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Camera FX

+17    Camera FX, the camera app with more than 150 Real Time effects to capture stunning photos and record unique videos. What you see is what you'll get With Camera FX you can capture photos, and record videos, that you can ...    4 MB    Views 7789

Mosaic Camera Pro

+1    50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME You can take a Mosaic photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Take pictures at your camera’s full resolution, even with effect Use the flash and frontfacing cameras on most devices Store ...    389 kb    Views 1091

Photo Monkey

videos photos photo video email iphone facebook time find click event lot
-1    If you are like me, there are a lot of photos and videos on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. A lot of my friends have thousands of pictures and videos they took and because they are very busy, they don't ...    411 kb    Views 6708
photo books facebook audio email social twitter family photos time friends share beautiful
+1    "Memorability lets you create & narrate beautiful iPad photo books, no printing required" – TechCrunch Create stylish narrated digital photo books for your iPad in minutes. Share your photo albums and view those from your family & friends on Memorability's private ...    56 MB    Views 4095
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+4    Free for a limited time only. Simple Picture Frames is the FASTEST and EASIEST picture frame creator in the App Store. Combine your photos into AMAZING LOOKING COLLAGES and share with friends & family in no time at all You can ...    74 MB    Views 2126
video videos photos time text music editing email add crop screen settings perfect multiple project
-1    Perfect Video is a really EASY TO USE video and slideshow editing app. It lets you quickly TRIM, MERGE, AND CROP CLIPS, ADD SUBTITLES, PHOTOS, AND TEXT, PICK TRANSITIONS, ADD MUSIC AND RECORDINGS, and EXPORT your video clips. FEATURES & HOW ...    12 MB    Views 5631

Photo FX Magic Lite

Related Apps photo magic photos iphone time facebook camera email effects unlimited brightness real
+5    Chosen by Apple in "New & Noteworthy" Photography for iPhone in the USA. Photo FX Magic offers a diverse variety of photo effects and frames for your iPhone/iPod touch photos. If you're looking to make your photos look more ...    19 MB    Views 969


time library movies photos movie photo frame videos text email lapse stop motion build
+13    MyStopAction lets you build your own stop motion animations or time lapse movies, including sound Major features: build HD stop motion animations using a series of photos record a soundtrack to accompany your creation visual effects including text captions, wipes, crossfades, ...    5 MB    Views 6326
map twitter email facebook photos time locations location create pictures existing pic
-7    MapAPic is a premium location scouting app for photographers and film makers. It saves you time and effort by organizing all your shoot locations in one place, with geotags, hires pics, sunrise and sunset times, your tags and notes, and ...    6 MB    Views 2179
-8    With InfoPic you can make your pictures matter by instantly producing documents that connect your pictures with time, comments and location. Cut down on the time spent finding the right photo and match it with the right time and place. InfoPic quickly ...    3 MB    Views 3512
Related Apps photo camera gps email photos map vacation time application location features pictures button picture folder
+5    This application is a camera that can attach GPS location to the photo. It also records date and time taken, location, your notes about it and the title of the picture. You can review the pciture with a quick link ...    336 kb    Views 2203

A Million Photos

Related Apps photo photos time facebook email videos pictures upload easy size send
+26    Finally an easy and organized way to view and upload photos and videos on Facebook Some of the amazing features include: This application is for your native email and for Facebook. • Did you ever wanted to send lots a pictures to someone ...    5 MB    Views 691
Related Apps email card time money photo photos cards postcards service send real postcard
+3    Write REAL postcards using your own photos PokaMax is the real postcard specialist + + + CHIP: Best apps "From design to payment: easy" + + + + + + Recommended by WELT, BILD, STERN, iPhoneWELT, Bayerisches Fernsehen and many more + ...    19 MB    Views 5879
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-2    This is a great album app to play the funny GIF and share it with friends. The default iPhone app can't play the GIF. Try this app Main Features: ● Play GIF in a photo album ● Create and manage albums ● View frame by ...    5 MB    Views 4857
camera photos video videos time email shooting iphone fast shots roll exposure focus
+21    ON SALE TODAY 50% OFF Lightning fast burst photos. Save only the best Timelapse Video, Timer & Stealth Mode. • Shoots up to 1,500 pictures a minute • Save only the best shots to your camera roll • NEW: Export Timelapse Videos & ...    25 MB    Views 7723
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-8    See the world in form of a cartoon through your iPhone and iPad camera. WiToon offers largest realtime cartoon effects This awesome video & photography app offers 17 astonishing and jaw dropping cartoon filters to convert your world in living ...    2 MB    Views 9375
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+23    Limited introduction offer for the PRO version No ads and all future features for free The movie of the year Starring you PicToFlick The app that gets better with every single photo Caution It's addictive no side effects guaranteed Big ...    2 MB    Views 8090


apps twitter facebook email time picture sign share similar
+14    A revolutionary app that let’s you take a picture, sign it on the spot with your finger or get it signed by someone else (or both) and immediately share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and / or via email. ...    14 MB    Views 6646
-7    Are you ready to send your friend that photo you thought you would never send on a phone? Well now you can ✦ SneakAPeek is the ONLY app allowing sharing of photos for a preset time ✦ PROTECTED sharing, no saving or ...    2 MB    Views 761
photo camera time photos email twitter facebook library fun features friends effects
-4    After the success of 'Photo Splash FX' app (multimillion users), we are proud to announce CameraPlusFX. So it’s to enhance your creativity and at the same time have fun CameraPlusFX is an advanced realtime app especially designed for cameras, allowing you ...    10 MB    Views 6884
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+3    WiFi Booth is a professionalgrade photobooth app that works wirelessly with your existing equipment Designed and built by a professional event photographer, WiFi Booth brings a new level of fun and guestinteraction to existing photobooth setups at weddings, corporate events, ...    17 MB    Views 5424
time photo email stars booth save step celeb live cam
+13    Celeb Cam gives you a chance to pose with your favorite stars in a real time photo booth. Tons of Stars and More 500+ Live Celebrities for Photos Crop | Resize | Move | Erase & Restore Add Text ...    42 MB    Views 9739

Pop Art Lite

Related Apps art photos photo time email artists library camera pop save colors custom presets andy
Related Apps photo text time photos library email social media postcard postcards post save choose stamps reminders
-8    Quickly and easily snap a photo and send out a customized postcard with your photo and personalized message via email and/or post to popular social media sites. create and send electronic postcards made from your photos take a photo or choose a ...    8 MB    Views 7980


+9    Create and send a card using your own photos quickly, easily and efficiently. There is something special about sending a card to someone. It evokes a sense of warmth and joy. Better still is a card that is personalized, with your ...    2 MB    Views 9726
video photo time baby tracker photos camera pregnancy email facebook oil bump birth create
-1    Introducing: The new BioOil Bump Tracker At BioOil, we know how special mum’s growing baby and changing body are, and that the exciting nine months of pregnancy before baby is born can by fly in a moment. To remember this special ...    NAN    Views 7677
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+13    iPhone4 Retina Display Supported How do you care of the pictures and movies in your iPhone album? Aren't you wasting your time scrolling to find a picture in the basic album? You may bought a photo managing app before, but it might be ...    2 MB    Views 7666
-6    deGeo is a camera app that doesn't track, save or record your location. Did you know that GPS location data is stored within each photo you take? "Geotags" are hidden data points embedded in each photo and can be viewed by ...    3 MB    Views 5956

Relive Events

Related Apps photos time email facebook photo events relive real book free cover 5x7 order
-2    Relive Events lets you and your friends create a private, interactive, realtime collage of photos at events like birthdays, weddings and nights out. Contribute photos from your phone, tablet or your digital camera. Select your favorite 20 photos and order ...    23 MB    Views 3322

VIP Events

photos videos media email video time social events event upload private vip shoot phone
+2    VIP Events is a free service where users can create private or public events, invite others to join them, and shoot photos and videos which are uploaded in real time to a shared space.You can use your own phone camera ...    12 MB    Views 7962
Related Apps photo time email friends send receive instantly tap
+20    Send photos to 12 people all at once. Why text when you can SHOW what you're doing? Take a photo and send it to 12 friends all at once without entering their email addresses each time. Take a photo, tap once, ...    291 kb    Views 9007
Related Apps time camera email photos facebook photo selfie filter real instagram
-6    Capture the best side of me with 100+ free & unique filters .Born for selfie. 【UNIQUE FEATURE 】 •Specially Designed Camera for Selfie All For Better You •Exactly 118 Realtime Filter Never out of option •Mirror Realtime Filter Strange & Fantastic • Fitergrid Realtime Filter Stylish & Fashion •Halo Realtime ...    54 MB    Views 2851

StampPhoto Free

photos photo map time personal email social note change original application
-4    This universal app (download one copy and get it on all your devices) allows you to visually customize your photos with available and useful information. Date, time and location already exist in most of your photos. StampPhoto allows you to ...    47 MB    Views 7242
photos photo time gifts email capsule gift share ten captions minute
-3    Ten Minute Time Capsule is a digital time capsule to create photos and store slideshows of your friends, your children and other family members giving you the wonderful gifts you want to remember forever. A painting from school, paper flowers from ...    13 MB    Views 6078
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0    Introducing PhotoOpp Bride Edition "The Original Wedding App that Replaces Disposable Cameras" COLLECT HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS INSTANTLY AND AUTOMATICALLY FROM ALL YOUR WEDDING GUESTS BRIDES FROM ALL AROUND THE GLOBE use PhotoOpp Bride Edition to capture all the fun and fascinating ...    13 MB    Views 6970
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+21    The movie of the year Starring you PicToFlick The app that gets better with every single photo Caution It's addictive no side effects guaranteed How does PicToFlick work? Take photos of you as often as possible Your face in each ...    2 MB    Views 2019
Related Apps photos email ipad twitter time santa xmas instagram enjoy save easy album
+12    “I’m dreaming of a white christmas, 
just like the ones I used to know 
Where the treetops glisten and children listen 
to hear sleigh bells in the snow” 
 Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, boys and girls I am so glad to ...    9 MB    Views 9416

Everyday Memo Piece

-7    Memopiece is the best iPhone application for taking pictures every day. Of course, there’re many applications that do similar things, but Memopiece is probably the best designed. 
Imagine, how fantastic it will be to be able to look back at ...    22 MB    Views 4914
photos ipad iphone photo email family coffee time work ipod touch friends free
+4    Flick pictures from iPhone and iPod touch to iPad, using Bluetooth Plus, create and email beautiful scrapbook photo collages CoffeeTable gets great reviews on recent iTunes Podcasts:         Today in iOS Podcast (Episode 160, January 10, 2011)         AppSlappy Podcast (Episode 73, January 11, 2011) Your ...    5 MB    Views 5571

Clone Me

Related Apps email facebook twitter games photos photo time party application friends create split add
+9    Note: PLEASE TURN ON AUTOROTATION ON UR DEVICE BEFORE USING THIS APPLICATION SO THAT IT MAY WORK PROPERLY ON UR DEVICE Tip: Single Tap on image to hide buttons (Back, Fb, Twitter and Delete buttons) Clone Me is an entertaining camera application. ...    28 MB    Views 6620

AutoStamp Pro

photos stamp time email date set device bottom automotive
+4    Designed for the automotive industry. With the majority of automotive manufacturers requesting clear photos with a time/date stamp for warranty purposes, AutoStamp allows you to use the app for 5 dealers, each with their own receiving email addresses that you ...    3 MB    Views 3398

Photo FX Magic

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-4    Chosen by Apple in "New & Noteworthy" Photography for iPhone in the USA. Photo FX Magic offers a diverse variety of photo effects and frames for your iPhone/iPod touch photos. If you're looking to make your photos look more ...    20 MB    Views 3787


gps iphone photos camera mapping time photo email gpx location file exact format
-8    You'll absolutely be amazed by our iWallFlower iPhone/iPodTouch application. Search the AppStore or goto "iMarkMySpot GPS" is a fun and powerful application for your iPhone which you can use to tag your digital photos with their exact GPS location. iMarkMySpot GPS ...    296 kb    Views 7030
Related Apps text twitter facebook email time editing photos camera add fonts instagram pictures change features shadows
+15    Do you know about Tyography? Do u want to become a tyographer? Let's use our app. With our app, you can add everthings what you can think of to a photo, it's maybe these beauty text, it's maybe quotes, it's ...    21 MB    Views 1779
Related Apps photos photo time email camera facebook albums find images track organize helps tags
-8    The Easiest Way To Find And Organize Your Camera Roll Photos 5 Star Rating Upload albums to Facebook and share albums via Email Ever find yourself scrolling through endless images on your camera roll just to find one specific photo? Well, now those ...    9 MB    Views 1588

Camera Art Effects

Related Apps camera time iphone twitter facebook photos email art photo video effects share version features ranked
-5    Ranked number 1 in Italy in photo/video category Ranked number 8 in France in photo/video category Ranked in Top 25 in USA, Germany, switzerland, China, Japan, Taiwan... "Camera Art Effects" lets you apply amazing and original effects directly to your camera and in ...    4 MB    Views 1521
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-7    Did you just take a great photo? Frame all your precious moments and make your photos look the best before you share them with your friends. With RealTime Photo Frames Pro, you can add style and class to your photos With ...    18 MB    Views 9767
Related Apps photo email photos twitter camera facebook time editing effects frames stickers share instagram
-5    : FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME : InstaPic is an extensive photo editor for all your photo editing needs. Make your photos awesome with a few simple taps, enhance your photos with plenty of effects, stickers and frames. Share the edited photo ...    30 MB    Views 3030

Rage Cam Pro

Related Apps facebook camera photo twitter photos email love time flickr rage faces instagram meme pro share
0    •OVER 100,000 USERS LOVE THEIR RAGECAM PRO, TRY IT TODAY• Rage Camera Pro takes your Rage Faces to a whole new level with specialized Rage Face Detection Meme Technology. 500+ RAGE FACES (/◔ ◡ ◔)/ As seen on 9GAG and Reddit ...    41 MB    Views 7499
Related Apps photo email photos work facebook time twitter flickr share crop edit stop set
+2    One Stop Photo Edit is the easiest way to crop, rotate, resize, apply filters and effects and share your photos. We've looked at the alternatives and quite frankly found them clumsy and frustrating. We have spent ...    33 MB    Views 5687

@!#* Head

photos videos time camera recording iphone email editing head faces real
0    15 effects with real time face detection to give everybody a head in our videos and photos. The only app of the AppStore that makes everybody look bad, and that's awesome Head is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone ...    37 MB    Views 9844

Chicco Baby Book

photos facebook email baby twitter photo parents time child moments create feeling book
+4    "At Chicco, happiness is made up of little steps, in small doses. Happiness is the discovery and conquest of the little, everyday things, of simple gestures full of affection and spontaneity. It is the wonderful feeling of being and feeling ...    9 MB    Views 2352

Pix-Star Snap

photos iphone email frame ipad time audio videos video star pix send snap clips short
+19    With PixStar Snap you can send photos, short videos clips and audio messages DIRECTLY from your iPhone or iPad to a PixStar Cloud Frame in a few seconds from ANYWHERE in the world with the touch of a finger. Stay connected ...    2 MB    Views 1457
videos photos media time person web music family email live show phone instantly showing
+6    DabKick is the best way for people to interact live with their friends and family and watch videos, show photos, and listen to music together at the same time. Imagine being able to show the pics from your weekend or watch ...    68 MB    Views 8308
Related Apps photo photos iphone email time design password login user passcode encryption easy
-2    Thanks to BusinessNext, Taiwan's most influential technology media for featuring Meena. Thanks to PunApp, Taiwan's professional review for featuring Meena. You are not safe when you locked the door, but window didn't. Your photos are not secured when you set the password, ...    15 MB    Views 9469

Step by Snap

Related Apps photos photo time email steps task snap share pdf file step remember
+17    An app that allows you to snap a sequence of photos and use that as the basis to create the instruction for doing a task. You can further describe the steps in words if your wish. You can easily reorder ...    3 MB    Views 5297


photos photo library time email color colors touch selected swap button selection
+4    Tired of drawing with your finger to reveal the color of the tiny details you want to emphasize on your photos? Try Colorizor and "Color splash" your photos in one touch Featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy" for its ...    3 MB    Views 9512
video videos photos time text music editing email add settings screen crop select multiple
+24    Perfect Video is a really EASY TO USE video and slideshow editing app. It lets you quickly TRIM, MERGE, AND CROP CLIPS, ADD SUBTITLES, PHOTOS, AND TEXT, PICK TRANSITIONS, ADD MUSIC AND RECORDINGS, and EXPORT your video clips. FEATURES & HOW ...    12 MB    Views 2901
Related Apps photos music video camera text time email facebook flickr instagram share add create roll
-6    Mix your photos & music to make amazing video slideshows. Choose from over 16 transition effects to give your PicFlip just the right feel. Create and share short video slideshows with photos from your albums or your Instagram account Plus... PicFlip is a ...    8 MB    Views 9894
Related Apps photos photo email time search albums find album download access private friends
+1    Have you ever found it difficult to get photos from other people? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could find photos of yourself without troubling others for their email or phone numbers? Camdy is an app where you can upload your photos ...    20 MB    Views 8596
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