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+7    Watermarker is a video watermarking tool, it allows you to put a custom watermark in a custom position in your video footage. Extremely useful for just in time footage delivery to 3rd parties with first branding your material with either ...    11 MB    Views 6576

Just Wanted!

+3    Wanted on Facebook Create your own Wild West Wanted posters and tag a friend on Facebook Send created wanted photos to Facebook or email them. Features: • Take image snapshots with the iPhone/iPod camera • Select a 'wanted' poster for your photo • Apply ...    5 MB    Views 6397


+21    ComboArt (a.k.a. Live FX for the iPhone) allows you to easily create and apply thousands of unique photo effects in a new way of filter stacking/layering. It has never been easier to share created filters between users simply copy/paste a ...    2 MB    Views 623

ColorSplurge Pro

facebook photo photos email work profile camera image album clipboard check images device screen
+4    Color Splurge is a photo editor thats Lets you Selective De saturation(Popularly known as selective coloring and recoloring Effect) and Colorize your photos and generate high quality images.No matter how big is the image it lets you generate the High ...    43 MB    Views 4557

Colour Image

-3    Colour Image gives the user the ability to create powerful and dynamic photos by manipulating colour effects. Within a few minutes, you can change the colour of that hat you were wearing, create a strong contrast between greyscaled and coloured ...    2 MB    Views 4123
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+2    Camera Universe for iPad 2 is a nice looking and easy to use camera app Take better photos Apply amazing filters Send photos to friends in Facebook, Twitter and email This app provide some additional functional for professional photo editing RGB ...    3 MB    Views 2079
Related Apps holiday photo camera email pics pictures image add edit
+2    The holidays are here Share the season with friends and loved ones Edit photos and send Holiday greetings. Turn your ordinary pics into funny moments filled with the holiday spirit This app allows you to : Edit,Rotate,Resize and flip pictures Email enhanced images to ...    10 MB    Views 5884

PDF Creator FREE

email photo books pdf multi file create send creator files image
+1    PDF creator help you to create new PDF file from print documents/ books by taking photo with high quality. With PDF creator, you can create multi PDF files with multi pages and then send by email MAIN FEATURES: + Create PDF from ...    4 MB    Views 4918

Photo Editor Tools

Related Apps photo facebook tools photos email ipad iphone image editor images picasa modified original
-2    Photo Editor Tools its the ultimate photo editing tool for Apple mobile devices like Iphone, Ipod Touch or Ipad with this tool it's really easy to edit, find, upload, share, store photos on your facebook, picasa and dropbox. You can crop, rotate, and ...    2 MB    Views 939
+14    Want to see how you would look if you were thin? Look skinny without dieting Have lots of fun with this hitech app that makes you slimmer and changes your looks, as you lose weight or grow younger. Motivate yourself into starting a ...    10 MB    Views 1664
photo photos profile love email side version awesome image lite laugh
0    We apologize for the ads. This Lite version is to try out the groundbreaking new innovative photo enhancement possibilities in image duplication & editing. If you like this version, please upgrade to the adfree version that also has 2 more ...    12 MB    Views 2700

Snap n Mail

email snap image mail simply captured sending
+2    Photo recording and sending via email have never been easier. Now that you have “Snap n Mail,” taking and sending photos are much simpler and faster. Snap n Mail is suitable for everyone to share images captured by iPhone and iPad, to ...    26 MB    Views 8811
zombie wallpapers email photos wallpaper game screen owners names save image
+28    HD Wallpapers for Zombie game Pimp and customize your Screen now Awesome Best Selected wallpapers for Zombie lover Best to craft your screen Designed for Zombie game fans Unique Zombie style wallpaper Features: >Unique And Very Rare Wallpapers & Photos of Popular ...    21 MB    Views 1072


text camera photos email twitter facebook image add roll frames instant unique emoji icons
+9    PersonalFX is a simple and fun way to transform your normal images into gorgeous looking photos and easily share them with your friends. Pick from several stunning filtered effects, unique overlays, and eyepopping frames. Add text and emoji icons for additional ...    19 MB    Views 4464

Instant Crop

Related Apps photo apps email editing iphone library photos image free crop easy part ellipse cropping polygon
+27    We all love sharing photos, it captures those tiny little lovely moment in our lives. And sometimes we want to share only part of a photo for various reasons like: To eliminate distracting parts of the photo To emphasize part of ...    3 MB    Views 7384

Pro Photo Portfolio

Related Apps photo email work shopping portfolio images clients pro custom print image
+10    Pro Photo Portfolio Is for the professional photographer or photographer that wants to take their images to the professional level. Show your work in Pro Photo Portfolio's clean interface to your clients and know that your images will look their ...    32 MB    Views 1808

Fantastic Elements

photo social media tools photos creative editing email elements fantastic imagination image add instagram
+30    Fantastic Elements is one of the best new photo editing apps. It offers your imagination over 1630 Fantastic Elements to choose from (InApp included). Your picture will instantly be transformed into a work of art or a funny skit, depending on ...    56 MB    Views 8881
Related Apps email files conversion file convert image open converter images format
+4    The Image Converter will convert your images and document to nearly any image format The Image Converter can convert images (and documents) to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, EPS, EXR, HDR, ICO, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, and WEBP 1. Choose your input file ...    7 MB    Views 8310

Photo Chopping Pro

-4    Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo with Photo Chopping Pro. You can create, save, and share impressive images with only a few swipes across your screen. Main Features Cut out any shape ...    10 MB    Views 913
time email photos photo games presentation send peek image images protected
+4    Are you ready to send your friend that photo you thought you would never send on a phone? Well now you can ✦ SneakAPeek is the ONLY app allowing sharing of photos for a preset time ✦ PROTECTED sharing, no saving or ...    2 MB    Views 761
work photos photo library email color brush save original change image
+15    Splash app lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color: gray out everyone in an image, except for you; make the sky green/yellow/rainbow or ...    NAN    Views 7406


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-3    Make your images standout Make it an Xpress Art Canvas Print Give us your photos, artwork, children's masterpieces and we can print them onto canvas as an original piece of art for you. Any size, any quantity, your favourite pictures, ...    NAN    Views 5185
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+21    App Feature: Get Split Lens for FREE now •Over 1,000,000 downloads in 2 months • •Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource.• •Featured on the iTunes in "New" in 22 countries • Want to really impress your Instagram followers? Use Split Lens to ...    36 MB    Views 5490
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-1    Edit your photos beautifully with "Photo Editor". "Photo Editor" was designed from the groundup to give you the quickest photo editing experience possible. You can go from a plain photograph to a professionallooking photograph in seconds. You can edit the contrast, ...    4 MB    Views 7819

Photo ID DIY

-2    Photo ID DIY is very easy to create standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo and other identification photo. It includes various ID photo size, cropping function. You can make standard ID photos in minutes. We all need ID photos for ...    2 MB    Views 7721
Related Apps time camera email iphone animated gifs share image capture viewing gif
-8    ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ Want to be able to send animated real time GIF messages? From dancing cats to shaking panda butts, animating like a mini movie in the message box? ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ Animated Image Tool is the animated image maker for your iPhone Easily create and edit looping ...    1 MB    Views 7401
camera books email file image multi pdf documents scan select save
-2    SALE OFF 50 % Smart scanner help you scan your documents, books, receipts and save it to PDFs or Photo libs + Import image from Camera rolls, photos lib or take picture from camera + Select multi images as the same ...    6 MB    Views 338

Photos Mess Express

+20    INTRODUCTION Create automatic photos collage for a single click . Come with user friendly interface, you can easy to create a professional photos collage. Adjust the collage position, photos size and border. HiRez exprot to photo ablum, email, facebook and twitter. Support iphone retina only. FEATURES ...    26 MB    Views 2890
photo photos editing flickr email search images image filter effects filters ability
-4    Featured in 7 countries What's Hot list FRANCE ITALY MEXICO and etc. Photo Infinity Essentialz makes sharing, browsing and editing photos easier and better than ever before. It provides filters that can be used to create ...    NAN    Views 8110


photo email web values color share colors supported image rgb
-5    Do not know what color it is ? Let's use iColorMeter This application is very useful for Designers, Artists, Photographers, Shopper, Developers, Engineers, Teachers, etc. iColorMeter can mete and measure colors from a photo or image, and then will give you ...    6 MB    Views 8406
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-8    Pixelmate 2000 is an advanced processing engine that allows anyone to convert images into a wide variety of vintage digital formats. Simply snap a photo or load one from your library, select a platform, set any optional filter settings and ...    25 MB    Views 9066
photo ipad web search email image images original filter open type
-3    Image Searcher is a Google Image searching tool for iPad. Simply type in any keywords and you will see the thumbnails of images. You can view the original images, save them to your Photo Albums, email them to your friends, ...    2 MB    Views 3141


Related Apps frame photos twitter email facebook frames view picture tap added image
+6    With Snappix you can take multiple pictures in the same frame, and quickly send them via email to friends or to facebook or Twitter/ directly without leaving the App. Snappix allows you to quickly take four shots from the iPhone camera ...    859 kb    Views 7874


Related Apps comic email twitter facebook social image add images styles stickers
+7    Make your own comic strips with KBLAM. KBLAM allows you to add comic book style effects, captions and graphics to your photos. Turn your friends and family into comic book superheroes in seconds (Costumes not included...). With KBLAM you can ...    31 MB    Views 464

Vertical Text

photo work text twitter email facebook texts image vertical background save
+12    Vertical Text lets you write texts in COLUMNs on a photo(background image) and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Vertical Text was targeted for countries in Asia where the language is commonly written vertically such as Korean, ...    34 MB    Views 4840


Related Apps photos frame flickr twitter facebook email create collages frames image borders filters customizable
+9    Picious Offers the easiest way to create stunning collages by combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects, that can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr. With 20 types of full customizable filters, rounded borders, customizable and resizable ...    25 MB    Views 9012

ImageShack Free

photo email image link upload quickly free
+9    ImageShack app gives you the amazing opportunity to quickly upload any image from your Photo Library or Camera quickly to the one of the most popular hosting service for free Choose the image, hang on few seconds to complete the transfer ...    505 kb    Views 8530

Bigger Is Better

+24    Use this app to make the round bits in any photo bigger much bigger the possibilities are endless Uses advanced computer vision algorithms to create unbelievably realistic results in seconds. Features Fine tune the effect by adjusting three intuitive ...    3 MB    Views 2502
facebook photo photos email work profile camera image album clipboard selective images check color device
-8    Millions of users won't go wrong. Download it NOW Color Splurge is a photo editor thats Lets you Selective De saturation(Popularly known as selective coloring and recoloring Effect) and Colorize your photos and generate high quality images.No matter how big is ...    53 MB    Views 5285

Nose Job

photo photos flickr email job facebook camera library nose save image settings adjusting multiple
+10    Use this app to digitally augment a photo of someone to have a larger or smaller nose – and let hilarity ensue Uses advanced, specialpurpose computer vision algorithms to create unbelievably realistic results in seconds. Make your friends look ridiculous ...    3 MB    Views 1822
photo photos parents iphone holidays email heart send frames image options background
-4    I Like Photo frames. Send Pictures by Heart. I Like Photo frames combines your beautiful photos from your iPhone with emotional backgrounds. Select from fifty two different mixes of colors, shapes and textures for surrounding the shape of your heart. Give ...    67 MB    Views 8159


ipad history email facebook image images additional
-3    iTatooPaint: Over 100 tattoo designs ready for you A comprehensive collection that traces the history of tattooing and body paint in general. Gives you the ability to watch high definition most beautiful designs. With iTatooPaint you can choose your design, email it or ...    36 MB    Views 5704

PixyMe Plus

photo facebook library frame email twitter photos images image postcards application printed postcard world personalized
+3    PixyMe Plus is the much anticipated iPad version of our popular PixyMe iPhone and iPod Touch app. PixyMe Plus has added multiple categories of new frames to personalize your own photos, and photo filters to enhance them including: Sepia, ...    3 MB    Views 9988

Kromatik Pro

photo photos library email facebook button save mask colour tapping share select image
+26    Impress your friends by giving your photos dramatic colour effects. With Kromatik bringing out the artist in you has never been easier, all you need to do is choose the desired mask, select the photo to retouch and swipe your finger ...    8 MB    Views 3991

Tap 'n Cap

Related Apps text email facebook iphone photo apps photos fixed support fun fonts image updated images
+8    Want to caption an image on your device? This is the most fun you'll have doing it So easy to do: you just Tap 'n Cap THE REVIEWS ARE IN: "8/10 ... the potential for laughter is endless" The iPhone App Review "It's got ...    6 MB    Views 3806


Related Apps photo photos facebook email camera kiss girlfriend frames image share
-5    Turn your iPhone/iPad into your girlfriend/boyfriend. Features: Kiss to your camera / local photo and Facebook profile photo. Variety of fantastic photo effects available. More than 10 photo frames available. Place your kiss anywhere your like on your girlfriend / boyfriend ...    18 MB    Views 5949
Related Apps photo library photos email text facebook cut background image paste erase great create works
+1    Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo with Cut Me Out Pro. Erase background, add funny stickers, overlay text on pic,create flip effect, twin effect and create beautiful collage and share ...    27 MB    Views 6128


Related Apps frame photos flickr twitter facebook email create collages image frames borders customizable rounded picked
-5    Picked offers the easiest way to create awesome photo collages by combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects, that can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr. With 20 types of full customizable filters, rounded borders, customizable ...    18 MB    Views 1885


photos photo camera text email iphone media social image upload high free
+29    Prove your photo is real There is no shortage of apps for editing your photos, but what can you do when it's important that people know your photo HASN'T been manipulated? Izitru can certify that your photo is an unmodified camera ...    4 MB    Views 4481


video photos time photo email movie camera thumbnail image select thumbnails mode snapshots set
+19    Thumbnail iOS App is a simple but useful App that can be used to build thumbnails from your video files as well as photos from your photo album. Thumbnail iOS App will extract still photos from your video file & produce ...    11 MB    Views 3235

Tap Photo Mask HD

Related Apps photo photos email work artwork images image tap copy clipboard slide clipart finger
+2    Welcome to the world of photographic image rendering & editing A must have for photo sharing and merging of images. A photo editor High definition version for the iPad. Tap Photo Mask (TPM) is a powerful photography and image modification application. It ...    2 MB    Views 7288
Related Apps holiday text frame facebook email family stamp christmas photos koolrpix add face image studio select create
+10    If you enjoy this app, also try KoolrPix Christmas our latest app with many more great Christmas Holiday themes and content. It's also free Personalize your own photos for the Holidays by adding text & funtastic overlays & frames, or ...    50 MB    Views 1506
Related Apps photo email camera holiday turkey pics friends pictures image day
-9    Turkey Day is Here Share your Holiday spirit with friends and loved ones Have good laugh editing personal photos of your friends You'll have a wide variety of accessories to chose from Incredibly easy and fun This app will allow you to : Edit,Rotate,Resize and flip ...    9 MB    Views 7737
Related Apps iphone photos email wallpaper photo home camera screen images set ipod image
-4    Limited time Free Optimized for iOS 8. Enjoy the new wallpaper. Now, Breathe new life into your iPhone/iPod You can decorate Lock & Call Screen, Contacts photos, Instagram with cute and funny face images you create. Pull ...    33 MB    Views 9476
Related Apps photos photo text editing email ipiced filters effects image category offers frames chance
+7    FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY. All new iPicEd with 69 unique filters and effects Unlimited creative options by mixing various effects iPicEd is about editing your photos with comfort.iPicEd offers 32 practically useful filters, 11 overlay effects to beautify your photos ...    16 MB    Views 5912

Camera Note

camera email text search image added evernote note captured information list
+22    Emailing feature is added in Ver1.1 for you to easily distribute through email the images with some attached information. This version is linked to Evernote. By emailing the image with information to the Evernote emailadd, the image will automatically added to ...    136 kb    Views 8646


video email camera image device works effects touch choose
+27    Now fully enhanced for the new Retina Display iPad Take the cameras on your iOS device to the limit With Videoscope, your device turns into a live video processor with multiple interactive video effects. Be sure to check out the VIDEO ...    3 MB    Views 6290


frame photos flickr facebook twitter email create collages image frames borders filters rounded
+4    PicMoments offers the easiest way to create awesome photo collages by combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects, that can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr. With 6 types of full customizable filters, rounded borders and 28 ...    15 MB    Views 1510

Image Size

email image size desired output save print
+24    This app can easily resize a picture to a desired image size. The output format is defined in one of the following four units: pixel millimeter centimeter inch The app "Image Size" gives you the opportunity to save the final image, email ...    4 MB    Views 6542

Photo ID DIY Lite

Related Apps photo printing email diy output size image paper print
+13    Photo ID DIY Lite is very easy to create ID photo. Getting the output : 1. Download the output image via web browser 2. Get the output image by sending email to your email account. 3. Save the the output image to photo library ...    1 MB    Views 7223
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