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+4    Create your own memory of the greatest moments of your life. Magfies will transform each and every one to a photographer, and will provide you with a cool souvenir capturing your personal moment on an event, whether it is a friend’s wedding, family ...    NAN    Views 9888


+2    If Instagram allows you to make wonderful photos using filters, with ComPoseGram you can take the most superb photos ever using professional sketches in addition to filters. Have you always wanted to take unique photos, just like a photographer? With ComPoseGram now you ...    2 MB    Views 717
+2    When the TOTAL RECALL App is opened, it is recording video. No more missed videos because you thought you had touched record. RECALL RECORDING reduces both the memory used and editing time because you only save the footage you actually want. ...    2 MB    Views 8469
+19    Shanti V is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    45 MB    Views 444

Valentin Gamiz

photographer images features order event prints access
+12    Valentin Gamiz is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    14 MB    Views 5256

Fosta Moment

+5    שדרג את האירוע שלך עם רשת חברתית פרטית שתאפשר לאורחים שלך ליצור ביחד אלבום אחד משותף של תמונות וברכות המשודר על מסך בלייב בזמן האירוע וישאר איתך ואיתם גם אחרי האירוע. Upgrade your event with a private social network that lets ...    30 MB    Views 5353


photos photo friends events event code explore sharing
+9    Event photo sharing made easy. Share your photos from massive events with thousands of other users, or small events with just a few friends; it’s up to you. WEvent gives you the power to decide who can add photos to ...    35 MB    Views 6132

Hamma Photography

photographer features event images order frank prints access
+3    Frank Hamma is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    15 MB    Views 6596
facebook photos event sharing guests group
+14    Groupic "Group Picture Sharing" is an app for Facebook events that collects the photos taken by the events’ guests. During the event the photos can be viewed by all guests on their mobile devices, and streamed live to a screen. ...    12 MB    Views 5345

Studio Damon

+9    Studio Damon is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    64 MB    Views 7508
+25    The contest of the best photographs of wild nature ‘The Golden Tortoise’ is the biggest noncommercial cultural, ecological, educational event in Russia. About 20,000 photographs devoted to nature, are sent annually to the contest; only about 200 of them are ...    123 MB    Views 4117

Salon de la Photo

photo details salon event information
+4    The Official App for the Salon de la Photo, the mustsee event for photographers and photography enthusiasts This app is a must for all visitors. Here’s what it does: it provides all the useful information you need (dates, address, how to ...    24 MB    Views 7420


-3    FunnelCake is the easiest way to share photographs and messages with the people near you. A Funnel is a photo and comment scrapbook bound to a physical location. Create a Funnel wherever you are, then give others around you permission to ...    2 MB    Views 5095


photos card people album event forget instantly invitation
-4    Capture every moment of your wedding, holiday, or other event with the Fomo app Fomo is the FREE, fun, streamlined way to take photos and share moments with the people you care about... create an album, invite friends and family, ...    9 MB    Views 4198


photos party family share event pictures upload great smart
-7    dawawas – share wonderful moments Free, everywhere, totally private – all this and more with dawawas SHOW AND SHARE PICTURES With this great App you can share, view and store your photos safely Just create an event and upload your photos. Invite friends ...    25 MB    Views 5122

Cake Face

photos album face pictures event guests sharing
+3    Cake Face the real time photo sharing app for special events Capturing, collecting, and sharing event photos just got a whole lot easier Guests take pictures through the app, which are uploaded to an online album the moment they are ...    1 MB    Views 2629


+7    האפליקציה הרשמית של אספוסה. באמצעות האפליקציה תוכלו לשדרג את האירוע שלכם עם רשת חברתית מיוחדת שתאפשר לאורחים שלכם ליצור ביחד אלבום זכרונות משותף מהאירוע עם תמונות, ברכות ורשמים. The official Esposa Photographers App. With the app you can upgrade your event ...    24 MB    Views 621


Related Apps photos events friends event
+4    WYP is an eventbased social network allowing you to share moments and photos with your friends around specific events. WYP is free and can be used for any event – onetime events such as a birthday party or a holiday with ...    22 MB    Views 2979

Mobile Photo Wall

+14    Bring the fun and creativity of Mobile Photo Wall and our onsite kiosk to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch View images right on your device minutes after taking them at your event. Share with friends or save for viewing ...    8 MB    Views 1165

Event Photo Booth

photo frame photos email event booth select
+5    Take photos anywhere with Event Photo Booth Event Photo Booth is the best way to capture any event’s most photoworthy moments and immediately share them via email or to your favorite social platform. Using Event Photo Booth is easy and fun – ...    55 MB    Views 9559


event description pictures choose events
+29    Hosting an event, no worries SNAPprints can handle it. No event is too big or small for SNAPprints, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to corporate and sporting events, SNAPprints can do it all. If you are having an event, sign ...    11 MB    Views 9044
cards card christmas keeper beautiful years images enjoy event share
-3    Christmas Card Keeper is the ultimate app for saving those beautiful Holiday Cards for you to enjoy for years to come. Imagine seeing years of cards in a beautiful, easy to use app. No more digging through old dusty boxes ...    6 MB    Views 4156

Event Beamer

event host
+13    This apps let's you send photos from an event to the event host. You need an Event Code to use this app If you want to host an event, contact us as    6 MB    Views 688

Rodrigo Morselli

photographer images features order event prints access
-3    Rodrigo Morselli is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    73 MB    Views 4666

photokina 2014

+4    The photokina 2014 app is the interactive guide to the photokina 2014, taking place in Cologne from 16th to 21st September 2014. It contains a detailed list of exhibitors and products as well as an interactive hall maps and navigation ...    24 MB    Views 5128


photos photo friends event events create click album
-7    Zinc lets you create social photo albums for events – crowdsource photos from friends and other event participants quickly and painlessly. Now there is no need to remind your friends to send you their photos from that party on the weekend. ...    3 MB    Views 778
design event enhance concert experience companion
+13    The Design Rocks event companion app is designed to enhance your experience at Design Rocks: A Rock 'n Roll Art & Design Gala from Mars, during Design Week Portland 2014. Before the event, the app provides a photo editing tool letting ...    13 MB    Views 1157
+23    Last night was fun, wasn't it? There were a lot of people there, weren't there? Now you have a way to instantly see how their night was in the palm of your hand. It's simple: create an event, or find one ...    12 MB    Views 2146
photographer event images features order prints
+26    Marc Dryden Schofield is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social ...    5 MB    Views 6729
Related Apps photo frame content application studio event download
+1    Shindig Studio's Photo Frame Application extends the guest experience beyond an event. After receiving printed photos from a Shindig Studio event, guests can download Shindig Studio’s custom application. This application allows you to see Augmented Reality content anytime and anywhere. Through our ...    63 MB    Views 308


social choose picture share fun networks event
+3    Sporting moments will be much more fun Choose an event, take a personalized picture and share on social networks Celebrating a result, a title or a medal , regardless of the sport , will be much more fun now with the ...    13 MB    Views 911

Captured Images

photos images captured event service website
+4    To use the Captured Images app you will need to have registered or been invited to join an event that has been registered on the Captured Images website. Please go to for more information about the service. This app is ...    3 MB    Views 9456


Related Apps iphone photos download share pictures event
+6    Keep your groovybooth pictures in your pocket If you've hired a groovybooth for your wedding or event, then the groovybooth app is the perfect partner for your iPhone. It allows you download all the groovybooth photos from your event and to ...    3 MB    Views 2020


photos share group event
+3    Picswop is a fast, fun and easy way for you and your friends to share and save photos in one place. You do this by creating a group for an event, e.g. a trip, and invite those that you would ...    8 MB    Views 1936

Event Print

Related Apps photos event print server service free
-2    Event Print a free application for guests of the event with "Event Print Service". Allows you send photos from your phone or tablet to a "Event Print Server" in order to print them (if host of the event ...    37 MB    Views 8334

Picture Share

Related Apps share pictures picture event
+15    With the Picture Shareapp you are able to share pictures with friends and family in an easy and personal way, without unknown people being able to see the pictures. Login with your event credentials, take pictures, add filters and share ...    11 MB    Views 3302


photos events location comment screens state share event
+8    Lookachu makes you a part of the event. Using your phone’s GPS Lookachu links you to sports events, concerts, or any other location where people gather. Comment on your location or the event you’re attending. See what others have to ...    7 MB    Views 8209
-1    Pinpoint is an easy way to plan an event with your friends and family. Share everyone’s location during the event and enjoy the memories created while attending. Create an event with only the information that matters: where and when. Once you've ...    31 MB    Views 2469


photos photo easily add import date beautiful picture event
-2    FOTOMO is supporting a special event in South Korea for few weeks. It will go back to normal after the event. Thanks. The best way you can put text on photos. Photo+Memo=FOTOMO You can add comments to pictures with cool effects. You ...    14 MB    Views 5889
Related Apps photos videos event share friends access
-9    Take photos and videos during an event. They disappear instantaneously. Share the event with your friends and finally access your content Main features: start an event tap to take a picture, hold to record a video a counter lets you know ...    NAN    Views 8749


Related Apps photos event users code access share watch gallery
-1    Description The PhotoFi app is an easy way to watch and share your photos during and after social events. At the beginning of the event users get a code that give them an access to the gallery of the event. During the event ...    3 MB    Views 5298

Spectacle US

event special photographer gallery
+27    Spectacle is an amazing new concept that turns everyone at your event into a photographer. Never again will you miss that candid shot or special moment with a camera at every turn. Simply install the Spectacle app, select your event, ...    2 MB    Views 4293

Paparacci me

Related Apps facebook photo event click screen
+30    Paparacci me is a photo sharing app which allows you to be paparazzi. Take a picture at an event and "throw" it towards the screen. The photo will be shown on the screen for everyone to enjoy. [Event Organisers] Create a Facebook Event through ...    3 MB    Views 2506
Related Apps photo vacation countdown days fully easily input event
+28    Photo Countdown allows you to countdown the days until a big event like a birthday, wedding, vacation, pregnancy due date or any special day. You can easily assign a countdown to any of the images on your device. Input multiple countdowns ...    22 MB    Views 9367

Event Flyers

Related Apps video event create training
-3    This is a Excellent Video Training on Learning How to Create your own Event Flyer. These Video Training will take you through the process of designing event flyers, from top to bottom. You'll learn how to incorporate graphic design, typography, photography ...    1 GB    Views 4924

Polity PCC

events event
+5    Polity is an app for political events, campaigns, and elections that allows attendees to view event details and share photos taken during events. Politicians and governing bodies can easily connect with their voters on upcoming events and fundraisers, accept donations, ...    5 MB    Views 9604

ShareShoot App

Related Apps photos shoot friends event
-4    ShareShoot allows you to to sync all photos taken at an event with your friends. You create a shoot, invite your friends and take photos. ShareShoot automatically syncs all photos taken during the event, sorted by photographer to your shoot.    4 MB    Views 471


photos event album submit
+11    Fundography crowdsources event photos and sells them to support a designated cause. The Fundography App makes it easy to do Event organizers submit their event and Fundography creates an album where eventgoers can share their photos. By using the free Fundography ...    2 MB    Views 9511


photos family events event join perspective access guests friends
+3    Pivit: Get the picture. Pivit is a new way to share photos. Create or join an event, then post your pictures with those of other guests. The entire event is shared, giving you instant access to all the best shots and coverage from every perspective. • ...    7 MB    Views 6026
facebook photo twitter event https follow beautiful events instagram
+23    Belaprint is the easiest way to create beautiful events on your phone. Personalize your photo invitation with a few simple taps, and text the invite to your friends. All invitations are animated with a fun flip, with event details on the ...    6 MB    Views 3227


friends pictures night event album shared day create
+2    Friday night, a random night out, event, concert? You've got your mates, you take pictures and you know the night is going to be off the hook. Create a Flashgap album, invite your friends and take pictures all night long. ...    21 MB    Views 3208

Gig Pic

artists people pic sharing user event
+20    Gig Pic is for music lovers and gig goers who enjoy sharing their concert experiences with other people. Gig Pic allows the user to check in at an event or venue and begin sharing pictures; these Pics can be shared among ...    18 MB    Views 3062
Related Apps photography event stars
-2    Welcome to the All Stars Photography photo viewer. Using this app, you are able to view the photos taken during your event and purchase them through the app. For private events, you will need to login using the username and password provided ...    NAN    Views 8897

party events event find stories
+29    Albanian stories, gossip, events, parties, photos, people Albanian party and event life at it's best. With the app you always know whats going on in the Albanian event and clublife .You get the latest stories, events, videos, photoreports and ...    2 MB    Views 642
Related Apps photo pictures sharing event
-6    Zero setup photo sharing for events. Seeing everybody's pictures has never been easier. Start the app. Take a picture. See everyone else's pictures taken at the same event. Easy.    2 MB    Views 386
photography van event
+3    Blijf op de hoogte van de nightlife scene met de foto verslagen en informatie van XNoize event photography.    NAN    Views 225

Jaunty Twig

event view
+19    The new Jaunty Twig interactive experience app allows you to upload your photos and then view them on a realtime basis at your event, along with those taken by your friends and other guests. Once you register, you will have instant ...    9 MB    Views 7896
photographer event images features prints order
-6    Melanie Janse is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your event images. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, approve your photo assignment requests to your photographer, share to social media, ...    13 MB    Views 7956

Event Smart

photos videos facebook event smart events guests find account share
+2    Event Smart Find Events, Share Photos and Video Event Smart is a social utility that helps you find Facebook events to attend and to share photos and videos with other event guests. Login to Event Smart with your Facebook account to ...    7 MB    Views 5689


Related Apps photos web event friends gallery
-5    Comemories helps you to collect photos you and your friends & family took at the same event with several cameras. You know the problem: You attend some event and everyone takes photos with their own camera. But you actually never get ...    1 MB    Views 732
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