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0    Create amusing photos with UglyCam, make funny faces as you image. ►Make you own design You can manipulate every parts on the face (totally you are in control of 12 parts) to make your own unique art work ►Description Do you still make faces ...    12 MB    Views 9036

Face Swap-r

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+4    AUTOMATICALLY swap faces with friends in your photos for hilarious results. FAST FACE DETECTION • Quickly singles out all faces in photos. • Swaps with all faces found • Tap to flip, scale, move and rotate NO FRIENDS MODE • Want to combine different photos use ...    2 MB    Views 5102
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+27    Fun and easy animal face photo camera Just a few taps, and makeover in real animal face Enjoy more than 60 animal's face to paste on your photos. Tiger, lion, bear, giraffe, dog, gorilla, orangutan, rhinoceros, goat, deer, panda ...    62 MB    Views 8804

Crazy Animal Face

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+7    Give your friends hilarious animal faces in 3D Photorealistic pig, elephant and cat faces can be pasted onto a picture taken with the camera or selected from your own photo library. Change the 3D angle, pose, rotate, squash and ...    4 MB    Views 2548

Face Blocker Pro

photo face faces tap share block pro
-1    50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME – Take advantage of our discounted pricing today Need to hide someone's face in a group photo? "Face Blocker Pro" makes it easy, fast, and fun It will autodetect the faces, and you can decide which ...    4 MB    Views 1667

Meme My Pic

photo meme pic share friends faces collection
+11    MemeMyPic allows you to pimp your photos with the most popular meme faces. Make fun of your friends using this app and share your 'memed' pic everywhere you want Learn hoy to 'Meme' your pics in 3 easy steps: Take or ...    12 MB    Views 3824

Swap Face

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-3    Swap Face is a very popular app that allows you to swap 2 faces between two people in a photo. Automatically detects faces Swap any two faces from a photo in your photo gallery Click on the camera button to take a picture ...    3 MB    Views 9922
video photos facebook photo camera magic email face swap faces auto swapping skin share
+10    • Over 200 000 Downloads in Windows version Search "Magic Morph" in google. 
Auto Face Swap, by the creators of Magic Morph, the popular face swap app for Windows is now available to be downloaded for iPhone. Click the support link ...    12 MB    Views 6774
faces celeb fun
+17    Make fun of your friends by putting celeb faces on them Use front faces for best result. FEATURES: load from and save to your Camera Roll Share pics on Facebook, Email and Twitter 25 celebritiy faces for free 45 extra faces for ...    22 MB    Views 7690
+19    Meow is here is to make your time meowre fun Animal Face photo editor with auto face detection and rotation All you have to do is: grab your phone make a photo meow it laugh hard like a hyena Meow offers you the ...    25 MB    Views 3736
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+28    Ultrarealistic animal face photo booth Just a few taps, and makeover in real animal face Try more than 60 animal's face to paste on your photos. Tiger, lion, bear, giraffe, dog, gorilla, orangutan, rhinoceros, goat, deer, panda etc. And ...    62 MB    Views 7696
photo face faces replace
0    Face Replace will analyze a photo and find the faces in it Once these faces are found you will be presented with the option to replace these faces with various emoticon style faces, that depict emotions like happiness, love, sadness, ...    13 MB    Views 2306
photo library face faces editor detection share instagram automatically
-2    Pixely is here is to make your time more fun Pixely Cube Face photo editor with auto face detection and rotation All you have to do is: grab your phone make a photo make it "pixely" laugh hard Pixely offers you the ...    6 MB    Views 6694

Face Swap 2

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+5    Swap faces on two different photos. Prank your friends and swap faces from their Facebook photos...  Features: ▲ Automatically detects faces and replace faces. ▲ Easy to scale,rotate,move,flip and remove faces. ▲ You can adjust the brightness, hue, saturation of the face. ▲ You can use ...    9 MB    Views 6964
video photos facebook drawing baby family photo email face mix morph facebooth faces share automatically
+3    A Powerful Drawing and photo editing app named MyBrushes is now OnSale in Appstore. It has •Infinite Canvas •Playback Drawing Video and more... Get MYBRUSHES today Morph FaceBooth is easy to mix your face with others' and create your own Face/Off ...    18 MB    Views 1454

Rage Cam Pro

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+7    •OVER 100,000 USERS LOVE THEIR RAGECAM PRO, TRY IT TODAY• Rage Camera Pro takes your Rage Faces to a whole new level with specialized Rage Face Detection Meme Technology. 500+ RAGE FACES (/◔ ◡ ◔)/ As seen on 9GAG and Reddit ...    41 MB    Views 7499

Festive Faces

holiday christmas photos facebook santa twitter email festive faces share candy world
+7    Keep the holiday spirit alive yearround with Festive Faces Turn your everyday photos into merry masterpieces by adorning them with Christmas decorations, Santa hats, Santa beards, reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, and more Make your holiday photos sparkle by ...    50 MB    Views 7598
photos facebook twitter faces swap friends face share select
-7    The original FULLY AUTOMATIC Face Swap App. Instantly swaps all the faces in your photos. We've swapped MILLIONS of faces. Can we swap yours? Great app to use at a party or with family and friends. No need to manually select faces ...    10 MB    Views 1827
0    How cute you would you look like an animal? Turn yourself into a cute animal Or make fun of your friends or family members and transform their face into an animal HOW TO USE: Use front face photos Tap on Plus button to ...    37 MB    Views 8182
photo photos camera facebook face faces replace creations friends share
+4    Face Replace combines your faces with other photos to make unique and hilarious creations. Share your best faces with your friends Features: ◉ Blend 2 faces together with the swipe of a finger ◉ Replace a face with a simple draganddrop ◉ Adjust the ...    67 MB    Views 493

Rage Photobomb

rage face faces photobomb
-4    Add Rage faces to your photos with Rage Photobomb. Faces include: The classic Rage Guy Okay Y U NO Troll Face LOL face and many more    2 MB    Views 6674
face swap faces fun switch
+13    If you want to change the eyes, nose and lips not a problem now, just choose a face and get it applied to your face. It is easy and fun to switch faces, everyone can do it now. Select the face by ...    14 MB    Views 6048
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-9    iSelfie is a camera app that uses face detection to take your selfie(self portrait) automatically. Features: Multiple faces detection(13 faces) Stylish photo filters Share the photo to facebook Vibration notification Howto: Step 1: Click the "START" button and use the back camera to ...    7 MB    Views 6629


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+18    Easily add RAGE Faces to your photos If you want to give your photos some pizzazz, use Instarage Transform everyday moments into hilarious memories that you'll want to share with friends and family. It's easy: 1) Take a picture with a ...    5 MB    Views 350

Swap Face 2.0

-7    Swap faces, the easy way Want to swap faces in a photo? Face Swap makes it so easy and fun to switch faces, everyone can do it Use it to amuse people at your next party, boring day at the office, or ...    10 MB    Views 368

Replace Faces

replace faces
+1    Description Wanna have a "Freaky Friday" experience? Replace faces with your mum and see what it's like 1 for bored children 1 for every party 1 with realtime live camera preview 1 with onboard iOS5 FACE DETECTION Designed specially for iPad users Additionally: replace faces on ...    1 MB    Views 2674

Face Trader

photo twitter facebook faces face swap share images trading fun hilarious
+27    Trading Faces is a quick and hilarious way to swap faces on any of your favorite pictures. Simply choose an existing photo or take a new one and swap the faces in your photo to make an amazing new picture that ...    6 MB    Views 7116
+1    Take two photos. Swap the faces. Photos of your friends, famous photos from the web, anything. It's that simple.    4 MB    Views 4607
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+23    With Live Fingers App you and easily add Faces, Smiles and even accessories like Glasses, Hats and etc to your fingers. Just take a photo of your fingers or load a photo from camera roll and you are ready to go You ...    37 MB    Views 4705

Face Swap and Copy

Related Apps photo people face copy swap faces tap album share choice features
-4    Have you ever thought of swapping your face with someone else's? This app provides an easytouse way to swap faces of different people in the same picture. What you need to do is take a pitcture or insert one from your Photo ...    9 MB    Views 103

Captured Faces

+1    Capture faces from photos. Its fun to see faces obvious and hidden. 1. Select a picture 2. All the faces will be tagged and extracted 3. Delete or Share the faces    3 MB    Views 7607
send picture create faces kaleidoscope
0    Use this app to quickly and easily create kaleidoscopic images from pictures you have or have taken with your iPhone. YOU select what segment of a picture to repeat, how many times it is replicated, and whether or not adjacent ...    207 kb    Views 7254


photos library facebook faces swap automatically
-2    Prank your friends and swap faces from their Facebook photos... Features: ▲ Automatically detects faces and swap faces. ▲ Works on multiplayer Photos ▲ Easy to scale, rotate, flip, move and remove faces. ▲ You can adjust the brightness, hue, saturation of each face now ▲ ...    9 MB    Views 7205


love faces share great friends endless combinations
+28    Scored 8 out of 10 on If you're looking to lose a couple hours in pure hilarity of mixing and matching you and your friends mugs, this app is for you MugMash Simply swipe your finger to mash faces together. ...    7 MB    Views 3524
christmas photo photos camera faces share automatically
0    In seconds, automatically turn any photo of your friends or family into a hilarious fully animated Christmas choir Simply select an existing photo or take a brand new one & "Hey presto"… like magic the app automatically detects all the faces ...    15 MB    Views 8156


time real faces marker
-6    FaceTracking recognizes human's faces, here it is not real time but semireal time. Recognized faces are overwritten to a marker image. The marker images can be changed from other markers, photo library or builtin camera. Because computational load is heavy, ...    209 kb    Views 6594

Random Rage Faces

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+17    Make your friends literally RAGE Take a photo with your friends and Random Rage Faces app will recognize faces right away. Faces of you or your friends will change beyond recognition.    5 MB    Views 9002
+10    Swap Faces allows you to quickly and instantly swap out your friend's face with your own, or vice versa on your photo library. Simply select an image, tap the swap it button, and presto, like magic, your faces are swapped. You can ...    17 MB    Views 8194
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-5    1. This is a interesting & funny photo editor app. It allow you to swap the faces on your group photos quickly and instantly. 2. You only need to select or take one new photo, tap the swap button and presto, ...    10 MB    Views 5741

Privacy Cam

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-2    HIDE FACES USING YOUR CAMERA Locates & hides the eyes of multiple faces in snapshots. Perfect for posting Facebook or Flickr photos in public. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the ...    3 MB    Views 5482

Mix My Face

photos fun mix friends share faces face
+2    Mix My Face is great app that you can take photos of your friends and make a MIXED FACES between them . You can Make a fun PHOTOS and share it on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Email. Make a joke with your friends ...    8 MB    Views 5350
animal photo library swag face faces editor instagram detection share
-8    SWAG is here is to make your time more fun SWAG Animal Face photo editor with auto face detection and rotation All you have to do is: grab your phone make a photo swag it laugh hard like a hyena SWAG offers you ...    29 MB    Views 3913
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-8    It is a right time for you to try our new app Carnival Slanted Mirror, in which you can make crazy faces from your picture or to make a new one and add the distorted mirror effect Add funny hat ...    169 MB    Views 905

Face Juggler FREE

photo twitter facebook face faces share swap images free
+21    The original FULLY AUTOMATIC Face Swap App. Face Juggler instantly and convincingly swaps all the faces in a photo for hilarious comedy effects. We've swapped MILLIONS of faces. Can we swap yours? Great app to use at a party or with ...    5 MB    Views 3443

Mixing Faces

Related Apps faces mixing mix face friends
-7    Want to know what your kids may look like when they are grown up? With Mixing Faces you can mix two photos from your camera and mix them into one new "pretty" face Why not mix two friends faces? Precisely mix two ...    779 kb    Views 296

Me & I

-8    Ever wanted to see your two faces? Most people don't have symmetrical faces, i.e. they are looking different in a mirror or as seen on a photo of themselves. With Me & I you can play around with photos of yourself ...    4 MB    Views 5377
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-9    Animal Face Booth How would your friends, family and You look with animal faces? With our app you'll feel yourself in animals skin. Change Your face now with "Animalyze Your Face" NOTE: Use as much as possible frontal photos to ...    33 MB    Views 4225

Emoji Photo

Related Apps photo pick faces smile face choose
-9    Add emotion smiles to faces on your photos with a single tap. Note: After select a photo, faces are automatically detected and a circle surround each face lets you choose a smile from gallery. TAKE or PICK a photo PICK a face and ...    2 MB    Views 5943
Related Apps photo license hide protect tap share faces
-9    Anonymously share photos over the Internet by blurring faces out or pixelating license plates before posting them. Thanks for our stateofart Automatic Face and Plate Detecting Technology, it's so easy to protect your privacy with just one tap Take a shot ...    7 MB    Views 2394

FaceMorpher Lite

people friends favorite faces mix
+12    Blend the faces of your friends and favorite people together See what your favorite people's faces blended together would look like Mix your best friends' faces together Morph your girlfriend/boyfriend with their favorite animal ...and much more Use your phone's camera ...    1 MB    Views 3294
Related Apps photo twitter person photos face touch select faces share location services icon
+9    This application combines two "faces" into one. You can see the face created from your face and another person's. You and an animal, another person or a TV character... Let's look at the magical face. Is that a great beauty or a monster? The ...    11 MB    Views 8603

Smiley Collage

Related Apps photos smiley collage album image faces friends share smile detect
-1    Every Smile Makes You a Day Younger. Use Smiley Collage to scan and detect smile faces from your album, create and share great memories with your friends. Take smiley photos everyday Detect faces from your album Collage them together Keep ...    827 kb    Views 3831

Oldify HD

Related Apps facebook videos age photo twitter email oldify faces face share mms pictures youtube
+8    See your Future. NOW In HD Oldify ages you AND animates your face in Retina resolution 3D Your elderly face will smile, blink, yawn and react to your gestures. What will YOU look like in 60 years? Oldify yourself, friends and family, then ...    30 MB    Views 2087
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0    BLEND TWO FACES TOGETHER AND LAUGH AT THE RESULTS WITH FACE MIX First choose a photo from your library, take one with your camera or pick one of the samples. Then, decide on a second photo and check out the hilarious result It’s ...    7 MB    Views 14

Facemix Pro

Related Apps photo faces album settings pro
-3    With Facemix Pro you can create hilarious mashups of your friends faces. Swap their faces completely or replace single parts. The results are amazingly funny Start by snapping photos of the two faces you want to mix, and continue by modifying ...    8 MB    Views 8042
Related Apps photo faces swap watch
-7    Amazing automatic Facial Recognition Swaps the faces of everyone it can find in the photo, all live as you watch in realtime on screen. FaceSwap does it all automatically as you watch No marking or drawing to highlight or align faces, ...    4 MB    Views 4763
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+2    Add your favorite meme faces directly on your photos in seconds Guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh out loud “I don’t always meme my photos. But when I do I use this app.” – Worlds Most Interesting Man “Wow, much excite, ...    48 MB    Views 5739
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+9    For all the fashion fanatic girls out there Have you every wanted to be a model? Ever thought how you'd look dressed up walking that ramp as a super hot model with designer cloths? Bringing you one of its kind ...    40 MB    Views 8866
animal photo instagram add share sticker faces wild show
+3    Show off your wild side with " Insta Animal Face ". Choose your photo, add your sticker, edit sticker to fit it perfectly with your photo, and share your creation via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Includes a selection of more than 180 ...    90 MB    Views 3170


photo camera faces rage share features ios real morph
-7    Create real rage faces from real photos on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Currently features morphing the Rage Guy (FUUUU), Trollface (Problem? Guy), Forever Alone, LOL Guy and Me Gusta Face. More to come Feel like a photo of friends, family, ...    6 MB    Views 193
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