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+27    Capture, Flash, Save, Exit... ...all with only ONE CLICK 1 Click Photo enables you to take a photo, flash it (brighten), then save the photo and exit, all with one click Dont you miss the days when cameras only had one ...    539 kb    Views 7353

Photo Flash FREE

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+1    Did your photos ever end up too dark? Use Photo Flash FREE to add light to your pictures    1 MB    Views 7810
+30    Easily take self timer photos with KeyCam There are two options: start a traditional secondcountdown or clap to trigger the camera. FEATURES: Clap to snap feature (detects your clapping to start) 5/10/15 second countdown intervals Visual countdown + sounds let you know ...    4 MB    Views 3996
0    iPad only version SB900, SB800, SB600 Confused after reading the manual? You are not alone. This video tutorial simplifies the Nikon Creative Lighting System so you can take the photos you want. Your new SB Speedlight from Nikon can be the ...    1 GB    Views 2785


+2    Take your own pictures by adding a timer to the camera of your iPhone. Simply pick the time, place the camera, move in front off the camera and have your picture without help Select the time between 30, 20, ...    9 MB    Views 7208


flash selfie
+1    SelfieFlash is the best front facing flash you can ever get, Take the best photos with your friends and family and don't worry about how much light you need as with SelfieFlash you will be able to choose between 5 ...    369 kb    Views 9654


camera light screen brightness timer flash
+3    FrontFlash app uses iPhone 4's display as a flash for its front camera. It enables you to take better photos in low light conditions or even complete dark. How it works? • Use your screen as a viewfinder to frame the shot • ...    587 kb    Views 9326

iFlash Photo

photo photos light adjust flash
+25    Flash Photo allows to adjust flash DIGITALLY light while taking photos at indoor low light environments. FUSE MODE helps to adjust flash level by taking one nonflashed photo and one flashed photo simultaneously and allowing you to fuse two photos for ...    27 MB    Views 4192
+2    Flash for Instagram is the fastest way to gain thousands of likes on Instagram Earn Flash points by liking photos on the Public Gallery Upload your own photo to the Public Gallery and get more likes Flash your photo to ...    11 MB    Views 4232

Camera Flash+ Pro

+5    Camera Flash+ Pro The light is a very important element of the taking photo. But you can't control the environment light while you are taking photo. Now the Camera Flash+ Pro can help you, even in the dark environment. It can give ...    391 kb    Views 778

Flash Camera +

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+4    ============================= Just Updated New Resolution Options (480x320, 900x600, 1500x100 and Original Size) Auto/Manual Focus for 3GS Fixed crash bug ============================= Meet new Flash Camera +. Features 1. DSLR Style Flash Exposure Control Actually, our flash control is same as flash exposure compensation in DSLR(Digital SingleLens Reflex). ...    621 kb    Views 2908


photo music workflow photos face control flash adjustments frames special
-9    iFrames is a great effect app for your photos. There are a lot of different frames. Also there are motivational frames. You can make your own motivational or demotivational poster. NO IN APP PURCHASE Also there are all the great functions from iPimp included: FILTER Use different ...    19 MB    Views 6260
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+1    Holiday SALE: 0.99 (or equivalent) Selected to Feature in AT&T TV Ads (Nov'09 BBDO Atlanta) Easytouse and powerful camera utility to take "zoomed in" pictures, add effects (just shake the phone) and upload photos within seconds. Allows to 1) take cropped ("zoomed") photos with ...    372 kb    Views 6081


camera video photos time iphone record application flash realtime front support
+1    ASCamera provides awesome realtime filters. Very convenient apple watch control. Turn your iPhone into ASCamera now 1.The application offers a nice design inspired by cameras. 2.Direct save photos in iPhone photo album. 3.Support for iPhone5 wide screen (16:9) display. 4.Take photos or record video fast by ...    3 MB    Views 437


sketch ipad light picture color flash
+10    This app make sketch from camera or photo library on your iPad. After taking a picture, user can color on it. This app support 5 different pen width, and more than 12 colors. Kids take a picture of their favorite toys and ...    5 MB    Views 5023
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-4    'MinU Guide Nikon D40' v2.0 provides quick and easy camera menu references specifically for the very popular Nikon D40 DSLR, with explanations and diagrams covering dozens of menus for camera controls and options. MinU Guides are the original Nikon DSLR iPhone/touch ...    997 kb    Views 3174
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-6    A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel. Peter Adams Elements of Photography (EoP) is the most comprehensive app on the marketplace on photography. Instead of boggling down with huge amount of ...    29 MB    Views 6469
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+5    580 EX II / 430 EX II Your new EX II Speedlite from Canon can be the most powerful accessory in your camera bag Understanding how the Speedlite controls work is important, and this video tutorial takes you through its operations, ...    734 MB    Views 4841

Photo Flash

0    With Photo Flash you can take perfect photos even in poor lighting conditions Camera features: FLASH: Lights up images with dark lightning conditions Photosharing: Send photos via EMAIL Share your photos on TWITTER    910 kb    Views 1248

Flash Hero

photo flash hero pictures application choose effect
-9    Hurry up, Flash Hero, the best flash (and not only) iPhone app Top 10 in Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Romania and many more (thank you all :) ) • Flash Hero saves pictures in Full resolution • Also iPod touch can use ...    6 MB    Views 7020

aE Camera Flash

camera email photo images image flash compression capture resolution save select
+30    aE Camera Flash brightens images just like a good flash It was developed in cooperation with an award winning professional photographer, the director of graphic design for an international magazine, and a DSP expert from USC. This is not a ...    743 kb    Views 7121

Night Focus

photo camera photos video focus light night shot flash perfect
-9    Ever had a great night out with friends, only to be disappointed with the photos the next day? Blurred, smokey images? Unflattering bright lights? Photo opps missed completely? Some of the best photo opportunities happen at night, so why is it ...    9 MB    Views 4183

Photo Aide

photo camera focal length flash aperture distance iso database subject view
+11    Photo Aide is a flexible and powerful photo calculator with a large photo equipment database: The ISO, aperture, shutters speed, focal length, and guide number values are adjustable in the range that your camera, lens, and flash support. It has ...    990 kb    Views 9570
Related Apps camera photos ipad time photo flash pro application manual adjustments correction real
+8    iPad 2 does not have built in hardware ⚡ Flashlight and some photos (especially taken in night time) may be is too dark that you can not see anything on them Our application was created specially for such cases. Now you ...    2 MB    Views 3534


-8    Camerashoot+ is an app of great photographic effect especially suitable on the yield of landscapes and pictures of objects. With its filters every image will be intensified since the beginning, providing an immediate effect of particular impact Just take a photo ...    10 MB    Views 8876


camera toy photos film photo multiple shot exposures flash tips
0    1 Photo app in 6 countries on its very first day of release Fusioncam, a dynamic, easy to use classic toy camera with multiple exposure capabilities. Just like a real toy camera, multiple exposures are possible when you don't wind the film. You ...    18 MB    Views 2281

Bino Zoom

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+2    Binoculars is super 32X digital zoom camera Clarity is the best Now you can easily superdigitalzoom (32X) using your iDevice. Just pinch to zoom in or out. Easily take a photo of the zoomed picture. This is the best Secret Binoculars you'll ever ...    7 MB    Views 6278

Camera Super Flash

+13    Camera Super Flash makes it easy for you to add highquality digital flash to your photos Quickly and easily take photos using Camera Super Flash, add regular flash or SUPER FLASH to brighten up dark photos, and save your photos ...    80 kb    Views 7087

Front-Flash Lite

video videos camera iphone photos editing flash front night clear pictures
+24    UPGRADE TO PRO FOR AD REMOVAL FrontFlash Lite is the ONLY APP that add's a FLASH to your iPhone's FRONT CAMERA & TAKES PHOTOS & RECORDS VIDEO in the DARK Designed for the FRONT CAMERA LOVERS A front camera FLASH for your ...    2 MB    Views 2667
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-9    The Underwater Photo Simulator allows you to practice adjusting fstop, shutter speed and flash power settings to achieve a properly balanced wide angle UW photo. The program contains a 'Matrix' of actual photos made of a real UW wideangle scene ...    3 MB    Views 1219
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+29    In this guide I will teach you all the basics you need to learn about flash photograph. beginning with the basic 5 variables: Shutterspeed Aperture ISO Flash Power Subject to flash distance I will talk about all the gear you need, ...    14 MB    Views 7216


photo camera flash
-5    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true photo blocking functionality, how you use it, is your own choice Norte beer presents photoblocker, the first mobile application that detects when a photo is been taken and ...    4 MB    Views 8607

Flash Act

flash prints features photographer images order
-6    Flash Act is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your images captured during your shoot. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, share to social media, mail and your device library, ...    4 MB    Views 7254
camera photos photo selfie front share instagram beautiful edit flash perfect
+15    ••• This app will add Flash Light to your Front Camera. Now you can have a beautiful selfie/ bed selfie even in dark place...••• ►►► TAKE YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL SELFIE EVER ◄◄◄ ►►► PERFECT for bed selfies ◄◄◄ ►►► TURN your FrontCamera into selfie ...    6 MB    Views 5809
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-9    Unlike the other pretend flash apps this app will dramatically improve your photos without rotating them. It will also save them to your photo library at FULL resolution with no errors This is the best flash application available Plus you get ...    207 kb    Views 6350

Fotomatic 2

photo light combine algorithm automatically processing flash shot information
+23    The iPhone photo sensor is very good except in low light conditions. You may use the integrated flash but sometimes you can't. This is exactly at this time that Fotomatic becomes useful. Warning: you won't notice any difference if used with ...    590 kb    Views 8260

Love Xpress

love cards relationship news romantic beloved share flash sms
-3    The app contains beautiful love greeting cards which can be very useful during valentines day or any other day to express your love to your partner. It also contains many flash cards that you can share by Facebook,email or you ...    18 MB    Views 4451

Quick Capture

-9    Quick Capture is a no fuss selftimer that uses the iPhone's flash and an accelerating beep to help capture those group memories. Just start the app, set down the phone, and get everyone together The accelerating flash and beep will ...    1 MB    Views 5318
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+12    Bring light and darkness to all your pictures with FlashPhix, the most powerful way to adjust a picture's exposure on the iPhone This is the free version of FlashPhix. When you take pictures you often encounter under or over exposed pictures. Don't ...    NAN    Views 8596


video videos camera iphone photos editing flash front night pictures clear
+4    GET IT NOW FOR ONLY 0.99 CENTS FrontFlash is the ONLY APP that add's a FLASH to your iPhone's FRONT CAMERA & TAKES PHOTOS & RECORDS VIDEO in the DARK Designed for the FRONT CAMERA LOVERS A front camera FLASH for your ...    2 MB    Views 1890
camera photos photo flash dark includes selfies selfie night
+12    Flashie is a Selfie Camera that gives you the ability of taking selfies in the dark Even at night and in complete darkness NEW VERSIONS INCLUDES LIVE FLASH FEATURE FOR BEST EXPERIENCE MAXIMIZE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE SCREEN Includes Photo Editor and Integration with ...    6 MB    Views 83


photos flash
+30    Companion app to Nova the offcamera flash. A bright new way to take better photos. Carry this slim, wireless flash in your wallet and transform your photos with great light. Nova provides 40 warm and cool LEDs gently diffused to ...    7 MB    Views 4692

Selfie Flash FREE

selfie flash
+1    Selfie Flash allow you to take selfie photos with the frontfacing camera in dark room by using a white screen when taking the photo.    2 MB    Views 6001


camera flash snapshot screen object manual full user control
-7    eMagnify is a simple magnification tool for the iPhone that uses the camera to provide live magnified images of the object being studied. eMagnify requires a video camera, a better camera produces a better result. A flash is also recommended. The app ...    531 kb    Views 6898
calculator flash manual zoom guide range
+12    Manual Flash Calculator provides a handy utility for determining subject distance when using photographic flash manually. It's quick and easy to use for tricky lighting situations where TTL autoflash can often struggle. This app requires no special permissions and is completely ...    2 MB    Views 8469

Flash Note HD

photo photos text editing flash note thoughts fun image
+13    Over 1.907.135 downloads in 139 countries ► TOP PHOTO & VIDEO PAID APP IN CANADA, USA, FRANCE... Black Friday Sale 50% Off Bring your photo to life with your thoughts, feelings by using your imagination. It is versatile ...    5 MB    Views 3697


effects flash effect
-6    Camerashoot is an app of great photographic effect especially suitable on the yield of landscapes and pictures of objects. With its filters every image will be intensified since the beginning, providing an immediate effect of particular impact Just take a photo ...    10 MB    Views 6445

Camera Flash Deluxe

photos iphone camera hardware convert flash light ocean freeze
+26    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Featured App in US App Store 10Nov2009 1 Paid App in the United States in November Over 7 million sold A camera flash is among iPhone's most requested features. Now, we offer a application ...    1 MB    Views 494

Flash Mafia

people time social photos photo celeb share real sharing flash fans
+7    Flash Mafia is a social photo sharing community providing both professional and crowd sourced celebrity content, virtually in real time. We connect fans through our forum so that people can share their experiences with likeminded people. Gone are the days ...    20 MB    Views 8001
video videos camera tap filming flash icon switch professional features
-6    Finally a way to edit video while filming Feel like the native camera lacks important features that would make your videos better? This is it Some of the exiting new features include: Zoom WHILE you film Just like professional videos, now you can ...    5 MB    Views 7317
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+3    This is a camera application that combines the features of both continuous shooting and selftimer.  The speed of continuous shooting shutter can be set between 0.1 second 2.0 seconds, and you can take at most 8 photos at a time.  You can ...    579 kb    Views 4128

External Flash

flash results device friends picture function external achieve share light
-5    With External Flash you can use the flash from your friends devices and take better pictures in low light situations or just for fun and to achieve better results This application has two main functions: Take Picture With this function your friends find ...    3 MB    Views 8542

Flash Preview

Related Apps photos photo iphone time flash preview application light correction
+15    ⚡ Flashlight and some photos (especially taken in night time) may be is too dark that you can not see anything on them Our application was created specially for such cases. Now you can correct your "out of light" or overexposed ...    2 MB    Views 9169
Related Apps photos camera photo pictures ideal application easy flash group portrait
0    Thanks to the « Easy Photo » application, making some good snapshots is now as easy at it seems ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••• 100 % FREE APPLICATION ••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Easy to use and ideal to take group pictures or photos with friends, this application will enjoy ...    5 MB    Views 2028

Selfie Flash Cam

Related Apps light frontal flash
+1    Take photos (selfies) with your frontal camera in the dark using the light from your frontal screen as Flash Light    405 kb    Views 4667
Related Apps photography video iphone camera photographers light flash guides quickpro digital day color
-8    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, the ability to take a ...    174 MB    Views 7795


photo photos creative music items adjustments easy flash control picture
+4    FULLY LOADED Pimp your photos using over a 1000 unique and interesting can combine them and adjust it into a perfect with your photos.  UNIVERSAL The iPimp database is ever growing and expanding  Behold: the "iPimp Ultimate" version has arrived  Future ...    90 MB    Views 3735

Night Camera Pro

camera photo photos iphone software flash light night rainbow sepia pro built
+12    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Night Camera Pro is the best Camera app for taking pictures at night or low light. Night Camera Pro adds a softwarebased camera flash effect to iPhone camera. With three builtin flash levels, you ...    243 kb    Views 8047


camera video photo torch flash focus function mode auto
-2    Kaka is the best alternatives for the system camera Kaka is focusing on the ultimate mission of a camera, "Hurry upCatch what you see". 1 Instant start ,as fast as professional DSLR camera. Only for this,you should download KaKa. 2 Unique function ...    1 MB    Views 9904

Front Flash Colors

Related Apps camera front flash colors fun night
-3    Now with Front Flash Colors you can get your best photos at night with your front camera Front Flash Colors will enlighten you and your friends for the coolest night selfies. Perfect to take your shots in the club, the ...    2 MB    Views 9018
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