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+20    Multi Photo Edit Edit all your photos with 1Tap Do you know the following problem: You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a ...    3 MB    Views 8095
+4    Send photos to 12 people all at once. Why text when you can SHOW what you're doing? Take a photo and send it to 12 friends all at once without entering their email addresses each time. Take a photo, tap once, ...    291 kb    Views 9007


photo jump camera photos time tap good noise rest human
+20    A good photo is worth 1000 jumps. Now you just need one introducing JumpShots. JumpShots is the super simple app for nailing jumping photos of you and your friends. Aim, tap, jump. That's it. JumpShots handles the rest by taking ...    2 MB    Views 1931
video videos photos music frame time tap button add cut crop
+8    The FAST and EASYTOUSE video editing tool that helps you build your own, unique and professional video & photo collages. How many videos/photos do you have on your iPhone/iPad? Do you want to view and sort your videos and photos in ...    35 MB    Views 8128
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+5    Multi Photo Edit Edit all your photos with 1Tap Do you know the following problem: You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a ...    3 MB    Views 7971
video photos videos recording email zap listing tap product zoom
+7    Adding video to your eBay listings is one of the best ways to move products quickly and increase profits. ZAPEB, the first free video maker for eBay listings, provides a simple and efficient way to create remarkably powerful Zoom and ...    35 MB    Views 6395


time video face effects friends real start tap emoji
0    LOOKa takes mobile messaging to a whole new level. Change your face in realtime with special effects, beauty enhancers, 3D character animations and more. LOOKa makes you look super awesome with just one tap Transforming yourself is really simple: Just choose ...    57 MB    Views 9188


photo photos iphone time videos text password restore tap load purchase display
0    INTRODUCTION: This image viewer has a password lock at the app starts.
Also you can easy to lock just shake or face down your iPhone (depends on your settings).
Load photos from “Photo Albums” or “Camera” to your custom folders.
Tilt your iPhone (iPod ...    4 MB    Views 9121
Related Apps photo text iphone twitter facebook email picture pen brushes editor tap collage
+1    Photo Pen combined photo collage, photoshop style brushes, WYSIWYG text editor and your creativity to make a unique picture. It is simple and fun. No matter you are a designer or you think you have no sense of art, you will ...    24 MB    Views 1869
+27    Amazing Application of the month. Best Facebook Photo Uploader Application in Apple Store Till Now. All Reviews " Very good n fast :0) " " Really Its great application. Very Useful " "Great Uploading Photos Application So far" 1 Tap FB Upload ...    4 MB    Views 3714

Camera Mic

camera iphone photos email sensor button headset tap pictures
0    Selfies made easy with Camera Mic. No taps, no buttons, just whistle or simply say "cheese" to take a photo "…you can just position your phone where it’s most convenient and clap or yell to take that beautiful, oneofakind shot" ...    14 MB    Views 9388
Related Apps photos email tap double stickers instagram followers fun pictures powerful
+14    Doubletap Stickers is an amazing app which can give you an opportunity to become the next big Instagram celebrity. Are you tired from posting so many pictures on Instagram but don’t get likes on your pictures or followers? Don’t worry ...    7 MB    Views 4270


photo time picture worth location displays date tap
-1    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With MetaPict a picture is worth that and more. Pick a photo from the stored library on your device and MetaPict shows you the metadata the data about ...    209 kb    Views 5333

UniColor Photo

photos photo iphone email camera videos painting color unicolor select colors tap required
-7    Give a dramatic look to your photos by converting them to black & white while keeping your chosen colors. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking photos. No painting required, just tap to select the color ...    36 MB    Views 3310
text photos camera time facebook artistic add real filters fonts tap
+27    Text on photos and videos is a brand new way to express yourself. Add realtime text and filters directly to your camera In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes or anything else you can think of to ...    83 MB    Views 5034


Related Apps photo drawing library camera tools text program email canvas picture tap button color menu edit
-3    PhotoSmack is a freeform sketching, drawing, and smacktalking program for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Its basic operation should be fairly straightforward, as easy as drawing with your finger. In PhotoSmack, you draw on a canvas. You can draw on a ...    542 kb    Views 1012

Camera Awesome

Related Apps camera time iphone tap photographer instagram effects sharing countries memories
+5    Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, betterexposed shots. Make your memories come alive with stunning professional effects, and 1Tap sharing on the sites you love. 1Tap Sharing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SmugMug, ...    46 MB    Views 4028


photo camera twitter facebook frame pinterest whatsapp email tap layouts sharing montage save places
0    PicFrameCam makes every subframe a live camera view finder PicFrameCam brings you a whole new and probably the most convenient experience to create photomontage instantly through your device camera It's almost like a multilens camera. Simply pick one of the 101 ...    4 MB    Views 6825
0    Perfect shot on your first try, every time Our exclusive, realtime filters allow you to adjust picture settings BEFORE you take your pictures. You can see exactly what the photo will look like BEFORE it ends up on your camera roll. Raindrops, ...    13 MB    Views 1724
ipad camera email photographers audio photo time business poses tap pose images edition image
+21    One Tap Camera Poses Ballet Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 100 high quality ballet poses to get you up to speed. Then, you can move, expand, squeeze, flip, and rotate the pose image to get that exact look ...    44 MB    Views 3162


video videos photos email music talk perfect stories tap roll
+1    Over 2,000,000 downloads Videolicious 3 is beautifully designed to make high quality video creation even easier and faster Instantly weave together interviews, videos, photos, music and more into a sophisticated video production—in seconds. Just talk and tap—or watch and tap—to ...    75 MB    Views 3498
camera ipad email photographers business audio photo poses tap pose images edition portfolio
0    One Tap Camera Poses Enchanted Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 140 high quality enchanted poses, from Renaissance to the 19th Century. Then, you can move, expand, squeeze, flip, and rotate the pose image to get that exact look ...    81 MB    Views 7308
Related Apps text photos camera time facebook artistic flickr twitter add fonts real filters tap
+5    Text on photos is a brand new way to express yourself. Add realtime text and filters directly to your camera In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes or anything else you can think of to your camera ...    68 MB    Views 5656
Related Apps camera twitter time facebook dot real live facing instagram filter tap
-7    Dotography: RealTime LiveView Dot Camera Use your camera to turn the real world into Dots Turn your camera into a Dot Camera with Dotography. Features: Live Dot Camera view, creating beautiful, artistic, dot photographs in realtime Switch between Dot Filter and Square Filter camera ...    9 MB    Views 3362
+5    “iPad Camera comes alive, literally..." Tablet Gadget Review Magazine. This is how simple it is: pick a pose, direct your model, and one tap will save your perfect shot. One Tap Camera Poses Knockout Model Poses iPad HD Edition contains ...    107 MB    Views 4758


video time photos message dual screen tap record contacts bottom customer
0    See the unexpected. View realtime reaction to your messages. One tap record and send your video messages to any contact in your address book. Zero registration, zero user id, tap and swipe your way to fun. In life we talk as we ...    5 MB    Views 2941

LoveLoveClock HD

photo clock photos time recording voice library tap select alarm screen setting sound
-5    iPad become a photo flame with a clock. With time signals, with a alarm clock You can gaze in rapture at your favorite person, family, memorial photos and all that. Features: Your selected photo will appear with clock every minute. You can select the one ...    726 kb    Views 2400
+15    When sending a :) just isn't enough, Reacticons delivers a growing collection of categorized real reaction pics and memes for your texting conversations Stop sending the same ol' smiley faces, emoticons, and boring text icons The Reacticon app connects you to ...    28 MB    Views 9954

ContactCube HD

ipad email photo photos contact tap address cubes entry rotate link
-6    A fun way to view your favorite photos ContactCube HD takes it to the next level with 5 3D cubes on your iPad. PICK any of your favorite photos on your iPad and paste it to the side of any ...    1 MB    Views 7519


video time photos iphone album phone saved focus tap capture support
+10    Use Lapsey to capture the stunning timelapse moments in your life. With one click, you are ready to go. Simple and clean design makes all features at your fingertips. Instantly become director and start creating your own timelapse and stop motion ...    899 kb    Views 8770

Fast Photo

Related Apps photos photo camera time ipad iphone fast tap screen quality capture zoom
+2    iOS7 support Retina 4" screen support Capture Images in Both orientations Real time zoom while taking pictures Universal support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Flashlight supported on devices having flash ==================================== Fast Photo Capture Quality Quickly. ==================================== Set privacy settings Open "Settings" Select "Privacy > Photos" ...    3 MB    Views 5765

Taru Camera

camera time tap focus image brightness control indicator zoom real
+11    Take clear photo with realtime preview. Using realtime image processing technology, Taru Camera tracks image movements and merges multiple images to provide noisefree highresolution image. Also can be used as up to 20x magnifier. Features: pinch to zoom vertical panning: brightness control tap: ...    930 kb    Views 9334
Related Apps photo photos facebook email cap captions change matching friends share tap
+5    Make your boring photos look AWESOME with "Cap Ur Photo" Who, what, where, when, why? Caption everything and anything Add hilarious, random or custom captions to your photos in seconds & share them with your friends. Make Your Photos ...    4 MB    Views 1959
social time instagram today widget peek swipe add tap
-4    Direct access to your Instagram account from the Today Widget Sneak Peek lets you add your Instagram account (with Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and more coming soon) directly to your Today Widget on iOS 8. There is no faster way to access ...    34 MB    Views 8333


camera apps time film focus tap exposure photographs control square
+22    Take highquality, square photographs with 6x6. It's a reminder of the old 6cm (or 2¼inch)square medium format that was so popular with both amateurs and professionals using 120, 220 and 620 roll film. Because it just looks so good. FEATURES ✓ 1:1 ...    6 MB    Views 8823
photos camera time cam button release tap touch features screen
-6    With Touch Cam you can use the whole screen as a large release button Camera features: BIG RELEASER: The whole screen can be used as release button TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 695


photo photos facebook library email button tap order slim feedback
+1    Ever wanted to look slimmer in your photos? Now you have the chance of achieving this without any photo editing skills. Using SlimPic could not be easier: First tap on the select photo button and choose a photo from your photo library. ...    1 MB    Views 9629
+28    75% OFF for a limited time Send up to 6 photos in 1 email. More than 50.000 downloads worldwide NEW: Combine all images into one PDF and send via email. “I love it It does exactly what it says. It sends ...    2 MB    Views 5066


photo camera photos video iphone time phone ios tap
0    Ever wanted to take a photo/video but it's an awkward or inconvenient time to pull out the camera? Now you can act like you're on the phone while secretly and automatically snapping pictures or recording video Useful for many situations, including: • Spotting ...    4 MB    Views 1980


photo frame camera email apps facebook twitter tap save instagram roll turn resize
-5    Instantly pop your photo The fastest way to create a striking image of your ordinary photo. Tap on a photo to pop Great for selfies, landscape and group photos. Create your splitagram in 3 easy steps. 1. Tap to select a photo from ...    13 MB    Views 4569

Tap Photo Mask

photo photos email artwork work images image tap copy finger slide clipboard clipart
+5    Welcome to the world of photographic image rendering & editing A must have for photo sharing and merging of images. A photo editor Tap Photo Mask (TPM) is a powerful photography and image modification application. It transforms your photos & images ...    2 MB    Views 9558

Catch the Moment

Related Apps photo time photos camera enjoy sns face tap application
0    Easy to use Just tap buttons. 1,5,10 Pictures are taken quickly and consecutively. Face timecamera can be used. This function is rare in many applications those can take photo consecutively. Of course you can enjoy consecutively photograph by Face timecamera. Flash bulb can be used. When ...    998 kb    Views 5039
Related Apps photo camera map video iphone time photos image location geotag adjust tap
0    ◉ Camera, Editor, effects, grid... ◉ Add caption to the video and photo. ◉ Hide geotag before sharing photo / video. ◉ Picture in picture and temporary photo/video. GET IT NOW FREE You may turn geotag off using this app or you can slightly adjust ...    14 MB    Views 5056
Related Apps photo text iphone twitter email facebook tap picture brushes editor pen function
+13    Photo Pen combined photo collage, photoshop style brushes, WYSIWYG text editor and your creativity to make a unique picture. It is simple and fun. No matter you are a designer or you think you have no sense of art, you will ...    25 MB    Views 8055
camera ipad action email photographers audio photo business poses tap pose images edition portfolio
+4    One Tap Camera Poses Action Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 100 high quality fantasy action poses. Then, you can move, expand, squeeze, flip, and rotate the pose image to get that exact look you wish. And, with the ...    53 MB    Views 8735


time email creative database screen logo model tiles tap update notification
+15    FidoLED is a LED Screen calculator. Dial up the manufacturer, the model and then enter the size you want in Modules, Metres, MM, Inches or feet and it will return to you the number of pixels for the given screen, ...    4 MB    Views 5228

Frame Collage

Related Apps photo frame photos time tap add multiple collage apply shadow background
+18    With Frame Collage, you will enjoy collaging with various photo frames.Make terrific photo collages with it to amuse your family and friends, memorize some time and share around the world Features: Both Landscape and portrait orientation support. Add photos from the photo library ...    32 MB    Views 4860
Related Apps shooting photos time camera cam continuous tap automatic shutter features
-2    Take automatic continuous shooting of up to 5 images with Shutter Cam Camera features: CONTINUOUS SHOOTING: Select between 2 and 5 pictures for an automatic continuous shooting TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 8150
photo twitter photos email social editing color hair eye skin tap wanted beautify features mms
0    Featured on the iTunes in "New" for iPhone and iPad in USA. Ever wonder what you'd look like with colorful hair and eye? Your pictures don't look so good because of the pesky pimples, moles, scars or rough skin? Try ...    26 MB    Views 6710
Related Apps camera video iphone time capture mode screen rear wanted tap focus
0    Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not around? Ever wanted to take a picture of someone without looking suspicious? Ever wanted to capture a time lapse video of anything you can point your phone at? Now you can with Spy ...    615 kb    Views 7203

Gallery Guard Pro

photos videos video email password gallery pro guard share screen tap
-2    Gallery Guard Pro lets you passwordprotect your personal PHOTOS & VIDEOS.User can easily transfer their private photos/videos to MVault folder.This is fully password protected.Gallery Guard Pro provides security for your private photos & videos, mainly when you share your iPhone/iPad ...    1021 kb    Views 4750

Touch Portfolio

Related Apps photos presentation ipad work time text portfolio touch themes add tap exif theme
+14    Portfolio Themes 50% off for limited time Touch Portfolio is an elegant professional portfolio for photographers, agents, designers, models, and other creative professionals. Beautiful Presentation: Touch Portfolio has customizable themes to present your work. Pinch, tap and swipe to interact with your portfolio. Each ...    16 MB    Views 8270


time photos tap pictures picture color play filtering left matching desired
+10    Play thousands of pictures fast. Filter them instantly on brightness and color. Ideal for time lapse photo streams when you want to sift through tens of thousands frames using a color pattern or simple filtering out dark images. Or if you ...    5 MB    Views 4673


photo email photos iphone contact rotate link tap address favorite
+5    A fun way to look at your favorite photos and link them to your top contacts. PICK your six favorite photos and paste them to the sides of a 3D cube. Use any photo on your iPhone or iPod touch ...    2 MB    Views 9371


photo ipad wifi email photos tap screen ipads side connect display slide move
+3    Both iPads place side by side to be a big screen. 1,536×1,024 or 2,048×768 Photo available A Photo moves/enlarges/reduces on both iPads. If there is not a WiFi hot spot nearby, we recommend using a small WiFi router to connect with both iPads. Features: Both ...    296 kb    Views 3892
photos editing camera photo social time picture filters tap edit
-2    Perfect Shot + Professional Picture Try PerfPix, it is a unique camera to realize your creativity. Nearly limitless editing options and exclusive filters make PerfPix the only app you’ll need for timeless photos that spark the imagination and bring back those wonderful ...    11 MB    Views 2902
Related Apps photo time camera image add pieces share completely tap
+19    Fragment (featured in 153 countries) can transform any image into totally unique, oneofakind prismatic art you’ll want to share with everyone. It all begins with your images. Take your camera and compose a photo, or select from your Camera Roll. Once ...    41 MB    Views 4707
clock calendar photo time frame tap hold change finger turn
+6    Turn your iOS device into a beautiful digital photo frame with the minimalist style. Features • Portrait and landscape orientation • Slideshow time from 5 seconds to an hour • Shuffle slide order • Music notifications • 4 clock skins • 12/24 hour time format • 10 calendar ...    1 MB    Views 6838
facebook photo email twitter camera tap friends roll funny
+2    "Easy to use and super funny app." "What a great photo app, time to make some funny pics" "Gotta love the stash on this one Nice" The above quotes are actual iTunes 5star reviews from our users. Take a picture, pick ...    83 MB    Views 6242

Photo Album Pro

Related Apps photo photos iphone web time text library album tap pro thousands browser folder viewing
0    Photo Album Pro lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless photo album which can be accessed by WiFi from any local Mac or PC web browser with password protection. All you need to do is type in ...    12 MB    Views 6202
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