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+28    Do you want to be able to take photos and record videos without being noticed and disturbing others? Private Ninja Cam lets you capture photos and record videos whilst you are surfing on the internet. Features Clever image preview window that ...    11 MB    Views 5290


+1    Reamix is a easy to use video editor app. With Reamix you can create your very own custom remixed videos with any of your favourite songs. You simply select any song from your Itunes library and record your video. Its that ...    3 MB    Views 7945
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+23    Make amazing ThugLife videos with ThugLife Video Maker and "Be the Thug you've always wanted". Features: You can make ThugLife Videos in few easy steps You can combine your videos with popular ThugLife logos and sound beats. Cool image effects Record your videos from ...    11 MB    Views 739


+5    Personal Fun Beautiful Intimate Easy Featured in Fast Company, LA Times and KTLA News Winner iMedia Best Mobile Entertainment App 2012 SeeMail moves mobile photo sharing to the next level by adding audio ...    6 MB    Views 9393
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+1    Import one photo, start record, say some thing, record your voice with this photo. Make it to a short video and share on Facebook or Instagram easily. This can be used for these situations: 1: Tell the story of one photo. ...    8 MB    Views 8408
camera audio voice facebook recording time video share picture moments record countdown
-3    This is a whole new media that is totally different from a photograph or even a video Features Pictunes is a great app that allows you to capture save and share your precious moments and memories. It allows you to take a ...    31 MB    Views 2832

FCW Video Camcorder

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+2    Record movies with video edge effects and audio DSP reverb effects. No ads or watermarks. Videos and photos will appear in your regular Camera Roll. iPhone 5, 5c and 5c devices will capture HD movies and pictures (720p) Videos and photos can ...    225 kb    Views 9653
photo video photos library facebook split lens ability record clone high quality
-2    From the markers of Split Lens and Magic eye color effect:Split Lens 2 has finally arrived to take your cloning fun even further by offering Both Video and Photo split in the same app Easily Clone Yourself in Both Video ...    44 MB    Views 4571
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+4    50% discount for limited time Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestamps to new videos. ● Add current time and location when recording or capturing, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is ...    9 MB    Views 59
-7    Hey hey hey I'm Randallyou know, I was the one who warned you about the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger? Well now you can listen to me as you've never heard me before With my all new, official, exclusive, authentic and original ...    10 MB    Views 3709
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+12    The first app ever created that allows you to caption your Instagram photo posts with your own voice Main Features: Add your voice to your photos and post to Instagram or facebook Take photos with InstaShout or choose from your camera roll Record a ...    3 MB    Views 9923
photos videos friends share hours record
+2    Welcome to efigo – a social network to share with your friends off the record. • Share photos and videos with your friends – everything is removed after 24 hours. • Friends, not followers – what you share can only be seen ...    20 MB    Views 6281
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-3    This app helps you record and easy to upload to the most popular video channels. This app also provides you with 'fish eye', 'B&W', 'cartoon', 'sketch', 'vignette' effect filters. No InApp Purchases Everything is included. iPhone and iPad support too Features: Universal version, ...    4 MB    Views 700


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+20    【If you upgrade is not able to use, please try to download our another free software “EZeye”】 Protect4U is a player for surveillance. It has the following funtions: Features include: 1.iPhone and iPad compatible. 2.Support Pan,Tilt & Zoom control. 3.Support both 3G and Wifi. 4.Support Quad ...    9 MB    Views 8689

Camera FX

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0    Camera FX, the camera app with more than 150 Real Time effects to capture stunning photos and record unique videos. What you see is what you'll get With Camera FX you can capture photos, and record videos, that you can ...    4 MB    Views 7789
video camera photo time gps iphone recording videos support timestamp location record add font change
+4    Timestamp Camera HD is the best app to add timestamps and GPS Address Location to new videos. ● Add current time and location when recording or capturing, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera HD ...    9 MB    Views 8886

Sphero Cam

video facebook videos record viral enjoy upload
+30    Take your Sphero viral. Enjoy Sphero and never miss a fun moment with your pets, kids or an incredible feat. Use the builtin camera on your iOS device to record video or take snapshots while you simultaneously drive Sphero. Will your ...    4 MB    Views 248
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+3    Join our video revolution. Blinks offers a unique experience of personal video unlimited moving memories that are searchable, meaningful and implicitly social. As you capture video using our effortless ‘hold to record’ functionality, video collages are made for you instantly ...    13 MB    Views 8538
+27    Art Doodle is the most useful 4 in 1 FREE app Notes, Paint, Voice Recorder and Video Recorder All in one Place WHAT MAKES ART DOODLE SO SPECIAL? • Easy use simple/functional design just to make simple/plain text Notes. • Paint with ...    4 MB    Views 1013
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0    Look at the sunny day, choose a beautiful weather skin and take a photo. It’s quickly and easily to record the nice weather on your photo with Weathergram and instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let your friends ...    9 MB    Views 2811

Photo Blather

photo photos voice facebook clips create record decide share mouth chin
+2    Photo Blather lets you add your voice to photos of yourself and others to make funny video clips  Choose a photo, set the chin, and record your voice. Simple The technology will automatically match the mouth movements to your voice like magic, ...    17 MB    Views 1805
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-9    Import one photo, start record, say some thing, record your voice with this photo. Make it to a short video and save it to camera roll. You can also share it on Facebook or Instagram easily. This can be used ...    9 MB    Views 1962

VidXtream PRO

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+5    Control and Stream live video from your JVC Adixxion V2 (GCXA2). You can add realtime post processing to the live stream to enhance the viewing experience and enjoy every moment, regardless of lighting. Watch and control multiple cameras simultaneously. Rebroadcast the stream ...    20 MB    Views 8598
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+24    Sketch Camera HD is a simple, FUN app that lets you take photos or record videos DIRECTLY using a Sketch filter or 8 other additional filters. Main Features: 9 different effects including Emboss, Sepia and XRay Supports Facebook, Mail, Instagram, Twitter, ...    4 MB    Views 1625
-2    Vidometer How Fast? How High? Prove it Record videos with Street Maps, Satellite Maps, Speed, Altitude, Compass Heading, GForce + Acceleration Forces, GPS Coordinates, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Distance Traveled, Current Location, and other telemetry data. Transform your iPhone into the ultimate ...    10 MB    Views 4663

Record Lat Long

long record
-7    This product takes Show Lat Long and does it one better: you can record anywhere you are, including elevation and error figures This is great for geo tagging photographs, remembering where a specific location was, or even geocaching. You can ...    2 MB    Views 225

Quick! Video

video videos quick icloud record option send share automatically
-9    Ever wanted to quickly record a video, but the camera app needed too long to load and get ready? I think most parents know this, the funny face your child just made will only be in your memory. You won't be ...    246 kb    Views 2706
+12    You can take Rotoscopelike photos and record Animelike videos with this camera app easily. &9733; Brief Highlights Realtime Rotoscopelike effect Take photos Record videos Flexible parameters Share taken photos with Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Weibo if you want Add your location data to taken photo ...    10 MB    Views 3022
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+12    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME This app helps you record and easy to upload to the most popular video channels. Plus we give you 6 live effects to record videos with ('fish eye','Tilt Shift', 'B&W', 'Cartoon', 'Sketch', 'Vignette') No ...    2 MB    Views 5871
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+11    WARNING: This app is not compatible with iOS8. There are no plans to add support for iOS8. Please go to for discussion and workarounds to iOS7 compatibility issues. Now you can record video, audio, or snap that priceless photo without looking ...    2 MB    Views 6027


time photos video driving videos iphone camera record capture lapse touch
+2    CarCamApp is the all purpose dash camera right in your iPhone Free for the summer KEY FEATURES • Record videos, capture timelapses and take photos quickly and easily with CarCamApp's simple interface • Time, date and location stamp your videos and photos ...    11 MB    Views 7282
cartoon photo camera videos time effects record real
+2    You can take a Cartoon photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Cartoon Lively Take a picture or record videos,and Cartoon a photo for it It's the ultimate camera app hours of guaranteed entertainment for adults and kids [FEATURES] Take photos ...    2 MB    Views 2115
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+4    The new way of capturing videos and photos. Record live videos using stunning filters on the fly while recording No need to edit the video or photo after it has been taken. Simply choose a filter, and start "Kapturing"    4 MB    Views 8686

Vidual HD

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0    Record Your Vidual videos in HD Bringing you the next evolution of video recording Vidual allows you to tag each of your videos with your face, logo or slogan. Simply take a picture with the front facing camera or choose a ...    4 MB    Views 9558
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0    Quickly transform all your videos into Old Movies right on your iPhone and iPad. With 6 films, 15 filters and 16 soundtracks, Old Movies offers the most complete set of features to transform your videos into great old looking movies. Pick ...    242 MB    Views 1690
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-9    How would you look as a zombie? What about your friends? ZombieBooth is a fun way to instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie You can even record and share videos of your zombified friends CUSTOMIZABLE 3D ZOMBIES ZombieBooth makes ...    35 MB    Views 2813
video recording camera editing photo videos music text pause record effects footage edit roll
+15    reShoot allows you to shoot video, take photos, and edit on the fly. You can even import video from your camera roll into your project. We also provide you with fun special effects, such as: music from your library, sound ...    27 MB    Views 6886


+3    ATTENTION: MirrorCase HD+ is not compatible with iOS8 at the moment. We are working with our developers on an app update to resolve this issue. Compatible with iOS6 and iOS7 only. Record video while taking notes and adding bookmarks. MirrorCaseHD+ an easytouse, ...    7 MB    Views 3452
photo photos iphone simulation library camera videos interactive catch record realistic
-8    Turn any photo into a realistic 3D interactive cloth simulation PhotoCloth turns your photos into an interactive toy and can record mesmerizing videos It's addictive Static screenshots do not do it justice, click the PhotoCloth Support button below to see videos ...    3 MB    Views 5981

Pocket Video Camera

video videos camera photos recording record timer cam pocket flash great mode
+3    Record videos with the ultimate video camera Pocket Video camera adds all the missing features you need to record fun, innovative and great videos. Clap Cam Record videos by simply clapping your hands or making a loud noise. Works by using ...    396 kb    Views 8192
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+29    Heyo with your friends anywhere. Send them a Heyo and record ridiculously fun videos together over Facebook Messenger. A Heyo has 4 squares. You and your friends fill it out together. To start, send a Heyo with an opening line (e.g. “Where ...    15 MB    Views 2700
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-8    Over 110 fully customizable effects and filters in realtime Record videos with live realtime video effects with video recording. With one click of a button, you can now transform an ordinary object into a work of art Unleash your creativity and ...    13 MB    Views 4576
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-9    The first app ever created that allows you to caption your Instagram photo posts with your own voice Main Features: Add your voice to your photos and post to Instagram or facebook Take photos with InstaShout or choose from your camera roll Record a ...    3 MB    Views 8063

Talk Photo Lite

photo photos camera recording voice time text people ipad facebook talking front facing tap talk record
-6    Bring your photos to life with your voice using Talk Photo. Use music, television, use your imagination. Why just share ordinary photos when you can turn them into Talking Photos??? Use the Photo Editor to enhance your photo with Preset ...    9 MB    Views 4963
videos photos recording video record live filters instantly toggle support perfect shot
+2    Fivid is the ultimate video app for capturing beautiful videos. Instantly add live filters and effects to your videos while recording to create and capture amazing moments on the fly. Use the onboard precision tools to make sure your videos come ...    4 MB    Views 2074

Face Mask HD

Related Apps video camera email facebook twitter mask face mouth image friends send features record
-4    Face Mask HD will turn any ordinary image into a video mask You simply draw on the screen highlighting the areas you want to remove (eyes, mouth, etc) and let Face Mask do the rest. Using the camera your face will ...    31 MB    Views 9526


video videos iphone twitter social search facebook film email share friends contacts record comment watch give
0    Welcome to the Beta version of UBoxx. “Record it, Share it, UBoxx it” with this easy to use and innovative, videobased, FREE, social networking app. UBoxx is all you will need to create and immediately share your videos with friends and the ...    7 MB    Views 7596

Janus Video

video recording videos camera photos supported mode secret record private
-2    ● Record your private video in Secret Mode. ● Record nonprivate video in Disguise Mode. ● Protect your privacy perfectly. Janus Video Two faces camera 【Introduction】 ● You don't need a secretalbum app anymore. Just use 'Janus Video' ● If you want to record private ...    5 MB    Views 1018

Covert Cam Lite

+29    Record HD video & capture photos while looking as if you are browing the web. Record your friends awkward moments :))    4 MB    Views 2856
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+2    Record everyday events in a single file.Pause and Go recording with Slowmo and Fastmo No editing required after recording.Record music videos on the fly, with LIVE song playback while recording,slowmo and filters.Your video is ready to watch and share when ...    13 MB    Views 2017
time photos recording videos record settings real manual open
+14    This app helps you record videos & take photo. Simple & Very Very Fast for recording. Easy to customize & realtime manual... Features: Easy to change record settings. Open setting bundle in iPhone, iPad Settings app. Record right after Application Started up ...    1 MB    Views 8707
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0    Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestamps to new videos. ● Add current time and location when recording or capturing, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is maybe the only App ...    10 MB    Views 184


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0    Simple app makes creating GIFs easy and fun. Record a short video or import a video in your device and turn it into an animated image within seconds. Exported GIFs are optimized so that they can be shared to Tumblr, Twitter, ...    12 MB    Views 6105
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+26    With Croice you can create a photostory, when one photo is just not enough.. Croice it is more than photo and easier than video Combine photos video and sound in one masterpiece Tell the whole world what is happening around ...    56 MB    Views 3456

Storyline by Arcivr

videos email social text photos family share story device stories record
+4    Create, narrate and share beautiful slideshows from your device in seconds. Add up to 20 photos, record your story and share by text, email or on your social networks. Share your stories today or save them for just the right moment. – ...    9 MB    Views 8100
video videos record pause filters segments watermark release settings
-6    This app helps you record videos with pause, resume capability and be able to edit video segments. It provides many video filters for videos and photos. Features: Simple and Easy controls. Touch and Hold to record, release to pause. Tap to ...    801 kb    Views 2457


photos video recording videos camera photo snap button record
-6    Capture all the small instants of any big moment Snap photos while you record videos. Video+Photo is the only app of the AppStore that let you snap photos while you record videos at full definition. Video+Photo couldn't be simpler: just start recording ...    7 MB    Views 1061
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0    Dollz Taking Selfie takes fun to a whole new level Take selfies and get a doll with your face Choose your character’s gender, create your unique look from a tremendous selection of theme outfits, different clothes and hairstyles. Record funny videos, ...    154 MB    Views 8851


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-7    This APP Function: The realtime video transmission are connected through WiFi. Take the photo and video record on the mobile phone side. Support 720P photo and video record to SD card.    15 MB    Views 4485


video videos recording photo effects shoot choose record pages favorite
+4    All Effects are Realtime Have a photo booth in the palm of your hand ModMyCam is a photo and video recording app that allows you to take pictures and videos using state of the art effects. Turn your camera into a ...    2 MB    Views 9771
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