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Best Exposure time video Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+24    Fast. Simple. Professional. ProCamera 8 is a photo, video, and editing app bursting with stateoftheart technology ProCamera has been setting the standard for photo apps since the very beginning. It is the next generation of mobile photography. With its renowned ...    48 MB    Views 7259


photos camera photo time weight frame effect exposure motion frames picture shutter background
+22    Bshutter(longexposure) effect for iPhone Supports realtime preview Not just a simple photo effect; BShutter accumulates all frames during the exposure to generate real longexposure photos(Bshutter does not actually change camera device's shutter speed, instead it accumulate sequential image frames ...    6 MB    Views 3972
+15    Expoly ( long exposure calculators ) Is an iPad application providing a collection of photographybased utility tools, delivered in a clean UI design and ment to complement your skills and gear, whether a pro or enthusiast photographer. ND filters Star trails ...    4 MB    Views 7634
+25    Take great pictures with your Canon 5D Mark II or 50D Push your creativity to the limits; create photographic images that up until now have existed only in your imagination This guide takes you through Canon’s advanced features, and explains ...    504 MB    Views 3888


video camera recording manual exposure modes full iso control auto
+10    Welcome to ProShot, the future of professional mobile photography. CAMERA FEATURES + Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes, just like a DSLR + Manual, semimanual, or automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, torch intensity, and ...    5 MB    Views 8909

Bino Zoom

Related Apps photo video zoom digital automatic super focus exposure flash light
+25    Binoculars is super 32X digital zoom camera Clarity is the best Now you can easily superdigitalzoom (32X) using your iDevice. Just pinch to zoom in or out. Easily take a photo of the zoomed picture. This is the best Secret Binoculars you'll ever ...    7 MB    Views 6278

Magic Shutter

shooting time magic iphone camera photos photo exposure shutter feature slow preview creations
+6    If you are looking for a slow shutter solution to make your photography creations, Magic Shutter is the best choice for you. Magic Shutter is a professional slow shutter camera on iPhone. You can use it to make motions blur and ...    16 MB    Views 6708

CameraSharp Free

camera photo photos iphone time features control fast timer exposure
+14    No frills, no filters, and no Facebook: CameraSharp is all about taking the best photo. We’ve packed the iPhone camera with the advanced features you’ll need to take stunning pictures every time everywhere. "CameraSharp is a fullfeatured, fastloading camera that is ...    5 MB    Views 4940
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-7    50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME – Take advantage of our discounted pricing today This app brings new life into your device's photo toolbox by letting you capture a variety of amazing motion blur effects that you only thought you could ...    6 MB    Views 2487

Exposure Pro

0    NOTE: Do not buy this app for iPad or iPhone with model older than 5s, since they CANNOT use the main function of this app. See real photo samples (screenshots) to believe This app enables longtime exposure when taking photos. Exposure ...    2 MB    Views 7169
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-7    Manual exposure is a musthave for any landscape digital photographer. Forget about digging into reference tables and cheat sheets. With this set of the most important calculators, simply select your shooting parameters, and the app will do the rest for ...    63 MB    Views 2594


photography time exposure method long application
+9    BulbShooter is camera application to perform longexposure photography. (Actually longexposure is highspeed multiple exposure.) The resolution is 320x426. By the photography, a time limit until 128 seconds is possible. By the exposure processing, two kinds of following methods are selectable. A method ...    591 kb    Views 75
moon time film picture lens scene night mode angle exposure shutter
+17    This collection includes many pictures of the city night scenes,and every one of these pictures can be saved as your iPad's wallpaper. manual mode is the default display mode,of course ,you can change to the slideshow mode. When you plan to take ...    9 MB    Views 6914

TimeLapse - Free

time movies news photography editing iphone lapse timelapse result exposure easy
-4    • One of the "coolest, best and most useful photo apps for the iPhone" David Pogue, NY Times, April 27, 2011 • "A must buy for any iPhone owning image sequence fan" Dr. Andrew HudsonSmith, Digital Urban • "Neat ... TimeLapse ...    14 MB    Views 6984
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-4    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, the ability to take a ...    174 MB    Views 6323


Related Apps photography time camera photo mapping mode exposure hdr function display information focus unlock
-7    This App is high quality photo camera. It's possible to take a very beautiful photograph with an original tone mapping composition engine. In HDR shot mode, RAW development and CanonLog development is possible. It can leave the impresion seen by your eyes ...    30 MB    Views 6968
Related Apps camera shooting time photos photo adjustment bar exposure light perfect
+12    When the sun goes down, we lose so many opportunities to capture the world around us. But with Moonlight, you can take perfect selfies any time, any place In dark conditions both indoor and outdoor, this onetouch camera app gives brighter ...    5 MB    Views 5842


camera iphone facebook twitter time photo editing social flickr photos filters effects exposure settings live density filter
+11    FormattPhoto Live Camera Filters and Camera Effects by Formatt Hitech "When I first heard how many filters were on The FormattPhoto Filters App, I thought I'm going to need bigger pockets" John Chapple ( “The FormattPhoto Filters App quickly made it's ...    NAN    Views 1493
+18    No frills, no filters, and no Facebook: CameraSharp is all about taking the best photo. We’ve packed the iPhone camera with the advanced features you’ll need to take stunning pictures every time everywhere. "CameraSharp is a fullfeatured, fastloading camera that is ...    4 MB    Views 2280


time gps iphone choice real exposure quality automatic shutter focus shot
+2    PureShot is your topquality filterfree (or nofilter) app. It helps you capture digital photographs with the highest possible technical integrity—no other app can beat it You can then process these on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your computer, with ...    5 MB    Views 5487
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+6    New App Special For a Limited Time Only Download For 0.99 EnVision is a unique and one of a kind software that has combined the ability of several apps into one very easy to use photo editor that will have you ...    16 MB    Views 7854


camera frame flower time reading equipment achieve exposure iso flash field
+5    If you are interested in taking better pictures by using the M (manual) setting on your DSLR, you should try PhotoCompute. Automatic settings are useful for basic point & shoot photography but don't allow you creative control over the pictures. Basically, ...    4 MB    Views 4148

Slow Shutter Cam

camera photo apps iphone time photography essentials light shutter slow cam capture mode dslr exposure
+20    Slow Shutter Cam brings new life into your device's photo toolbox by letting you capture a variety of amazing slow shutter speed effects that you only thought you could get with a DSLR. Continue reading to learn why you should ...    6 MB    Views 4131
Related Apps camera video media canon masterworks modes product exposure playback
+26    Welcome to the MasterWorks guide for the Canon Rebel T4i Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your ...    385 MB    Views 1053

Bulb Exposure

+20    Long time exposures are now available for your iPhone Take amazing photos with this App, as you can see on the screenshots. Express your creativity There are many Apps that require a long time exposure camera. Why should you buy an expensive ...    1 MB    Views 5284
Related Apps photo photos camera facebook shooting time twitter flickr photography exposure long light high effects capture quality
+5    Sharp static elements in motion blur and light trail long exposure photos even without tripod Fantastic light trail photography with high quality and smooth light trails Adding amazing effects after long exposure photo capture" LongExpo is a revolutionary ...    11 MB    Views 620


photos time photo camera video facebook twitter flash exposure focus effects adjustments light white real
0    Capture, perfect, and share your photos with ACDSee. The ACDSee iPhone app combines an innovative camera, a powerful photo editor, and a convenient collage maker with all the tools you need for a great mobile photography experience. Camera Innovative camera for taking ...    50 MB    Views 2894


+23    Shoot video. In HDR. In real time. Check out a great app for photos, on sale LIKE us to find out about our next A・M・A・Z・I・N・G contest "An impressive achievement" TUAW "The only one bold enough—technology be damned—to introduce it to ...    3 MB    Views 8831


text photos time iphone ipad settings exposure countdown paint save create long
+24    With HoloPaint you can create awesome looking longexposure photos with mesmerising floating holographic words and symbols. To create your desired hologram, type in the text of your choice and adjust the settings as you see fit. Then begin the countdown. To ...    607 kb    Views 1865

Cortex Camera

camera iphone time photos ipad exposure light noise takes image
+5    “Cortex Camera Takes Great Low Light iPhone Photos” Lifehacker “In my experience, I found that Cortex Camera greatly reduced noise in lowlight conditions. And I was able to get crisp shots without the need for a stand or tripod.” CNET You knew the camera ...    1 MB    Views 8939


time iso exposure number filter shutter speed
+2    A simple and useful app for determining the exposure time. Approved by the most experienced photographers. Longus brings you beyond the limit of 30 seconds. It is especially helpful if you tend to take photos at night or use the neutral ...    6 MB    Views 3185

CineCam Pro

Related Apps camera photo video iphone recorder recording ipad love control exposure adjust works modes color
+2    Introducing CineCam Pro Formerly "DP Cam". SAVE 75% LIMITED OFFER BUY NOW For a limited time, we're offering 75% off before our next major update. We've partnered with some exciting names in Hollywood to bring you some "first ever in ...    2 MB    Views 1484

Night Modes

Related Apps time camera photography software exposure night focus capture effects shutter pictures
+10    Don’t let your memories get left in the dark anymore. Now capture brighter and cleaner pictures by increasing exposure time up to one second No fake software effects like other apps. Only true long exposure photography How many times have you ...    3 MB    Views 5621
Related Apps time camera iphone photography ipad exposure night light pictures real volume mode manual
-6    Thanks to the manual setting options for light exposure up to 1 second , separate residual light and ISO enhancement, Night Camera FREE is perfect for taking pictures in a dark, insufficiently lit environment. Even during daylight, your pictures are ...    6 MB    Views 9749


video photos camera time photography photo iphone5 zoom exposure resolution high features
-6    StageCameraHD is a camera app that allows you to take photos and video in manner mode. It uses the newest iOS technology to take both high quality photos and video. Starting from the notification center. Newest iOS photography features: High quality 5x zoom ...    4 MB    Views 7018

Text Paint Pro

text camera time painting photo exposure long light paint pro
+30    Have you ever wanted to do light painting with text? Text Paint Pro makes it easy. This app opens up a new world of creativity for people into light painting or into photography in general. This app is featurerich but ...    5 MB    Views 8814
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+23    Featured on the App Store in over 100 countries ON SALE 30% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Warmlight is a remarkably easytouse camera and photo editing tool. It lets you take professionally looking shots on iOS 8 and access extended image editing parameters ...    67 MB    Views 9473
+13    ON SALE TODAY 50% OFF Lightning fast burst photos. Save only the best Timelapse Video, Timer & Stealth Mode. • Shoots up to 1,500 pictures a minute • Save only the best shots to your camera roll • NEW: Export Timelapse Videos & ...    25 MB    Views 7723

Real Camera

camera photo shooting photos time exposure tap screen controls real share focus intuitive setting
-8    Capture and share your photos with Real Camera. If you are either a Beginner or a Pro, Real Camera gives you the tools to get the best out of your iPhone camera and making Amazing photos the way YOU want ...    11 MB    Views 9515

HDR Shot Free

Related Apps photography time photo camera mode photograph exposure hdr display information function timer
+3    This App is high quality photo camera. It's possible to take a very beautiful photograph with an original tone mapping composition engine. In HDR shot mode, the first RAW development in an iOS application is possible. This application is a free version. ...    8 MB    Views 353

Straight Shot

Related Apps video photos photo camera videos exposure focus zoom mode preview
-3    Automatically straightens photos and videos with life preview. Full resolution videos and photos. Share with most popular sites: Facebook,youtube,twitter,flickr,vkontakte,dropbox,evernote,.. Flashlight mode. Separate focus and exposure setting by swiping : start of the swipe sets the focus, the end the ...    11 MB    Views 5737


camera moon photo photography time photos exposure night function multiple image manual operation composition
0    This app makes you possible to easily shoot up pattern of the moon at night. Furthermore, you can set a focus distance, exposure, a white balance, a method of photo composition and the number of sheets by manual operation. You ...    7 MB    Views 890
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+23    Custom exposure for your iPhone/iPad Camera Full independent control of Focus, Exposure and White Balance Yamera Full Manual Camera 【Introduction】 Yamera is a powerful camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your ...    4 MB    Views 9974

Commander Camera

camera video time photos iphone control sequence cameras sequences remote exposure
+1    Sir, yes sir Let Commander Camera take command. Commander Camera is a simple, lightweight app that lets you connect up to 8 cameras and control all of them remotely. Take shots from each camera or string together an entire sequence. ...    975 kb    Views 4504
Related Apps video shooting photography camera button moving shoot multiple object exposure choose background
+6    Intelligent Burst skill to master magic camera video becomes master Technology innovation, never have been born before. Some friends who like photography does not know the technique of multiple exposure video photograph practices, Today we can easy do it with ...    7 MB    Views 6518
time photography calculator star exposure long application great calculate simple
+4    1:This application is a long time exposure calculator which is useful for both beginners and professionals. 2:Learn how to do simple long exposure, like star trail photography. (Preparation / Focus / Long Time Exposure) If it is shorttime (1 to 30 seconds) exposure, ...    9 MB    Views 1356
Related Apps time camera facebook twitter iphone ipad virtual photography photos exposure night real light volume pictures manual image
+1    The camera with extra features for night photography with the iPad. Thanks to the manual setting options for light exposure up to 1 second, separate residual light and ISO enhancement, Night Camera HD is perfect for taking pictures in a dark, ...    3 MB    Views 9007

with ND

time exposure filters steps preset setup
0    This App can compute long exposure time for photography. This can preset spec of ND filters. Moreover, since it is possible to memorize sets in which a setup of a camera and the combination of ND filter were summarized, an often used ...    3 MB    Views 509
Related Apps time camera timers shooting exposure filters equipment set timer don lens long
+12    Manual exposure is a musthave for any landscape digital photographer. Forget about digging into reference tables and cheat sheets. With this set of the most important calculators, simply select your shooting parameters, and the app will do the rest for ...    31 MB    Views 2920
time iphone camera ipad photos photo light exposure real zoom supports
+3    Have you ever wanted to take a photo in low light conditions? Due to complex mathematical algorithms Night Eyes provides residual light amplification in realtime for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without additional hardware. The image is illuminated in realtime (without ...    3 MB    Views 1182
Related Apps camera video photo videos photos shutter control focus speed exposure tap level flash
+7    Have precise control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and flash level, just by simply moving the slider while taking a photo or video. Manual Camera gives you DSLRlike controls with an intuitive interface. Other Features: • Realtime Histogram • Video formats, ...    2 MB    Views 8801


camera apps time film focus tap exposure photographs control square
+21    Take highquality, square photographs with 6x6. It's a reminder of the old 6cm (or 2¼inch)square medium format that was so popular with both amateurs and professionals using 120, 220 and 620 roll film. Because it just looks so good. FEATURES ✓ 1:1 ...    6 MB    Views 8823

Digital Grey Kard

cards photography video photos digital grey color control focus white adjust exposure balance
-1    Digital Grey Kard is an easy to use white balance and color control tool for digital photo and digital video, that helps you adjust and control the colors on the photos you make. By placing the Digital Grey Kard in your ...    7 MB    Views 6276


iphone time tap focus exposure control color photographs quality
+19    For highquality images, mediumformat cameras were the professionals’ choice for years. And many preferred the framing of the 6x7cm format above all. 6x7 for iPhone takes you back to that time, with beautiful, highresolution images that aren’t quite square – ...    6 MB    Views 4134
Related Apps camera iphone card video shooting quickpro pentax white exposure balance mode guides guide
+6    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? The Answer Will Now Be in Your Pocket. With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your ...    116 MB    Views 8270


time exposure timer tap set pinhole countdown note screen icon
-6    This app is a light meter that specializes in pinhole photography. First, please set the F number. Next, please set the ISO sensitivity of film to use. Finally, in the preview window, please tap where you want to measure the exposure. note: If you do ...    3 MB    Views 3760
facebook time pics free picture enhance unique exposure double
+2    WE'VE MADE IT QUICK AND EASY TO START POSTING UNIQUE PICTURES WITH BLENDMIX Ghostify Yourself | Clone Yourself | Double Exposure | Endless Possibilities Tons of options to choose from. Take your picture game up a notch and get BLENDMIX for Free ...    25 MB    Views 268

BTZS ExpoDev

film calculator time exposure traditional profiles supports field exposures making
+3    BTZS ExpoDev is the companion app for BTZS Plotter for Windows that allows you to more accurately expose traditional B&W films using film test data from BTZS film tests. "BTZS meets the iPhone. It's the perfect match of Phil Davis' BTZS ...    7 MB    Views 5770


video apps shooting time editing photography photo adjustable including control exposure focus
+3    This is the classic version of ProCamera. It will be only available for a very short time. Download it now if you are on iOS 6 or you want to get an idea of how the new ProCamera 7 ...    NAN    Views 6827
Related Apps camera iphone video shooting card program mode quickpro nikon guides balance white image exposure
-7    Want to take photos like a pro with your Nikon D90? The answer will now be in your pocket and iPad. With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that ...    318 MB    Views 1451
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