple and fun to use. First you either take a picture from within the app ...    21 MB    Views 8971

MapPhotos Lite

map photos photo flickr show view panoramio manage location
-1    Load and show Panoramio, Flickr, Picasa & 500px geotagged photos on a map view. Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of nearby photos Show ...    18 MB    Views 3514

iFlick *HD*

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-5    Watch and save on your camera roll the daily best pictures on flickr. Extra features: a glossary of photographic terms; a browser with the links of all the pictures taken with apple devices on flickr.    2 MB    Views 309

LineUp flickr

0    It is a simple and adictive photo puzzle, based on the idea of visual cryptography. The photos are provided randomly from flickr.    1 MB    Views 1864
flickr puzzle photo viewer maker
0    Flickr Photo Viewer And Puzzle Maker allows you to browse your favorite photos on Flickr and turn these beautiful images into a puzzle you can play    18 MB    Views 7442
toy flickr camera film lens mode image effect color
+30    This app makes color film like images by take a camera or from photo library. And you can use TOY LENS effect and square mode. It's like a famouse toy camera like image. Also you can choose a several color film mode. Selected ...    8 MB    Views 7776
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+3    Photo Frame for Flickr turns your iPad into a stunning digital picture frame by showing a slideshow of photos from Flickr. No need to have a Flickr account. Photo Frame can load the latest interesting photos, recent photos, search for photos ...    4 MB    Views 6120


+2    DXP is multi exposure camera application. You can choose a effect from 18 compositing operations. And Rotate, Mirror and B&W effects are available. I think that it becomes a very impressive photograph if it goes well. Please enjoy flickr group opens here.    8 MB    Views 6674
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-4    "The 1 Photo App For Making Your Pics Into Beautiful, Creative Photo Expressions" App Indulge LLC Enhance Your Photos With A Beautiful White or Colorful Frame & Share to Instagram, facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Flickr & more Easy to use & fun We have ...    32 MB    Views 9465
photo text flickr photos fun add image editor credits
+5    Fuzzy Font is a fun app that allows you to add cute furry styled text to your photos. The app is simple and fun to use. First you either take a picture from within the app or load a photo from ...    27 MB    Views 2532

Photo Slides

ipad photo flickr show table interesting slides
-6    If you haven't realize yet but iPad is the best digital Photo frame too. Run the application when your iPad is not in use, it will show fantastic, amazing most interesting pictures from Flickr. Whether your iPad is sitting idle on the ...    58 kb    Views 2723

Stripe Me

flickr twitter facebook camera stripes capture instagram fun
+7    Stripe Me is an innovative universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows you to capture a photo linebyline. Through a simple and intuitive interface, create anything from abstract, artsy photographs to fun portraits. Mobile of the Day ...    20 MB    Views 1377
Related Apps photo search flickr view provide login add results comment
+11    Provide you with the power to find what you want from billions of public Flickr photos. Features Provide you with many options to filter search results Provide you with different way to order search results Provide you with free text search ...    16 MB    Views 8124
+5    Photo 3D manages all your online photos in one 3D space. It consolidates photos of you and your friends from all major social networks. Its intuitive 3D UI makes the best mobile photo browsing experience. Supporting SNS: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, ...    6 MB    Views 4263
flickr friends hilarious crazy
-9    Unibrows are whats cool Curiosity of man has allowed for great innovation and invention in our society... It has also allowed for hilarious creations. It is now time for you to allow your curiosity to see how you and your friends ...    31 MB    Views 9702
photos flickr map features share locate
+9    Memoratus is your tool to keep you connected to the world of Flickr. Memoratus allows you to share your photos, browse other people's photos and locate photos near you on a map. Features: • View your photos on Flickr or upload new ...    909 kb    Views 4405


iphone flickr pictures game play fast fun interesting tiles
+2    FlickrPuzzle is classic 15tiles puzzle game with interesting pictures from Flickr that make it super fun and challenge for players of all ages and skills Let's see how fast you can put the tiles in order. Features: Explore and choose interesting pictures ...    3 MB    Views 4709
photography flickr facebook https www
+10    Luisa Brocke // 18 years old // lives in Nuremberg, Germany lovely people photography & shootings. only outdoor in the nature & with available light. The app was created to follow my photography work on your mobile phone. Facebook: Flickr: Website:    NAN    Views 3572


flickr image stereo http www memory cross
-5    StereoMaker makes stereo (3d) photo for PARALLEL or CROSSEYED format. If you don't know Stereograph, please see before use StereoMaker. How to Load two pictures right and left eyed perspective. To rotate the iPhone counterclockwise for PARALLEL stereo, or clockwise for CROSSEYED stereo. Please ...    564 kb    Views 8596
photo flickr twitter email effects effect http www ios share
+4    This application helps to create cool photo effects with professional photography knowledge. If you are PS fan,or just want to share some photo with effect to your friends,you will love this one. Compared with other apps,the biggest advantage is the easiness to ...    9 MB    Views 8436
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-8    Be inspired by the beautiful photo wall. All you need to do is choose a word, everything else is up to Discovr For Flickr. Have a break during your day with the magic scrolling wall. Save your favorite photos to turn them into ...    2 MB    Views 413


flickr photos stats account pro views days api information required
+4    Flickr stats for iPhone. Flickr Pro Account Required Stats must be enabled on your Flickr Pro Account f/stats is a simple but fun app to see which of your Flickr photos are getting the most views, comments & favorites. Get started by authorizing ...    4 MB    Views 2773
Related Apps photos love email flickr facebook share collage easy fun awesome super shuffle
+10    FREE FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS, GET IT WHILE ITS HOT Fit up to 30 photos in a single collage You pick your photos, the app places them for you in 1 tap Customize the border colors and shape. Full ...    6 MB    Views 6041


photos flickr facebook post helps
+24    iUniqable allows you to send photos to your blog. It supports posting photos to Facebook and Flickr. Intuitively obvious navigation helps to do it with pleasure and smile. post photos just after they have been taken; post photos that are ...    208 kb    Views 8287

FlickrFax Free

flickr photos software copyright notice conditions including contributors tags
0    FlickrFax helps you organise your Flickr photostream quickly and easily using an innovative twin table design. Locate photos which have not yet been categorised Create a new set to capture your memories of a special day or event Edit the ...    2 MB    Views 589


photos flickr web photographers fast link
+22    Browse the most interesting photos on Flickr at warp speed. If you love the serendipity of finding gorgeous photos on Flickr, then this App is for you See fresh and beautiful photos each day by some of the most talented ...    NAN    Views 9289

Flickr Photo Frame

Related Apps flickr photos photo frame iphone ipad
+17    Features: Flickr Photo Frame makes your iPhone or iPad a digital photo frame easily. Flickr Photo Frame plays slideshow using photos on Flickr, so you don't have to bring photos into your iPhone/iPad. It can also play photos of users in your contact ...    2 MB    Views 8070

Shake Flickr

flickr search photography photos shake users beautiful
0    Explore Flickr photos just with a shake Want to see the most interesting and beautiful images on Flickr? Shake Flickr will show you this stunning photography from around the world in perfect high definition. This app was made by passionate Flickr ...    995 kb    Views 1547


Related Apps photos photo twitter flickr facebook filter effects prints walgreens
+5    Special offer only until the 30th of June Get a 25% discount on the print order total for prints from Walgreens Get your coupon code here: Use one of 16 Filterastic+ filter effects to make your mobile photos stand ...    3 MB    Views 8661
flickr photos ipad web albums picasa public access
-6    PhotoBuzz for iPad is an app to view all public web albums from Picasa and Flickr. PhotoBuzz also has iPhone versions. There are a lot of public albums in Picasa and Flickr shared by your friends, photographers and other interesting guys, ...    1 MB    Views 6205

Flickr HD Explorer

Related Apps flickr 9734 definition images high
+10    Flickr HD Explorer will show you amazing photography from around the world in perfect high definition. &9734; See the most interesting photos for today &9734; Download high definition images direct to your iPhone or iPad photo library. &9734; Use for lock screen and ...    14 MB    Views 9088


photos flickr viewing account
+7    WorldWind provides access to photos published on the Flickr service. Through different proposed sections discover a steady stream of photos from our small planet. Features offered: Viewing photos on your Flickr account. Viewing photos for Flickr’s categories : Recents, Interestingness, Mapping, Nearest. Search photos about ...    60 MB    Views 273
Related Apps wallpapers flickr photos
0    up to 2 billions of Flickr photos. detail view of each Flickr user's photo album including yours. It is definitely one of kind. save them to your iphone or ipod touch as wallpapers. try it, you will love it. the best part of it. It ...    21 MB    Views 84


Related Apps flickr twitter photo facebook creations instagram share ios
+5    Stitch together multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. Share your creations to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. = Includes = • 50+ layouts • Colorful patterns • Adjustable borders (width, curve and color) • Powerful builtin photo editor • Designed for iOS 7 • Share via Message, ...    7 MB    Views 2794
photo flickr photos view wall information swipe flick tap
-3    Reduced price New for version 2.0, take and upload geo tagged photos right from flicksplorer Updated user experience and user settings. Settings include the photo size on the flicksplorer photo wall Flick and swipe your way through recent flickr photos Search for ...    558 kb    Views 4717
toy flickr effect lens color version gray
0    This app makes monochrome film like images by take a camera or from photo library. After version 1.5, TOY LENS effect and square mode added. You can choose a effect from SOFT, HARD, COOL GRAY, WARM GRAY or SEPIA COLOR. Selected effect is ...    5 MB    Views 7121
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