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+8    Bicture is a baby pictures sharing service, it provides several ways to record child's growth, and parent can also share their shopping experience of baby products. Features: Show your lovely baby, and beautiful parents. Using voice to record baby's momemts. Shopping guide for mummy ...    33 MB    Views 7494


+29    Events, is an application which helps you to organize (by creating events) and share material such as notes, photos, videos and audio recorded using your mobile device. An event has title, notes, creation date, modification date, author, is assigned to ...    2 MB    Views 1663
+5    50% OFFDOWNLOAD IT BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP If you love Instagram, you must own this app. Create beautiful graphical text messages to be shared via Instagram, iMessage and Facebook. FEATURES • 100 Great Themes • 97 Great Frames • 226 Cool Stickers • 103 Fonts • Tons of ...    27 MB    Views 2283
+25    Collecting moments with friends made simple. Automatic. With Kolektio you will never lose a photo again. How many time do we say „Hey remember to send those pics?” Especially when we are participating at events, weddings, parties, and so on and taking pictures ...    49 MB    Views 6112


video photos add clips sharing
-1    It is really easy to make a video by the 'GVideo'. 
 Add, Edit and Share. 
The simplest way to the world of VideoEditor, the GVideo. 

GVideo is an intuitive and powerful video editor app for iOS.
 Make motions on your photo library.  
Reanimate your memories ...    14 MB    Views 5417

HD Photo Lock

photos photo library lock sharing file unlocked itunes device
+12    HD Photo Lock is the application to manage your photos. HD Photo Lock is easy to use and convenient. [ Features ] Managing photos by folder Password protection Back up via iTunes file sharing (Only when the app is unlocked) Import multiple ...    4 MB    Views 2774


0    Life is an experience driven photo sharing application. Using Lifie guests participate in sharing and capturing precious moments while event organizers get a copy each image to take home.    64 MB    Views 2789
sharing pic pocket
-1    By using Pic Pocket you can simply combine multiple pictures into one and send it to social networks, sharing your ideas with your family or friends. [Features] Rich templates for picture collage Very easy to use Support your sharing to FaceBook , Twitter Universally used, ...    10 MB    Views 1751


share sharing memes easy
-6    Memestagram is a fun, intuitive, and easy way to create and share memes. Browse and customize popular templates, use photos from your camera roll, or take a new picture instantly to use for a meme Memestagram makes it easy to quickly access ...    6 MB    Views 5063


0    Life is all about the moments, and the people you share them with. Whether it’s a large concert or festival, a medium sized conference or a small party with friends — Momentik gives a more joyful personal media stream with less ...    20 MB    Views 1283

Post A Shot

photos photo users post shot allowing sharing
+1    The Post A Shot mobile application is an prize driven photo sharing app, allowing you to upload and share photos on the app in a contest format. Post A Shot goes beyond passive photo sharing by allowing users to vote ...    15 MB    Views 411


facebook twitter photos image simple shared online sharing
+3    Drawide is application for sketching and sharing ideas online. It's completely free You can send personalised art messages, use it for explaining something by image, for you to take image notes or just for simple sharing photos with caption on Facebook ...    2 MB    Views 9192
Related Apps photo sharing true plenty fan
-5    Are you fan of Kristen Stewart? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Kristen Stewart and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Kristen Stewart My photo with ...    65 MB    Views 7105


Related Apps posts functions sharing users find local
+2    Truly anonymous & local photo sharing No login required, and no restriction to your campus. Create & exchange PikShares with nearby users wherever you are Piks are shared to users near you & disappear after a short time, creating a ...    5 MB    Views 4037

Art Roulette

Related Apps iphone gallery sharing compatible
+22    iPhone 5 and iOS6 ready In top 200 in several countries. ArtRoulette is a simple and effective way of finding and sharing the quite last images posted on the Internet. A drawing, a photo pleases you, make it know around you and ...    6 MB    Views 8410


photos photo facebook friends sharing feed good upload
+6    For Facebook Users Frint is a more social and useful photosharing tool for facebook. You will "like" when your friends upload good photos taken by them. Using Frint, You can do "want" it and get it from friends to upload in ...    2 MB    Views 8846

Plant Everywhere

plant videos photos share sharing start moments stories experiences
+5    Share your moments Share your experiences Share your stories Plant Everywhere is for sharing your moments, experiences and stories, via photos and videos. We all love to share but we believe it is much more rewarding and meaningful experience when the sharing is with ...    9 MB    Views 8356


camera photos share roll easy sharing life
+5    Foteothe fun new way to share your life Create amazing slideshows quickly, easily, and with style Have some great photos that you want to share? Simply choose one of 11 animated themes. Pick your photos. Then select a song from your music ...    135 MB    Views 1774

eXaPhoto Publisher

+19    eXaPublisherMobile gives users fast photosharing where users can view and share tens of thousands of images in virtual photo albums while using miniscule amounts of storage. The apps extends the company’s innovative, patentpending eXaNetworks free photosharing network in use since ...    6 MB    Views 238
Related Apps photo pictures sharing event
+12    Zero setup photo sharing for events. Seeing everybody's pictures has never been easier. Start the app. Take a picture. See everyone else's pictures taken at the same event. Easy.    2 MB    Views 386
Related Apps photo sharing true plenty fan
+8    Are you fan of Angelina Jolie? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Angelina Jolie and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Angelina Jolie My photo with ...    51 MB    Views 9885
Related Apps photo robert sharing poses plenty fan true
+24    Are you fan of Robert Pattinson? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Robert Pattinson and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Robert Pattinson My photo with ...    64 MB    Views 1168
Related Apps time shooting camera sharing real mobile pictures support
+19    Tired of traditional camera mode? Short of selfie skills? Copix is the solution. Copix let you discard the selftimer lever, and provides a new way of taking pictures. It is the premier way to shoot and share your photographs. You can ...    2 MB    Views 903

Peek for iOS

photos photo peek scroll galleries day sharing send friends
0    Peek helps you share photos with friends in the room or across the globe, faster and safer than you thought possible. The simplest day2day photo sharing experience you didn't realize you were missing. BRIEFLY SEND PHOTOS to your friend's phones for ...    8 MB    Views 4191
-5    Sunshine Instant Sharing Without Cloud Storage Share Instantly. No Uploading, No Downloading. Don’t waste time uploading to the cloud. Connect devices directly. 1. Share unlimited photos and high quality videos; transfer files of any size 2. Access files across all your personal devices, ...    78 MB    Views 2715


Related Apps photos bucket sharing friends create share
-7    Divvycam is a easy to use photo sharing utility. Share photos with your friends just like if you were sharing a memory card for a camera The great part is, you don't even need to create an account or connect to ...    6 MB    Views 517
Related Apps photo tom sharing true plenty fan
+10    Are you fan of Tom Cruise? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Tom Cruise and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Tom Cruise My photo with ...    89 MB    Views 2943

Quick Photo Share

+5    Share photos to outside world with this app. It is so easy. Simply capture the photo, select your sharing option & you are done. Your friends & family can see your photos. Sharing option include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & more.    8 MB    Views 5950

Gig Pic

artists people pic sharing user event
+5    Gig Pic is for music lovers and gig goers who enjoy sharing their concert experiences with other people. Gig Pic allows the user to check in at an event or venue and begin sharing pictures; these Pics can be shared among ...    18 MB    Views 3062
Related Apps photos sharing content lite islamic
-7    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Take note that this is a LITE version and comes with limited contents. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature ...    23 MB    Views 9774
Related Apps photos video social email search gifs gif tumblr save animated sharing share device
+13    Create animated GIFs from photos AND videos Search for animated GIFs Capture video on your device or use existing video or photos. Apply filters to enhance your creations. Add text annotations to your GIFs Add stickers to your GIFs Rearrange the ...    15 MB    Views 9561


photos wifi photo library web search email flickr albums 9745 9733 file download sharing device
-6    Search+Download+Manage+Store+Organize+Edit+Protect+Import+View+Share photos and albums right on your iPhone Access Millions of photos, Search & Download photos on the go, create albums to organize your photos, protect your sensitive albums with a password, and share all your photos by USB, Email or ...    5 MB    Views 7668
Related Apps photos sharing content islamic
+3    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature be beneficial for each and every one of us, insyaAllah. Abu Hurairah (RadhiAllahhu ...    23 MB    Views 9806


photos photo upload online share sharing
+14    Share, edit and store your photos online with DropShots. Upload your photos to secure online storage and easily share them with your friends and family. You can upload the photos you've just taken or the existing images from your iPhone ...    18 MB    Views 1019
photo reach sharing anonymous
-3    Reach has arrived. Anonymous photo sharing Share a photo or message with the world, people around you, or randomly receive content But wait, there's a catch: photos and videos disappear after they've been viewed twice.    15 MB    Views 1510


Related Apps photo social features friends sharing
+10    Phosto is a social photo sharing app being designed from shooting to storytelling. It is also a fun place to get connected with friends, family and the world. Features: Instant signup process Unlimited photo uploads to the cloud Sharing photo to ...    NAN    Views 147
facebook photos event sharing guests group
-8    Groupic "Group Picture Sharing" is an app for Facebook events that collects the photos taken by the events’ guests. During the event the photos can be viewed by all guests on their mobile devices, and streamed live to a screen. ...    12 MB    Views 5345


+1    PASS is the best app for sharing your photos. Now photographers and their clients can enjoy all their professional photos easily synced to their devices and viewable even if they’re offline • Gorgeous gallery with offline viewing • Powerful sharing features • Save ...    3 MB    Views 8040


photos photo friends events event code explore sharing
-1    Event photo sharing made easy. Share your photos from massive events with thousands of other users, or small events with just a few friends; it’s up to you. WEvent gives you the power to decide who can add photos to ...    35 MB    Views 6132


photos selfie sharing gifs animated friends snaps
+17    Welcome to Snapd. A brand new way to share photos with friends and capture their reactions as animated gifs For when "LOL" and "WTF" aren't enough say it with a selfie. We quickly discovered that the best thing about sharing photos is ...    10 MB    Views 9506


Related Apps video real sharing life picture snap
-3    Real life sharing with real life Reactions What is a picture or a video good for if you can’t capture the reaction of those you are sharing it with? Snap a picture or video using GiggleMail...send it to ANYONE and watch ...    9 MB    Views 345

iPic Manager

photos library photo manager password sharing unlocked itunes file device
+4    iPic Manager is the application to manage your photos. iPic Manager is easy to use and convenient. [ Features ] Managing photos by folder Password protection Back up via iTunes file sharing (Only when the app is unlocked) Import multiple photos from ...    3 MB    Views 3435
Related Apps photos photo iphone friends share sharing viewer touch devices device
-6    Please note that this is the VIEWER app only. With this app you can view the photos of your friends who are sharing with the full Photos & Friends app. Photos & Friends brings quick and easy photo sharing to all ...    3 MB    Views 4653

Adorn = Decorate?

twitter photo decorate sharing
-6    This app works with Muzy It’s official: Now we work with Muzy Please try "Adorn = Decorate?" How different? Anyway, this app is a powerful cute Photo Editor. You can decorate your photo using more than 250 "Stamps", "Frames","Filters". Of course "Pen","Text" are available too. Also twitter ...    16 MB    Views 509
sharing fast
-3    Take 16:9 photos without black bars on your iPhone 5 Photo Sharing • Support sharing to Instagram, Facebook, twitter, WeiBo, Line, Kakao Talk, Nakamap Fast • Fast snapping allow you to take multiple shots quickly    4 MB    Views 6465
Related Apps camera photo avatar frame sharing front face
+15    One day, I was partying with my friends. We were drinking, having fun, and I want to take a photo of this moment. After taking the photo, I realize that my face isn't in it. Why is it always me? ...    35 MB    Views 5851
Related Apps photos videos media photo video camera email facebook twitter sharing device settings icon
-4    Easily share photos and videos between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices using Bluetooth no network required You can also share photos and videos using services such as Facebook, Twitter, iCloud Photo Sharing, Evernote, Instagram and Email. New media ...    6 MB    Views 2939
Related Apps photo sharing true plenty fan
+27    Are you fan of Brad Pitt? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Brad Pitt and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Brad Pitt My photo with this ...    93 MB    Views 2552
photo photos frame awesome sharing shapes sites tons
-9    Make your photos stand out on photo sharing sites.Turns a normal photo into a awesome photo inside a frame. Crop your photos in tons of awesome shapes, symbols, words and letters. Easily create eye catching pics and attract attention with something ...    4 MB    Views 8185


photos sharing group browsing
+11    The CoViewer let you become the sharing center in a group. The CoViewer App is a wireless manytomany photo sharing utility. When people get together in family, party, classroom or conference, the CoViewer users can present photos directly onto the screen ...    2 MB    Views 6557


Related Apps photo time based location sharing
-8    A location based photo sharing app with image filter and unique time and distance search options. 1SnapShot can be used as a photo app, a location based photo sharing app, or as a syndication tool for web services. Add your ...    898 kb    Views 4813


photo photos camera shooting resolution sharing
-4    Special Limited Offer Price Roundgraphy is a camera app that creates photos with a circle frame. ▧ Artistic Effects Beautiful & Cool FXs vignette/xpro/oldstyle/pop/warm/ bluish/faded/twotone/cinema/sekki/ toy/vintage/xpro2/ocean/fire/cream/ rose/dogdays/fishsheep ▧ Colorful Frames 63 Colors ▧ Photo Sharing Easy to Sharing Photo with your frinends Twitter Facebook Email Instagram Photo Album ▧ Resolution Full device ...    512 kb    Views 9957


texts sharing 2560 add
-3    Typolayer provides a quick, easy, yet fascinating way to add creative texts on top of photos for sharing your moments beautifully.  Key Features: 100 plus fonts Move, resize, and rotate texts Add shadow or glow effect on texts Sharing to Instagram, ...    8 MB    Views 8665


party editing photo awesome sharing
+15    Cancel is the photo editor for any socially active person wishing to protect his or her public dignity. Ever had that one awesome picture with friends that happens to get ruined by a bottle of alcohol? Cancel is perfect for ...    21 MB    Views 988

Album Publisher

Related Apps photo photos facebook text camera album publisher sharing device services add picasa
+24    Album Publisher will help you easily create photo albums on your iOS devices and share them with family and friends using photo sharing sites such as Picasa and Facebook. You start an Album by either creating a new album or importing ...    430 kb    Views 8835
Related Apps photo photos tools professional powerful sharing effects add
-4    PhotoMobileHD is a powerful set of tools to enhance, modify and add professional effects to your photos Transform your shots and your photos into beautiful professional photographs. If you know the editing programs you will realize the potential of PhotoMobileHD . Based on ...    6 MB    Views 1232

Southern Draw

photos options sharing
0    Enjoy sharing student life and other events from Boyce College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary through your photos Select from dozens of creative artwork options customized for Boyce & Southern Seminary insiders. With easy clicks & sizing options, simply add ...    16 MB    Views 5164


Related Apps photo shooting leaks light resolution effects sharing choice
-7    Special Limited Offer Price Professional Light Leaks Effect Photo App ”Back in the good old days of traditional photography, light leaks marked a mistake in the development process. In today's day of filters, it's a stylistic choice, and Lightleaker offers a choice ...    14 MB    Views 7573

Multi Face Swap

Related Apps photos swap face sharing faces multi
-2    Automatically swap faces with friends in your photos for hilarious results. Over 10 face in one photo can be swapped. FAST FACE DETECTION • Quickly singles out all faces in photos. • Swaps with all faces found • One touch swap or back to ...    6 MB    Views 4913


+1    Meike is a private sharing community which you can add your best friend, sharing bits of life instantly. You will express your feelings by sharing photos,words,checkins,watching TV,movies, reading,shopping,dinner and so on. Expect that you have a wonderful Meike tour 开心网全新社交力作——最时尚的私人社交网络 一个属于你的时刻,随时记录最美好的点滴瞬间吧 全新版本,支持“语音交友” 华丽时尚的美刻客户端,具有以下特色: ☂ ...    10 MB    Views 686
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