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+29    Look is the TechCrunch Pitchoff Winner Connect with friends or meet new people from around the world. Send a private message to someone which won't reveal until they also send one back to you. See what others ...    13 MB    Views 7648

Facebooth Plus

0    Send amazing Faceboothplus photos to your friends The new exciting way allows you to create in a few seconds unique faces that you can send to your friends and add them to your memories. It's really fun and super easy to ...    7 MB    Views 8665
+7    Send photos to 12 people all at once. Why text when you can SHOW what you're doing? Take a photo and send it to 12 friends all at once without entering their email addresses each time. Take a photo, tap once, ...    291 kb    Views 9007
+29    LIMITED TIME FREE DOWNLOAD 10 in Category Ranking (JP) Add Christmas effects on your photo Send your work to your friends There are more than 32 images of effects. [How to use] 1. Select or take a photo 2. Drag and drop one item ...    5 MB    Views 2909

Wolf Photo

photos photo family send instantly phone wolf friends
+22    Wolf Photo is an app for iOS that allows you to take photos and send them instantly to your friends and family. The photo isn’t stored on your phone, but will be emailed to recipients instantly. Send high quality photos ...    356 kb    Views 8150
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0    Flipshot helps you finally get those photos your friends promised to send. Did someone send you photos in Flipshot? Download the app to save the photos of you Get photos of you — Your friends have taken a zillion photos of you, ...    7 MB    Views 6460


messages send friends receive snap unwanted share
+1    A totally new way to share your everyday life moments. Snap a photo or a video and send it to a friend or a group of friends. They receive it, open it and then the message magically vanishes from there ...    6 MB    Views 3980
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+1    WELCOME TO MIXTURE PHOTOS Draw & write on your photos in a snap, then share them everywhere Try it Top 10 Entertainment app in 14 countries Mixture Photos is an EASY and FUN app that lets you draw ...    46 MB    Views 7422
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+21    Heyo with your friends anywhere. Send them a Heyo and record ridiculously fun videos together over Facebook Messenger. A Heyo has 4 squares. You and your friends fill it out together. To start, send a Heyo with an opening line (e.g. “Where ...    15 MB    Views 2700


0    Great pictures tell stories and communicate feelings. A well chosen palette enhances those feelings and helps tell your story. We hope to provide a simple but powerful way to communicate your intent, your story. You can use ColorStream to enhance ...    50 MB    Views 8705
Related Apps email photo file names select images export send
+15    Do you need to browse all photo thumbnails contained in your albums with file names? Do you have a lot of album containing a large amount of images that you need to have exported into one CSV file listing all the ...    637 kb    Views 2876

Just Wanted!

facebook photo camera email photos wanted images tag image send
+16    Wanted on Facebook Create your own Wild West Wanted posters and tag a friend on Facebook Send created wanted photos to Facebook or email them. Features: • Take image snapshots with the iPhone/iPod camera • Select a 'wanted' poster for your photo • Apply ...    5 MB    Views 6397

Face Mask HD

Related Apps video camera email facebook twitter mask face mouth image friends send features record
+7    Face Mask HD will turn any ordinary image into a video mask You simply draw on the screen highlighting the areas you want to remove (eyes, mouth, etc) and let Face Mask do the rest. Using the camera your face will ...    31 MB    Views 9526

MailChimp Snap

photo email send snap pick list customers
+1    Send simple, photobased email campaigns straight from your phone. Snap a photo of something your customers will love. You can also use a photo from your camera roll or grab one from your Instagram feed. Tell them all about it. Write a quick note ...    6 MB    Views 6796
photo email evernote size send sizes cropping crop sets
-2    EverClipper Plus is a paid version of EverClipper. The functionality is same as that of EverClipper except that the ad is not displayed.(Both have the same functionality since version2.3) With EverClipper you can reduce your photo's size and change it's orientation ...    3 MB    Views 7410

Make Me Obama

facebook video photos email face local morphing send
+30    See how you turn into President Obama Make Me Obama produces the magic morphing video that records how every face on your camera or local photos turns into President Obama. See how your 90 years' old grandma, all day crying baby ...    6 MB    Views 3646

Prank Mirror Pro

video photos time prank mirror friends send funny mirrors
-4    Description Laugh at yourself, friends, and family all IN REAL TIME. Prank Mirror gives you a variety of hilarious picture options. Send photos to friends or just save to your photo gallery. Prank Mirror is hours of fun and smiles. This application: Works ...    26 MB    Views 1584

Peek for iOS

photos photo peek scroll galleries day sharing send friends
-7    Peek helps you share photos with friends in the room or across the globe, faster and safer than you thought possible. The simplest day2day photo sharing experience you didn't realize you were missing. BRIEFLY SEND PHOTOS to your friend's phones for ...    8 MB    Views 4191


+26    Snaptagram, a private and secure Instant Photo Messaging app. A unique new way to share and experience photos with friends. Send and receive photos instantly. You choose how long friends can see your photos. Complete privacy and security. Send photos anonymously ...    8 MB    Views 2944
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-9    This is MailCam, the ultimate way to take pictures when your device is low on space. Just enter your email and start shooting photos. Turn on AutoSend to have your photos sent directly to your email Features: Tiny App File Size ...    1 MB    Views 631

Perfect Captions

Related Apps photos camera twitter flickr email facebook ipad family iphone captions perfect pictures friends edit share add send
-4    You know that EPIC moment that you want to remember forever? That "you had to be there" joke? Perfect Captions helps you keep and share those memorable times. Perfect Captions is the perfect travel companion, the essential app when you're hanging out ...    3 MB    Views 3538


photos hidden send picture friends
+3    Surprise your friends with hidden photos Heysnap lets you send hidden photos to your friends. You just take a picture, take another hidden picture, and send to a friend.    NAN    Views 8205


send messages snap friends unwanted
+13    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS ++ CamChat is a totally new way to share all your life moments. CamChat allows you to Snap a photo or video and send it to a friend or a group of friends. They recieve it, ...    5 MB    Views 6107


photos movie photo video iphone email send life day
+13    Pixamova allows you to take pictures day after day with your iPhone camera, and bring them to life in a video. You can follow the evolution of an event of your life that happen through several days, weeks or months and ...    3 MB    Views 3649


+4    An app to instantly share photos with preselected family and friends. It's basically a camera, but click the send message button and the last photo or video is attached to a text message or email with your favorite family and ...    764 kb    Views 6049
photos videos chats friends texts group send
+30    Send disappearing photos, videos, and texts to friends or in group chats • Create chats with different groups of friends • Send to any of your friends, even if they don’t have SwiftPic • Shoot creative start/stop motion videos • Add stickers, drawings, and ...    13 MB    Views 2827


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+2    BRANDNEW USER INTERFACE PhotoString is an app for people who like put many photos together vertically, just combine multi photos into one like a string. When you finish the photos, you can save it, send it via Email, or share ...    1 MB    Views 5953
0    FlixAPix the next musthave app. Don't just send a photo of your delicious meal, make your friends jealous as they watch you chomp it down. Shred your ex. Shatter your enemies. Blow up your boss Send that selfie to your friend which ...    17 MB    Views 9961
Related Apps christmas facebook social twitter email text tree builder result send custom fun ecards friends
0    ♥75% off for Today Only♥ BUILD AND DECORATE YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AS YOU WISH Build your own Christmas Tree, decorate it with Ornaments, and have your Messages engraved on it. Post your result on your Facebook wall or Twitter. Make a custom ...    70 MB    Views 6484

PhotoString Free

photos twitter email facebook share version tumblr send free combine
+3    ENJOY THE SPECIAL FREE VERSION THE PRO VERSION HAS THE BEAUTIFUL BANNER PhotoString is an app for people who like put many photos together vertically, just combine multi photos into one like a string. When you finish the photos, ...    1 MB    Views 579


friends send find
+2    Many Options is a new way to meet and find new friends. We are redefining social engagement, send a whisper or send a message, share photos with friends and find new friends.    6 MB    Views 2179
Related Apps cards photo card birthday facebook email family text send add greeting symbols stickers fun themes friends
+3    Send an eGreeting now including Hebrew stickers for Jewish holy days Create Fun eGreeting Cards with Hebrew and Jewish themes Photo Editor using our great frames, text bubbles and symbols/stickers. Had a blast with it ? Please rate it on the app store ...    46 MB    Views 47

Back to THE Picture

email picture don special find selective future term send memory
-8    This month, for the price of a cup of coffee Back to THE Picture The leanest way to send your MOST SPECIAL memories into the future, for yourself and your loved ones even if they don't have an email ...    2 MB    Views 553
cards love wedding wallpapers card home ipad iphone email facebook girly screen send images beautiful friends original
+5    Express yourself with a fresh new look that matches YOUR personality With a collection of high quality images designed especially for girls but not only, Girly Girls lets you to personalize your iOS device’s Home screen and Lock screen in ...    38 MB    Views 2319
Related Apps christmas facebook email social text twitter tree result custom easy push send ages friends
+24    BUILD AND DECORATE YOUR CUSTOM CHRISTMAS TREE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Build your own Christmas Tree, decorate it with Ornaments, and have your Messages engraved on it. Post your result on your Facebook wall or Twitter. Make a custom eCard with your ...    72 MB    Views 7033
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-9    Either for work or for your own entertainment, with Photo Sharing sharing your photos is easy and fun. With Photo Sharing you can send as many photos as you want in one single email... even the whole album Photo Sharing allows you ...    9 MB    Views 6395
Related Apps christmas photo photos iphone paint send friends frames
+4    ☸☸☸ Photo Christmas for iPhone 4S ☸☸☸ Create your own photo christmas in iPhone 4S Make your christmas photos directly in app, paint your photos with christmas objects and its combinations Send your christmas photos in different photo frames to your friends ☸☸☸ ...    6 MB    Views 5510

Face Mask ™

-3    Face Mask will turn any ordinary image into a video mask You simply draw on the screen highlighting the areas you want to remove (eyes, mouth, etc) and let Face Mask do the rest. Using the camera your face will show ...    28 MB    Views 9025
photo twitter facebook faces meme send friends rage add
+15    Trolling is a art. Take a photo of your friends, application will automatically detect faces and replace them with best known internet meme and rage faces. As simple as that Share trolled images with friends posting them on Facebook and Twitter You ...    17 MB    Views 9565
Related Apps christmas photo photos ipad paint send frames friends
0    ☸☸☸ Photo Christmas for iPad ☸☸☸ Create your own photo christmas in iPad 2 Make your christmas photos directly in app, paint your photos with christmas objects and its combinations Send your christmas photos in different photo frames to your friends ☸☸☸ Photo ...    6 MB    Views 756
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-4    Invite your friends to join the fun... Get ready for a fun new way to share moments with friends, snap a video or photo and send it to someone with just once click and they have 15 seconds of viewing before ...    11 MB    Views 6961


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-8    Send, share, collect and gather finally all your photos to give a new dimension to your memories. The magic token Each of your events is represented by one simple token.Choose one that fits the best with your awesome experience. Then, just share ...    5 MB    Views 3666
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+16    Edit your own photos in pop art, cartoons, aged, colors changes, 3D cubes, Mosaic, Paint, distortion ..... but also draw or write your messages on your photos This unique application also allows you to create fake and fantastic photos, this is ...    8 MB    Views 8325


photo memo photos email camera album shot speed timer send
-3    This App makes and edits album with multiple photos which can write memo for each image inside iPhone. Many photo filters are mounted in the app. And also has timer function, speed snap shot of continuous 10 photos. It's useful when traveling, ...    10 MB    Views 9902
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+9    See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch. ———————————— People everywhere use Skitch to help them visually ...    53 MB    Views 5997
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+3    Phozo : Make your images come to life with an audio soundtrack Phozo is the amazing FREE app for sending pictures with sound. Capture the Atmosphere Snap, record, send – it’s so simple Download Phozo today to get going Record sounds from ...    6 MB    Views 2893


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+21    Create and send a card using your own photos quickly, easily and efficiently. There is something special about sending a card to someone. It evokes a sense of warmth and joy. Better still is a card that is personalized, with your ...    2 MB    Views 9726


photo email time body photos address subject waiting send recipient
+14    Don’t waste time, make your photo sharing more efficient with Photo2Go Photo2Go is a convenient way to take photos and email them without needing you to switch back and forth between various applications. Save yourself some time by setting up the ...    648 kb    Views 6143
facebook card twitter email father day send picture easiest custom features
-6    For this Father's day send a lovely card to your dad with your own picture decorated with your own words
 This app features the easiest way to make a unique custom Father's Day eCard and the easiest way to send ...    53 MB    Views 2814

PDF Creator FREE

email photo books pdf multi file create send creator files image
+5    PDF creator help you to create new PDF file from print documents/ books by taking photo with high quality. With PDF creator, you can create multi PDF files with multi pages and then send by email MAIN FEATURES: + Create PDF from ...    4 MB    Views 4918
Related Apps photos facebook photo email send collage collages clicks function zoom
+4    Send real POSTCARDS too Compile creative photo collages in 3 clicks and send, e.g. a romantic collage by email, post a holiday collage on Facebook a cool collage with party images direct from the club Whatever photos you ...    37 MB    Views 7929
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+12    Lifecasting™ is the easiest way to publish and share your life in multimedia to your friends, family or even the whole world in a mp4 video format. Wherever you are, click pics. Capture the sunset, your nephew's first birthday party, or ...    754 kb    Views 484


photos videos photo text email send technology swiping download
+18    Instantly share photos and videos across multiple devices with the swipe of a finger. The exclusive FotoSwipe technology allows you to select photos, videos or even an entire album, swipe them onto an intended device and you're done Never text ...    10 MB    Views 6068
doodle drawing photo email finger friends drawings easy stencils send pictures
+2    Easy Photo Doodle Drawing is the most fun you can have with your finger Finger paint with your favorite colors. Doodle and drawing all over your own pictures and send your drawings to friends via email. Simply place your finger ...    3 MB    Views 4106
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+9    SNAP. SEND. SOLVE. BlurMe is a simple new way to share photos with your friends 1) Snap a photo and send it to your friends. 2) Your friends receive a blurred photo of 9 randomly arranged tiles. 3) They have 30 seconds to solve ...    33 MB    Views 4133

Photo 3x4

photo photos camera email generated send roll albums device
+4    Now you have a 3x4 photo studio in your pocket This app generates a 10x15 paper with 8 3x4 photos. All you need to do is take a photo in the app and it generates it for you automatically You can ...    3 MB    Views 7226


friends pictures share send stickers posts
+2    Buddly The Now Generation Besides doing whatever you want to your friends’ pictures, in Buddly your friends can only see the pictures and posts you share once, and then it's gone . When your friends send you a picture, you change ...    NAN    Views 309

WM Sticker

soccer photo email facebook iphone sticker stickers friends world send
+2    This app is a must have for every fan of the German soccer team You can create cool world soccer championship 2010 collector stickers from you and your friends by just tapping your iphone. Posting the stickers on facebook or ...    1 MB    Views 8837


email photos select add pics multiple send
-4    TickPhoto This app allows you to mail as many photos you want to in one email. You can select multiple photos and send that to email in one click only. You can select the pic and add comment over it if ...    4 MB    Views 9396
photos photo videos video email select show share send
+18    How many times have you been in a situation where you want to show a few photos or videos from your photo album but once you hand your device to your family and friends they either peek or look through ...    1 MB    Views 4381
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