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+11    Application : Instant iCard making tool for 1) Corporates, Government authorities, Organizations and Companies. 2) Exhibition and Event Organizers. 3) Recreation Clubs, Point of Sales, Banks and Shops. 4) Schools, Colleges, any other Educational – Training Institutes. 5) Security Agencies, Housing Societies, Sensitive and Restricted entry ...    25 MB    Views 6141

Cat Text 2.0

+4    Browse through hundreds of photos of cats and send your friends your favorite ones Disclaimers: Messages sent use your data, be wary of data rates, by downloading this app you agree that I am not liable for your data usage. All images obtained ...    10 MB    Views 5872
0    %%% SUMMER SALE 50% OFF Create square pictures from your photos and keep original location data. • choose white or black background • swipe left or right on photo to add photo offset • open directly in Instagram or save to photos • see exact ...    382 kb    Views 751
+27    This is pretty cool and simple tool which can transfer your photos/videos to other device using bluetooth. Both devices need to have BlueTrans, that's it [ How to use it ] You need prepare just 2 steps for sending photo/video, but if ...    5 MB    Views 8782


photos photo likes comments instagram number tag data tags
0    After tap a tag, firstly please tap the right top refresh button. Then photo data is download == For All Instagram Festival Lovers == InstaFes shows the rankings of tagged photos based on "likes" and "comments on Instagram". When you host ...    NAN    Views 5612


+3    GiftUP is an application that gives you the possibility to give a gift to someone you care about, while you are elsewhere. First take a photo of the gift you want to give. Then choose the right kind of wrapping, ribbon ...    22 MB    Views 5786
+18    "Photographer Management HD" is the first multiplatform system for professional photo studios and companies.

 "Photographer Management" allows you to create and keep a database of your customers, reportages, weddings and models for your Photo Studio. 

 Database for your Photo Studio. 


 ...    2 MB    Views 6822

FoodShot +

photo gps photos find shop data select picture
+6    Just take a picture You can manage your favorite foods and shops just take a picture. Do you have some food or shop photos? Do you see yourself in their photos and find where did you have? Foodshot can solve them You select a photo ...    10 MB    Views 7555


-6    Require: iOS 3.2 later & GPS. ////////////// You can send 3 locations by mail. Why need multiple locations? So, to meet someone, Will drive car or get train, & Will appointment with you on any place. Where is station, where is appointment, want to know if it's ...    259 kb    Views 4180

Metadata Pict

+3    Have you ever wanted to see all the information of your images directly? Want to quickly customize multiple images? Metadata Pict is a universal application that provides a simple interface to generate custom reports of your images. Just select the attributes you want ...    3 MB    Views 3059
data players server individual
-8    BasketballU Mobile is a customized version of SportsBoard Chameleon specifically built for use by coaches who go to tournaments where BasketballU is offering enhanced recruiting data services. ASSESSMENT FEATURES Track players from prior research and easily identify them in the App via ...    18 MB    Views 3227

Analog Portland

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+4    Analog Portland is the first app of Analog Film City Series Newly developed specialized 10 photographic filters in Portland You can make your photo of Portland feel And, Analog Portland Filter Preset for Adobe Lightroom Coming Soon [ EDITING TOOLS ] Exposure Brightness Contrast ...    16 MB    Views 4587


iphone software data receiving url process print
+4    For our friends with METAZA, have you ever wished to print using an iPhone? With iMETAZA, the whole process from taking a photo to creating a print data can all be done with an iPhone. Actual printing process will be done using a ...    293 kb    Views 1413

Exif Viewer

exif viewer location information position data http service editor
-3    Use Exif Viewer to show your photo's EXIF data. EXIF tags provide useful information such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the picture. Important Please grant EXIF viewer location service (which ...    2 MB    Views 7354

Crime Scene Cam

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+1    Automatically add location and date information to photos via GPS and date stamp data from your device camera. Add descriptive captions to photos. Move captioned data anywhere on the photo with simple touch gestures. Use photos from your camera, library, camera+, Facebook and ...    4 MB    Views 8960


photo metadata remove share data sharing check location
+1    Check your photo’s additional data. Then remove it before sharing. Metapho is a simple and clean viewer for photo metadata such as file size, camera model, ISO, shutter speed, location and more. Metapho Action lets you check metadata and remove it before ...    2 MB    Views 7352
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+3    Photofacts is a powerful photo information tool, designed to centralize your digital photo albums, and provide you with a behindthescenes look at the data stored within each of your photos. Take a Closer Look at Your Photos • Ataglance date/time, camera and ...    14 MB    Views 6558

Sun & Moon Premium

map time compass sun view position device positions sunlight data
-5    Where is the Sun? How high will it be? When will it be on my balcony? If you are a photographer, filmmaker, architect, garden/terrace/balcony owner or any other kind of sun lover, this is your app Use different views depending on the ...    18 MB    Views 9179

Burn It Up!

+9    Burn Photos photos that contains bad memories pictures of your boss boyfriend's photos who was cheating You can burn up any photos. ※ we just burn in the application, in fact it isn't burned. Nor the picture data doesn't disappear. Play in invisible ...    10 MB    Views 7218
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-2    Remove location data from your photos before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest    5 MB    Views 1807

Date Search Photo

photo date day number data
+11    You can manage it with (date, note) the additional information to the photos stored in the camera roll. Extraction data (photo) you can by a specified date. Past, I can respond to either of the future. Example of use ・Management of the expiration date ・Birthday ...    696 kb    Views 7926


time support quality high save processing data real image
+9    MPro App is specially for Monochrome Photograph. Has been designed to capture highquality black and white photography. (Need iOS6.1 or later) Features High Quality Picture. Has been designed so that it operates in uncompressed to save from internal processing to achieve highquality processing. Is possible ...    4 MB    Views 2572
photo photos camera data privacy location share geotags sharing
0    Gizmodo App of the Week (Feb 23, 2015) Lifehacker's Best Photography Apps for iPhone (2014) deGeo provides effortless locational privacy when sharing photos. Did you know that GPS location data is stored within each photo you take? This invisible, uneditable geotag ...    5 MB    Views 2011


email photos gps flickr data receiver real panoramio picasa
+2    With this application you can take pictures, inserting into them the geographical location data, and you can send them via email. The Exif data obtained from the GPS receiver, can be incorporated into the photos, along with a brief note. If you ...    973 kb    Views 3442

Ciel Active

-6    Share your active lifestyle with Ciel ACTIVE, with motion data from your iPhone 5s or login with your Jawbone UP account to share your moves and sleeps. Overlay your activity data to your photo and share them to social networks.    3 MB    Views 2721


recording video current innovative device data loop speed
-5    dashEye is designed to sit on your dashboard and monitor your driving as you drive around. Should you be involved in a traffic incident, dashEye will automatically trigger and save a video recording of the incident to the photo library ...    2 MB    Views 3523

ICARDXpress Pro

photo profile photos data choose code entry exhibition type
+25    Application : Instant iCard making tool for 1) Corporates, Government authorities, Organizations and Companies. 2) Exhibition and Event Organizers. 3) Recreation Clubs, Point of Sales, Banks and Shops. 4) Schools, Colleges, any other Educational – Training Institutes. 5) Security Agencies, Housing Societies, Sensitive and Restricted entry ...    29 MB    Views 5557
-5    looPlay will continuously replay a jumble of movies and photos. Data is only placed in the FTP server. Folder will be directly Playlist. Download the data in the sync button. It supports output to an external monitor.    3 MB    Views 8612
project data users
+9    The Biofinity Project BioBlitz App allows users to upload biological occurrence data to The Biofinity Project BioBlitz database from any internet connected iOS device. Users' can photograph occurrences, provide taxonomic classification and other details, geotag occurrences, and store the result ...    266 kb    Views 7782


forms add form clients data stored screen pdf information
+8    Are you a Photographer? Need professional looking release forms for your photographs? Look no further, this app has forms for Model and Property releasing. Add your clients, add the photos (either from the album or take using the camera) and create ...    10 MB    Views 8791

Job Jacket

photos job web cloud data
-1    Job Jacket is a tool for users to maintain and share photos within certain industries and have them all stored and organized in the cloud. It captures detailed information about each photo uploaded and can be shared in a variety ...    11 MB    Views 2498

RMC Photo Log

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-5    Description: Use the RMC Photo Log Creator to create quick professional photo reports that can be uploaded from your phone to anywhere in the world. The App was primarily designed for the engineering trades and disaster response units but can ...    704 kb    Views 8051


photographers iphone professional photographer address data
0    With this Professional photographers app you have access to all the data of all professional photographers who are members of the SVFN [The Society of Cooperating Professional Photographers in the Netherlands]. Wherever you are, your iPhone will show you the nearest ...    2 MB    Views 595


card business time data worry encrypted information function scanning leaks
0    Business Card main features include: 1, photograph card identification, and to save the data, and data is encrypted, need not worry about information leaks. 2, set up his own business card, other people can use this application by scanning identification function to ...    1 MB    Views 3459
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+3    DATA GUARD PIN CODE PROTECTION SECRET STORAGE FOR YOUR PHOTOS VIDEOS NOTES PASSWORDS Data Guard is designed to securely lock your screen and prevent unauthorized access. Create unlimited number of secret folders for your ...    12 MB    Views 288

Wallpaper for iPad

wallpaper photo library images backdrops wireless data font connection
+6    Wallpaper: What Will Yours Say? Create personalised wallpapers without the need for any graphics editing. Place your own text on top of the backdrop (your name, your number, a contacts name if using for a contact graphic, or indeed anything else you ...    8 MB    Views 7306


web data create moments visual
0    With Krumbs create your visual web. Life’s best moments are about what you see, what you hear, who you’re with, how you feel. The Krumbs app automagically attaches these “breadcrumbs” to each picture you take, then lets you search your photo collection ...    14 MB    Views 4404

Analog Jeju

+2    Analog Jeju is the fourth app of Analog Film City Series Newly developed specialized 10 photographic filters in Jeju You can make your photo of Jeju feel And, Analog Jeju Filter Preset for Adobe Lightroom Coming Soon [ EDITING TOOLS ] Exposure Brightness Contrast ...    17 MB    Views 5151
exif tags location data editor information modify remove add service
+11    Exif Editor supports viewing and modification of EXIF data of your pictures. EXIF tags can reveal information you do not want to share such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the ...    761 kb    Views 4690


photos search gps exif data show german metadata
0    Show and modify metainformation of your photos Show metainfo (EXIF, IPTC, TIFF, GPS, ...) of photos on device's camera roll. Show real address of GPSdata. Furthermore it's possible to edit GPSdata and some EXIF, IPTC and TIFFtags. Encrypt and secure your photos With 1 click ...    3 MB    Views 5463


Related Apps photos videos iphone data computer choose share transfer
+1    Browse and transfer photos and videos from your device to your computer over WiFi. ► Automatic Discovery Your iPhone just appears in Windows or Mac under Network Places and Finder. ► Simple Drag and Drop anywhere on your computer. ► Flexible Share all your photos and ...    4 MB    Views 5673


camera photo time jpg data copy focal length cameras
+15    On sale now Reg Price 1.99. The GeoZapper is an app which enhances privacy by creating a new copy of a JPG photo without the peripheral data which may be associated with the JPG photo. Overview When using GPS enabled cameras (including ...    NAN    Views 9516
video photos people service send paid data means simple
0    ShareCam is a simple and private way to share pictures and video with your family. This app is the free companion app to the ShareCam website, a paid service. Share your life with the people who care about you. 1. Send photos and ...    4 MB    Views 2503

Image Privacy

Related Apps gps image privacy remove information picture data
+6    Do you know that a picture you post online or send by eMail may distribute many informations about you or you mobile? Some pictures carry GPS information, camera settings, equipment model, date, time, etc... Sometimes you don't want this information disclosed. So ...    1 MB    Views 7443


Related Apps photo photos sticker machine download save data downloaded view
+13    "PuriPix" allows you to download a photo which is taken at a photo sticker booth (Japanese Photo Sticker Machine). Take photos and select your best shot at our Photo Sticker Machine, and you can save/view it in "PuriPix" with your iPhone You ...    3 MB    Views 6164
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+2    This application allows you to create photos without GPS data from your existing photos. You can select multiple photos at a time and copied them to Camera roll without GPS data. In addition, you can check the location, date and map ...    1 MB    Views 7787

NMEA gpsRecorder

gps program time record position log file data
+11    NMEA gpsRecorder is a program that allows you to record, at predetermined time intervals, your GPS position and to save the data, in a NMEA0183 compatible format (record types GGA and RMC), into a log file exportable using iTunes. Each ...    7 MB    Views 2485

The Social Kiosk

social kiosk brand data guest image custom
+13    The Social Kiosk is an app that is best used with our custom kiosk to be placed inside of establishments for their guests to use for photo capturing and sharing. The establishment or event has the opportunity to custom brand ...    44 MB    Views 8003

Photo Gopher

photo gps data picture format file creation location turn
-6    Photo Gopher lets you pick a picture from your device's photo library, and then goes digging for metadata information about that picture which it then displays, including, but not limited to: Places : GPS coordinates, an annotated map, and if ...    4 MB    Views 5770
exif tags location data editor modify information remove picture files
+2    Exif Editor supports viewing and modification of EXIF data of your pictures. EXIF tags can reveal information you do not want to share such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the ...    843 kb    Views 6436

Analog Wedding

wedding twitter photos data analog instagram
0    Analog Wedding is for Wedding photos Newly developed specialized 10 photographic filters. You can make your photo beautiful. And, Analog Wedding Filter Preset for Adobe Lightroom Coming Soon [ EDITING TOOLS ] Exposure Brightness Contrast Saturation Vignette Film Grain Texture Rotate & Flip Sharpen ...    16 MB    Views 7786

Picolia Data

photo data collect upload register guests information
-4    Picolia Data is a data collection application. With our app you can collect information from your event guests, register them for sweepstakes, collect your product feedback, etc. App can be customised to fit your brand. Upload your logo and you have ...    700 kb    Views 8871


camera photo size simple sns data immediately button standard
+26    This is small size pic ios camera app. "300K BYTE PICT SIZE." When it is standard camera app to take a little photo, photo size is too high? You can size down about 80% photograph data if you use the LiteCamera. "1M PIXEL ...    639 kb    Views 4842
shooting data continuous capturing select
+13    Shot anywhere and at any time regardless of others. Use simply in a silent place. Capturing data in a library Capturing data in a bookstore When a baby sleeps When a pet sleeps Grasp important moment with Continuous shooting camera with silence Function: 1. ...    9 MB    Views 6795


photos images license image interesting data
-1    This app is especially designed for photographers who are familiar with the Geotacking and want to sell your images on And all users are looking for interesting subjects as photos from around the world. In the EXIF data of ...    1 MB    Views 9510

OLYMPUS Image Track

Related Apps camera gps smartphone data journey track log pictures olympus tracking
+4    To the smartphone from the camera via WiFi. OI.Track enrich your activities. Paired with a compatible Olympus camera, the Olympus Image Track (OI.Track) smartphone app makes photography on journeys even more enjoyable. With this app, you can update the camera's GPS ...    9 MB    Views 3916
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-6    The BEST slideshow of YOUR iPad and iPhone images Play an intelligent slideshow powered by the GPS location data of your images FlyPic extracts all the data needed from your photos and plays a stunning slideshow with beautiful flighteffects What are you ...    8 MB    Views 9131


photos image account picture password encryption data device
+8    In today's world, privacy and security are hard to come by. The truth is, they don't have to be. With Clandestine, you'll never again have to worry about protecting sensitive photos on your mobile device. Take a picture or screenshot ...    226 kb    Views 6570

Analog Tokyo

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+4    앱 구매시 1.00 결제는 애플의 신용카드 테스트 과정입니다. 이중 결제가 아니니 안심하시기 바랍니다. Analog Tokyo is the second app of Analog Film City Series Newly developed specialized 10 photographic filters in Tokyo You can make your photo of Tokyo feel And, Analog Tokyo ...    16 MB    Views 2335


photo photos camera baby original save post switch facing panel data
-8    Monica Baby Blue Official Camera App New Camera app with as many as 50 original frames with cute characters of MONICA BABY BLUE Why not save records of you cute kids with MonicaBBCamera? You can order your own original photo panel ...    NAN    Views 3033
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