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+9    vEverything, a software tool, can create vector graphs from a photo saved in photo album or from camera on your device. It's simple. It's beautiful. Now, you can convert your drawing into vector format. Feature: convert a photo in photo album to ...    5 MB    Views 3117
+6    The Polaroid XS100i File App Allows you to browse the files saved in your camera and view the photos and videos on your mobile device or tablet. You can download the photos and videos to your smart device and select ...    17 MB    Views 7421

Tiny Photo

photo photos camera pictures tiny size file resolution quality adjustment
0    Tiny Photo makes it easy for you to adjust the quality and resolution of the pictures you take, dramatically reducing the file size of your pictures Pictures can be reduced from their original 2.5 megabytes to as small as 10 ...    6 MB    Views 7651

Photo Gopher

+28    Photo Gopher lets you pick a picture from your device's photo library, and then goes digging for metadata information about that picture which it then displays, including, but not limited to: Places : GPS coordinates, an annotated map, and if ...    4 MB    Views 5770

PicWrapper - Select

0    PicWrapper is your photo productivity App. With PicWrapper you can organize your photos in folders ans subfolders. You can add custom tags and descriptions to your images and folders. Export your photo projects as PDF or zip file containing all your meta data ...    3 MB    Views 770
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+18    Make your photo/ video with realtime Effects Add effects color to camera Cloud manager files Music, Photo Video manager Share via Email Protect file by Passcode Sync file to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box    52 MB    Views 301
photo camera exif viewer info information includes file view
-1    View EXIF metadata of a photo with Photo EXIF Info viewer. View EXIF metadata of a photo with Photo EXIF Info viewer. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. When you take a photo with your digital camera or phone, the ...    2 MB    Views 2137

Mr. Mustache

-5    Have you always wanted the perfect mustache? Well look no further. Mr. Mustache is here Decorate yourself and your friends faces with a variety of great mouth decor. All you need to do is choose a photo file or, you ...    3 MB    Views 7803
iphone photos double org wiki file jpg http exposure images
0    Professional Double Exposure at Your Fingertips Creating amazing double exposure art has never been easier. With Mexpose we give you full control over your composition Features: Merge and combine faces (humans perceive composite faces as more attractive) Blend images from your library ...    14 MB    Views 5445
+3    Share your photos or files with your friends. Bluetooth photo sharing let you transfer photos or files from your iPhone/iPod or iPad to another iPhone/iPod ,iPad,iPhone5 using a Bluettooth connection. No internet connection required. No setup required. Easy to use. IMAGE ...    11 MB    Views 8672
Related Apps email files conversion file convert image open converter images format
-8    The Image Converter will convert your images and document to nearly any image format The Image Converter can convert images (and documents) to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, EPS, EXR, HDR, ICO, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, and WEBP 1. Choose your input file ...    7 MB    Views 8310
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-9    Add timestamp to photo and video easily and save to a new file. It's the most powerful app to add timestamp on video. You can change time format, position, font, color and size. By this app you will know when ...    3 MB    Views 9020
photo support private display import retina usd secure passcode file
+27    INTRODUCING PRICE SAVE 65% 0.99 USD from 2.99 USD Retina display support Private Photo Locker is a simple photo manager for iOS. Keep your photos secure in your safe place where you're the only one ...    23 MB    Views 8119
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+24    This app helps you to transfer photo, video and file among iPhone/iPad and Windows/Mac Computer. Features include: It will help you to download photo, video and file to computer from iPhone/iPad It will help you to upload photo/video/file to iPhone/iPad from ...    3 MB    Views 4020
photo video pdf formats file
+23    A must have app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod that will make you enjoy working with any kind of file formats. With this app you will be able to view all most common file formats, such as PDF, DOC, DJVU, ...    15 MB    Views 3727
photos reduce quality image images resize batch size needed file
+1 This app screams “quality.” Attention: iOS 6 or greater needed. Resize your photos with ease starting today Reduce lets you export your pictures optimized for the web. Set the image dimensions and a file size limit and Reduce will determinate ...    5 MB    Views 4806


photos photo file transfer zip selected compressed compression set size
+1    PhotoZipper is a specialized tool for photos compression and transmission. ■PhotoZipper will be useful when you want to: Backup all your photos Transfer the backup files to your pc easily Send a lot of photos to your friends ■It's simple to use ...    5 MB    Views 913


memo time stamp iphone photograph itunes file displayed tag import
+10    The photograph taken with the camera and iTunes and the synchronizing photograph in iTunes are displayed every day. Monthly view: Left flick is next month. Right flick is previous month. Up flick is next year. Down flick is previous year. daily view: It changes into one display ...    8 MB    Views 1609
+7    Discover new idea for Picture Frames: standing best of XMAS Wallpapers How many? UNLIMITED Santa Claus Merry Christmas Snow, Snowman, and many hugs :D Your PHOTOs European, USA, Japan... Load your photos using latest iTunes file sharing features Yes, it's very easy ...    9 MB    Views 7415


photos iphoto mac file dropbox metadata export folder viewing
+11    The focus of this app is on searching and viewing titles, descriptions, and keywords with their respective images as originally entered in iPhoto on a Mac or with other photo editing/management applications on a Mac or PC. Any jpeg file ...    23 MB    Views 3461


phone tap file files select
+15    V2.0 Much more accurate than before Fixed other few bugs Send photos & files across devices with just a tap Just open waferapp, select the file you want to transfer and tap your computer’s space bar with your phone Waferapp also makes ...    3 MB    Views 5564

X-Pro1 Guide EN

file users converter raw photographer fujifilm
+20    FUJIFILM XPro1 Photographer's Guidebook This is an official guidebook for the premium interchangeable lens camera, FUJIFILM XPro1. It is intended to help users enjoy photography even more with tips on how to use each of the various functions. It also includes ...    427 MB    Views 1659

Photo To File

Related Apps photo file date
+19    Camera Roll's photos can output to file by Today,Week,All . The outputed photo file contain gps info . The outputed photo file date is your photo date. You can download the files by Itunes Sync .    536 kb    Views 7452

Virtual ANS

virtual sound file bug unique draw
+15    Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958. The instrument was used by Stanislav Kreichi, Alfred Schnittke, Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edward ...    8 MB    Views 4847
+5    Discover new idea for Picture Frames: standing best of Pets dressed For Christmas How many? UNLIMITED An explosion of Cuteness Load your photos using latest iTunes file sharing features Yes, it's very easy to be combined as Picture Frame with YOUR photo Powerful setup ...    18 MB    Views 2054
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+23    Secret Tomb™ is the best way to secure your secret photos and private video clips. Keep all of your private collection safely. PROTECT YOUR PRIVATE PHOTO & VIDEO PASSCODE LOCK Passcode lock Alphanumeric lock Dot Lock Decoy mode, reverse your passcode ...    59 MB    Views 1434


image open file panoramas panoramic degrees
+10    Spherualizer is an app that allows you to navigate in a natural way 360x180 degrees panoramas by using the accelerometers of your iPad or iPhone. Load a random 360x180 panorama image from Flickr or choose one directly from your Camera Roll. You ...    9 MB    Views 4399

0    Do you know the value of everything inside your home or apartment? Do you have the information you need to file an insurance claim or police report? Now you can access important information about everything you own through the power ...    597 kb    Views 7535
music beauty iphone wallpaper file files ipod images resolution touch screen mobile
-2    Mobile Beauty Wallpaper helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves and many other eye candies. Features: Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 4th gen ...    215 MB    Views 9154
Related Apps photo private passcode import file secure lite support
+28    Private Photo Locker lite is a simple photo manager for iOS. Keep your photos secure in your safe place where you're the only one with access. Hide you private stuffs under the secondary passcode. Application Features set 2 passcode extract .zip ...    23 MB    Views 5715
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+3    50% discount for limited time Add timestamp to photo and video easily and save to a new file. It's the most powerful app to add timestamp on video. You can change time format, position, font, color and size. By this app ...    2 MB    Views 5463

Color Marker

marker file color share open mark copy markers tags
-5    Color Marker is a RGBA mark app, it's easy to get a rgba value like 0XFD485C when you tap on a pic. We can open images with Open In Other Apps, photo albums, camera, itunes file share to mark UI wished ...    7 MB    Views 9883


photos music slideshow add create file background animations export cool
+2    Have you been missing an App that can create beautiful slideshows from your Instagram Photos? Instaplay does just that. You can create slideshows with some cool animations and add background music from your iTunes library. You can then export this slideshow ...    14 MB    Views 438
photos photo file transfer zip selected compressed compression size set
+7    PhotoZipper is a specialized tool for photos compression and transmission. ■PhotoZipper will be useful when you want to: Backup all your photos Transfer the backup files to your pc easily Send a lot of photos to your friends ■It's simple to use ...    7 MB    Views 8098

Photo Unzipper

photo ipad photos albums file zip http scrapbook itunes add
+3    Add photos to your iPhone and iPad photo library from zip files. Simply open the zip file from emails, Safari, or using iTunes file sharing. Photo Unzipper will unzip the zip file, and show you all the photos in the zip ...    1 MB    Views 8891
photos photo apps computer device file pictures
-6    If you've ever had to take a more than a handful of similarlooking pictures and sort through them all once you got back to your computer, you know that determining which thing is pictured in a file called IMG002734.JPG can ...    4 MB    Views 335

Auto Resize

size file resize picture dimensions set final usage target
+17    A Simple, Easy, but Powerful tool to resize your pictures. Does it took too long and took too much cellular network data usage to upload your photos to social apps? With this App, you can easily resize your pictures to save ...    834 kb    Views 8123

Flag Photo

+16    The Flag Photo is the App which transforms a photo as the flag flaps. For you, a photo will be able to see to flap like a flag. The variables in which you can set. 1. The number of waves of the flag 2. ...    8 MB    Views 6213

Xtreme Xplorer

photos apple audio video camera iphone ipad text email videos support cloud file files view images storage supported documents
-3    Xtreme Xplorer is a comprehensive cloud management solution for various file spaces with smooth UI and excellent performance. The most powerful way to manage files, read documents, view images, play videos directly from your favorite cloud storage on the go. Main ...    45 MB    Views 1767

Easy Publisher

Related Apps text photos pdf documents file easy simple add application publisher
-6    Easy Publisher is an application that allow you to combine photos and text in order to create PDF documents as booklets, leaflets, photobooks and so on. The interface is straightforward: add photos from the photo library of your iPad, add ...    452 kb    Views 8091
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0    What is Photo Plastic Surgery GIF Maker? Photo Plastic Surgery GIF Maker is a crossplatform (iOS/Android/Mac/Win8/WP8) software that enable you to perform plastic surgery for your digital photo and save as gif animation format. Not only you can use it to ...    4 MB    Views 6301
iphone videos photos ipad files file secure locker peace pro
+20    Are you fed up with people prying into your phone whenever they want, and seeing Pictures, Videos or Files they aren’t meant to? Do your kids just pick up your iPhone and start tapping away, and maybe stumble across photos ...    1 MB    Views 5400
time library images image size disk space optimized original file png
-4    Reduce the file size of PNG, JPEG and GIF images while "maintaining the original dimension" instead of "downsizing the image". Save more disk space and store more stuff on your iDevices. Thanks to all the customers and see what they said: ...    5 MB    Views 932

HD Photo Lock

photos photo library lock sharing file unlocked itunes device
+2    HD Photo Lock is the application to manage your photos. HD Photo Lock is easy to use and convenient. [ Features ] Managing photos by folder Password protection Back up via iTunes file sharing (Only when the app is unlocked) Import multiple ...    4 MB    Views 2774
design photo badge button options pdf cool file save create
-1    Now you can create your own original Button Badge Design on your iPad Button Badge Maker HD has lots of options to help you design your cool Buttons You can also design round logos and round stickers Options Various Badge sizes ...    13 MB    Views 8474
Related Apps image file images size application quality
-4    The most simple & easy Image Optimizer 100% FREE. Image Diet, which reduces the size of images. When using file resizing applications, images are often subject to reduced quality or blurring, but this application reduces file size by optimizing the image ...    6 MB    Views 3148


Related Apps photos photo gif file needed button save tap device eye
+5    This is a fantastic app making naked eye 3D photos from ordinary 2D photos. You can create 3D vision without any aid equipment; neither special glasses nor any filters are needed. The only needed are your IDevice and your sought. How ...    7 MB    Views 4778
Related Apps photos ipad lightroom catalog application file sharing itunes built
+1    PhotoPicker application is intended for performance of rating and selection of photos from Lightroom catalog on the iPad. Archive the Lightroom catalog file and the corresponding folder with a preview, then copy to iPad using iTunes file sharing or builtin FTP ...    49 MB    Views 494

AmbirScan Mobile

email files file mobile cloud applications send pro
+11    AmbirScan Mobile connects your phone to your MobileScan Pro 500i, allowing for wireless image transfer and file sharing to all your cloud service applications. Send files to cloud service applications like Evernote and Dropbox, merge PDFs for multipage documents, or ...    5 MB    Views 3666
movie photo player open archive file supports
-5    ► AVI Movie Player Enjoy your favorite videos right on your device without converting or needing a data connection. AVI iFile Player RAR is the only movie player that allows you to play AVI Movie ► Zip RAR Unzip UnRar AVI iFile Player ...    24 MB    Views 5546
Related Apps photo video media secret lock private passcode file folder system mode
-9    Keep your secret photos and private video clips safely with Secret Tomb™ PROTECT YOUR PRIVATE PHOTO & VIDEO PASSCODE LOCK Passcode lock Alphanumeric lock Dot Lock Decoy mode, reverse your passcode to enter decoy mode. Camouflaged icon Surveillance System: Scare intruder ...    59 MB    Views 8634
office email microsoft photo apps library camera document image images file view open folder list
0    Image Extract for MSOffice OpenOffice Keynotes App enables you to directly extract images from Microsoft Office, Open Office or Keynote documents. The process is so easy that you don't even have to open the file Moreover, it supports ...    9 MB    Views 3228

Text Artist

text art photo image select generated file album send friends
-4    The Text Artis is App which can be changed a photo to a TEXT. You can make the nice Text Art Image, and You will get an envy with the your friends. You can select many photos at the Photo Album, and ...    11 MB    Views 7748


Related Apps ipad photo library apple camera apps raw image images full file export files display
-7    piRAWnha is the only fullfeatured raw image developer for iPad piRAWnha will help you get the most out of your raw images when you’re on the go or at home, no desktop or laptop needed. Simply import your raw images onto ...    32 MB    Views 7795
photo management messenger text file album zip open
-4    Local file management: copy,cut,paste; create ,rename,delete, view, edit; open file with other application; send file with mail transfer files with HTTP/FTP. IP Messenger is supported. You can communicate with other device by IP Messenger. photo management show photo automatically save photo to album, pickup photo from album; compress/uncompress file open file ...    41 MB    Views 6066
Related Apps photos album show delete file size space free
0    Cleanup your album with Delete photos Delete photos provides a comprehensive UI for deleting photos(and videos). Main features: Sort photos by date, file size or album Find and remove duplicated photos Select multiple(or ALL) photos for removal Show the file size of ...    5 MB    Views 192


ipad jpeg transparency png images file formats simple
+2    Simple Image Manipulation Program for iPad. Create, Edit, Draw, Color or Compose great looking images, collages or photos quickly and easily on your iPad. Powerful, but simple to use. Exports to both PNG with transparency and JPEG file formats. Also, can ...    1 MB    Views 6235
Related Apps photos photo iphone file application picture printed paper quality pdf
0    Easily take ID photos for your administrative or academic documents, member cards, etc. Photo ID allows you to take a correctly framed picture in the simplest way possible thanks to a superimposed template. The picture can then be repositioned or modified by ...    NAN    Views 2812

Video Pano 360

Related Apps video photo iphone camera step panorama start file capture automatic
0    Convert your video file to panorama easy Panoramic photographs are great at taking in entire landscapes, urban and natural. They allow you to see beyond what your camera can capture in one frame. But why stop with stills? Your iPhone digital camera ...    20 MB    Views 4104

Photo File Share

photo photos wifi iphone share bluetooth send phones file
+21    Photo File Share allows you to easily share your photos on your iPhone with friends via Wifi or BlueTooth connection. Send your photos to any IOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch To share: 1) turn on Bluetooth or make sure phones are ...    843 kb    Views 4641
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