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+5    Official app You can: view photos by: genres, by author, by members view and add comment on photos set like on photo and add it to favorite add authors to favorite    5 MB    Views 8433


+4    All Effects are Realtime Have a photo booth in the palm of your hand ModMyCam is a photo and video recording app that allows you to take pictures and videos using state of the art effects. Turn your camera into a ...    2 MB    Views 9771


photos videos view favorite instagram
+28    Free for a limited time. Browse Instagram Photos & Videos on your iPhone like never before with Dscvry. Features • View Instagram's new videos • Get your favorite prints in about an hour at your local Walgreens with the QuickPrints feature • Create collages from ...    20 MB    Views 231
Related Apps social photo photos favorite frames network collage
+27    Use Cuadros to frame your photos and post to your favorite social network. Cuadros helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking shells/frames/collage and share them with world via your favorite social network. With fully adjustable frames, plenty of patterns and ...    4 MB    Views 6500


videos video music effects share create instagram slideshows favorite edit images
-2    Create video slideshows from your favorite photos, videos, music, and effects. Choose from among many unique video effects including realistic falling snow, leaves, hearts, and even a glass snow globe Mix, edit, share, remix, share again. Your videos can always be ...    9 MB    Views 4783
Related Apps camera photo twitter facebook photos stickers effects favorite zoom images instagram
+2    Be the SUPERHERO Use powers to give your photos action effects With Superpower Effect you can take a regular photo and apply over 70+ stickers to create unique looking picture in seconds. Layer as many stickers as you like using ...    52 MB    Views 1297

Nail Art Ideas

art birthday wedding nail ideas images favorite nails
+22    Going to attend any special occasion (Wedding, Birthday, Get together, Meeting or festival) & being confused over how to beautify your nail in style Dear ladies These amazing photos are collected here specially for you This gallery contains over five hundreds ...    29 MB    Views 3398


Related Apps facebook browse album page share favorite
+11    It is a easy way to browse your following Facebook page photo album directly. You could also browse the top rate star Facebook page album. We also provide you to save your favorite page album in your app without press "like" ...    3 MB    Views 4997

Jesus With Me

Related Apps photos world share instagram favorite
0    You know He is always by your side. Make your shared photos part of your worship by adding inspiring images of Jesus to them. Commemorate special events, proclaim your gratitude for blessings received and show the world the source of your strength ...    23 MB    Views 8424


+14    Storyweave is a free app that lets you discover and talk about the most interesting events that are happening. • Tell a story through photos, videos, and text • Add friends and tell your story together • Vote on your favorite stories • Follow ...    19 MB    Views 7127


photos calendars favorite easy create
0    InstaCalendar is a utility that gives you a convenient way of designing photo calendars with your favorite photos. It offers a easy way to create gorgeous memorable calendars, which can be shared among family members or friends. That's awesome ■ Features Powerful and ...    3 MB    Views 5881
+5    Ever wondered what you would look like as a mage? Now you can step into the shoes of your favorite role playing character. Fantasy RPG Booth uses advanced facial blending techniques and puts you in control Start by uploading or taking a ...    8 MB    Views 4656


photo cheese hat hats favorite
+5    Sport your favorite Cheese Hat. Cheddar, Colby Jack and Swiss. Several colors to choose from: yellow, orange, green, black, silver and more. As we all know, some cheese stink. So we’ve included Stinky cheese hats. Load a photo from your library ...    1 MB    Views 6911

Dibujar sobre fotos

Related Apps children draw notes cars drawings color picture favorite
-6    Draw on photos scribbles, make or tracing drawings or sketches, writing notes Drawing and painting for adults and children aged three years or are going to preschool or child, also for children who go to primary school and enrolled. An app ...    6 MB    Views 4418


people share day shots favorite
+3    Slingshot is the best way to share life as it happens. Filter, draw and caption fullscreen photos and record looping videos, then sling them to your followers. • Quickly shoot and share moments throughout your day • Get creative with filters, drawings ...    7 MB    Views 1557
map photo share favorite
0    Share the ramen 'RAMEN' is ramen app stylish for people of ramen lovers. You can share the ramen was shot. Charm the ramen Can enjoy the photo manipulation to charm delicious ramen. You can either put the name of ...    27 MB    Views 1005


color touch photograph favorite change
0    You can change the color that exists in the photograph into the color favorite of you. 1)You touch the position of a color in photograph. 2)And touch the favorite color in color circle. Let's coordinate various the one in the colors. The change in ...    2 MB    Views 8204
Related Apps photo memories favorite
+25    Track the locations of all your favorite memories with Mappit The Photo Mapper Every time you take a picture with your device or upload it from Photos, Mappit automatically logs its position and builds a map of all your favorite ...    4 MB    Views 3572

Clip N' Send

+17    Log in, sign up with your email address, user name and password. Now you are ready to start clipping. While searching the web, find your favorite and memorable web sites. Then press clip and save. Once you have saved, press ...    1 MB    Views 5588


Related Apps photos wall special share favorite
+7    Who will be in your top 10 favorite photos? This app allows you to create this wall and keep close those people or memories that are special to you. No reason to take 5 minutes to find your favorite photo of ...    1 MB    Views 966

My Photo Wallet

photo photos pictures important favorite wallet simple
-3    My Photos displays images that you pick from your photo gallery or camera in a slideshow so that you can show off your favorite and important pictures. This simple app was created to solve a simple problem that I had. There ...    17 MB    Views 5884
art dressing design browse window hunter favorite
+22    Download The Art of Window Dressing iPad app and enter the Hunter Douglas virtual showroom of window fashions. Select your favorite Hunter Douglas window fashions and preview how they look in your home by uploading your own room photosor choose one ...    171 MB    Views 6331
Related Apps pictures favorite frames
+5    Select simple and cool picture frames plus resize pictures easily. Add text to your favorite pictures to individual your favorite photos.    20 MB    Views 2859

Videocam illusion

videos camera recording board effects channel favorite change negative
+16    "Videocam illusion" is the first video camera that lets you record videos with effects in realtime. Combine filters, effects and masks to create amazing videos without an editing software. You can even save your favorite combinations of effects and change while you're ...    879 kb    Views 5091

PicTimer Plus

0    This app is a simple digital photo timer with your pictures. If you have many favorite pictures in your iPhone, and if you seldom see them, then maybe this app is helpful to you. For example, there are some usages that showed ...    4 MB    Views 5322

#1 Fan

photo fan colors teams show support favorite
+5    Show your support for your favorite team with 1 Fan 1 Fan allows you to take a new photo with your iPhone or use an exsisting photo from your photo library and then change the colors in that photo to ...    108 kb    Views 3564

Funny Family Photos

Related Apps family photos pictures funny favorite
+22    Funny, embarrassing family pictures. Just pray your family's photos don't endup here Features: + Rate your favorite pictures + Add comments to pictures and see what other's have to say too + Bookmark and share your favorite pictures using email, Facebook and Twitter + Submit ...    20 MB    Views 9568

Comely Wallpapers

+21    Wallpapers always come in handy. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous workflow. Some of the main categories includes: 3D and Abstract Animals and ...    5 MB    Views 9013


frame video favorite tool extra fun sizes add
0    Become a social media stand out with this video and photo collage creation super tool. Add video and pictures then design your frame with our extra goodies. Finish it off with a section of your favorite song. Get these features and more: ...    31 MB    Views 2653


artists music pictures favorite
+4    Wannabes is the premier rock photography collective from Belgium. We've covered over 3500 artists, gigs and festivals since 2006. Now we're unleashing our archive for an immersive iOS experience. View all recent posts in fullscreen on your iPhone, iPad or ...    3 MB    Views 5681
Related Apps video camera share vine instagram favorite
+10    This video synthesis app is a video application that can combination combining two of six seconds video taken before and after the camera to one of the video. By photographing the same time, the moment of the video with loved ones ...    6 MB    Views 8111


Related Apps frame favorite pictures enjoy pics share
+29    Combining favorite pictures is always a fun . Welcome to FramePics where you can choose your favorite frames to combine your favorite pics . Bring life to your pictures by adding funny stickers , smileys , change backgrounds & edit ...    2 MB    Views 5463
Related Apps photos wedding photo love frame frames choose apply favorite
-8    THE BEST WEDDING FRAMES FOR PHOTOS Apply nice romantic frames to your wedding photos. You can choose to take new wedding photos with camera followed by choosing your favorite frame to create your wedding photo frames or select from your photos and ...    42 MB    Views 9297
photo twitter facebook time tools handwriting drawing photographs kawaii effects image favorite stamps frames
+3    photodeco+ Collage feature, twinkle filter and color palette has been added Decorate your photographs with a huge variety of "Kawaii" stamps, frames and useful image effects. ・ More than 140 stamps ・ More than 100 frames ・ More than 40 image effects ・ Useful editing tools ...    41 MB    Views 1453


+26    Sometimes your funny sketch transforming your selfie into santa should be remembered forever. Capture an image from the camera or pull in your favorite from your photos. Channel your inner Picasso with an extensive color palette. Quickly share your masterpiece in iMessage, Mail, ...    2 MB    Views 7863

Chinglish Pics

photos email facebook twitter favorite tumblr hilarious share
-1    Friendly signs with hilarious and absurd mistranslations Be prepared for nonstop laughter as you scroll through hundreds of humorous real life photos of bad translations. Add photos to favorite or share them with friends via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or Email FEATURES Over ...    30 MB    Views 3259


photos edge friends unique favorite pictures cool
+6    Edge Cool Camera to take your Edgy pictures ♥♥♥ UNIQUE FEATURES: Change color and Edge Sensitivity, Zoom In and Out, Move and Rotate your picture. Find your edges and take unique cool photos of yourself, your home, your favorite or not so ...    2 MB    Views 1822
0    Photorium is iOS8 generation new Photo Album App. This app make it possible to remove / change creation date of photo in app. This app also compatible with favorite(It's iOS8 new function). Of course you can search favorite photos. This app have 3 main ...    2 MB    Views 3749
design products digital favorite find
+4    Lush photography and precise writing take you inside beautiful homes and gardens anytime, anywhere. Put the latest in home products at your fingertips. Tour the most uptodate kitchens and baths, find out what's happening in art and antiques, green products, and sustainable design. ...    4 MB    Views 4712

Photo to Toon Lite

Related Apps photo toon choose version favorite picture lite
-7    Cartoonize yourself Any picture would work easy as 123. Here's how it works: 1) Simply load or take a picture. 2) Choose your favorite style and adjust toon lines. 3) Choose your favorite frame. It's that simple Also included are demo photos for ...    10 MB    Views 965
Related Apps photos camera twitter blog photo social effects create filters favorite instagram
+20    Create entirely new things with your photos and camera using DEFQT’s unique effects and filters. Add filters, shapes, colors and effects and share your photos to your favorite social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Combine with VSCO cam and ...    38 MB    Views 6377


favorite remember location
+16    MapSnap helps you remember your favorite spots. Whether its seafood restaurants or skateparks, you can take a photo and MapSnap will store it for you along with its location. You can also use photos from your library and MapSnap will ...    2 MB    Views 9583
photos play voices favorite game
+5    "Concentration" is one of the most popular card game. You can play "Concentration" with your favorite photos for example, your family, friends, pets photos by this application. Of course, such as your favorite character pictures and landscapes. During play, this game ...    3 MB    Views 1220


photo cheese hat hats favorite
+12    Sport your favorite Cheese Hat. Cheddar, Colby Jack and Swiss. Several colors to choose from: yellow, orange, green, black, silver and more. As we all know, some cheese stink. So we’ve included Stinky cheese hats. Simply load a photo from your ...    2 MB    Views 5381


photo library angle size favorite
0    KitteCamera is a iPhone app which can turn your favorite photos into postal stamps with a postmark. Now load from photo library or camera. The size and angle of photo is flexible. Choose your favorite postmark, or without postmark. The size and angle of ...    13 MB    Views 6480
favorite current
-7    The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is spiritually celebrated in Vadodara with great enthusiasm and joy That is why the 'Ganeshji' App provides: • HD photo gallery of current and past year's Ganeshjis within Vadodara • Promotion for events, Ganeshji concept and cultural ...    8 MB    Views 1925


+7    Now KoolAid Man can photobomb all your favorite photos You select his pose, make him bigger, smaller, rotate him and place him in your pics for KoolAid flavored photobombing fun Then share to all your favorite social networks    30 MB    Views 9404


Related Apps photos photo share favorite automatically moments day easy
+15    Snaglet is the easy way to share life's best moments. Snag your favorite photos (and videos coming soon) to share from your iPhone and Snaglet will automatically send a random photo each day to the contacts that you select. The ...    4 MB    Views 6800

Handy Video Editor

video people editing handy features editor merge favorite customize effects
+6    Handy Video Editor is a Multifunctional tool for editing your Video files. "You can customize the Video as per your wish” "do you have any favorite Moments captured in Video? just merge the couple of your favorite Videos using Handy Video Editor ...    34 MB    Views 4687
Related Apps photos wallpapers favorite download unlimited images customize share
-4    Bright up your life with Colors..... Pimp your phone with the magical color wallpapers & backgrounds. You will be surprised on the quality of the images. Fantastic Features.. > Top Voted Images selected by the photographers from around the world. >Super first loading ...    9 MB    Views 2890
Related Apps photos calendars favorite easy create
+10    InstaCalendar is a utility that gives you a convenient way of designing photo calendars with your favorite photos. It offers a easy way to create gorgeous memorable calendars, which can be shared among family members or friends. That's awesome ■ Features Powerful and ...    7 MB    Views 7860
Related Apps photos photo favorite share
+2    Have you ever felt excluded from your favorite photos? Well now you can be part of them too Set the Time you want, get everyone ready in the right pose and then get in among your friends. Adjust the Flash if the lighting ...    2 MB    Views 225
artwork kitty fun pictures favorite
+17    Have fun taking photos by adding supercute Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends artwork to your pictures and easily share them on your favorite social media sites There are more than 200 original character artwork and icons to choose from including: Hello ...    15 MB    Views 1270
Related Apps photos puzzle puzzles favorite large friends premium
+20    Puzzlemania Premium include new puzzle sizes, large and extra large, and it's ads free. The better app to make your own jigsaw puzzles with your photos. Choose a photo from your favorite place, your pet, your friends or lover, or just from ...    2 MB    Views 4075

Kuc500 Ad for 500px

photo ipad 500px input favorite account show viewer
0 photo viewer photo enjoy iPad or iPhone simple photo viewer, beautiful photo display for 500px SlideShow(iPad): after about 30s next change. shared on twitter: setting required(iOS) ) this Apps is FREE price (Ads will appear) ) Category : Animals,City and Architecture,Food,Landscapes,Nature etc. ) Seach: key word, ...    3 MB    Views 1498
social photo photos favorite network frames collage
+7    NO ADS Use Cuadros to frame your photos and post to your favorite social network. Cuadros helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking shells/frames/collage and share them with world via your favorite social network. With fully adjustable frames, plenty ...    3 MB    Views 211


photos twitter favorite find
0    "TwListgram" is a free app that helps you find photos from Twitter. This app detects photos from your timeline, lists, or trends and shows thumbnail view in seamlessly. If you find favorite photos, you can send reply, post favorite and retweet. Any feedback, suggestion will ...    798 kb    Views 8700
love play favorite watch
+2    Does your child love the Teletubbies? If so then they will love Play with the Teletubbies There is so much fun stuff inside to watch and do, you can watch your favorite episodes, dance along with the Teletubbies to all their ...    25 MB    Views 4032

Kombie App

share clips favorite
+4    Kombie is a fun way of mashing your selfies, memes, pics and vines with clips from your favorite music videos, sports, live events, movies, tv shows and whatever's happening now. Choose a clip, add your photo or video and share to ...    12 MB    Views 9045
photo favorite character
+9    My Favorite Carrera is a manga by Kia Asamiya currently serialized on Weekly Playboy since 2004 in Japan. This App is able to take photo with Reina or Aika, My Favorite Carrera characters. Easy to use 1) Choice Your favorite character. 2) Appear character ...    16 MB    Views 8553
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