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+5    Christmas is everywhere. Get yourself in the festive spirit by decorating your photos for Christmas and share Christmas photos with loving ones AMAZING FEATURES + Take a snap and transform your photos in true Christmasthemed pictures using Christmas Camera + Multiple Themes of ...    25 MB    Views 8683
photos photo design family facebook email time twitter people camera album albums favorite share tap page
+5    Ever imagined that one day traditional photo albums will disappear? Like Newspapaers… Maybe one day, people will record the history with a totally new way. iCamAlbum is such an album from the future – an album with an integrated camera. ...    60 MB    Views 3198

Camera F1

photos camera iphone twitter facebook effects filters mail share friends
+15    Camera F1 can add artistic effects to your photos by using any of 60 filters and effects provided. These filters and effects can transform your photos into spectacular images. You can share these photos with your friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter, ...    11 MB    Views 8916
Related Apps photos text facebook photo flickr twitter create collages paint download filters
+6    Create complex collages of your photos to send to family and friends. Create collages containing photos, text, and sketches. You can apply warp, perspective, reflection, and filters to each photo. Mask out regions of photos to create organic collages. Paint on ...    42 MB    Views 2990


editing facebook twitter email social love suite filters
+1    Download PICKIT and win 3 itunes gift cards ( 50 value) Beautiful design combined with tons of editing options and dozen's of filters make this the premier mobile editing suite on the market. You will absolutely love this app. With support for ...    12 MB    Views 9987

SNS Photo

Related Apps photo email twitter filters
+2    this app allows you to add filters to photos with “Old School” look. you have the option of saving the photo or sharing on Twitter and Email Features: Take new photo 
 Use existing photo
 Save photo 
 Share photo on Twitter, Facebook ...    9 MB    Views 199
text photos camera twitter photo email tap select mask creation
+10    Pxture lets you create beautiful photo edits by allowing you to mask your photos with text. It creates an eyecatching effect that will surely impress your friends and followers. Make a statement and do it in style with hundreds of ...    33 MB    Views 3928
Related Apps camera shooting photos twitter creative hardware email facebook photography iphone color live control image interface tap
+16    Huemore. The Creative Color Camera for iPhone. Designed to meet the needs of serious photographers and crafted for ease of use, Huemore gives you the flexibility to capture beautiful color photography. Live Exposure, Contrast, Color Saturation and Color Filters make Huemore a ...    9 MB    Views 5509
Related Apps photo twitter photos followers tweets fun tap tweet
-3    WOW your Twitter followers with disappearing photos A new kind of Twitter content. Dazzle your followers with exciting photo tweets. 1. Take a photo 2. Tweet with a tap 3. Your followers see it once and it... disappears A new way to interact with ...    12 MB    Views 7028

Amazing3D Lite

+7    Get tired of 2D decoration apps? Let's enjoy 3D from now on. 3D characters appear in "Amazing 3D" Here is the amazing part A unique application with the 3D Revolution The characters appear in your picture. Looks as if they have been existed there. When you ...    19 MB    Views 9886


photos iphone facebook twitter filters blend edit share
+2    SocialGram Photo Editor Edit your photos (over 14 filters) and share them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook with SocialGram Take advantage of this introductory offer of 50% of the price. Download it NOW Edit your best pictures applying any filters ...    2 MB    Views 9720
facebook photo email twitter camera tap friends roll funny
-5    "Easy to use and super funny app." "What a great photo app, time to make some funny pics" "Gotta love the stash on this one Nice" The above quotes are actual iTunes 5star reviews from our users. Take a picture, pick ...    83 MB    Views 6242
photos camera art screen filters select filter position tap kaleidoscope
0    This APP is the camera application that can take photos with the art filter chosen by a shake action. ・When activate the app, 9 photos through 9 different filters are displayed side by side on the screen like kaleidoscope. ・When you shake ...    6 MB    Views 6686
Related Apps photo card twitter design mother greeting father theme day items tap share
+10    NOTES: THIS IS THE BEST APP FOR MOTHER'S DAY AND FATHER'S DAY NO ADS and ALL ITEMS UNLOCKED A mother/father's love for her/his child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and ...    24 MB    Views 9863
photos business likes hashtags tap instagram accounts filters pre
-3    Whether you just want more likes and followers or you’re building a business, you have to show some INSTALOVE By liking more photos, you make others feel the love. It will also help drive traffic to your Instagram gallery and direct ...    12 MB    Views 3908


Related Apps camera facebook twitter photos focus tap lock realtime effects preview roll weibo sina
+10    EnSnap Cam turns your iPhone / iPod Touch into an vintage and effect camera with realtime preview. Use the regular camera or front facing camera to take great shots. 20 effects will help you to create stunning and colorful photos. Take ...    16 MB    Views 8023

Cross Post

photos time social apps twitter post cross share control tap turn links
+2    Cross Post is the fastest way to share what’s on your mind to Facebook, Twitter, and Write your post, add photos if you wish, and send. Cross Post does the rest. Share From Other Apps Share photos, links, and text ...    5 MB    Views 3786


Related Apps twitter facebook film xnview http add effect filters create
-7    Easily create stunning images with Pixagram, and share them to your favorite social network. Add unique filters, effect and frames to create a great design piece Features • Color filters as lomo, vintage, ... • Light effects or overlays such as bokeh, ...    22 MB    Views 6976
+1    Neutrally+ offers two complementary tools for long exposure photography 1. ND filters ( exposure calculator ) 2. Daylight information ND filters ( exposure calculator ) Calculate your shutter speed when using Neutral Density filters and/or Circular Polariser filter (CPL) 1STOP to 20STOP ND filter(s) ...    939 kb    Views 206
photo art filters color packs filter inspired world enjoy tap
+4    Reinvent your photo editing routine with stunning color filters and recompose your pics with geometric shapes Download Ultrapop if you: use photography to express your own unique vision of the world feel inspired by the 80s, vaporwave aesthetics and pop art like your selfies ...    13 MB    Views 7105
Related Apps photo photos iphone time facebook twitter edit editor save multi features tap
0    Multi Photo Edit Edit all your photos with 1Tap Do you know the following problem: You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a ...    3 MB    Views 8095
camera photos photo twitter facebook love tools flickr artistic video plastic border tap upload tumblr
0    A camera app with infinite possibilities. New universal release supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; direct upload to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter; and highoutput resolution up to 3000x3000 pixels. Plastic Bullet 2.0 puts the fun, spontaneity and surprise of plasticfantastic ...    35 MB    Views 5516

Eco Gallery

twitter email gallery share images purchase simple tap enable
+5    We invites you to the Eco Gallery. Eco Gallery is app for a photo exhibition on the theme of Eco Environment. Korea's young and promising photographer' works of art are available on the iPhone to watch. You can also email purchase inquiries and ...    8 MB    Views 4855


twitter post share tap link popular posts mail system
+6    950+ sticker icons and more coming with new updates Many photo filters included right out of the box. Add tons of additional editing tools with the purchase of a premium account. Double tap to like posts, triple tap to ...    39 MB    Views 8988
+3    Distort, fatten, pinch, and stylize your camera with realtime filters just like Photo Booth See effects applied LIVE before you take your photo "Me and my kids use it all the time" "Best camera app. EVER" "I luv it And it's free" "This is the ...    2 MB    Views 8641
Related Apps camera photos photo flickr facebook twitter video time button big shot zoom full tap adjustable
+3    ON SALE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Big Camera Button does one thing very well. It makes it very easy to snap a picture with your camera. How many times have you been focusing on your ...    32 MB    Views 7487
Related Apps photo facebook editing twitter photos camera tap option filters editor share filter ultra add
+22    The Ultra Photo Filter FX Editor have the most incredible range of photo filters and effects you can get for your iPhone. This Camera Effects App has awesome new features to edit your photos. You get a ton of amazing color ...    26 MB    Views 5235

Pro Snap Lite

+9    We have too many Why don't you just get one works and it's FREE? Pro Snap, A brand new powerful camera for iPhone gives what all you need It provides various camera modes, image filters. You can mix and match the ...    2 MB    Views 7904
photos editing camera photo social time picture filters tap edit
+10    Perfect Shot + Professional Picture Try PerfPix, it is a unique camera to realize your creativity. Nearly limitless editing options and exclusive filters make PerfPix the only app you’ll need for timeless photos that spark the imagination and bring back those wonderful ...    11 MB    Views 2902


photo camera twitter facebook frame pinterest whatsapp email tap layouts sharing montage save places
+8    PicFrameCam makes every subframe a live camera view finder PicFrameCam brings you a whole new and probably the most convenient experience to create photomontage instantly through your device camera It's almost like a multilens camera. Simply pick one of the 101 ...    4 MB    Views 6825

Camera Filters!

camera photo facebook photos filters preview filter friends share scroll tap post
+7    Camera Filters is an easy to use UNIVERSAL app to capture photos in any setting of your choice, using the builtin live filters. NO FLASHING ADS IMAGE FILTERS FACEBOOK POST Preview your photos in any of the cool ...    10 MB    Views 2331
photo twitter editing facebook photos camera tap option share filters editor filter button edit
+18    The coolest filter and effects editor app to pimp your photos. Choose from a ton of frames and filters, and share it easy on Instagram and Facebook or twitter. We hope that you are enjoying adding filters to your photographs ...    25 MB    Views 5930
Related Apps photo facebook twitter camera photos library share stickers collage create lot instagram edit tap
+5    PhotoFrame Lab Offers to create amazing collage using your Photo, Text with Fonts , Backgrounds & Stickers. You can use your camera photo, Photo Library Photo, Facebook Photo, Instagram Photos. After adding Photo you can add effect and filters, Border & ...    23 MB    Views 5849

Light Magic PRO

Related Apps photo twitter library facebook share filters adjust save lighting instagram
-9    One of the best photo editing app Enjoy edit your photo with huge collection of lighting filters No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can make AMAZING pictures in a few taps. You also can share photos ...    20 MB    Views 5235


photos photo skin remove eyes tap lift face filters perfect
0    The most popular photo editor favored by over 400 million users worldwide Musthave iOS app for 2014 App Store Top 10 apps of the year ===== Features ===== 【Beauty Retouch】 >> Auto retouch: Auto skin enhancement, eyes brightening and facelift in one fast ...    55 MB    Views 8305
Related Apps photo cartoon photos facebook twitter sticker stickers add instagram filters
+15    Introducing the best collage and sticker app on iOS Add horns, sparkles, rainbows, and glitter farts all over your photos With Cartoon Sticker you can choose one of the various fames with specific layout and easily combine multiple photos into an incredible ...    46 MB    Views 5056
photo facebook email twitter mustache selfie secret tap share pick booth hair
-7    ALL BEARDS OPEN & WITHOUT ANNOYING ADS Stay sneaky with a marvellous mustache selfie The Mustache Disguise Secret Selfie Photo Booth turns you into a super villain with a crazy mustache Take on the world and get a supersneaky disguise to ...    36 MB    Views 2331


-2    Let's face it, every photo we post is a brag. Braggie is a new social network, that embraces this desire to show off. Upload your best photos brag about your holiday, car, food, sport bod or anything else. On ...    NAN    Views 6380
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+4    Tweetpop gives you infinite filters so you can take beautiful photos and post them directly to Twitter. Taking a selfie? Try it with the Beyonce or rihanna filters. Now there's a filter for every person you follow on Twitter. There's one ...    6 MB    Views 800
Related Apps photo twitter facebook funky application choose creations filters terms
+25    Step right up to PGi Funky Photo Lens See how CRAZY you and your friends can look with eleven unbelievable photo filters, including Alien Head, Monster Face, Fun House, Disco Ball, Sketch Pad, Zombie XRay and more Pick a special ...    17 MB    Views 6965


photo frame camera email apps facebook twitter tap save instagram roll turn resize
+7    Instantly pop your photo The fastest way to create a striking image of your ordinary photo. Tap on a photo to pop Great for selfies, landscape and group photos. Create your splitagram in 3 easy steps. 1. Tap to select a photo from ...    13 MB    Views 4569
Related Apps tools shooting retro camera iphone image blur pictures effects zoom filters live continuous tap
+1    Tap Cam is the powerful camera with more than 50 live filters and effects to process images in realtime. Many useful tools like a zoom, delayed automatic release, continuous shooting, image stabiliser and a grid help you taking awesome pictures. ...    10 MB    Views 5991
Related Apps text camera facebook twitter time real live world tap switch blink https
+9    Take amazing and fun pictures with this Text Photography Camera application Textography: RealTime LiveView Text Camera Use your camera to turn the real world into Text Turn your camera into a Text Camera with Textography. Features: Live Text Camera view, creating beautiful, artistic, text ...    4 MB    Views 4599
Related Apps photos share messages friends short add tap fonts filters
-4    Add text to your photos and share unique messages with your friends. SHOW HOW YOU FEEL, WITH JUST THE RIGHT PICTURE & FONT Fontpress lets you add short (or not so short) captions to your photos. We have hand picked over 70 ...    11 MB    Views 2022

Text Camera

text camera time twitter facebook whatsapp photos artistic design add filters real fonts tap
+5    Text Camera is a new way to express yourself. Add realtime text and filters directly to your camera In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes, doodles or anything else you can think of to your camera and ...    25 MB    Views 4468
chinese twitter photo instagram works expert filters
+4    2013年度爱摄影华人装机必备!轻轻松松为您的图片加上漂亮的中文字体,以及美化图片! 精选了12个超美丽的中文字体,让您的照片与众不同 独一无二地以全屏的方式快速预览图片美化效果! 超快速点选手机内的照片 完美支持iOS6和iPhone 5 轻松分享到微博,FB, Twitter, Instagram. 希望您会喜欢! Typographer Chinese Expert puts together some of the most beautiful Chinese fonts and photo filters in a simple and intuitive interface. Unlike most of the apps, your photo doesn't have to be ...    57 MB    Views 9455


photo text wallpapers twitter background tap hold adjust horizontal add hide
-7    Create gorgeous pictures and stunning wallpapers with BlurArt BlurArt takes your photos and blurs them to perfection, creating smooth, clean and creamy backgrounds for your pictures. Optionally, place the original photo on the background, add text and customise it the way ...    7 MB    Views 8625
photo facebook email twitter mustache selfie secret tap booth pick share hair
-6    Introducing the Mustache Disguise Secret Selfie Photo Booth stay sneaky with a marvellous mustache. :] The Mustache Disguise Secret Selfie Photo Booth turns you into a super villain with a crazy mustache Take on the world and get a ...    37 MB    Views 2888


Related Apps photos photo editing love flickr twitter facebook effects share tap instagram excellent
+3    Phologenic enhances photos with unique 3D style effects, it makes layers of photo and blends it with color shades, depth and projection to make it photogenic. Make your photos standout with a simple tap, and share with your friends and family ...    13 MB    Views 3384

MapMyPic 2.0

photo map time twitter metadata instagram filters
0    (We have an enhanced version of this app called "Map Camera: Append a Map to your Photo". You may want to take a look at that one first. Please search for it's FULL NAME, don't get the wrong app : ...    1023 kb    Views 4684

SFX Movie Camera

camera video videos library time photo recording twitter movie facebook tap operation tapping button settings
-8    "SFX Movie Camera" is an app that allows you to create videos with special effects just by shooting from your camera You can create great scenes from buildings and natural landscapes It will also let you play your preview in real time ...    35 MB    Views 9329

Lomo Ho

Related Apps photo photos twitter filters lomo borders choose white black leaks light
0    Lomo Ho is a fast, easytouse photo editor for your iPhone. Choose from a variety of filters and borders to enhance your photo taking experience. Quickly take a photo, edit it and share to Twitter with ease Features of Lomo Ho: 17 ...    14 MB    Views 5498

HD Food Camera

Related Apps food photo facebook twitter adjust instagram share filters enjoy
-6    Enjoy taking AMAZING food photograph You can edit your food photo with great tools those are optimized for food picture. Enjoy huge collection of beautiful filters and effects You also can share photos on variable SNS service such as Facebook, Twitter, ...    22 MB    Views 1671
Related Apps photo photos filters image tap single
+22    Picatone is easy to use photo editor that makes your photographs more attractive, unusual and fancy by applying more than 50 different single tap filters. There are different types of filters, some of them simulate old, retro and vintage lomo photos, ...    48 MB    Views 9789


twitter photo photos frame snap tweet talk freely filters lets
-3    【You can freely tweet a photo】 "If it feels like tweet thing when at first ou see Twitter" Try using PicTw. Let's tweet a funny, happy snap or a causal simple discovery. Its lively to talk with a twitter fellowmen. 【Its easy ...    11 MB    Views 2058
Related Apps twitter soccer facebook photos photo filters overlays sharing instagram
+2    First photo sharing app of this kind Spruce up your photos by adding soccer symbols overlays and different filters. Support your team colours in Brazil. Share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.... Featuring: Universal iOS 7 app for iPad, iPhone, and ...    9 MB    Views 9324
Related Apps camera twitter time facebook dot real live facing instagram filter tap
-5    Dotography: RealTime LiveView Dot Camera Use your camera to turn the real world into Dots Turn your camera into a Dot Camera with Dotography. Features: Live Dot Camera view, creating beautiful, artistic, dot photographs in realtime Switch between Dot Filter and Square Filter camera ...    9 MB    Views 3362
Related Apps photo email twitter photos editing social color hair eye skin wanted beautify tap give mms
-7    Featured on the iTunes in "New" for iPhone and iPad in USA. Ever wonder what you'd look like with colorful hair and eye? Your pictures don't look so good because of the pesky pimples, moles, scars or rough skin? Try ...    17 MB    Views 712
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+20    Meet the most minimalistic photo editing app in the world Now to edit the photo you don’t need any interface. All you need is the photo itself. Filtry is the simplest, clearest and most fun way of photo editing. No registration, no ...    12 MB    Views 3486
Related Apps photo text iphone twitter facebook email picture pen brushes editor tap collage
+30    Photo Pen combined photo collage, photoshop style brushes, WYSIWYG text editor and your creativity to make a unique picture. It is simple and fun. No matter you are a designer or you think you have no sense of art, you will ...    24 MB    Views 1869
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