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+4    WiFi Booth is a professionalgrade photobooth app that works wirelessly with your existing equipment Designed and built by a professional event photographer, WiFi Booth brings a new level of fun and guestinteraction to existing photobooth setups at weddings, corporate events, ...    17 MB    Views 5424


+25    Create your own wallpaper with this app and/or add descriptions or any text to your pictures. Just choose a picture from your photo library and then enter the text you want to add. Choose font, font size, font color, rotating angle ...    22 MB    Views 7071
+25    SALE OFF 50 % Smart scanner help you scan your documents, books, receipts and save it to PDFs or Photo libs + Import image from Camera rolls, photos lib or take picture from camera + Select multi images as the same ...    6 MB    Views 338


photo photos facebook email library crop extract picture save rectangle
+7    A revolutionary app to crop and extract photos and pictures Make your photos on the fly and edit them later with MagicCrop Remove from your photos something (or someone) you don't want to see and save them in your library, ...    7 MB    Views 2226
0    Photomat is installed and loved by 190.000 users. Thanks for your support If you haven’t downloaded it yet, join us now Save the precious moments with your own pocket photobooth Photomat is not another photo editor. It's a fun activity for any ...    20 MB    Views 9040

Photo ID Plus

Related Apps photo printing photos library camera iphone email output image size paper print create
+12    Photo ID Plus can let you create photo id in SECONDS. It can create standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo and other identification photo. It includes various ID photo size, cropping function. Demo Video There are two methods to create photo ...    2 MB    Views 6214
books iphone word email ipad ebooks web tools apps business book quality blogs print
+4    Make a book from your photos, Blogs, PDFs and Word documents on iPhone. You can print it with bookstore quality or share it in eBook format. instaPress, instant book creator, lets everyone create their own books from Word or PDF documents, ...    25 MB    Views 9384
Related Apps photo text email iphone photos notes note color background 660 save
-6    Turn any photo into a note Add a quick line or two of text to any picture or solid background. Change the font. Stylize and align the text. Add an artistic border, or some some fun emoji You can email your ...    8 MB    Views 9977

Funny Photo Booth

Related Apps photo email facebook twitter funny booth filters apply front instagram print
-7    Join Family of 1 Million Users. Download today. Top Selling App on More than 80 Apple store. Funny Photo Booth Application takes 4 Closeup shoots with front & Rear camera of iPhone & Apply 15 Different filters. You can mail Square ...    9 MB    Views 7411

Fiesta Booth

+3    Transform your device into a photo booth for your next celebration Email, text, and print photos instantly. Gather video messages from your guests to save memories from the occasion. You can customize your guests' experience in the settings pane. Fiesta ...    7 MB    Views 1005
Related Apps camera facebook email twitter pinterest instagram instasave features easy share save
+11    Instasave is everything you want Instagram to be. Save to roll and share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, messages and email. Instasave made to work as a native iOS application with intuitive user experience and a focus on the most wanted ...    13 MB    Views 8598

Label Lounge Plus

photo email pinterest twitter cards facebook labels label print designs share cut
-5    With over 500 carefully selected images Label Lounge Plus allows you to create beautiful labels, stickers, ecards, memes, invites, photo labels and so much more. Once created you can save, print, email and share your designs online. Label Lounge Plus makes ...    46 MB    Views 7576

Pro Photo Portfolio

Related Apps photo email work shopping portfolio images clients pro custom print image
-2    Pro Photo Portfolio Is for the professional photographer or photographer that wants to take their images to the professional level. Show your work in Pro Photo Portfolio's clean interface to your clients and know that your images will look their ...    32 MB    Views 1808

Dream Cam HD Lite

Related Apps email picture dream version colors lite cam save
+9    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    51 MB    Views 3832
photos photo email twitter passport print rtchubs sizes simple follow special
+6    Spend no more money on Passport photos. Now you can prepare your passport photos by your own. Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print Awesome Features √ Official passport photo sizes requirement ...    15 MB    Views 7381


photo email facebook button effects sharing colour application save
-1    SnapMe is an application that allows users reformatting photos by applying different effects and borders. The application can also be used to add a caption to the photo and/or share it via email Facebook post. Colour effects are available in the current ...    788 kb    Views 2112
photo email pro features sharing save saving gallery editor
+10    Your pictures are not nice? You don't look so good? Try the 'Photo Editor Pro' so your colors will look the best Change gradually the: ➤ Brightness ➤ Saturation ➤ Hue Then save and share them to anyone using: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the photo gallery. Notice: ...    3 MB    Views 8871
Related Apps photo editing facebook email camera effects adjust cool easily overlays save
-7    We are proud to bring you the most complete photo editor in the App Store, Perfect for your iPhone, iFilter brings all the elements of the most powerful photo editors in the market. • Easily crop, rotate and adjust images when ...    23 MB    Views 4452
+13    Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print A simple and unique Passport Photo Maker app, just choose a size, take a snap then print or share and get your Passport size photo instantly. Awesome ...    9 MB    Views 1838

Photo ID DIY

Related Apps photo photos diy printing email output print paper size image
+6    Photo ID DIY is very easy to create standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo and other identification photo. It includes various ID photo size, cropping function. You can make standard ID photos in minutes. We all need ID photos for ...    2 MB    Views 7721

Colors Pro Free

email work colors pro save
-6    Colors Pro helps create stunning photos with selective desaturation effects, by dragging or simply selecting areas you want Less is More Colors Pro is designed with a clean, easytouse interface and is highly optimized in speed so that you can concentrate ...    5 MB    Views 8907


email board photo drawing save color album tips pen drawings button
-8    Use this drawing board for drawings or sketches to finished. Here are 4 weights, 8 backgrounds, 10 pen tips and any color available. You can save the drawing in the photo album and send them as email. Features: 8 different backgrounds ...    11 MB    Views 5711

HP ePrint

Related Apps printing web photos email office print mobile content printer select printers internet
-3    The HP ePrint App makes printing from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easy, whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go. Features: • Print from your phone over WiFi, via the Internet to an HP ePrint printer, ...    39 MB    Views 1647

Epson iPrint

ipad iphone photos email microsoft printing word print printer files device printers
+14    Print, scan, and share directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Print photos, emails, webpages and files including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Also supports Box, Dropbox, Evernote1, Google Drive™ and Microsoft OneDrive™. Epson iPrint makes printing easy ...    17 MB    Views 6192
-4    Photo Wall is about composing amazing collages and cards to share your birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more. Photo Wall comes loaded with hand crafted layouts of various themes to get you started. Choose a layout, add your photos and watch ...    68 MB    Views 2688

aE Camera Flash

camera email photo images image flash compression capture resolution save select
+4    aE Camera Flash brightens images just like a good flash It was developed in cooperation with an award winning professional photographer, the director of graphic design for an international magazine, and a DSP expert from USC. This is not a ...    743 kb    Views 7121

Label Lounge

Related Apps email design photo creative twitter facebook pinterest cards label print share labels designs save
+11    Easily create your own unique labels, stickers and cool graphics with Label Lounge. With 100's of cool images you can design really beautiful labels and it’s so easy to use Once created, you can save, print, email or share ...    42 MB    Views 5535
+9    View Spain through Singapore television artiste and radio DJ Dasmond Koh’s eyes in this series of striking snapshots. Get a free preview of the first pages of the book, and access the full book (with over 100 pictures) through a ...    20 MB    Views 2548
Related Apps photos photo camera iphone email roll print screen passport countdown
-6    Need a photo to apply for a US passport? Get perfectlycropped photos quickly and easily with ID PhotoPrint Purchase prints within the app (6.95 for 2 photos including delivery, US only) or save photos for printing from your computer on ...    9 MB    Views 8006


video text email position png image choose size adjustable website save
+7    Watermarker is a video watermarking tool, it allows you to put a custom watermark in a custom position in your video footage. Extremely useful for just in time footage delivery to 3rd parties with first branding your material with either ...    11 MB    Views 6576
photo email camera chose size print create passport printer support
+11    This is an application to create identification photo. you can create an identification photo, passport photo by yourself easy. [How to use] 1. Chose ID photo size There are a lot of photo size that you can chose to create ID photo. ・CV Photo (30x40mm) ・Passport ...    963 kb    Views 2243
calendar 2015 print save friends 2016
+4    【2015 Calendar】Make 2015 Calendar with your photos. 【Print 】Print your 2015 calendar, we'll ship in 7 days, worldwide. 【Share】Share calendar online with friends. 【Save 】Circle the date, put message, save to album, and forward to friends.    31 MB    Views 1155
photos videos ipad email instagram save favorite share download
0    Want to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? With InstaWorld you can save all of videos and photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad. Main Features: Enjoy photos by category,nature,sports,boys and girls,pets ,food and so on Browse photos :Popular,Liked,Feed,your own photos ...    14 MB    Views 6336

Photo Shooter Lite

photo facebook gun library camera twitter email fully friends save
+4    Like destructive, messy entertainment? Have fun blasting your photos with Photo Shooter. This app allows you take a picture with your iPhone’s camera or grab one from your photo library and pepper it with paintballs. Or use a plain white ...    1 MB    Views 4


Related Apps photo home print button net picture choose printer save
+25    It's easy to create ID photo. How to use; 1) Choose the size that you want to create ID photo 2) Choose "take photo" or "select Picture" button 3) Clip the picture by pinchin/out and moving 4) Push save button 5) Choose for "7eleven net print" ...    4 MB    Views 4044

War Camera

Related Apps photo photos email twitter facebook military items stickers share save rotate
0    Battlefield in your photo Just a few taps, superrealistic military items are displayed on your photo. Enjoy more than 60 stickers to paste on your photos. The app includes many items such as guns, helicopters, jet fighters, tanks, bombs, explosions, ...    41 MB    Views 1806
photos photo wallpaper search email facebook factory posted message save
-7    Monthly Special Offers Limited to 1 month 3.99 → 1.99 Throughout Japan, "Night" Factory summarized as application photos. This picture is recorded, in cooperation submitted photo enthusiasts from all over Japan. Some of the photos, we have also included pictures of the earthquake which devastated ...    13 MB    Views 3200
-5    Save the precious moments with your own pocket photobooth Photomat Pro is not another photo editor. It's a fun activity for any occasion, whether you are with friends, your better half or alone. Try it and you will love the ...    20 MB    Views 5586
Related Apps cards card photo photos text library email business send quality postcards print high real
+22    ? C ? A ? R ? D ? S ⛲ ? S ? E ? N ? D ? E ? R ⛺ GET IT FOR FREE INSTEAD OF 1,99 USD ONLY IN DECEMBER ? A Photo ...    13 MB    Views 277
email photos friends save selfie booth photobooth automatically occasion device collage
0    Save the precious moments with your own pocket photobooth Selfie Booth is not another photo editor. It's a fun activity for any occasion, whether you are with friends, your better half or alone. Try it and you will love the ...    12 MB    Views 6244
Related Apps photos videos ipad email instagram save easy album repost
+2    Want to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? With InstaWorld you can save all of videos and photos on Instagram to your iPhone or iPad. Main Features: Enjoy photos by category,nature,sports,boys and girls,pets ,food and so on Browse photos :Popular,Liked,Feed,your own photos ...    14 MB    Views 7448

LiveBooth Lite

photo photos ipad email social lite source set print easy sharing
+23    LiveBooth™ Lite provides an interactive photo experience at events. You can set it up as a kiosk or pass the iPad to your client for them to enjoy seamless, intuitive access to their photos with social sharing, email and print ...    24 MB    Views 7246

Photo Rescue

photo photos email save contacts list roll sync
+26    Photo Rescue allows you to save photos from your address book contacts to your photo roll. Simply select the contact photos you'd like to save from the list and click Rescue. Your photos will be saved to your Photo Roll in ...    804 kb    Views 3139

Air Photo Plus

Related Apps photo photos printing email air print mac
-2    We have improved upon our award winning Air Photo to make photo printing on iPhone even easier. Air Photo allows you to print to a printer connected to a Mac (Leopard or Snow Leopard) or PC (Windows XP, Vista or 7). ...    289 kb    Views 7625
Related Apps photos photo iphone print passport save set world paper
-3    With this application you can create your passport photos directly from your device. Few and intuitive steps and you can print, save or share your photos for documents and passport. Do not necessary great knowledge of photography world, you can use this ...    4 MB    Views 269

booth MANIA

photo library email booth face mania upgrade results save free
+11    booth MANIA will make you laugh in seconds As a developer, I looked at the app store and what was on sale .... And thought "why not have an app which combines multiple booth apps on the store ...... ...    20 MB    Views 7065
Related Apps cards photos email holiday virtual business photo card worldwide send print add quality real create day
-8    WorldWide Cards create your own cards and mail it worldwide to your friends printed on high quality photo paper We ships all cards within 1 day and send it to any country in the world App have additional tools to ...    6 MB    Views 6818


facebook email work library step masterpiece save icon
0    FlatHead is the only way to say "I'm Crushing Your Head" with style. Take a picture, position the Crushing Fingers(TM) with care, and save a masterpiece to your photo library or share it with the world With FlatHead you can email ...    2 MB    Views 5470

Before and After

Related Apps photos email photo save load preview
+19    Ever wanted to take that perfect before and after shot, but could never get it just right? Well, Before and After for the iPhone is the app for you. All you need to do is load your Before photo into the ...    3 MB    Views 5462


iphone photos email camera gpx aperture lightroom format save import
+5    Let your iPhone help you geotag Photos from any camera. GeoTagBee uses the location sensor built in your iPhone to record where you've been while taking photos. The recorded trips can be exported in the GPX format and save into your ...    2 MB    Views 7978

Creature Creator

Related Apps photo library email creature friends share creator change fun template save
+21    ================================ Half Price Launch Sale 50% OFF ================================ ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ Creature Creator is a fun way to instantly composite a Creature on your photo. Turn your friends into hairy monster or punched black eye on face of your enemy Share your creations on MMS and Email Use ...    3 MB    Views 273

Xmas ScratchCard

card facebook photo email cards text twitter scratch send device publish save
0    Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy Scratch Crd is the first and only app that allows you to create designed scratch cards and share them using email, Facebook and Twitter. ANYONE can get and use your scratch card: if ...    3 MB    Views 6131

Captivating Rumi

Related Apps email twitter facebook quote choice share font picture save
0    Enter the captivating world of Rumi. Choose your favourite Rumi quote and add to a photo of your choice. Save it for inspiration or share it with the world through Facebook, twitter or email. Let us whirl to the captivating ...    16 MB    Views 9697


Related Apps photos photo sheet print layout save sticker airprint paper
-6    PriSheet (Print Photo Sticker Sheet) PriSheet is an app to match your photos in layout templates and print them out. 17 templates available, including the one you can arrange the photo size by yourself. AirPrint support (iOS4.2 and later) You can simply tap to ...    4 MB    Views 7909

Tape Artist

art artist email facebook creative photo ipad save features gallery lets
+13    The gap between simpledrawing and toocomplex photo enhancing apps has finally bridged Now you can easily create original works of art, or enhance photos, graphics and images and post it to your Facebook wall, Email to friends and more Based on ...    7 MB    Views 6174
email social twitter facebook share tattoo designs gallery real save networks
+11    Try new real tattoo designs and share it to your friends Ohhh… remember to share it with your mom In a touch: 1 take a photo 2 choose tattoo (one or more can be included) 3 share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other ...    28 MB    Views 126

Photo Tour Italy

Related Apps photo photos email italy images background view save easily definition
-5    This universal app will take you on a photo journey through Italy. Enjoy a variety of images quickly and easily. Each album includes gorgeous HD photos. The photos are organized in convenient Albums and cover popular things to do and ...    100 MB    Views 7010

Filter FX

Related Apps photos photo email facebook artistic filters create save pictures filter apply
+12    Create your very own filters to customize your pictures, images and photos Filter FX is a professional app that lets you create photo filters, save them, and apply them whenever you want on your pictures, photos, and photo camera With ...    2 MB    Views 2379


photo photos facebook email library draw cropped save print enhance
+20    Extract and crop what you draw on your photos with FingerCrop and create stunning photo montages in no time. With FingerCrop you just need to draw what you want to keep from a photo and the app will extract it and ...    6 MB    Views 502
search cards web map email card field users remember access print printer airprint
-7    Field interviewing for law enforcement taken to a whole new level. SSL Storage. Field interviews are stored on a secure server for web access and retrieval if the user switches devices. Photos. Take pics of tattoo, vehicles, persons, acquaintances, etc. and attach ...    14 MB    Views 535
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