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Best Decoration photo sticker Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+8    Living room decorating ideas for you and your room or home. You can save and share all living room decorating photos. This application shows you the galleries of beautiful living room decoration ideas, designs, themes, painting for your home, room ...    39 MB    Views 5897

:) Fun Drawing (:

+6    Fun Drawing lets you easily create fantastic draw on any photo simply using your finger. Your memories can be made more wonderful with gorgeous stamps drawing, awesome mask shapes. The only limit is your imagination. Fun Drawing is perfect for giving your ...    34 MB    Views 9390

JuJu Sticker Camera

-1    All are cute High quality frames and stickers. Re adjustable photo and sticker size. Touch to move image to your liking.    NAN    Views 6837


text photos change https sticker pictures www
0    instED helps you editing your photos in an editorial style to easily distinguish yourself from others Features: • 100% free • 50+ well designed stickers with many more to come • add text to your photos • change text and sticker color • change text and ...    7 MB    Views 3915
+2    Deco Pic app for people love Cute Photo. We make alot of Stickers for decorate your photo. You can use effects for more beautiful. And after you have a pic realy Nice to sharing for your friends. Features: More 100 Cute ...    12 MB    Views 5686
+4    Decorate your photos with beautiful flowers. Choose your photos at camera roll or camera apply with amazing flower stickers. We can rotate your sticker and delete. We can apply as many as you can. Share your flower sticker at social network sites like facebook,twitter,etc.    48 MB    Views 5506
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-2    For peaple love cute design. Photo Cute Decoration app with many decorations design with Pink, blue, green, violet, orange and yellow colour... help you make some picture very lovely and beautiful. For any Features we do we think about colours. And ...    6 MB    Views 35
+8    Fantasy World Photo Frames FREE app for user Fantasy World Photo Frames will bring you to fantasy world Try out all the Fantasy World frames which available here Fantasy World Photo Frames let you: +capture own photo with our lovely fantasy theme frames +either select ...    70 MB    Views 7715
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+29    BarkBerry Sticker PRO Funny photo sticker application. Meet Many cute Dogs and Cats Stickers on your mobile.Make your photo more lovely with all these items.    18 MB    Views 2903


-2    This is the app of dazzling decoration can easily any more I prepare a beautiful pattern of 11 different The closer look at the pattern that comes in gorgeous fall, press the OK button Slope and equipment adjustment lever, to control your way ...    15 MB    Views 1071
camera word chibi sticker cute small
-1    Chibi is a Japanese slang word meaning "short person" or "small child". The word has gained currency among fans of manga and anime. Its meaning is of someone or some animal that is small in stature. If you love Dragon Ball ...    136 MB    Views 6492
camera photos photo ios special decoration focus exposure
-6    Welcome to “imush Camera X'mas Special” imush Camera X'mas Special is a camera application which have many stamps and frames for decorating your photos. Decorate your photo with imush X'mas special stamp sets to make your photos with more ...    17 MB    Views 9049


library facebook photo iphone wall eye picture object place pictures decoration combinations
+4    Wall Eye – Plan your decoration Wall Eye is an app that helps you to plan your decoration with pictures. Click, edit or imagine the decoration and this app will tell you feasible or beautiful this decoration will be. Features: You can take ...    6 MB    Views 997
santa christmas photo photos xmas special gallery picture sticker stickers
+5    Turn yourself into Santa using "Be a Santa Xmas Special" and Wish your loved one on an auspicious Xmas Eve. Use photos from Gallery or take a photo and Be a Santa with this "Be a Santa Xmas Special" ...    14 MB    Views 3155

Snappie Sticker

https sticker
+10    Snappie Sticker adds a bit of flair to each photo you take When you snap a picture, you'll see a cool new watermark load onto it. Watermarks change every week Every time is a surprise, you never know what you're gonna get Say ...    507 kb    Views 4580

AR Sticker

video post sticker surprise place scan
+25    AR Sticker is an easytouse video tool, with which you can post your video to any place you can think of What can you do with it? Want to hit the headlines? Well, make a unique video and stick it to the ...    48 MB    Views 7128
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+15    Kluayping app has a lot of cute and fun stickers to decorate your photos. And the app has more feature with photo's effects. กล้วยปิ้งเป็นหมาลาบราดอร์ที่น่ารักของผมเอง กล้วยปิ้งถูกวาดขีดเขียนขึ้นมาจากความน่ารัก ความซื่อสัตย์ และอุปนิสัยต่างๆ ของสุนัข กล้วยปิ้งจึงเป็นสุนัขที่นำรอยยิ้ม ความสุข และสิ่งดีๆ มาให้ หวังว่าคุณจะหลงรักกล้วยปิ้งเหมือนผมนะครับ :) “Kluayping” is the name of my yellow labrador retriever. It is so ...    39 MB    Views 4940


photo photos friends decorate sticker chat
+5    Poki is a photo sharing, decorating, and chat app. Share your photos with friends. They can decorate your photo with over 500 different stickers. Decorate your friends' photos too, and add a message or photo to your sticker. Each sticker becomes a ...    11 MB    Views 5692

Home Inspired HD

-9    Home Inspired by Sansiri offers the best source of inspiration for your imagination with our broad range of photo galleries from our experience in the Real Estate Industry. Whether you want your home to be a peaceful sanctuary or a ...    89 MB    Views 1155
photo stickers sticker fun pack
-2    Sticker Pack is great for placing fun, funny, and awesome stickers on your favorite photos. Give your pictures a little something extra by placing stickers from a wide range of different categories. If you love making photo edits you will have ...    64 MB    Views 9722
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+24    Do you want to frame your photos to make them more charming and to mark them with your personality? Photo Sticker for iPad is an application which can beautify photos by besetting them with frames. The styles of frames builtin are ...    15 MB    Views 621
sticker instagram easy world creations creator
+9    Transform your photos into incredible works of art with the world's most addictive sticker app Thousands of people around the world use Giddyfingers to: Capture favourite moments and create perfect crops Choose from 100's of delightful stickers and get more from ...    12 MB    Views 6840
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0    It's amazing Photo Fx. Easy to add many more effect, style, colour, sticker, emoji, text and many more. Features: ======= => No any ads. => All filters, sticker, emoji and everything are free. So Now create your ultimate photo with Photo Fx. Download Now.......    10 MB    Views 3754

Titan Camera

photo camera stickers view features attack selected sticker image
+7    This is a wonderful Attack on Titan's Sticker App. Provide 70+ Attack on Titan's Stickers and also Photo frames. All the stickers are up to date with japanese animation series. Current features in Version 1.0: 1. Real time attached stickers in camera view 2. Select ...    25 MB    Views 8677

Photo Overlay

+1    A photo editor to add overlay decoration in your photo. Just simply select frame, icons and text boxes or free drawing to make your photo more funny and beautiful. The newly designed editor tool allows you to make use whole device ...    28 MB    Views 1621
photo tools camera photos application stick sticker share
0    Slothed Up is the perfect image editing application that utilizes a simple design with a powerful photo editor. We are the first application allowing you to stick sloths to any image. New Sticker Choose a photo from your Camera or Camera Roll ...    11 MB    Views 2748
photo photos facebook twitter creative decoration tons shape awesome perfect instagram
-2    FREE for a very limited time Photo Decoration help you create amazing looking ,framed and shaped pics for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Photo Decoration is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and make your photo's simply amazing. Make your photos look great ...    50 MB    Views 3581

Deco Photo

+3    Deco Photo It is a very easy tool to use to decorate your photos. It's been created with the new technology of iOS 5. Camara Use the camera to take pictures and edit them with the Application Tool Photo Album Use the reel to choose ...    2 MB    Views 555
photo tools photos iphone camera design blog beauty alphabet text collection decoration graffiti cute post stamps
-7    Free definitive edition photo decoration app that counts 4.5 million users Updated to userfriendly, cute and iPhone 6 compatible app ===================================== “Rakuga cute” is the tool of photo decoration produced by PURIKURA maker and the photo processing app for photo decoration. ===================================== Recommended features → Compatible ...    86 MB    Views 2187

Sticker Pic+

Related Apps photos sticker pic perfect unique stickers
-9    Find your special design tools in Sticker Pic, 360+ unique badges and stickers to express variety of moods to perfect your photos. Sticker Picunique stickers to perfect your photos Copyright © Sticker Pic.All Rights Reserved.    16 MB    Views 8371
-4    Cameracraft Sticker APP gives your the ability to customize your photographs with your favorite stickers with just one touch of a button and create your own Minecraft world. We hope you will enjoy our app and have fun with it. Download ...    3 MB    Views 9034

:) Fun Drawing

drawing photos love photo sets shapes perfect fun stamps mask decoration
+3    Fun Drawing lets you easily create fantastic draw on any photo simply using your finger. Your memories can be made more wonderful with gorgeous stamps drawing, awesome mask shapes. The only limit is your imagination. Fun Drawing is perfect for giving your ...    34 MB    Views 2349
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+1    HO HO HO Merry Christmas You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is comin’ to town Santa is coming and he has a big bag which full of special gifts; Christmas items, Christmas’s tree ...    42 MB    Views 5839
camera love ipad photo frame sticker image ios watercolor decoration auto filter
+11    "Senam Camera" is cute camera app, beautiful mixed form handmade illustrate sticker and digital camera app. Take a picture, select a filter, decorate your pic by sticker, save or share with friends and social media. easy and free "Senam" is mean "watercolor" in ...    79 MB    Views 2811

Photo Sticker Plus

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-4    Photo Sticker Plus Create your own Photo Sticker on the iPhone,iPod and iPad. Now ranked Top 100 OVERALL and Top 10 in Photography Features High quality frames and stickers. Variety of frames to choose from. Add stickers to your photo. Re adjustable photo ...    43 MB    Views 7672
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+5    PhotoUp have many application from many designer, Now we want to launch ourself application that can serve your idea to decorate your creation on the photo. We love to see the creation of speech bubble on your photo,You can created many ...    41 MB    Views 3912
chris 3000 stickers sticker page
+8    Hey, you It's the Chris Uphues Sticker Page 3000 app And it's free You take photos and do 'em up with around 300 awesome stickers taken from the catalogue of artist Chris Uphues. It's just that simple. Take your pic. Add your stickers. And ...    79 MB    Views 3533
+3    Explanation Beauty Photo & Sticker apply a filter to the photo, and you can create photo sticker application. Dwaeteumyeo from the default filter that includes a variety of filters to make photos look funny stickers. Point 16 Of the basic filter and application filter Brightness, ...    11 MB    Views 2251
stickers fun version sticker
+26    Place the funny stickers wherever you want. Use the great stickers to create your cute own photos Attention this is the free limited version. On the full version you will get hundreds of additional stickers. Features: High quality stickers Ergonomic: Easy and simple ...    16 MB    Views 995
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0    Girls Sticker Camera is a professional photo editor for girls. All are cute High quality frames and stickers. Re adjustable photo and sticker size. Touch to move image to your liking.    63 MB    Views 7861
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-8    This app is very cute General landscape mode (iPad only) localization Camera auto focus & exposure tap to focus & exposure tap to shutter auto save auto hashtag pinch to zoom flash mode selection 1:1 / 3:4 image ratio selection shutter timer ...    57 MB    Views 9178
girl sticker funny
+4    PP Girl Sticker is an Exciting, Cute, Funny, Fashionable and Amusing App with a various themes, different styles of delicate stickers Funny and Fantastic Making images lively, lighting up the details of your life Interesting photo stickers’app, a variety ...    84 MB    Views 1701
flower photos camera twitter facebook sticker apply stickers
-1    Decorate your photos with beautiful flowers. Choose your photos at camera roll or camera apply with amazing flower stickers. We can rotate your sticker and delete. We can apply as many as you can. Share your flower sticker at social network sites like facebook,twitter,etc.    47 MB    Views 3652
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+30    Photograph a Jurassic Dinosaur in your own park or even your front room with our easy to use sticker/stamp app for dinosaur enthusiasts With many dinosaur stickers to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for any photo. Designed to ...    10 MB    Views 2468


stickers include sticker packs friends
+22    StickerTag is a fun way new way to customise your favourite memories with family and friends. Chose a photo tag with some stickers and share your creations on email or Facebook. Next update will contain an iPhone version, birthday reminders and ...    NAN    Views 6022


speech photo photos tap edit balloon sticker friends
0    Make Comic Picture with photos of your family, friends or pets and share it with your friends Add photos from your album, speech balloons and stickers. Move, resize or edit them. Save to camera roll. Tap to edit Photo/Speech Balloon/Sticker ...    11 MB    Views 557


photo materials share service decoration effect contents standard
-5    decoCame is a photo editing application. Default Effects(60 standard decoration materials): Color, Mask, Border, Scene, Season, Stamp Other Decoration Materials: ○ Saved Photos ○ Digital Contents Share Service "ark" materials (Effect Code) ○ Internet materials (Image URL) Effect Settings: You can change the effect mode for standard effects, ...    4 MB    Views 961

Football Sticker

Related Apps football sticker
+15    football sticker 160 Stickers football player in all country Download and free to use use sticker on your photo to support your team :)    60 MB    Views 1286


Related Apps photos photo sheet print layout save sticker airprint paper
+15    PriSheet (Print Photo Sticker Sheet) PriSheet is an app to match your photos in layout templates and print them out. 17 templates available, including the one you can arrange the photo size by yourself. AirPrint support (iOS4.2 and later) You can simply tap to ...    4 MB    Views 7909

Photo Cutout

Related Apps photo background simple sticker cutout
+18    Photo Cutout make a sticker out of the photos. It's simple: 1. Pick a photo with a simple background. 2. Scribble over the foreground and background of the image. 3. Your sticker is done.    10 MB    Views 5480

ECU=SHOP Sticker

sticker shop
+30    Welcome to ECU=SHOP Sticker Introducing you to our camera app. With our unique and lovely stickers, you can select to decorate your photo anyway you want. Let's start the fun    17 MB    Views 3869

Superstar Developer

Related Apps social developer sticker send
+22    Do you know a Superstar Developer? .. do you have a photo of them? Let him/her know just how great they are by creating an official Superstar Developer social sticker. Send your Superstar Developer sticker over iMessage, Email and a variety of ...    25 MB    Views 7613
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+5    Photography has become such an easy hobby for most us because of the advent of smart phones – which are invariably integrated with very efficient high pixel cameras. What if you can add instant stickers to the pictures you just ...    5 MB    Views 4178

Mermaid Me

photo library twitter facebook www instagram sticker
0    Now you can be part of their world... Mermaid Me is the ONLY photo sticker app that can release your innermermaid Transform those boring legs into majestic tails, surround yourself with sparkling sea life, wear the finest mermaid thingamabobs, and swim with ...    8 MB    Views 12
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+29    Place the funny stickers wherever you want. Use the great stickers to create your cute own photos Features: High quality stickers Ergonomic: Easy and simple to use Fun Fun Fun Cool graphics Position your sticker anywhere you like    15 MB    Views 8648

CNX Sticker

-7    Welcome to our sticker app Download stickers from shop to use. Type your own text. Edit your photo. Save & Share    10 MB    Views 9746
stamp photo shutter auto image exposure tap selection decoration focus
+1    LamunLamai Stamp is now available LamunLamai and friends are new your best friend who will make you smile. Let's enjoy decorating your photo with LamunLamai Stamp ละมุนละไมแสตมป์ ละมุนละไมและผองเพื่อนจะมาเป็นเพื่อนรักคนใหม่ ที่จะทำให้คุณต้องยิ้ม :) อย่าลืมดาวน์โหลด LamunLamai Stamp แล้วมาสนุกกับการแต่งรูปด้วยกันกับพวกเรานะ Camera auto focus & exposure tap to focus & ...    56 MB    Views 4233

Sticker Pic

Related Apps photos sticker perfect unique stickers pic
-4    Find your special design tools in Sticker Pic, 240+ unique badges and stickers to express variety of moods to perfect your photos. Sticker Picunique stickers to perfect your photos Copyright © Sticker PicAll Rights Reserved.    16 MB    Views 4232


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+24    "PuriPix" allows you to download a photo which is taken at a photo sticker booth (Japanese Photo Sticker Machine). Take photos and select your best shot at our Photo Sticker Machine, and you can save/view it in "PuriPix" with your iPhone You ...    3 MB    Views 6164

Sticker iMagic

photos sticker
-6    Sticker iMagic makes photos lively and funny with your touches. By using your fingers, you can change monotonous photos become incredible one like magicians with their sticks. After having magic photos, you can public them via Facebook or Tiwtter... Feature Overview: _ Take ...    9 MB    Views 2649
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