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FingerCrop for iPad

+14    Extract and crop what you draw on your photos with FingerCrop and create stunning photo montages in no time. With FingerCrop you just need to draw what you want to keep from a photo and the app will extract it and ...    5 MB    Views 8330

Draw on Slides

photo photos facebook email draw show slides slide multiple save line
+15    Draw on Slides lets you show your iPad photos to family, friends, and business associates and draw attention to specific details about each one. Make your point and keep their attention at the same time. Select the album with your ...    982 kb    Views 7683
+10    Save the precious moments with your own pocket photobooth Selfie Booth is not another photo editor. It's a fun activity for any occasion, whether you are with friends, your better half or alone. Try it and you will love the ...    12 MB    Views 6244

Tattoo Pic Maker

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+10    One of the BEST tattoo app on App Store Enjoy more than 50 tattoos Just a few taps, you can display various artistic tattoo on your photo. Of course, you can share photos on Facebook or Twitter. And also you ...    9 MB    Views 524
Related Apps photo facebook frame photos twitter email choose save frames share gallery
+23    Decorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you can save the photo, share with friends or upload to social ...    25 MB    Views 7601

Image Size

email image size desired output save print
+4    This app can easily resize a picture to a desired image size. The output format is defined in one of the following four units: pixel millimeter centimeter inch The app "Image Size" gives you the opportunity to save the final image, email ...    4 MB    Views 6542
Related Apps photos videos ipad email instagram save easy album repost
+1    Want to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? With InstaWorld you can save all of videos and photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad. Main Features: Enjoy photos by category,nature,sports,boys and girls,pets ,food and so on Browse photos :Popular,Liked,Feed,your own photos ...    14 MB    Views 7448
0    We are proud to bring you the most complete photo editor in the App Store, Perfect for your iPhone, iFilter brings all the elements of the most powerful photo editors in the market. • Easily crop, rotate and adjust images when ...    23 MB    Views 4452


Related Apps art design family home photos email children canvas images print send quality image offer
+3    Make your images standout Make it an Xpress Art Canvas Print Give us your photos, artwork, children's masterpieces and we can print them onto canvas as an original piece of art for you. Any size, any quantity, your favourite pictures, ...    NAN    Views 5185
+5    SALE OFF 50 % Smart scanner help you scan your documents, books, receipts and save it to PDFs or Photo libs + Import image from Camera rolls, photos lib or take picture from camera + Select multi images as the same ...    6 MB    Views 338

Gnome Booth

Related Apps facebook photo email gnome add picture rotate post save
0    Take your Gnome everywhere with you You don't even need a gnome. Now you can just add gnomes to your photos and have tons of fun. Add a gnome to any photo. Gnomes look realistic and are sure to fool ...    11 MB    Views 2786

Fiesta Booth

photo video text email guests booth mode enable print messages device
0    Transform your device into a photo booth for your next celebration Email, text, and print photos instantly. Gather video messages from your guests to save memories from the occasion. You can customize your guests' experience in the settings pane. Fiesta ...    7 MB    Views 1005

Captivating Rumi

Related Apps email twitter facebook quote choice share font picture save
+15    Enter the captivating world of Rumi. Choose your favourite Rumi quote and add to a photo of your choice. Save it for inspiration or share it with the world through Facebook, twitter or email. Let us whirl to the captivating ...    16 MB    Views 9697
photos videos ipad email instagram save favorite share download
+14    Want to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? With InstaWorld you can save all of videos and photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad. Main Features: Enjoy photos by category,nature,sports,boys and girls,pets ,food and so on Browse photos :Popular,Liked,Feed,your own photos ...    14 MB    Views 6336


Related Apps text photo library facebook email font save add color size choose
-1    Create your own wallpaper with this app and/or add descriptions or any text to your pictures. Just choose a picture from your photo library and then enter the text you want to add. Choose font, font size, font color, rotating angle ...    22 MB    Views 7071
photo email pro features sharing save saving gallery editor
+5    Your pictures are not nice? You don't look so good? Try the 'Photo Editor Pro' so your colors will look the best Change gradually the: ➤ Brightness ➤ Saturation ➤ Hue Then save and share them to anyone using: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the photo gallery. Notice: ...    3 MB    Views 8871
calendar 2015 print save friends 2016
-2    【2015 Calendar】Make 2015 Calendar with your photos. 【Print 】Print your 2015 calendar, we'll ship in 7 days, worldwide. 【Share】Share calendar online with friends. 【Save 】Circle the date, put message, save to album, and forward to friends.    31 MB    Views 1155

Epson iPrint

ipad iphone photos email microsoft printing word print printer files device printers
-4    Print, scan, and share directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Print photos, emails, webpages and files including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Also supports Box, Dropbox, Evernote1, Google Drive™ and Microsoft OneDrive™. Epson iPrint makes printing easy ...    17 MB    Views 6192

Label Lounge Plus

+26    With over 500 carefully selected images Label Lounge Plus allows you to create beautiful labels, stickers, ecards, memes, invites, photo labels and so much more. Once created you can save, print, email and share your designs online. Label Lounge Plus makes ...    46 MB    Views 7576

Colors Pro Free

email work colors pro save
+5    Colors Pro helps create stunning photos with selective desaturation effects, by dragging or simply selecting areas you want Less is More Colors Pro is designed with a clean, easytouse interface and is highly optimized in speed so that you can concentrate ...    5 MB    Views 8907
books iphone word email ipad ebooks web tools apps business book quality blogs print
+6    Make a book from your photos, Blogs, PDFs and Word documents on iPhone. You can print it with bookstore quality or share it in eBook format. instaPress, instant book creator, lets everyone create their own books from Word or PDF documents, ...    25 MB    Views 9384

Creature Creator

Related Apps photo library email creature friends share creator change fun template save
+12    ================================ Half Price Launch Sale 50% OFF ================================ ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ Creature Creator is a fun way to instantly composite a Creature on your photo. Turn your friends into hairy monster or punched black eye on face of your enemy Share your creations on MMS and Email Use ...    3 MB    Views 273
card camera photo cards design facebook sports email roll number print simple save player
0    Make your own customized sports card with Softball Card Pro and email to your family and friends, share on Facebook, or save to the camera roll to print later. Anyone can use the simple design and easyto use interface. Make cards ...    2 MB    Views 284
Related Apps photos email video gif gifs device save create animated frames
-9    SafeGIF Create Animated GIFs from Photos or Videos SafeGIF is a powerful GIF creator that does the following: Capture video on your device or use existing video or photos. Import GIFs saved to your photo library. Apply filters to enhance ...    5 MB    Views 924

Photo Editor Pro

+9    Your pictures are not nice? You don't look so good? Try the 'Photo Editor Pro' so your colors will look the best Change gradually the: ➤ Brightness ➤ Saturation ➤ Hue Then save and share them to anyone using: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the photo gallery. Notice: ...    3 MB    Views 1372

Tape Artist

art artist email facebook creative photo ipad save features gallery lets
+29    The gap between simpledrawing and toocomplex photo enhancing apps has finally bridged Now you can easily create original works of art, or enhance photos, graphics and images and post it to your Facebook wall, Email to friends and more Based on ...    7 MB    Views 6174

SnapMe Pro

Related Apps photo email photos facebook button save sharing effects borders
+1    SnapMe Pro is an application that allows users reformatting photos by adding multiple colour filters, effects and borders, add captions to your photos and then save them or share the photos via Facebook or email. This version of SnapMe allows you adding not only ...    577 kb    Views 5801

Photo ID Plus

+2    Photo ID Plus can let you create photo id in SECONDS. It can create standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo and other identification photo. It includes various ID photo size, cropping function. Demo Video There are two methods to create photo ...    2 MB    Views 6214
Related Apps camera facebook email twitter pinterest instagram instasave features easy share save
-2    Instasave is everything you want Instagram to be. Save to roll and share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, messages and email. Instasave made to work as a native iOS application with intuitive user experience and a focus on the most wanted ...    13 MB    Views 8598


facebook email work library step masterpiece save icon
+4    FlatHead is the only way to say "I'm Crushing Your Head" with style. Take a picture, position the Crushing Fingers(TM) with care, and save a masterpiece to your photo library or share it with the world With FlatHead you can email ...    2 MB    Views 5470
time photo email stars booth save step celeb live cam
-8    Celeb Cam gives you a chance to pose with your favorite stars in a real time photo booth. Tons of Stars and More 500+ Live Celebrities for Photos Crop | Resize | Move | Erase & Restore Add Text ...    42 MB    Views 9739

Before and After

Related Apps photos email photo save load preview
0    Ever wanted to take that perfect before and after shot, but could never get it just right? Well, Before and After for the iPhone is the app for you. All you need to do is load your Before photo into the ...    3 MB    Views 5462


photo email facebook button effects sharing colour application save
-3    SnapMe is an application that allows users reformatting photos by applying different effects and borders. The application can also be used to add a caption to the photo and/or share it via email Facebook post. Colour effects are available in the current ...    788 kb    Views 2112
Related Apps photos photo email twitter passport print rtchubs sizes special options follow
-7    Spend no more money on Passport photos. Now you can prepare your passport photos by your own. Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print Awesome Features √ Official passport photo sizes requirement ...    15 MB    Views 5487
Related Apps cards card photo photos text library email business send quality postcards print high real
+27    ? C ? A ? R ? D ? S ⛲ ? S ? E ? N ? D ? E ? R ⛺ GET IT FOR FREE INSTEAD OF 1,99 USD ONLY IN DECEMBER ? A Photo ...    13 MB    Views 277


photo email ipad print youtube picture sheet printer
-4    The scale2print app lets you select a photo from your iPhone or iPad photo album. You can then print your photo on a full sheet of paper in 8x10 or it can even print on 4 separate sheet of papers ...    6 MB    Views 6083

scrapbox x'mas

facebook christmas email photos cards 3gs frames backgrounds save
-7    Yay Let's Get Merry Design your own christmas cards, send something unique this year a personalized christmas card with your own photos. Decorate your photos with x'mas ornaments, apply frames, add graphical texts, and then share online to Facebook, or ...    13 MB    Views 2213


-5    Let your iPhone help you geotag Photos from any camera. GeoTagBee uses the location sensor built in your iPhone to record where you've been while taking photos. The recorded trips can be exported in the GPX format and save into your ...    2 MB    Views 7978

booth MANIA

photo library email booth face mania upgrade results save free
+2    booth MANIA will make you laugh in seconds As a developer, I looked at the app store and what was on sale .... And thought "why not have an app which combines multiple booth apps on the store ...... ...    20 MB    Views 7065

HP ePrint

Related Apps printing web photos email office print mobile content printer select printers internet
+2    The HP ePrint App makes printing from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easy, whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go. Features: • Print from your phone over WiFi, via the Internet to an HP ePrint printer, ...    39 MB    Views 1647


Related Apps twitter facebook camera photo email photos pixelate share roll save seconds
+4    Pixelate is capable of creating censored photos in seconds. It is also the best app for quickly adding TILTSHIFT effects on photos through multiple layers of pixelated blur while leaving other areas in sharp focus, which also only takes seconds. Pixelate then ...    701 kb    Views 6805

Pro Photo Portfolio

Related Apps photo email work shopping portfolio images clients pro custom print image
-5    Pro Photo Portfolio Is for the professional photographer or photographer that wants to take their images to the professional level. Show your work in Pro Photo Portfolio's clean interface to your clients and know that your images will look their ...    32 MB    Views 1808
search cards web map email card field users remember access print printer airprint
+27    Field interviewing for law enforcement taken to a whole new level. SSL Storage. Field interviews are stored on a secure server for web access and retrieval if the user switches devices. Photos. Take pics of tattoo, vehicles, persons, acquaintances, etc. and attach ...    14 MB    Views 535

Vertical Text

photo work text twitter email facebook texts image vertical background save
-8    Vertical Text lets you write texts in COLUMNs on a photo(background image) and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Vertical Text was targeted for countries in Asia where the language is commonly written vertically such as Korean, ...    34 MB    Views 4840

SINGHA- iPostcard

photo facebook frame email postcard choose feature print
+2    SINGHA iPostcard is developed to be the easiest application for making the EPostcard by yourself. It allows you to edit photo, choose a various designs of postcard frame, adding messages and lets you quickly send high quality geotagged digital postcards ...    23 MB    Views 2851

Air Photo Plus

Related Apps photo photos printing email air print mac
+4    We have improved upon our award winning Air Photo to make photo printing on iPhone even easier. Air Photo allows you to print to a printer connected to a Mac (Leopard or Snow Leopard) or PC (Windows XP, Vista or 7). ...    289 kb    Views 7625
photos photo email twitter passport print rtchubs sizes simple follow special
+4    Spend no more money on Passport photos. Now you can prepare your passport photos by your own. Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print Awesome Features √ Official passport photo sizes requirement ...    15 MB    Views 7381

Funny Photo Booth

Related Apps photo email facebook twitter funny booth filters apply front instagram print
+23    Join Family of 1 Million Users. Download today. Top Selling App on More than 80 Apple store. Funny Photo Booth Application takes 4 Closeup shoots with front & Rear camera of iPhone & Apply 15 Different filters. You can mail Square ...    9 MB    Views 7411
Related Apps facebook photo library email photos label send save postcard share
+2    Now send real POSTCARDS   With Photo2Text HD you can easily label your photos. We provide you a variety of stylish templates. Give your photos a final touch, create signed birthday greetings or hold on memories and send them by ...    9 MB    Views 5812


photo photos facebook email library crop extract picture save rectangle
-4    A revolutionary app to crop and extract photos and pictures Make your photos on the fly and edit them later with MagicCrop Remove from your photos something (or someone) you don't want to see and save them in your library, ...    7 MB    Views 2226
Related Apps photo photos email wall layouts collages share choose collage add custom save
+7    Photo Wall is about composing amazing collages and cards to share your birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more. Photo Wall comes loaded with hand crafted layouts of various themes to get you started. Choose a layout, add your photos and watch ...    68 MB    Views 2688
Related Apps photo camera email images save capture flash image click compression
+16    Capture, Flash, Save, Exit... ...all with only ONE CLICK 1 Click Photo enables you to take a photo, flash it (brighten), then save the photo and exit, all with one click Dont you miss the days when cameras only had one ...    539 kb    Views 7353


photos photo print visa passport printer local share save
+4    Use 2x2Pix to create and print Passport, Visa, ID photos. or just for fun Share, save, or print to local printer. Three easy steps: 1. Select the country for which your Passport, Visa, or ID photos are needed 2. Take a photo using ...    21 MB    Views 307

Filter FX

Related Apps photos photo email facebook artistic filters create save pictures filter apply
+8    Create your very own filters to customize your pictures, images and photos Filter FX is a professional app that lets you create photo filters, save them, and apply them whenever you want on your pictures, photos, and photo camera With ...    2 MB    Views 2379


Related Apps photo home print button net picture choose printer save
+29    It's easy to create ID photo. How to use; 1) Choose the size that you want to create ID photo 2) Choose "take photo" or "select Picture" button 3) Clip the picture by pinchin/out and moving 4) Push save button 5) Choose for "7eleven net print" ...    4 MB    Views 4044
photo photos email passport print sizes size options snap
+4    Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print A simple and unique Passport Photo Maker app, just choose a size, take a snap then print or share and get your Passport size photo instantly. Awesome ...    9 MB    Views 1838

ID Photo

photo photos inch completed airprint print sizes http save
-4    ID Photo is an app that can easily create various official sizes of photos for passports, driver's licenses and other forms of picture identification. When you need a photo for identification documents, use ID Photo to create your photo and print ...    4 MB    Views 7024

Photo Rescue

photo photos email save contacts list roll sync
+1    Photo Rescue allows you to save photos from your address book contacts to your photo roll. Simply select the contact photos you'd like to save from the list and click Rescue. Your photos will be saved to your Photo Roll in ...    804 kb    Views 3139
Related Apps camera facebook football email twitter roll stickers save friends share
0    Fun and Free Football Stickers Camera Choose a picture from your camera roll or take a new one, put a sticker on it, and share your funny or cartoon hero creation with the world. InstaFootball Camera is easy to use. With this, ...    91 MB    Views 3066

LiveBooth Lite

photo photos ipad email social lite source set print easy sharing
-1    LiveBooth™ Lite provides an interactive photo experience at events. You can set it up as a kiosk or pass the iPad to your client for them to enjoy seamless, intuitive access to their photos with social sharing, email and print ...    24 MB    Views 7246
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