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+13    Finally you can combine Facebook and LIVE photos and videos INVITE your friends and family to make a GROUP MASH – Share “our” Story Add your music, voiceovers, text, weblinks and share as a MASH on Facebook Make MASHES for FAMILY MUSIC ...    23 MB    Views 8440
+15    Discover a new way to share your favorite memories and experiences Storyo is the free app that automatically finds and creates stories from your collection of photos. Because some memories deserve a real story. By searching your photos for their hidden ...    66 MB    Views 8402
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+2    Picture Story is an incredible easytouse photo editor that will let you make your own original collages quick and easy. No more sophisticated software – tell your friends what’s happened to you with pictures and your own comments fast and ...    76 MB    Views 4079
+12    The Mankind app from HISTORY offers a unique look at human civilization with an exclusive collection of surprising and fascinating facts. Inspired by the groundbreaking series MANKIND The Story of All of Us, the app features hundreds of short, fun facts ...    NAN    Views 6944


+12    My name is Dion and I am from Sulawesi, Indonesia. I have done lots of travelling since 2013 around Indonesia and Europe. I started taking pictures around 3 years ago and I find it really interesting. It’s not only fun but ...    NAN    Views 1890


family comic facebook effects combine story
+2    Comicfy. Become a comic strip From the makers of Oldify 2, Sketchify, AND Wolfify Take any photo of yourself and BLAAM Comicfy makes you into an awesome comic book character. Select hilarious poses, add speech bubbles and write custom captions to tell ...    63 MB    Views 1337
photo instagram story share amazing
-5    Welcome to the amazing world of Lucas Levitan's Photo Invasion. Photo Invasion is Lucas' project where he invades instagram users' snapshots by adding his characters and artwork. The result is a single frame story, that gives the original image a new ...    14 MB    Views 5377
media camera videos photos story capture share stories organized
+4    For a limited time, signup now and get 3gb cloud storage added to your account Mibio helps you capture and share beautiful stories while keeping your media organized and backed up. Capture photos, videos, audio, notes, location, weather and more to ...    18 MB    Views 9839
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+1    Flashback provides an easy way to browse and manage your special memories. Based on our metadata analysis and photo indexing algorithms, Flashback automatically clusters your photos into meaningful stories. Instead of tagging everything with keyword hashtag, you can specify meaningful ...    13 MB    Views 9565
+5    Design your own story, PAGE UP Design and tell your memorable stories using your own photos with various layouts and editing features powered by PAGE UP a new, fun and simple way to create and share your stories for your ...    26 MB    Views 3909

weSnap App

photos snap friends life share mood fun story moments
+8    Snap the bits and pieces of life with weSnap weSnap is not phony. It is the new way of blogging for next generation, to share their moments. Express your random thoughts with a quick snap, few words and an emoticon. ...    7 MB    Views 3779


photos pictures communicate story
-7    Engage your viewers like never before Have them interact with your photos and make them come alive. Control who sees what; tantalize, surprise, challenge and communicate with your audience0 in a fresh new way. Compel them to touch your pictures ...    60 MB    Views 8390
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+5    Let's create a story with 4 photos that have different kinds of thoughts. You're bored by having only photos about food ,hobby and selfies? We're excited to introduce a new way to have fun with your smartphone Relaypix is an entertainment space of ...    16 MB    Views 38


video photos videos wedding edited capture share story full
-2    Capture and share your wedding story with a magical wedding video from the lens of those who love you most. WeddingMix is the 1 video app as rated by brides on WeddingWire and The Knot. WeddingMix is a fun and ...    25 MB    Views 8126

My Life Story

people person life story stories improved lives ability
+10    Welcome to My Life Story, an app designed for people with dementia to share the important events, achievements and stories that make them who they are. People with dementia sometimes lose the ability to remember and share the memories of their ...    15 MB    Views 7734
world story zoo bit animals
+22    A visual story about the existence of zoos by Swedish photographer Julia Lindemalm. With 20 photos from 10 different zoos around Europe "Zoo World" is a personal yet journalistic story about the existence of zoos. This is not just about animals. 
 This ...    41 MB    Views 4747
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0    It's a creative way to put all your memories together, with favorite song You can create awesome video by adding music, or recording voice to your photos. Easily express your feeling and tell your life story. Easy to use in 3 steps: 1. ...    33 MB    Views 3141


experience story game dreams interactive
+21    TRAUMA is an awardwinning interactive experience. It has been created by two independent game developers from Germany. We have no office, no publisher and no funding. TRAUMA tells a story of a young woman who survives a car accident. Recovering at ...    243 MB    Views 3140


-6    Created during the Y Combinator Hackathon, Storyview transforms the photo sharing experience by integrating the excitement of travel with the fulfillment of storytelling. Each photo is saved in a specific location along with the rich story behind itawaiting travelers to ...    40 MB    Views 5823


life world interactive story
-3    The Unbroken movie companion App is an interactive journey through the life and experiences of American Hero, Louie Zamperini. The App is divided into multiple chapters that focus on each period in Louie's life featuring text, photo galleries and behind the ...    NAN    Views 3009


life day changed series story short
+13    MY:24 is a digital storytelling app that allows you to make a short movie about a day that changed your life forever. It is inspired by the TV series MY:24 – a collection of stories from young people who have ...    52 MB    Views 6076


photos photo video music animation set define positions story
+11    Create a Video Story from your Photos PhotoMotion turns your photos into an immersive video with motion, titles and music. Focus attention, set a mood and tell a story using a photo animation technique made popular by documentary creator Ken Burns. Features; • Manually ...    12 MB    Views 6845

Storyline by Arcivr

videos email social text photos family share story device stories record
+14    Create, narrate and share beautiful slideshows from your device in seconds. Add up to 20 photos, record your story and share by text, email or on your social networks. Share your stories today or save them for just the right moment. – ...    9 MB    Views 8100
camera photos snaps snapchat save stories roll story snap
+13    SnapCrack has two key features: 1 Save your snaps & stories to your camera roll without the sender knowing 2 Send your own snaps and post story like Snapchat, even from camera roll/photo album Other features: Support Stories: You can post story and ...    18 MB    Views 7683
+9    Newzulu is a groundbreaking news platform with a community of over 150,000 professional and citizen journalists. Everyone can share their story from the news frontline with photos, videos and live streams. Our team verifies your story and puts it in front ...    37 MB    Views 7389


photos photo social friends story options zoom great likes
0    The new photo sharing and social networking app for the iPhone. Tell your story with PikMobile. We can do things no other social network can, with simple posting tools that nobody else can match; more photos, more times, more photo ...    28 MB    Views 2900


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+2    Turn your breathtaking pictures into puzzles; add your own stories and greetings within the photos. There should be someone in the world who understands you. With an attractive interface and beautiful sound effects, we're going to make your cellphone into a ...    9 MB    Views 558
+1    "Share your LIfe Story through your photos Everyone has a story and a picture paints a thousand words. Now, edit, add effects, stick on funny stickers, create magic memories and share them with your family and friends through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, ...    4 MB    Views 9549
words quick fonts free add story ways easy
-4    "Quick & easy. This app makes adding your words over pictures as easy as pie" Make your story heard. Quick Cap lets you add words to your pics in the best ways possible. Here's just a few of things you get inside: ...    42 MB    Views 1736


voice photos create notes story easier pictures
+18    Take pictures from an episode of your life and voice over as many photos as you need to tell a story. EPICSODE = PICTURES + VOICE NOTES An epicsode can be anything you want to tell using your photos. Voice over your ...    3 MB    Views 2784
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+9    SnapTricks is the only completely FREE tool for uploading and sending camera roll photos to your Story and Snapchat friends. It is also the only free tool for viewing snaps and stories without your friends knowing. Absolutely FREE. No coins required KEY FEATURES: • ...    11 MB    Views 7223


love story friends find share
-7    tell your story, share your story, find your story hohmbase is the best way to tell the story about the things you love. From day trips, to sports, to weddings, everything needs a place to call hohm. Find hohms tailored to your ...    7 MB    Views 3110
comic photos film sketches pop effects effect story
+1    Comic Film Story can make your photos or illustrations, sketches with a unique comic style, pop effect, so the network appears on your photos, making photos with comics outlets texture. ◉ KEY FEATURES • 80 Models featured comic theme comic effect. • 60 ...    40 MB    Views 4618
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0    KoolrPix Animal Story celebrates the joy that animals bring to any child's life with a funfilled way to add text, as well as overlay animal stamps and frames to all your treasured family photos. Let your imagination take you to ...    50 MB    Views 4701


share story create capsule fun
+14    Capsit The Ongoing Story It’s a new, fun way to share photos and experience. Create an ongoing story between your friends and family, or people around the world. Every user that gets the capsule can add his own image and remark , ...    11 MB    Views 5029


books family love children baby language photos child stories book story experts
-9    Twigtale helps young children through challenging situations using stories that you personalize with photos and family details.  Our books give you the language to explain the plan to your child with language written by child development experts. You customize the story to make ...    45 MB    Views 2765

Photo Art Editor

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+8    PhotoArt Studio brings your photos to life by offering unique content by artists & designers from around the world. PhotoArt Studio gives you photo filters, type and drawing tools; everything you need to share your story. Takke any photo from ...    11 MB    Views 8128


0    Use Sightour to easily integrate your photos, photo locations, and captions into a photo story that navigates through the locations where you took your photos. Create a fun and memorable story with Sightour to share with friends and family Sightour helps ...    48 MB    Views 3423
puzzle photo story option album special solve version lite
+1    Create your own Puzzle Story Album Email: With the following: 1) Name 2) Country 3) Album name 4) Attach your photos Show the order and photo name Eg: 2nd photo my office view 5) Special question at end of album Eg: Guess my Job? Option 1: Contractor Option 2: Engineer Option ...    61 MB    Views 8689
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+16    "Share your LIfe Story through your photos Everyone has a story and a picture paints a thousand words. Now, edit, add effects, stick on funny stickers, create magic memories and share them with your family and friends through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, ...    7 MB    Views 9488
video music pictures tap moments captions story turns
+2    Shorts is a mobile app developed by that turns pictures into video in one tap. With pictures you select, Shorts groups them automatically and intelligently, and turns pictures into video momentarily with instant preview. Choose from story templates, add ...    29 MB    Views 4481


favorite story
+2    Storyweave is a free app that lets you discover and talk about the most interesting events that are happening. • Tell a story through photos, videos, and text • Add friends and tell your story together • Vote on your favorite stories • Follow ...    19 MB    Views 7127


story stories
+3    What for you is the most beautiful story in the world? Your Story, of course You are the sum of your daily stories. Your story is what defines who you were, who you are, and who you’re going to be. Your story ...    28 MB    Views 3885
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-3    zOrba allows you and your friends to create shared albums, instantly and beautifully. Start and join events at the touch of a single button. Full privacy control. Each guest has their own version of the shared album, and can edit ...    28 MB    Views 8507
kids love photos email audio family text videos voice facebook stories story creator add easy friends create
-2    "This is the future of sharing stories Fun, Simple, and Easy" Jen Mom and elementary school teacher With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection. Story Creator ...    65 MB    Views 227
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-7    "Very cool frame app. Perfect design and very easy to use." "Makes really cute collages for facebook :)" "This app is fun and easy to use. Have a ball with your old pics or make new ones unique" The above ...    37 MB    Views 5764
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-8    EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY PHOTO STORY CONTENT NOT PUBLISHED ANYWHERE ELSE In the early morning of February 27, 2010, the Chilean coast between Conception and Constitution was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in modern history. 21 Minutes later ...    5 MB    Views 4863


story picture create share
+6    Picture your story with lappsy Your interests, holidays, shopping, beautiful memories Bring it to life, create amazing story and share it with you friends using lappsy 1. Just take photos or import them from you library 2. Choose your favorite filter 3. Add description ...    42 MB    Views 5923
photos music slideshow filters transitions share story customize
+18    You and your photos deserve to tell a story with video, transitions, filters, music, and FUN. Slidezilla is the new generation app for your photos that brings them to life and allows you to share your unique slideshow stories instantly. Customize your ...    26 MB    Views 7882


map web photos apps maps story application labs
+15    Snap2Map application lets you easily tell your story on a map using photos on your iPhone. Pick your vacation photos and create an Esri story map in just a few steps using this application. More about Story maps can be found at Snap2Map ...    31 MB    Views 8310
video photos music camera photo text story transition instagram effects setting
0    InstaFlip makes awesome slideshow video story with photos from your Camera Roll or from your Instagram account. Over 18 transition effects are provided to make amazing slideshow. Choose your favorite music and mix into the video story. UNLIMITED photos are allowed to compose ...    6 MB    Views 2273


news photo select stachetastic add story fun
-6    ================================= 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ================================= Brought to you by the developers of the award winning ‘stachetastic and mulletizer. Want to see yourself on the 6:00 news? With newsifier, you can. Now it's your turn to decide why. Take a photo or select ...    2 MB    Views 2656

Scrapbook Maker

photo time apple playing family scrapbook story maker life choose create points
0    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch We have an excellent app for you to render your life story How can it be? Quite easy Just download Scrapbook Maker to your device and create ...    81 MB    Views 8438


film viewer experience story sequences content panorama
-3    NOCTURNE: An Interactive Film A fictional tale about a novelist who gets involved in a hitandrun accident. Upon returning home, her experience of reality begins to slowly implode. What makes this film unique is how the viewer interacts with the story. Instead ...    100 MB    Views 393
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0    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch We have an excellent app for you to render your life story How can it be? Quite easy Just download Scrapbook Maker to your device and create ...    76 MB    Views 2857

Music Pix by Tango

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-2    AS FEATURED in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and CNN Music Pix is the quick and easy way to combine your favorite pictures and music into a beautiful, customized slideshow that you can easily share with your family and friends. Snap pictures on ...    30 MB    Views 4724
baby video family photos movie moments album content story beautiful interactive
0    Interactive baby album is a special place which represents first 6 years of little devils. It provides easy instruments for collecting all impressions about baby by whole family STORY OF YOUR BABY Hell'o Baby is an interactive crossplatform baby album with a ...    23 MB    Views 7963
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-7    Wink is an app recommended by iPhone Photography Awards(IPPA) winners. Wink is a photo sharing society full of creativity. You can use different filters to beautify you photos, and you also need to sign one sentence on it to describe the ...    29 MB    Views 3525


movies iphone music stories story original scene images create
+1    Build your own creative slideshows on your iPhone or iPod touch. Application Description Make simple movies (and slideshow presentations?) from photos and graphical images on your iPhone & iPod touch. KamiShibai comes with 4 preinstalled original "manga" comics. "Story" refers to Individual movies ("stories") "Scene" ...    18 MB    Views 1548
story left pictures view
+12    Tvvist is one of the funniest new photo sharing apps out there Flip your phone sideways and share a story made of two pictures; left and right. Then watch people from all over the world tvvist your story with their ...    22 MB    Views 1722
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