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+9    We've been getting great feedback from our community of PicClix'ers. Please leave anonymous feedback by using the "feedback" button on the main screen. Our next release will incorporate a lot of what you've been asking for. Thanks (usage note: PicClix ...    2 MB    Views 6014
photos people likes instagram return coin feedback free
+21    Instantly get thousands of likes in Instagram Getlike for instagram lets you get more likes on your photos for free There's no trick As long as you'll like other photos, people will like your photos in return How to earn Likes? you can get ...    14 MB    Views 1812


word photos photo people group words create feedback members
+15    Snappthis makes associative thinking playful and social. It helps you to see your world beyond the first impression and reflect on it creatively. Snappthis is for groups of people who share an interest. One member of the group sends out a ...    3 MB    Views 3922

Bane Booth

-2    OMG% Become the Villian behind the mask Take a Selfie or select an existing photo of yourself and then put one of the masks on It works with animals too we love a BaneCat or dog ;) Done? why not share it? Tap "Save" and choose ...    5 MB    Views 6310

Secret Sauce

+16    Anonymously share sneak peeks of what you've been working on, give & receive unbiased feedback and find inspiration from other designers. Upload mocks, icons, gifs or photos of whatever you've been up too. No sign ups, no logins, start sharing and exploring ...    409 kb    Views 7560

The Splash App

splash share
-1    See and share moments around you. Nearby. Right now. Splash lets you share, view and vote on photos happening around you. Splashes on your map that become popular also become bigger and last longer. And you can create your own photo ...    9 MB    Views 460
sketch photo apps time genius lines save feedback fully
+3    ✪ Named one of CNBC's "Ten MustHave iPhone Apps for Business" (October 13, 2010) ✪ Named one of OPEN Forum's "six apps that squeeze the most out of limited time" (August 15, 2011) Be ready when genius strikes Just sketch away on a ...    572 kb    Views 7011


+2    SaddleGram makes it easy to create and share your horsethemed pics. Just take or choose a photo, pick one of our frames, and share it with your friends. That’s it    5 MB    Views 3156
+27    "With PaintCan, anybody can paint"™ PaintCan helps you paint beautiful artworks from your favorite photographs within minutes. PaintCan is not a painterly effect applied to your image—you really are the painter But don't worry, anybody can do it. PaintCan helps you paint, ...    11 MB    Views 1195
+6    Happy Holidays Don't be a Scrooge. Have fun this holiday season with a brand new Christmas photo app sure to be a hit this season. Christmas Pic Booth is an easy to use photo transforming app for your iPhone, iPod ...    8 MB    Views 5423


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-1    Snap silly photos and share some laughs with your friends. Uses face detection to superimpose a mustache on anyone in range. Share photos from the app for easy posting to Facebook or Twitter.    1 MB    Views 1675
film camera photos version feedback
+3    Bring the look of film to your iPhone camera with Base. Choose from 14 specially curated live analog film looks and capture photos with that look. Each film has an expired version, which ages and color shifts over time the longer ...    14 MB    Views 4123
Related Apps wallpaper photo apps set horizontal background full feedback
+12    Have you ever wanted to set a group picture or horizontal photo as your wallpaper background? Now you can Set full photos as your wallpaper or background. Even set horizontal ones The App uses an inapp Parallax feature that allows you ...    5 MB    Views 4257


-6    Boopoohoo is a place for a boo & poo without knowing who • Speak your mind • Share photos • Share experiences • Discover other people's world • Read posts based on location, time and rating • Comment, like and dislike other peoples poo • Remain anonymous With ...    3 MB    Views 2849
art camera animal creative painting choose roll feedback spin safari swirl
+30    Amazing Swirl Art Animals Crazy Safari Creative Color is a fun art inspired painting app. Create endless possibilities of unique spin art style painting with an animal theme. Features: Multiple animal shapes to choose from within the app or choose photos ...    29 MB    Views 532


-3    Create and share awesome photoapps. This is a new and exciting way to share your pictures. Try it for FREE.    763 kb    Views 5634

Emoticon Booth Pro

Related Apps photo face emoticon color feedback templates share friends great booth save
+13    Create your own personalized crazy icons. Color and distort your face into emoticon style face templates then save and share them with friends. Here is some great feedback we have received Very cool You should definitely try this one. Awesome. Love it, I use ...    29 MB    Views 3103

Draw 2 Share

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0    The easiest way to share photos with friends Features ◎ Need no peering, just enjoy sharing your photos. ◎ Automatically find & share to more than one peer at a time. ◎ Is available to transfer photos through wifi & bluetooth. Demo :    1 MB    Views 8323

Love Bomb!

-6    Are you in love? Share it with the whole world with Love Bomb We get it you love love. And these crazy captions reflect that Take a picture and see what passions our captions might arouse. HOW LOVE BOMB WORKS 1. Take ...    5 MB    Views 3341


-2    Share photos in seconds Snap a photo by tapandhold, then share it by dragging it onto one of six of your favourite people    2 MB    Views 4727


Related Apps family share
+14    Shoot pictures and share them instantly with your family. Your photos are automatically uploaded to a unique personal Family Timeline. A great way to keep your family connected, and to share your important moments together.    603 kb    Views 4362
+3    Welcome to Marc Anthony Photography. Our app was designed to make it convenient for our clients to get a hold of us, to view our work, to book appointments, and to get in touch with those vendors we recommend. NEW FEATURES: New ...    43 MB    Views 2865
Related Apps time filmmakers ipad users feedback real scene add view scenes
+1    This is a Universal Binary application, meaning it runs natively on all iOS devices. Create compelling real time previsualizations and storyboards of your ideas on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Storyboard Composer HD. Storyboard Composer HD is the world’s ...    7 MB    Views 9465
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0    Share Your Voice helps you create and mail postcards complete with your own photos and personalized message to Romney for President or to Obama for America.    2 MB    Views 3784
+28    FREE & Now updated for iOS8 What will you look like as a Halloween Monster? And what about your friends? Find out with the amazing Halloween Photo Booth app. An easy to use face transforming app for your iPhone, iPod Touch ...    6 MB    Views 7225

Snappa HD

Related Apps world share
+9    Capture and share the world around you. Simply…. With Static Images and Moving Videos. Tell a story of the world around you by taking a photo or sharing up to 15 seconds of video. As you walk or drive, see more than ...    15 MB    Views 2538
whiteboard iphone facebook messenger tapping feedback brush top
+3    Create unique art with your finger and share it with your Facebook friends over Facebook Messenger Platform. • Add up to 3 photos to your canvas and decorate them with your imagination. • Combine your painting abilities with Whiteboard • Easytouse paint or ...    46 MB    Views 2252


+4    WeRoll connects you to the people who roll with you like never before. WeRoll shows you who you roll with, who they roll with, and how strong you roll It also let's you share photos automatically with friends who are ...    11 MB    Views 4998


photo creative photos feedback friends give buy browsing title
+3    Every photo has its own value. PhoFun is a brandnew photographic social network. You can sell your creative photos. Only need to click the shutter and describe your unique photo with a sentence. And then share with your friends. More creative ...    10 MB    Views 7553

Travel Bomb

travel photo facebook camera twitter email photos love apps iphone bomb snapapps background feedback mobi support instagram
+6    Are you a world traveler? You could look like one with Travel Bomb Big Bucket List and zero cash? Sick of seeing all your friends post their amazing vacation pictures while you toil away at home? Don't worry ...    17 MB    Views 3324


video apps videos photo music art light effects visual feedback
-4    Luminancer captures videos and still images with effects such as rainbow strobes, vortex tunnels, spirals, glitch, halos, rays, contrast, color, solar, low light settings and more. Luminancer is an instrument for radical expression. Photo Option: Create still images in numerous combination of ...    5 MB    Views 7139


photos photo features contact feedback mail page
0    Photozoom will make your experience of taking and editing photos a breeze. Your photos and pictures will look better in every way. We have implemented best available truly useful features while leaving user interface very simple and informative. Also, we ...    45 MB    Views 3374
people question feedback easy swipe anonymous
+1    Ask any question and receive honest, anonymous feedback from people just like you. You’ll also help people make informed decisions about fashion, food, or any of the million choices we all make everyday. How to ask questions: Tap the open question ...    4 MB    Views 7744


photos friends share start bring private world create feedback
+4    Anonymously share your thoughts and secrets. Customize your photos and GIFs with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform ephemeral moments into beautiful memories that you can share with the world. Add custom thought bubbles and bring ...    36 MB    Views 4774
photos videos ted mobile animations free features download additional feedback
+10    Ted is Alive and Appearing in your photos and videos Share the magic of the hit movie with fully animated Ted, customized to your own creations. Ted brings his raucous sense of humor to your own creations with actual dialogue and ...    79 MB    Views 5042


Related Apps share twist create feedback friends device motion capture
+1    Moju is a whole NEW way to capture and share life’s best moments with MOTION It’s simple: Shoot up to 24 frames (can import photos and videos too), then pivot/twist the device to see your images come to life ...    32 MB    Views 5167

Insult Bomb

photo love apps email iphone twitter camera facebook photos bomb snapapps instagram support mobi feedback
-9    Got a friend that bothers you? Get them back with Insult Bomb What better way to beef up your selfesteem than to see what kind of horrible insults you can fling at yourself and others Pictures may tell a ...    5 MB    Views 5465

Talk Show Photo

-9    Do you love drama? You could be a guest on Talk Show Photo What's more ridiculous than taking your entire family on national television to announce that you're sleeping with your boss? This app is See what headlines you ...    5 MB    Views 3453


photos facebook love people friends instagram voting reviews feedback
+1    A "voto" is set of photos you vote on. Got to try it Addicting Do you have a tendency to get addicted to something? Then don't download voto :) 100k new users just joined? Plenty of people to give you feedback ...    6 MB    Views 8658
blog images storage image unlimited feedback protected
-8    Cloaks is a fun and easy way to hide your secret images from snooping eyes. When you Cloak an image, it is split into squares which are then randomized to camouflage the caption. You can select the number of squares, or ...    8 MB    Views 4485


Related Apps photos share feedback
-3    Looking to get some feedback on your photos? Use CritRack to share your photos for critiquing. Create a 'rack' of 6 photos so other users can provide their feedback. Photos are rated on their Technical quality, their Composition, and their Emotional ...    5 MB    Views 4437
Related Apps text photo facebook photos artwork social filters light add textures feedback leaks
-2    Add beautiful text, artwork, apply stunning image effects, light leaks, filters, textures and more to your photos. Share them to your favorite social networks. Beautiful Cap was designed with clear interface, make it easy, simple and effortless to edit your photos. Features ◉ Typography ...    39 MB    Views 8600


Related Apps photos share
+1    Snap silly photos and share some laughs with your friends. Uses face detection to superimpose a mustache on anyone in range. Share photos from your camera roll for easy posting to Facebook or Twitter.    486 kb    Views 1727


+2    BlinkLink lets you create and share a link that disappears after a certain number of people have seen it. Take a photo, limit it to 10, 20, or 50 views, share it, and then it's gone forever    14 MB    Views 2071

Clone Me Reborn

Related Apps email facebook twitter games photos photo time party application friends add create feedback draw
+1    Note: PLEASE TURN ON AUTO ROTATION ON YOUR DEVICE BEFORE USING THIS APPLICATION SO THAT IT MAY WORK PROPERLY ON UR DEVICE. Tip: Single Tap on image to hide buttons(Back, Fb, Twitter and Delete buttons) Clone Me Reborn is an entertaining camera ...    26 MB    Views 4601


-7    Paperisque lets you create your own beautiful magazines and share them in the browser or on the phone. Take photos on a party or a wedding and share the magazine afterwards with your friends or embed it in your own ...    5 MB    Views 3133

iBackground Papers

wallpapers application backgrounds feedback world user
-1    Have you seen the world through Wallpapers And Backgrounds. This application will let you see the world through Wallpapers And Backgrounds. This application contains more than 60 categories of wallpapers And Backgrounds from Art to Nature and to Cute Animals.The UI of ...    2 MB    Views 802

Festive Cam

easter festive cam day feedback added decorations pictures themed
+1    Festive Cam is the perfect app that allows you to personalise your pictures with creative festive themed motifs and greetings, before sending out to your family and friends via MMS, Email and Social Media (eg. Facebook and Twitter). Festive Cam ...    12 MB    Views 2569


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-6    Create gifs with .GIF and instantly share with the world, your friends or just yourself. Tap to take a photo Unlimited uploads Share to all social networks Tip: When reviewing your .GIF, if you don't like it swipe down for a ...    393 kb    Views 6824


profile time photos facebook photo post choosing images followers feedback optional existing
+11    WhichPic is the photo sharing social network designed to get you the opinions you need, when you need them. Download our free app, snap pics of things you need help making decisions on and let your friends and peers decide WhichPic ...    12 MB    Views 8610


art frame board love photo free feedback choose easy
-1    Framebridge offers easy, beautiful, affordable online custom framing. EASY PROCESS: Choose to either mail us your art (we’ll send you prepaid packaging) or upload an image for us to print and frame. BEAUTIFUL SELECTION: Snap a photo of your art with your iPhone or ...    14 MB    Views 2433


camera photos shooting facebook twitter photo time high real screen feedback album exif
+4    1 easy to use, high performance camera app. Friendly and professional. An excellent tool for your shooting. Camerafi is an outstanding camera app for your real life photography. The UI is very friendly and high responsive. We are aiming to give ...    3 MB    Views 6440


photos share
+2    Anypic is the easiest way to share photos with your friends. Get the app and share your fun photos with the world.    10 MB    Views 1538


+19    Broadcast photos to close friends. Share moments as they happen. Be notified the instant that a friend updates their picture. Live in the now, together. Use Picturely to share with the people who matter.    10 MB    Views 3453
students teachers learning work parents school student journal sign feedback
+5    Seesaw is a studentdriven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school. FEATURES: Easily Capture Student Learning in Any Form ∙ Students can use photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links or PDFs ...    35 MB    Views 5184


iphone fun create friends post feedback experience string shared
+7    Strings is a fun way to create shared stories with your friends. Create a String, add your friends, post photos and videos to capture the fun. Every String turns into a shared experience that you create with your friends. Keep the Strings ...    12 MB    Views 2690
art photography weather collection hdr feedback future movement 2011 photographic
-1    • O • P • A • L • P • H • O • T • O • Each year O P A L P H O T O™ releases a definitive photography collection that pushes the boundaries of the ...    34 MB    Views 2793
Related Apps text word photo facebook twitter love photos email dream feedback color styles font stylish
+16    A big sale for 50% off for 2 days GO GO GO Ready to show off your masterpiece? Only One Tap It's Intelligent & Magical Word Dream automagically transforms your text and photos into beautiful photo text designs Watch it in action ...    34 MB    Views 8735
Related Apps photo bluetooth share
+10    Share your photo via bluetooth    5 MB    Views 6072
Related Apps time ipad sightings alien user evidence collection real feedback
+2    Are you ready for the experience that will open your eyes to the truth about UFO's, THE PARANORMAL, AND MYSTERIOUS CREATURES? WARNING: THIS APP CONTAINS SHOCKING IMAGERY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE ♾ ⚉ ♾ ⚉ ♾ ⚉ You will ...    38 MB    Views 864
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