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+8    The Royal Collection builds month by month into a beautiful photo record of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. As her Majesty celebrates 60 years as British monarch with a year of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, The Royal Collection ...    9 MB    Views 6636
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+12    Australian Photography + digital is Australia’s topselling photography publication. Named Niche Magazine of the Year in the 2013 Australian Magazine Awards, AP has one simple goal – to help you become a better photographer. Each month the magazine profiles leading ...    5 MB    Views 4233
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0    Advanced Photographer magazine is the only monthly photo title totally dedicated to the advanced enthusiast. It is the magazine for serious photographers who have outgrown the profusion of onesize fits all photo magazines, and are ready for a title that ...    16 MB    Views 5254

Snap Chop

+19    Snap Chop is the original iPhone app that adds hilarious captions to your photos. Check out the all new version 2 now with speech functionality... Powered by iSpeech. You're gonna love my shots Step 1: Hang out with some buddies Step 2: Take a ...    3 MB    Views 5925

Lenscape Magazine

Related Apps magazine subscription current price account period renewal purchase issue
+11    Lenscape Magazine exhibits the world's finest 'scape photography. Whether it be landscape, seascape, cityscape, you name it Lenscape exhibits it all. In the spirit of Ansel Adams, Peter Lik, William Henry Jackson, and many, many more landscape photographers, we ...    19 MB    Views 1219

BT Journal

magazine photography learning ipad video design camera journal digital subscription issue issues moose current period stories
+15    Moose Peterson’s Journal for taking your photography to new heights Photographed and Written by Moose Peterson, the BTJ brings to you the stories behind the images Moose has spent the last four decades capturing. The BT Journal for 17yrs has had ...    44 MB    Views 4096


photo photos subscription period user emoji receiver free current
+4    An app to share photos Yet, be in control of who they are shared with and what happens to the photo later Subscribe today for 99 cents Or use the app for free for 30 days (See below for details). • Send photos ...    14 MB    Views 9812
camera magazine accessories time subscription purchase digital current period trial free itunes
+3    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 30DAY FREE TRIAL WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. Download the app now and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. What Digital Camera is the world’s oldest digital photography magazine and the UK’s biggest selling ...    10 MB    Views 1645
magazine shooting photographers photography subscription issues issue digital purchase images current photographer
+3    Digital Photographer is the ultimate monthly photography magazine, delivering indispensable, practical and handson shooting advice. Aimed at digital enthusiasts and professional photographers, Digital Photographer features the latest highend kit reviews, expert interviews, practical shooting advice and imageediting tutorials to help ...    20 MB    Views 5495
-3    LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscribe now and save 45%. Download the app and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and ...    NAN    Views 3123
photography magazine subscription shadows price light current period matter started renewal
-3    What lies within the darkness or is it just emptiness? Photographs are a play of light and shadows and I want to bring out that play to the viewers. I want my viewers to embrace the darkness and realize the ...    16 MB    Views 3738
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-6    FREE 30DAY SUBSCRIPTION TRIAL – GET OUR LATEST ISSUE FREE TODAY Digital Camera is Britain's biggest and best photography magazine. We pack every issue with more expert advice than any other magazine with the sole aim of making you a better ...    NAN    Views 8759
favorite current
+1    The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is spiritually celebrated in Vadodara with great enthusiasm and joy That is why the 'Ganeshji' App provides: • HD photo gallery of current and past year's Ganeshjis within Vadodara • Promotion for events, Ganeshji concept and cultural ...    8 MB    Views 1925
news leica gallery current world fotografie international
+21    LFI – Leica Fotografie International is presenting current issues of the magazine, selected areas of the gallery, and news from round the world of photography, in a completely overhauled App. In the LFI gallery, photographers from around the world show the ...    2 MB    Views 1484
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-6    Use your iPad as a digital photo frame that automatically shows pictures from Instagram Can show your own pictures, your feed, popular photos or the latest photos taken around your current location (a really nice way to see what your fellow ...    1 MB    Views 3449

1 Cloud 2

Related Apps photos subscription storage order cloud months auto period current account
+9    1 Cloud 2 is a free cloud storage and file sharing provider which gives you possibility to store, share and access your most important documents & photos anywhere in the world. Our services include topnotch security and the newest technology ...    6 MB    Views 7400
Related Apps aviation magazine subscription air automatically period account current www settings
+6    The Aviation Magazine published since 2009, (formerly The Magazine by AirshowsReview). We feature aviation related events such as airshows, military exercises, air base visits with the major air forces worldwide, performers, interviews with pilots, and reviews of aviation museums. The ...    12 MB    Views 5486
videos time account purchase subscription period charged current
0    Gina Queen Of Heels presents a lot of never seen photos and videos for free inside this app. Included is the opportunity to contact Gina on her Facebook account. Furtheron a Puzzle will shorten your time during breaks with the opportunity to make ...    40 MB    Views 9985

Long Exposures

+27    Hakan Strand is an award winning Fine Art Photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He brings his Scandinavian influences into his photography to create a style which is characterized by sophisticated simplicity of form, beauty and lines. By making use of ...    10 MB    Views 6215
Related Apps photography issues subscription auto current future renew account purchase digital
-4    Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. Written for photographers of all abilities, from beginner through enthusiast to professional, it informs and entertains through a blend of technique articles, inspirational images and ...    13 MB    Views 3334
Related Apps magazine photography art subscription account itunes period purchase renewal automatically current
+14    Photography magazine that promotes unconventional, surrealistic and inspiring fine art photography that creates fusions with literature, philosophy and other interpretations. It reveals interviews, occasionally artistic videos, analysis and fictional characters. Subscriptions Available for Poetic Photography Magazine: 24.99 for a 1year subscription, ...    17 MB    Views 5294

I View Magazine

magazine subscription automatically current account nature period hours view purchase
+11    I VIEW IS PHOTOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE FOR THE PERSONS WHO LOVE NATURE, FLOWER, CHILD & all beautifull things around us.Photographs is nothing but capture special moments of our life & nature.The photographer of this magazine has tried to present some memorable ...    12 MB    Views 5713


drawing photo photos email facebook gallery shapes filled background stroke sided current
+5    Painter Pro is a fun painting/drawing program. There are 20 functions available. Colours Allows you to select the paintbrush colour. Brush Stroke Allows you to select the thickness of the brush stroke. Pattern Background You can choose from 30 backgrounds. Plain Background ...    44 MB    Views 6101

Photoscape Magazine

Related Apps work magazine camera subscription price account renewal current period purchase creates expression
+18    Mark A. Paulda is a multifaceted photographer who known for his dark and visually elusive, yet intensely illuminated and inspirational photographs. His work represents profound observations into the nature of the world and humanity that surrounds him. Utilizing his intuitive ...    11 MB    Views 181
+11    Photography Backdrops Magazine Subcribe for Free and get Instant Access to Subscription Only Issues with Top Photographers Tuition Photography Backdrops Magazine is brought to you by Chepe Enterprises and focused towards the Photography scene. You will find high definition video lessons, interviews, gear ...    43 MB    Views 3326

Resource Magazine

magazine photo subscription period user year world current auto edition
0    Resource Magazine is a premier trade publication that is devoted to all things related to the craft and lifestyle of the photo/video world. Each issue is loaded with essential information, including interviews with top industry photographers, camera reviews, insider information, ...    10 MB    Views 4834
Related Apps photo magazine subscription period issues pocketmags current account issue charged
+3    Photo Solution c’est le magazine photo incontournable pour /tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la photographie. Son contenu à la fois didactique et inspirant cherche à tisser un lien étroit et constant avec le milieu de la photographie, les organismes organisateurs ...    5 MB    Views 4962

EOS magazine

+5    The quarterly photography magazine for Canon SLR camera owners. EOS magazine focuses exclusively on the EOS system, from the cameras and lenses through to the flash and remote accessories. You will find information and advice in EOS magazine not available in ...    11 MB    Views 8050
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-2    Point & Shoot Photography Magazine is "Digital Photography for the rest of us" P&S Photography magazine helps you learn how to take better pictures. Get more ooh's and aah's from your pictures Take pictures you will be proud to share Easily master sites Like, ...    42 MB    Views 6024
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0    暮らしの景観・環境をデザインする。 Designing environment and scenery for public. 『LANDSCAPE DESIGN』the magazine provides timely information on built landscapes and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design with photographs and graphics ,in Asia and all over the world ;useful for landscape architects or garden ...    11 MB    Views 7155
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0    InstaStory is a magic app that lets you express a moment where the past and the present overlap With InstaStory, all these things can be expressed. 1) special photos where current I exist in the place of the past, 2) special ...    32 MB    Views 620


magazine camera subscription issue current subscriptions auto
+12    Zerb, the biannual joumal of The Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC), is unique among industry magazines. It is edited and written by cameramen for cameramen, with each issue edited by a different member of the GTC. This ensures that the ...    13 MB    Views 9247
Related Apps camera photo magazine photography subscription digital issue current period terms slr purchase
-3    FREE 30DAY SUBSCRIPTION TRIAL – GET OUR LATEST ISSUE FREE TODAY Digital Camera World is the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and will show you how to improve any digital photo. We pack every issue with more expert advice than ...    32 MB    Views 4968

Remember the Tripod

cards photo photos card ideas tripod current place today position remember
+3    Remember the Tripod is your photographer's notebook for collecting ideas and locations for your next photographs. Create a card by taking a photo and writing down your ideas. If available, your current location will be automatically added. You can also import from ...    1 MB    Views 5106

photos photo period subscription current http account pro auto
+9    The easiest way to show off your best photos. Lumo is free. Upload your photos, organize them into albums, and share them with the world all at no charge. Lumo does not and will not display ads anywhere, ever. There is no ...    2 MB    Views 7415
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+17    From the developers of the popular and highly addictive Snap Chop now with speech functionality... Powered by iSpeech. You're gonna love my shots Step 1: Hang out with a baby (or old person) Step 2: Take a photo Step 3: Snap Chop: Baby Edition ...    3 MB    Views 5817
Related Apps photography magazine issue pocketmags issues black white subscription current period account
0    Black + White Photography is the champion of the B&W image. The magazine features stunning contemporary images from some of the finest names in black & white. As well techniques and tips, product news and reviews, every issue provides opportunities ...    5 MB    Views 8721

X of 365

+1    X of 365 is a great companion to 365 photo projects X of 365 makes it easy to determine the ordinal day of the year. When the application starts, it will display the current date and the ordinal day. You can ...    3 MB    Views 3078
Related Apps photos time share level noise current instant top information skin
0    InstaDecibel is a little utility app that overlays noise level (dB) on your taken photos and share them instantly. You can make creative and informational photos by overlay decibel reports on top. And most importantly, share them in an instant ...    7 MB    Views 5905
photos flickr instagram screen 500px optimized nearby quality full current
0    Discover the most beautiful photos others have taken nearby your current location in a gorgeous high quality parallax full screen format. Discover interesting nearby locations, travel back in time, or see photos from other seasons or daylight conditions in your current ...    10 MB    Views 4031


photo photos location pictures current list
-4    LocoFoto is an locationbased photo application. LocoFoto detects your current location and shows you pictures taken previously at the same location. LocoFoto uses a number of photo services including Flickr and LocoFoto's own photo service to provide a wide range of locationspecific ...    85 kb    Views 7469
Related Apps video maps street view world current share friends google
+14    World Street 2.0 now is online , supporting more than 50 countries, include Google street view maps and Tencent's street maps in China , and can make your own super nice video of street scenery Features : Photographs : Current ...    24 MB    Views 6834

The Painter

drawing photo photos email facebook gallery shapes filled stroke background sided current
+30    The Painter is a fun painting/drawing program. There are 20 functions available. Colours Allows you to select the paintbrush colour. Brush Stroke Allows you to select the thickness of the brush stroke. Pattern Background You can choose from 30 backgrounds. Plain Background ...    126 MB    Views 3516

Folios Magazine

Related Apps magazine video photography art subscription annual price issues current renewal period account purchase
-4    Exhibited in Focus Folios will be photography that covers such subjects as: Architecture, Autos, Cityscapes, Documentary, Floral, Landscapes, Music, Portraiture, Seascapes, Still Life, Street Life, Travel/People/Places, Underwater, and so much more. Oh, and we will also be dabbling in the ...    10 MB    Views 4966
videos subscription account period purchase current monthly month renewal
-4    Gina Queen Of Heels presents a lot of never seen photos and videos for free inside this app. Included is the opportunity to contact Gina on her Facebook account. Furtheron a Puzzle will shorten your time during breaks with the opportunity to make ...    53 MB    Views 7193
Related Apps photography magazine subscription issues canada outdoor current automatically account period
-4    An app for Photographers of every level to enjoy the Landscapes, Wildlife, and Nature that Canada and its wilderness has to offer. Outdoor Photography Canada magazine’s aim is to instruct the mobile reader through entertaining, interesting and informative articles and ...    2 MB    Views 186
subscription issues current auto period purchase future account forum
0    Established in 1977, Photographer’s Forum magazine is an awardwinning quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography in the United States and Canada. Each issue strives to facilitate communication and publication experience among emerging professionals. Back issues and future issues are ...    17 MB    Views 7828

Shutterbug Magazine

photographers magazine subscription period renew itunes auto account current
-4    Shutterbug is the leading photo and imaging magazine for advanced amateur and professional photographers, and all who relate to their photography as a meaningful part of their lives. Inside every monthly issue you'll get lighting pointers, pro studio tips, test ...    10 MB    Views 9471

Magic Hour

Related Apps magic moon calendar time hour current events create degrees
+4    Magic Hour (also called golden hour) is the time of day around sunrise and sunset when the light is great for photography and cinematography. It is typically when the sun is between 6 degrees below the horizon to 6 degrees ...    21 MB    Views 6006


map compass time overlay panel 3gs direction digital current
+6    50% Discount For a limited time, this app is selling for 0.99 instead of usual 1.99 Top 30 in Japan App Store (Photography) Thank you very much ありがとうございました Create your own street views with this simple to use app that combines the functions ...    70 kb    Views 2893


photo photography magazine subscription auto automatically account renewed current itunes turn
+6    PHOTO+, a monthly magazine, specialized in photography, dealing with cultural and technological features. We introduce current photography art to our readers from home and abroad. Also, our magazine delivers different types of brandnew equipment for photographs. Subscribe to PHOTO+. We will not ...    8 MB    Views 5586

SmackEm Lite

photo camera facebook email select effect effects roll switch current tab
+11    Looking for a fun way to get back at an annoying classmate, or just give a friend a hard time? Then SmackEm Use an assortment of photo effects to smack your friend around without the risk of hospital bills or ...    2 MB    Views 6606


Related Apps stock subscription account renewal agencies current period purchase hours
+13    This is a mobile app to check your earnings at the microstock agencies and notify you when you get new sales.The app crawls the agency and gets the image number and balance, it can also estimate your monthly earning, daily ...    16 MB    Views 9026

Watermarks Magazine

Related Apps photography subscription price issues current purchase account renewal period watermarks
-4    My photography explores emotion and spirituality based in reality. I make photographs that express a devotion to family, explore the struggle between vulnerability and capability and illustrate high regard for the natural world. I am an environmentalist, a romanticist and ...    15 MB    Views 3635

Horror Cam

horror includes effect effects vampire current cam
+26    A must for fans of current horror shows Horror Cam lets you transform your pictures into horror masterpieces This app has all the "horror" effects you need to turn everyday photos into scary and terrifying pics, heavily influenced by old horror ...    89 MB    Views 6860
Related Apps magazine amateur time subscription purchase current period weekly account itunes photographer
-4    LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscribe now and save 45%. Download the app and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and ...    10 MB    Views 1223

Enjoying BIRDS

subscription birds account period month current monthly automatically experience
+13    Enjoying BIRDS is a monthly digitalonly magazine which captures the beauty and wonder of birds in photos and videos. Take advantage of our 7Day FREE TRIAL subscription. Experience for yourself the majesty and magnificence of the world of BIRDS. If ...    24 MB    Views 2647
Related Apps time photo photos instagram subject current based votes add
-8    Looking for more fun ways you can use Instagram? Compete with other Intagrammers around the world taking pictures based on the same subject. Gain points and fame. Become the world’s top Instagram user How does it work? Subject is changing every 13 ...    793 kb    Views 1529

Photo Life Magazine

Related Apps photo photography magazine subscription period issues pocketmags account current issue charged
+4    Established in 1976, Photo Life magazine is Canada's leading source for photography. Including technical knowledge and tips, industry news and events, international travel photography and documentaries, as well as innovative approaches, techniques, and secrets of the trade, Photo Life is ...    5 MB    Views 8583
maps facebook photo location find share current friends position place cool
-8    Dinos can be anything...your friends that you wanna find and get in touch with or your favorite places that you want to keep track of. Find My Dinos lets you find your friends and share your location and more with the ...    14 MB    Views 7991
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