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+1    BRANDNEW USER INTERFACE PhotoString is an app for people who like put many photos together vertically, just combine multi photos into one like a string. When you finish the photos, you can save it, send it via Email, or share ...    1 MB    Views 5953
+1    Are you ready to send your friend that photo you thought you would never send on a phone? Well now you can ✦ SneakAPeek is the ONLY app allowing sharing of photos for a preset time ✦ PROTECTED sharing, no saving or ...    2 MB    Views 761

WM Sticker

soccer photo email facebook iphone sticker stickers friends world send
+18    This app is a must have for every fan of the German soccer team You can create cool world soccer championship 2010 collector stickers from you and your friends by just tapping your iphone. Posting the stickers on facebook or ...    1 MB    Views 8837


photos videos photo text email send technology swiping download
+10    Instantly share photos and videos across multiple devices with the swipe of a finger. The exclusive FotoSwipe technology allows you to select photos, videos or even an entire album, swipe them onto an intended device and you're done Never text ...    10 MB    Views 6068
photos photo videos video email select show share send
+22    How many times have you been in a situation where you want to show a few photos or videos from your photo album but once you hand your device to your family and friends they either peek or look through ...    1 MB    Views 4381


ipad email color images image lift send import
+25    Great pictures tell stories and communicate feelings. A well chosen palette enhances those feelings and helps tell your story. We hope to provide a simple but powerful way to communicate your intent, your story. You can use ColorStream to enhance ...    50 MB    Views 8705
+2    Freakify your face with the help of this seriously Spooky Booth Snap a pic, or grab a photo straight from your camera roll, and add loads of gruesome graphics to turn yourself, your friends or your family into hilarious horrors And you ...    30 MB    Views 4135
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+2    PhotoSender allows you to send as many photos you want from your phone in a single email message. Here’s how it works: 1) Download the app for FREE 2) Choose the photos you want to send from your phone’s camera roll 3) Choose the ...    10 MB    Views 5049
photos printer image printers send
-3    Little Image Printer allows you to send photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch directly to one of BERG Cloud's Little Printers. Note: you must have access to a Little Printer in order to be able to print anything out. Features include: ...    1 MB    Views 4362


+4    WaterMarkExpert is an app that helps you protect your images from someone who is using your images without your permission. It helps you copyright by putting a water mark to your photos/images. In Version 1, Here are the key features: 1) Text ...    571 kb    Views 5669

A Million Photos

Related Apps photo photos time facebook email videos pictures upload easy size send
+29    Finally an easy and organized way to view and upload photos and videos on Facebook Some of the amazing features include: This application is for your native email and for Facebook. • Did you ever wanted to send lots a pictures to someone ...    5 MB    Views 691
Related Apps card email photos personal cards signature stickers custom stamps send postcard
+18    By far the best postcard app, PhotoCard is now on sale for a limited time Capture the moment and send a gorgeous personal keepsake to be treasured for years. Create unique customdesigned postcards using your own photos or our expressive photos, ...    11 MB    Views 8308

Postale Express

Related Apps facebook photo email twitter location express share send world position
-2    Make a memory Quickly and easily snap a photo, select a location, and share the moment with your friends and family. Postale Express uses your current location and overlays the location's name on your photo. Add an optional greeting and date, ...    14 MB    Views 4098
Related Apps magazine facebook photos photo library email cover send images zoom function
+11    Send real POSTCARDS too Be a star and create a celebrity cover of your own. Write your own headline to get your famous magazine Create your photo cover in 3 clicks which you can then send directly via email, ...    37 MB    Views 2849
Related Apps email photos share mark pdf snap send
-7    See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch. ———————————— People everywhere use Skitch to help them visually ...    53 MB    Views 5997
Related Apps facebook photo library email photos label send postcard save share
+9    With Photo2Text you can easily label your photos. We provide you a variety of stylish templates. Give your photos a final touch, create signed birthday greetings or hold on memories and send them by email, save in the library, post ...    38 MB    Views 4394
photo effects images effect image select share 1001 send list
+2    Get the App with over thousand photo effects in the App Store now. 1001 free photo effects: select a photo > select an effect > send to friends > done CHOOSE EFFECTS FROM 38 DIFFERENT CATEGORIES Hot color effects Toned images Kaleidoscope ...    10 MB    Views 2187
Related Apps email photo file names select images export send
-5    Do you need to browse all photo thumbnails contained in your albums with file names? Do you have a lot of album containing a large amount of images that you need to have exported into one CSV file listing all the ...    637 kb    Views 2876

Face Mask ™

+26    Face Mask will turn any ordinary image into a video mask You simply draw on the screen highlighting the areas you want to remove (eyes, mouth, etc) and let Face Mask do the rest. Using the camera your face will show ...    28 MB    Views 9025

MailChimp Snap

photo email send snap pick list customers
-7    Send simple, photobased email campaigns straight from your phone. Snap a photo of something your customers will love. You can also use a photo from your camera roll or grab one from your Instagram feed. Tell them all about it. Write a quick note ...    6 MB    Views 6796


Related Apps card photos time email photo christmas free send create information
-2    Create and send a card using your own photos quickly, easily and efficiently. There is something special about sending a card to someone. It evokes a sense of warmth and joy. Better still is a card that is personalized, with your ...    2 MB    Views 9726

Bubble Up!

facebook photos email bubble bubbles pictures save upload designs features adding send
-4    Bubble Up is for adding speech bubbles to you pictures, like comics Bubble Up has multiple bubble shapes and colors to make your photos say anything. After adding bubbles you can save your pictures, send them by email or upload ...    2 MB    Views 7848


text photo language select image convert modify send
+10    ImageTexter = Convert image to text It is only suitable for IOS6 or above It is a app that could convert the image/photo to text. You may also save the converted text into the app database and send it out through Email. Support ...    9 MB    Views 1911
Related Apps photos photo camera iphone easy support send effects image add
+4    Ultimate photo editor with easy interface for iPhone 4S Load or take photos and edit in easy way. And new awesome feature add different borders for your photos with realtime preview ☺☺☺ Camera Photo FX for iPhone 4S provides: ☺☺☺ iPhone 4S ...    12 MB    Views 9780


+18    Lgit is a unique app that will take a photo and prove that you did so legitimately without any extra modifications. Why you may want to use it ? Here's a couple of reasons : Do you want to prove to ...    2 MB    Views 8274
photo image paper stored send recognition description
+12    You can manage your business card and also use the app as a portable copier or fax. So you can easily send and receive some descriptions that include pictures or drawings. The dedicated paper has some marks for image recognition ...    5 MB    Views 9424
doodle drawing photo email finger friends drawings easy stencils send pictures
-4    Easy Photo Doodle Drawing is the most fun you can have with your finger Finger paint with your favorite colors. Doodle and drawing all over your own pictures and send your drawings to friends via email. Simply place your finger ...    3 MB    Views 4106
-2    The application Fully Cards allows you to customize and send, fantastic and original postcards via the Web. Choose from the many photos available in the categories or, if you prefer, take or load one of your photos by entering it in ...    8 MB    Views 8515
iphone photo photos apps email ipad create ist send 1st
-6    NOTICE This application requires the iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPad, 3rd gen iPod Touch with 32 or 64 gb storage. Will crash on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iTouch 1st & 2nd. see user's review: "Einfach super, Dieses App ist einfach genial Der 3D Effekt ...    841 kb    Views 7180

Media Mail

media photos email videos send share mail resolution albums pick
+13    With Media Mail, you can finally send several photos and videos in a single email Bored of sending dozens of emails to share your photos? Use Media Mail and send them all at once Media Mail is the perfect app ...    9 MB    Views 5268
Related Apps photos camera ipad photo email twitter facebook effects send image filters adjust
-3    Camera Universe for iPad 2 is a nice looking and easy to use camera app Take better photos Apply amazing filters Send photos to friends in Facebook, Twitter and email This app provide some additional functional for professional photo editing RGB ...    3 MB    Views 2079
photo photos parents iphone holidays email heart send frames image options background
+30    I Like Photo frames. Send Pictures by Heart. I Like Photo frames combines your beautiful photos from your iPhone with emotional backgrounds. Select from fifty two different mixes of colors, shapes and textures for surrounding the shape of your heart. Give ...    67 MB    Views 8159
Related Apps photo email images application results color advance send fit album
+18    "I am still amazed by the results of this wicked application." FakePhoto is a picture mixing application allowing you to fit your face or friends faces onto images of tough soldiers worldwide. It is the only application that works both with ...    9 MB    Views 120


voice photo email people picture record send words share great memory
-2    Our customers say: "Excellent app that works great ... clear recording and pics. Thank You" "I've never seen before" "This is a must have app⊙▽⊙" A picture is worth a thousand words, what about add your voice into a picture? Collect every piece of memory, ...    2 MB    Views 7412
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0    Let's make a stamp from a photograph. Want you to use all I was a free How to make select the image choose the template of 12 different Save cut out How to Send Stamp which I made will be saved in the album as an image. Send to ...    732 kb    Views 8801
Related Apps photos photo email iphone ipad share send multiple
+30    Sharing multiple photos in one email iOS6 and above : Please accept the app to access your photo gallery, otherwise the app won’t work properly. An avid snapper, aren't you? This is your fastest and most effortless way to share your photos ...    8 MB    Views 8106

Photo 3x4

photo photos camera email generated send roll albums device
+1    Now you have a 3x4 photo studio in your pocket This app generates a 10x15 paper with 8 3x4 photos. All you need to do is take a photo in the app and it generates it for you automatically You can ...    3 MB    Views 7226
0    Send photos to 12 people all at once. Why text when you can SHOW what you're doing? Take a photo and send it to 12 friends all at once without entering their email addresses each time. Take a photo, tap once, ...    291 kb    Views 9007
Related Apps photo photos time facebook email videos pictures upload easy size application send
+2    Finally an easy and organized way to view and upload photos and videos on Facebook Some of the amazing features include: This application is for your native email and for Facebook. • Did you ever wanted to send lots a pictures to someone ...    5 MB    Views 2314
card facebook cards email photo text twitter scratch send device publish share
+8    Scratch Crd is the first and only app that allows you to create designed scratch cards and share them using email, Facebook and Twitter. ANYONE can get and use your scratch card: if your recipients have a touch screen device they ...    4 MB    Views 66
Related Apps photos facebook photo email send collage collages clicks function zoom
+10    Send real POSTCARDS too Compile creative photo collages in 3 clicks and send, e.g. a romantic collage by email, post a holiday collage on Facebook a cool collage with party images direct from the club Whatever photos you ...    37 MB    Views 7929


email camera image pin saved open encrypted select files send
0    CryptoPic enables the sharing of image files securely using RSA encryption with 2048 bit keys. The user can select whether to keep the keys tied to one device or use their iCloud Keychain to securely share their keys among all ...    3 MB    Views 5579

PDF Creator FREE

email photo books pdf multi file create send creator files image
0    PDF creator help you to create new PDF file from print documents/ books by taking photo with high quality. With PDF creator, you can create multi PDF files with multi pages and then send by email MAIN FEATURES: + Create PDF from ...    4 MB    Views 4918

Photo Chat

photo photos text email chat add send draw funny log captions
-5    Photo Chat. A picture says 1,000 words. But Photo Chat says even more. Photo Chat allows you and a friend to communicate by passing photos back and forth. You can draw right on your photo, send it to a friend, and ...    919 kb    Views 8174


Related Apps art design family home photos email children canvas images print send quality image offer
-1    Make your images standout Make it an Xpress Art Canvas Print Give us your photos, artwork, children's masterpieces and we can print them onto canvas as an original piece of art for you. Any size, any quantity, your favourite pictures, ...    NAN    Views 5185

Photo Mail

photos photo email body mail send comments quickly settings address
+1    Photolightning Photo Mail is designed for businesses such as real estate, construction, inspectors, adjusters, appraisers, installers, etc. that have services employees who need to quickly send photos along with comments which are easy for recipients to view and then respond ...    4 MB    Views 982

Face Mask HD

Related Apps video camera email facebook twitter mask face mouth image friends send features record
+8    Face Mask HD will turn any ordinary image into a video mask You simply draw on the screen highlighting the areas you want to remove (eyes, mouth, etc) and let Face Mask do the rest. Using the camera your face will ...    31 MB    Views 9526
Related Apps facebook card twitter email day father picture send custom features easiest
-9    For this Father's day send a lovely card to your dad with your own picture decorated with your own words
 This app features the easiest way to make a unique custom Father's Day eCard and the easiest way to send ...    52 MB    Views 4788

Xmas ScratchCard

card facebook photo email cards text twitter scratch send device publish save
-2    Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy Scratch Crd is the first and only app that allows you to create designed scratch cards and share them using email, Facebook and Twitter. ANYONE can get and use your scratch card: if ...    3 MB    Views 6131


photo email time body photos address subject waiting send recipient
+22    Don’t waste time, make your photo sharing more efficient with Photo2Go Photo2Go is a convenient way to take photos and email them without needing you to switch back and forth between various applications. Save yourself some time by setting up the ...    648 kb    Views 6143


text twitter send setting picture image words
+10    Merry Christmas Happy New Year Image twitter,Image facebook Twitter limit words 140, we cannot send more. This app can send more words in twitter. You write or copy an article, the app can generate a picture, and save iPhone photo. Now, you can send the picture on twitter. Characteristic Fuction 1 ...    28 MB    Views 1676


photo image gradually fun reveal chat send
-7    Share your images in the coolest possible way with friends, or anyone else who's on Wizzpic Send a hidden image which will gradually reveal itself as you chat. You can choose to hide your image with a photo from your ...    38 MB    Views 9488

Spooky Camera

email twitter photos camera spooky send picture images
+1    Holiday season special Get all 10 inapp purchases for a single low price This is a free app that offers picture frames, wigs, hats, masks, sunglasses, costumes, and other fun decorations to add to your photos. Simply select what sticker you ...    9 MB    Views 6642
Related Apps email birthday send competition images picture record add april
+4    Phozo : Make your images come to life with an audio soundtrack Phozo is the amazing FREE app for sending pictures with sound. Capture the Atmosphere Snap, record, send – it’s so simple Download Phozo today to get going Record sounds from ...    6 MB    Views 2893
text email time images image reaction pics send tap faces
+5    When sending a :) just isn't enough, Reacticons delivers a growing collection of categorized real reaction pics and memes for your texting conversations Stop sending the same ol' smiley faces, emoticons, and boring text icons The Reacticon app connects you to ...    28 MB    Views 9954

Crazy Camera

Related Apps camera email photos filters crazy save color send support www filter import
+24    Crazy Camera features over 150 live filters—from professional color effects to filters that can make you feel like you are drinking electric KoolAid. Crazy Camera lets you edit, combine, and save your own filters View the world and take photos using ...    21 MB    Views 9808

Father's Day Cards

Related Apps facebook twitter email card day father picture send custom features easiest
+15    For this Father's day send a lovely card to your dad with your own picture decorated with your own words
 This app features the easiest way to make a unique custom Father's Day eCard and the easiest way to send ...    43 MB    Views 8837


Related Apps photo facebook frame twitter email application page picture send function
+8    MomijiKasha allows you to take a picture that is designed with Momijiinu frame. You can send the picture to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LINE or email. When you take a photo, you will be able to choose from 20 different Momijiinu ...    8 MB    Views 3843


Related Apps photo text family email videos video photos friends fast send
+3    An app to instantly share photos with preselected family and friends. It's basically a camera, but click the send message button and the last photo or video is attached to a text message or email with your favorite family and ...    764 kb    Views 6049


email text signature photo web information custom free template image purchase texts send
+10    UVUEME™ adds a signature file to all your emails and text messages. With UVUEME™ you can add a free template or Custom signature file to everything you send from your iOS mobile device. With the Custom Template InApp purchase you can ...    2 MB    Views 1646
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