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+8    For beautiful black&white photography. Simple, Elegant, Easy    2 MB    Views 4246


+15    Colugo is the simplest way to share photos and videos privately with your friends and family. Colugo Now Does Video Colugo is a simple solution to a simple organization and communication problem. Colugo doesn't use gimmicks like other apps do. ...    12 MB    Views 2983

Simple Photo Filter

+16    The is a simple photo editing tool where you can add filter to the photos. Enjoy    1 MB    Views 5834

Stack Collage

+1    Stack is a very simple image collage tool. Simply add an image from your photos and use multitouch gestures to position the image. Touch the image you would like to bring to the top of the stack. You can also ...    13 MB    Views 5954


0    New updated for IOS7 Imagise is a simpletouse application that creates seamless blends between images. Select from multiple blend modes, adjust the blend amount, rotate, resize and scale images to create a beautiful combination that can be shared. Utilises touch controls for ...    774 kb    Views 247

Kigurumi Camera

+19    Kigurumi camera is a magic camera that your face can change to funny face. It is an application that can be taken a mysterious photograph like there is a face in the face. You can make a strange composite photograph by simple ...    759 kb    Views 8850


-5    The 80s are back And with them their beautifully banded, pixellated, palletized view of the world As requested from the wonderful people at Gizmodo, Muteki Corporation is happy to announce a simple camera app to take all of your photos and ...    58 kb    Views 1074


photos printing simple moments click
+25    PhoMents allows you to instantly, permanently, and affordably save the most important, memorable and unforgettable moments of your life with the click of a button. Yes It's that simple Click the picture you want, confirm the print and it's mailed ...    150 MB    Views 8701
-2    Christmas Wallpaper allows you to create custom wallpapers by simple swipe gesture. You will be amazed when you see how a simple photo can turn into a stunning wallpaper. It comes with a instant gallery which includes high quality colourful images and ...    22 MB    Views 8632
+26    Make your own customized sports card with Baseball Card Pro and email to your family and friends, share on Facebook, or save to the camera roll to print later. Anyone can use the simple design and easyto use interface. Make cards ...    3 MB    Views 5822
+4    "The coolest photo editor Easy and Fun to use No complicated features, no fidgety instructions. Simple and cool. Now, edit, add effects, stick on funny stickers, create magic memories and share them with your family and friends through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, ...    4 MB    Views 5162
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+2    Make your own customized sports card with Basketball Card Pro and email to your family and friends, share on Facebook, or save to the camera roll to print later. Anyone can use the simple design and easyto use interface. Make cards ...    3 MB    Views 9485

PicPic Blender Lite

picpic simple
+11    PicPic make your photos unique and beautiful Overlap two images quickly and easily 11 Blend filters. Easy and Simple interface Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more… PicPic is very simple to use and will be a great addition to your photography ...    9 MB    Views 2177

Selfies Cam App

photos selfies cam selfie simple timer
-8    Want the easiest way ever to take the best selfie? Download the Selfies Cam App now for FREE Taking great selfies is hard you need the right angle and right pose. And when you get that right then you have ...    4 MB    Views 2007
creative blend layers unlimited simple
+8    “BLEND is one of the easiest and most effective apps of this type I’ve seen for the iOS.” AppPicker “Blend together images to create attractive layering effects with this simple to use app.” 148Apps “BLEND supports an unlimited number of ...    9 MB    Views 4902


photo photos painting oil simple
+3    You can take Oil Painting effect photos using this application. Simple, Elegant and Powerful the fastest, most effective oil painting generating app in App Store, converting photos to oil paintings becomes easier than ever FEATURES Preview and customize effects in realtime use finger to keep ...    3 MB    Views 5309


Related Apps editing photo email saturation contrast stickers images brightness color simple
-6    Why download PicStigram over other photo editing apps? Simple. Picstigram includes Photo Editing Tools such as; » Filters, » Effects, » Adjustment, » Brightness, » Contrast, » Saturation, » Sharpness, » Blur & Focus, » Rotate, » Crop, » Resize, » ToneCurve, » Text (different Fonts available) » Stickers (easy to add more) » Meme generator ...    22 MB    Views 9082
Related Apps time friends simple minutes receive
+7    With Bood, your friends are ALWAYS available in your pocket to help you make simple, complex, or wacky decisions. It's easy. "Bood" with your smartphone by taking two photos representing two options. You add a question and immediately send it to your ...    10 MB    Views 1832

Love Child

+3    Groovier Than Ever • Love Child 2.0 has been completely redesigned to be even more fun to use. With a fullscreen image display and simple toolbar controls, it couldn't be easier • New Putty mode lets you stretch, melt, twist and tweak ...    32 MB    Views 1192
blog twitter smartphone simple
-8    Exceedingly simple, yet astoundingly beautiful.  Introducing the new smartphone blog, Simplog. Ameba's new smartphonecentric blog, Simplog, is a new take on the blogging experience. Combining the simplicty of Twitter and the capabilities of a blog, you will be able to record your ...    63 MB    Views 7760


Related Apps photos interface user simple share
0    Phototag. Organize your photos in custom tags ‘Phototag.’ makes organizing iPhone photos simple and fun, with a minimal user interface based on intuitive gestures for a cool user experience. Insert the title of the tag, choose the combination of your favorite icons and ...    11 MB    Views 3175


Related Apps photo custom support save simple choose
+13    With this software, you can do all kinds of Personalised Customize and beautifying to your photos, etc. 1. Simple, easy operation. Just follow 3 simple steps: Choose Photo > Choose Effect > Save 2. Support photo save to album, convenient for review. 3. Custom puzzle. 4. ...    26 MB    Views 1950


dating stand simple
-6    Its hard to stand out in your dating profile. Stndout lets you stand out from the crowd with a simple marker. Mark yourself in your group photos, and upload them privately to your Facebook so that only your dating apps ...    20 MB    Views 2476
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0    DISCLAIMER: this app and its makers are not affiliated with SnapChat,Inc. SAVE ALL THE SNAPS YOU GET FROM YOUR FRIENDS FEATURES Very simple to use. Save all snaps of photos and videos. Save your friends’ stories. Upload photos and videos directly from ...    8 MB    Views 5232

Mustache Bash Free

+3    “Mustache Bash is a simple way to transform yours or someone else’s face into something more glorious: a face with a mustache.” – Jared Murray ( “Now it's time for a serious app. One that every man and woman on the ...    51 MB    Views 3669
Related Apps text photo easily added easy texts simple
-1    This is a simple application for adding texts to photographs very easily and quickly. So many different fonts. Multiple texts can be added on one photo. Outline can be added. Easy to use. Add, update, delete text very easily Apply ...    22 MB    Views 613
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+19    Connect precious moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family. With Everalbum you can easily create photo albums, intuitive to use yet powerful. Everalbum helps you quickly create your masterpiece and instant share it to Instagram, ...    32 MB    Views 5714

Psycho Booth

-7    Ever wonder what someone would look like if you combined the best or worst features of family and friends into a single person? Now you can find out with Psycho Booth Awarded New & Noteworthy in Entertainment Apple 04/11/11 Use the ...    7 MB    Views 7566

Dress Up: Wizard

wizard dress simple
-1    Dress up as a wizard Become the most powerful wizard in the world Dress up as a wizard with many awesome items such as the wizard's staff, per dragon, wizard robes, book of spells and much more It's simple: Select your own ...    5 MB    Views 8102


image pick simple
+8    Subjective is a straightforward but very powerful photo editing app. It has no ads or inapp purchases, and you will never need to read instructions. First pick the type of image you want from six categories such as food or outdoors. ...    25 MB    Views 879


Related Apps photo friends share simple
0    Once again more simple for photo. feature: The application is for photo management, Simple steps can share to some friends, Each photo friends can share comments. If you have suggestions for improvement, can contact:    18 MB    Views 4190
Related Apps camera hollywood facebook library email market artists ufo effects special simple professional create pictures created
+5    Over 25 UFO's Lighting Effects Created by Hollywood Special Effects Artists SImple and Easy to Use Best UFO camera on the market Post to FACEBOOK, EMAIL or SAVE TO YOUR LIBRARY Be the first to own this Professional Version Create amazing UFO pictures instantly Includes over 25 ...    14 MB    Views 3286
Related Apps card camera photo cards design facebook sports football email player save roll number simple
0    Make your own customized sports card with Football Card Pro and email to your family and friends, share on Facebook, or save to the camera roll to print later. Anyone can use the simple design and easyto use interface. Make cards ...    3 MB    Views 7046


apps email twitter background simple tiles color random easy image press
+11    BackgroundMaker Simple Stylish Background Generator Universal apps. Retina Ready. ====================== Feel the beautifulness of the Colorful tiles of Squares, Circles, or Numbers. You can easy make cool background for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad in just a few click. No photo software skill required. It's all random, everytime ...    1 MB    Views 1977

Simple Blur

Related Apps photo library blur support simple
-3    Just Simple Blur A new app that transforms ordinary pictures into impressive blurred backgrounds for your device Only these option: Choose a new photo from the library Support zoom, move and crop photo Different Blur intensity levels Different color filter (Hue, Saturation, ...    5 MB    Views 4331

Eco Gallery

twitter email gallery share images purchase simple tap enable
+13    We invites you to the Eco Gallery. Eco Gallery is app for a photo exhibition on the theme of Eco Environment. Korea's young and promising photographer' works of art are available on the iPhone to watch. You can also email purchase inquiries and ...    8 MB    Views 4855


Related Apps facebook photos flip simple friends
-1    Your Facebook friends have most likely uploaded lots of photos, and with Palbum you can easily flip through them on your iPad. Features: • Automatically finds the most recent 500 photos your Facebook friends have shared • Flip through photos with a simple ...    474 kb    Views 1073
+3    iHairstyles 2.1 It's digital hairstyling for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Use the new FaceTime cameras to take selfportraits See your hairstyle before you get it. It's quick and easy. Drag hair off the hair dock and place it on your image. Resize ...    636 kb    Views 9076

GalaxyPic+ FX

filters simple galaxy effect
+15    GalaxyPic+ GalaxtPic+ transforms your photos with beautiful Galaxy & Space Effects 65++ Galaxy filters. 14 Effect filters. 6 Blend mode. Opacity Slider to control effect and style strength Easy and Simple interface Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more… GalaxyPic+ is very ...    46 MB    Views 9580


dark simple lights
+1    Have you ever gone to take a picture with your iPhone in a dark setting like a classical concert or theater production only to be horrified when your screen lights up the room? Or, even worse, have you forgotten ...    213 kb    Views 9138


videos photos email transfer select double simple files tap
+20    Simply select your photos & videos, add your friends’ email addresses and upload up to 10GB Enjoy inspiring backgrounds during the transfer. Your friends will receive an email with a download link. There's no signup About WeTransfer We like to keep things ...    10 MB    Views 9021


Related Apps blur simple images focus aperture
+28    Simply focus where you want.Which provide a narrow depth of field and soft background blur that is so loved by photographers everywhere. Easy operation 1.An alternative view mode highlights the regions that will remain in color with a red tint. 2.erase use one ...    2 MB    Views 1469
Related Apps photo editor easy cool simple features
+18    "The coolest photo editor Easy and Fun to use No complicated features, no fidgety instructions. Simple and cool. Now, edit, add effects, stick on funny stickers, create magic memories and share them with your family and friends through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, ...    7 MB    Views 5128
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-6    Jiffy collage is a simple way to create beautiful collages on your phone. By swiping left and right you'll be able to select from our predesigned layouts and from your personal collection of photos. By dragging the images from the ...    3 MB    Views 7048


Related Apps photos clip simple album application
+4    Simple application for easy taking photos and making a clip using them. It's so simple app that have just two screens And you can create clip from your photos in 3 or 4 steps For example like my yellow toy car. :) Attention: ...    2 MB    Views 2334
photo photos style nostalgia simple click
+18    Give your photos the special style of nostalgia By this software, you can turn your photos into a new stylethe old and nostalgic style. All you have to do is import a photo from the photo gallery, then click "Nostalgic", the ...    2 MB    Views 9683
Related Apps card camera photo cards design facebook sports soccer email player save roll number simple
-4    Make your own customized sports card with Soccer Card Pro and email to your family and friends, share on Facebook, or save to the camera roll to print later. Anyone can use the simple design and easyto use interface. Make cards ...    2 MB    Views 3883

Doodle: Simple

Related Apps photos doodle simple
-9    A simple doodle app where you can draw with several colors and sizes. Import photos and save photos.    3 MB    Views 5115

My Photo Wallet

photo photos pictures important favorite wallet simple
-7    My Photos displays images that you pick from your photo gallery or camera in a slideshow so that you can show off your favorite and important pictures. This simple app was created to solve a simple problem that I had. There ...    17 MB    Views 5884

Pixer Photo Memo

Related Apps photo search find simple
+8    Don't waste time scrolling through your photo stream to find that one pic with Pixer, your photo is just a quick search away. Snap a photo, add a short title and hit save it's that simple. Anytime you ...    194 kb    Views 2951


Related Apps photos share simple
+16    Simpler is better When you just want a deadsimple app for storing your photos in the cloud, and for sharing them with friends, PopShare is the way to go. No fancyshmancy bells and whistles. None of those pretentious sepiatone filters. Just ...    6 MB    Views 4641
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-2    "Simple photo frame and hourglass" is an app that has a countdown timer, a function of a simple photo frame. Timer can be measured in minutes with simple operation. Please use such as a kitchen timer and cup noodles timer. If you change ...    16 MB    Views 8243
photo swipe clean simple gallery
+3    ENG: Tired of slow, manual cleaning of your photo gallery? Photo swipe 2 clean is simple, easy, fast and funny way to do it. With just a simple swipe to the left you delete the photo and to the right you keep it. CRO: Umorni ...    597 kb    Views 2321
Related Apps photos instagram prints print simple order
+4    Kanvess makes it simple to print your Instagram photos. Each square print costs only 25 cents. Order 100 or more prints and shipping is free (USA Only). Viewing your Instagram photos on your phone or tablet is great, but holding them ...    2 MB    Views 7844

RainbowPic FX Lite

effect rainbow simple
+9    RainbowPic RainbowPic transforms your photos with beautiful Rainbow Effects 20++ Rainbow filters. 8 Effect filter mode. Opacity Slider to control effect and style strength Easy and Simple interface Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more… RainbowPic is very simple to use and ...    22 MB    Views 5530


simple publish
-8    Publish to your WeaverPix galleries on the go with this simple and easy to use iOS app. With a few simple taps you can auto enhance, reduce redeye, and publish your photos from anywhere Requires RapidWeaver 5 or later WeaverPix 3.3 ...    3 MB    Views 5500
-9    This is a simple app for apply 5 photo filters: Sepia Hue Gamma Invert Colors Exposure Vibrance    856 kb    Views 9997

Photo Cutout

Related Apps photo background simple sticker cutout
+18    Photo Cutout make a sticker out of the photos. It's simple: 1. Pick a photo with a simple background. 2. Scribble over the foreground and background of the image. 3. Your sticker is done.    10 MB    Views 5480


Related Apps search visit share fun simple
+17    Epik is a fun and simple way to share stories that go beyond the "post". Whether it's a weekend adventure, a tour around your garden, or a new recipe you've perfected, Epik makes sharing your story: fast, easy, beautiful, and fun Making ...    3 MB    Views 2064

Paint ++

Related Apps simple powerful paint create
+11    Create masterpiece with simple swipes The fastest way to express your imagination to world. Pure Draw simple yet powerful drawing tool. Its user interface is design to be minimal but powerful. It can be used for multiple purpose from simple sketch ...    641 kb    Views 1725
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