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+1    Photo.Draw.Share allows you to take a photo and draw on it with multiple colors. You can also add text and emoticons. If you don't want to draw on a photo you can select a background of a color of your ...    8 MB    Views 3341


+4    Breedify. What if they mated? From the Makers of Vampify, Oldify 2, Stacheify AND Fatify Select any two people and Breedify magically predicts what their children will look like Breedify your friends and your favorite celebrities, make hilarious photos/videos, and even combine ...    39 MB    Views 9834


photos facebook music pictures
+14    Instaslider creates beautiful KenBurns slideshows from your facebook photos or photos from your phone. It can be synchronised with music and share the final movie with your friends on facebook. Features: add music to the video and sync the times to ...    1 MB    Views 5516


twitter facebook photo pictures
+2    It is sweet camera application that became a huge hit in Japan “Decopetit” anyone can make pictures pretty and simply. There are 150 or more kinds of lovely frames and stamps And it is processible into various tastes The processed pictures can be shared ...    15 MB    Views 4775

FB Collage

Related Apps photo facebook collage quickly find
+26    Ever tried to find a photo of you and two or three friends in Facebook? You would have searched thousands of photos in their albums. "Our Collage" can find them very quickly for you. All you need is a few ...    18 MB    Views 3080
+4    남는건 사진뿐 나만의 사진관, " 모두의사진 " 런칭 "모두의사진"에서 가족, 아이, 여행, 커플 사진을 간편하게 인화하세요 스마트폰 속에 있는 사진들을 단 3분만에 “레알" 사진으로 간직해보세요. "모두의사진" 앱에서는, 페이스북, 인스타그램에 올려둔 사진까지 인화할 수 있어요. 지난 순간을 더 아름답게 기억할 수 있도록 "모두의사진"으로 인화해서 간직하세요 ■■■ 주요 기능 ...    10 MB    Views 735

Old Photography

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+14    If you like old photography you will love this app Take old photos or transform your existing photos Features: Take a photo or choose one from library. Edit the old effects intensity with the sliders: Stripe, Grain, Scratch and Spot. Touch the ...    3 MB    Views 2753

Face Player

Related Apps facebook photo face player
-2    Face Player is a beautifully designed Facebook photo app with a twist. We'll be adding more features soon. Please leave a comment and suggest how we can make your stalking experience better in the next version. Use Cases I use Facebook a lot ...    4 MB    Views 2078
photography facebook
+16    oliver mandic photography the facebook fan page as an app. Don't miss the news anymore, now you get it delivered your pocket, no more facebook filtering. ;)    NAN    Views 4860
-7    Best cover photos in this app We have created and collected most interesting and attractive timeline cover photos for Facebook for you. We are ready to make you happy with our photos and frequent updates. NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED    26 MB    Views 8337
Related Apps photos photo twitter facebook camera share
0    Take photos superfast and share them to your Facebook and Twitter instantly. No spare taps, it’s all automatic and supersimple All you need to do is authorize your accounts, choose where do you want to share your photos and from now on ...    4 MB    Views 6116
photo facebook iphone mustache add
+6    Amazing app to add a mustache to your pictures Highlight Features: Select a photo from your camera, photo gallery or Facebook. The app will recognize your face to add the mustache in the best spot. You can share your new mustache ...    6 MB    Views 1299
Related Apps facebook share instagram pro blur
+27    Quickly blur your pictures with just the touch of your finger With the PRO version you can now use pixels or polka dots Importing your photos from Facebook & Instagram is super quick and easy. Share directly from the app to ...    11 MB    Views 1430

Photo Editor

photo twitter facebook editor red
+4    Photo Editor It is a custom editor to give you everything you want in an application. Aviary We offer great design tools for your photo. Effects: Original, Improve, Daydream, Indiglow, Heatwave, film, always sunny, Code Red, negative. Crop, Rotate, Flip Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color, red ...    19 MB    Views 8807
+15    A powerful Facebook album batch downloader You can... batch download your own album batch download your friends' album batch download page/group's album download a single photo Photos will be downloaded to your device's "camera roll" Cannot download anonymous user's album    2 MB    Views 5911
Related Apps photo facebook software album manage upload
-4    This is a Photo Manage Software. We Can Manage Privacy Photo through this Software, And We will provide as succinct as possible style of operation Its Feature including: 1.Need password before Use it, and if not Login our photo will not Visible. 2.We ...    1021 kb    Views 9348
+29    Cool Photo Editing app with color splash feature. See screenshots for example. Import your photo from gallery/facebook or take instantly with camera. Color the image with your finger touch. Share with the world via facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr and email.    12 MB    Views 2358
twitter facebook quick https
+27    Add quick caption for your photos and share them in social network like Facebook and Twitter. Support • Web: • Email: • Twitter: • Facebook:    7 MB    Views 5635


-2    Use an image from your photo album or take one with the camera and create an artistic sketch version of the image. Upload it to Facebook or Twitter with press of a button. Perfect to use as your profile picture in Facebook ...    4 MB    Views 3869


photos facebook twitter
+5    Sick and tired of making multiple postings to Facebook and Twitter just for uploading photos? Do you want to spice up your photos and impress your friends? Look no further Instantly share your photos in style FEATURES 20 fully customizable frame styles ...    7 MB    Views 8468


Related Apps facebook camera friends share
+5    Conchitify your friends Conchitify your family Conchitify everyone Use the camera and turn yourself and your friends into a Conchita, with the app Conchitify. All you need to do is point the camera of your iPhone/iPod Touch at the person you want to "Conchitify", ...    15 MB    Views 8932
Related Apps facebook editing photo images hair
-6    Photo Editing Tools like Filters, Effects, Adjustment, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Blur & Focus, Rotate, Crop, Resize, ToneCurve. Add text & stickers on photo. Capture images from your camera or select from your album. Zoom in and out the ...    17 MB    Views 9560


halloween facebook costumes face instagram
+11    Use HalloweenFace to turn everyone in a photo into Halloween costumes. Features: Stunning special effects for halloween monster looks just like Hollywood professionals Automatically detect anyone's face in an image and disguise them Various halloween costumes to chose from Interactive experience. ...    18 MB    Views 6964
summer holiday facebook photos fun turn
+21    Holiday Fun lets you take photos and magically turn someone into an ultimate Summer Girl or Boy with the help of different summer accessoires. Import a photo from your camera roll or Facebook, decorate photos with fun and summer stuff, move, ...    110 MB    Views 2707


-3    You draw attention of a child and the pet by a pleasant sound by using this application and can take a photograph well. You can change the photograph to comics and an illustration,the oil painting style and attach a decoration to ...    12 MB    Views 6888
Related Apps photo facebook effects drive color
-5    Advanced photo editing app.Drive your photo as you want. hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, meme, frames, sticker, redeye, text, recolor, free draw and more... What else do you need to make your photo gorgeous? Drive your finger and leave cool effects into your photo ...    36 MB    Views 4048


facebook picture likes post
+7    "Todaylike" is a new innovative platform that makes it possible for everyone to share their own pictures, short movies, and photos on facebook's world: creativeness and intelligence will build interesting opportunities for those companies which are looking for new talents ...    3 MB    Views 9417
+15    Inkboard for Messenger is the new way to draw and share with your friends. Quickly draw over photos or a blank canvas and send it via Facebook Messenger. Don't use Facebook Messenger? No problem, you can also save to your ...    11 MB    Views 1927
Related Apps photo twitter facebook library black white
0    Black and white photography Just take a photo or pick one from library, the application will give you a beautiful black and white photo. You can save the black and white image into your photo library. Like our Facebook page or follow us ...    29 kb    Views 5247


facebook photos account uploaded
+19    This Application allows you to manage all your precious photos in iPhone in a structured way. The viewer component allows scrolling, zooming and sliding to move to next image. The photos taken can be stored either locally or uploaded in your Facebook ...    817 kb    Views 6859
Related Apps facebook photo cover
+7    create and simulate your facebook timeline cover photo at your fingertips. rich features, easy to use, smooth gestures. use it and recommend to your friends.    6 MB    Views 7526
Related Apps facebook photos cover timeline
+22    Exclusive cover photos for your facebook timeline Choose the cover that fits for your mode and personality. Delicately designed to fit as timeline cover. Upload to facebook and set as cover in just 3steps Xmas, Animals, Movies, Superheros, Nature and ...    42 MB    Views 9210


Related Apps facebook photos flip simple friends
+4    Your Facebook friends have most likely uploaded lots of photos, and with Palbum you can easily flip through them on your iPad. Features: • Automatically finds the most recent 500 photos your Facebook friends have shared • Flip through photos with a simple ...    474 kb    Views 1073
facebook youtube
+4    VampireBooth instantly turns yourself and friends into 3D animated vampires Share videos and photos via Facebook, Youtube, MMS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Email. VampireBooth makes any 2D portrait fully 3D Automatically detects faces Vampires will blink, breath, and even try to ...    17 MB    Views 8195

Dress Up Zombies HD

Related Apps facebook zombies dress friends group
+17    Halloween is coming, Why not make a cute zombie doll for your friends. They must be surprised I promise Dress Up Zombies let you make your own zombies. And you can save it to your photo album then send it to your friends by ...    10 MB    Views 1101

Scrunch Yo Self

Related Apps photos facebook phone world face
+14    The most fun you can have with your face The top tool (and I know you were looking) for scrunching, stretching, squishing, bending or contorting your face on an iPhone. Take photos of your friends, take photos of yourself, load ...    20 MB    Views 555
+9    按下快門,8秒後自動拍攝,從此大合照一個都不能少! 加埋快門提示聲,10個濾鏡,橫相直相隨意影。 仲可以分享到 Facebook, Line, Instagram, WeChat, Email添 Free Take a group photo with your friend 8 seconds countdown before taking picture You can share to Facebook, Line, Instagram, WeChat, Email    9 MB    Views 6880

HeartBooth Mosaic

Related Apps facebook photos heart mosaic instagram resolution
+15    Create a heart mosaic fast & easy. Take each picture by just pressing a single button, no confusing navigation between different screens. The resulting heart can be saved to photos in superb resolution and shared to both Instagram and Facebook. Features: ...    3 MB    Views 8335

Xmas Cube

facebook christmas http speed zoom cube
-8    Live with your friends and parents the magic of Christmas with this fantastic Photo frame 3D. Create the Christmas's atmosphere in your home. No internet connection required. Background music player Set change photos speed and rotation speed. Zoom in and zoom out pinching cube. For ...    9 MB    Views 8340

Face Swap 2

Related Apps photos facebook faces swap face
-2    Swap faces on two different photos. Prank your friends and swap faces from their Facebook photos...  Features: ▲ Automatically detects faces and replace faces. ▲ Easy to scale,rotate,move,flip and remove faces. ▲ You can adjust the brightness, hue, saturation of the face. ▲ You can use ...    9 MB    Views 6964


facebook products
0    Your favorite photos from your iPhone, Instagram, or Facebook — on a mug, Tshirt, or 23 other products It's as easy as 123: 1. Select a photo 2. Preview your product 3. Checkout with Credit Card or PayPal Instantly add your best pictures to personalize ...    19 MB    Views 8307


Related Apps facebook picture
-5    It is an application which makes the profile picture and cover picture for Facebook. It can produce two images by one photography. It will be completion if the saved picture is uploaded to Facebook.    105 kb    Views 5571
Related Apps photo facebook instagram sizes frames
+12    Add beautiful frames to your photo's. This app supports standard photo sizes and instagram photo sizes. It has many frame options to customize your photos for facebook and instagram.    29 MB    Views 5522

Fotos de humor

photos facebook
+21    The most hilarious pictures are in this app Have fun and a good time with the funniest photos online…the most surprising pics are in this humorous app Incredible photos of freaks, strange and ridiculous situation, crazy animals; you won’t stop laughing ...    24 MB    Views 8990

Throwback Thursday

Related Apps photo facebook simply
+19    Ever have trouble finding your next throwback pic? Ever wish there was a simply and fun app to help you out? Well Throwback Thursday is just that Throwback Thursday uses pictures from your iOS device as well as Facebook and randomly ...    8 MB    Views 4787

Snap and Cap

Related Apps facebook snap cap
+15    Snap and Cap Snap photos and caption them using a variety of fonts. Add fun items like mustaches, googlyeyes and hats then share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook ====== We're working on fixing the Facebook error and a few ...    2 MB    Views 5740

MH Photography

facebook ihr und auch das
+25    Mit MH Fotografie seid ihr immer Up to Date. Ihr seht ihr alle meine Bilder die ich auch in Facebook poste. Ihr könnt aber auch hier in der App liken und posten was das Zeug hält Sollte das nicht reichen und ihr ...    NAN    Views 7909

Fun Drawing

Related Apps facebook product color fun share friends
0    It adds Facebook Connect You can share your product with your Facebook friends now And it can let user to add text to your product Use your finger to draw anything you want You can select hundreds of color, background color, and ...    440 kb    Views 7185
facebook twitter picture compare
+4    B4 | After allows you to compare 2 photos simply and quickly. The use of the app is various and limitless, for instance:     a place throughout time     Weight Loss Progress     the evolution of a pregnancy     before/after construction     ...    7 MB    Views 7135
Related Apps facebook photos photographic create add
-3    This app uses photos to represent alphabet letters, so you can create awesome photographic facebook statuses. FEATURES: Create stunning photographic messages and post to facebook in a few seconds Optionally add artistic frames You can add your own "fonts" using custom ...    16 MB    Views 7473

Unhappy Gang

photos facebook
+4    Bred in power and respect, we are the baddest gang on the surface of this planet. Sometimes, we are pissed off. And when we're pissed off, there will be consequences... FEATURES: +AUTOMATICALLY turns everybody in your photos into members of a very ...    22 MB    Views 147

NewYearCard 2014

Related Apps photo facebook year unique
+28    Create your personal New Year photo cards and share them with your friends Take a photo, choose one of the unique PhotoCollageCardDesigns and post your photo New Year Postcard on Facebook and Twitter or send it by email. It is unique, makes fun, ...    37 MB    Views 9268


facebook twitter pictures
+28    ProfilePic is the handy simple app that allows you to update your Facebook and Twitter profile picture with a stylish photo at any time in an instant, all from one convenient FREE app. Here's what you can do: Take pictures with ...    11 MB    Views 3745


Related Apps facebook image
+17    Set your photo in Widget It's easy and happy You can use it as... 1. Map image for your destination 2. Time table for your lectures 3. Pet always with you Also you can use private mode :) If you want protect your image from the ...    25 MB    Views 2471


messaging twitter photos facebook http
0    KasahComm is a messaging app that integrates high resolution images with editing tools for efficient and fun communication. Use the password protected time lock system to ensure your privacy by setting photos to expire and also prevent forwarding. Easy SNS integration allows ...    7 MB    Views 7232

2faces Pro

facebook accessories glasses
+15    Take a picture or choose one from your photo album to create fun and unique images by using 2faces accessories. You can select a huge black power, a colorful scarf, an aviator hat or a cute cat eye glasses and ...    42 MB    Views 2241
Related Apps photos facebook albums tagged enjoy
+28    PhotoLife Facebook Albums shows your social photos like never before. Enjoy your Facebook pictures with 5 different slideshows and add your own music to the show Enjoy all your photos sorted by date and even all those you've been tagged Explore your ...    9 MB    Views 2849


facebook share page fan
-2    Add moustache to your photo with Moustamatic and share it with your friends on facebook. 48 moustaches and lot of accessories and more coming ● Suggest your idea on fan page. Full screen gesturebased control ● No more "image is too small ...    2 MB    Views 3772

Social Album

Related Apps facebook social album
+16    Social Album produces a slideshow of your Facebook pictures. It displays your album and tagged photos. App features include: login with your Facebook account pause on a photo, go back and forth navigate to the Facebook album.    1 MB    Views 2484
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