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+27    Watch 3D photos without glasses by simply tilting the device. Take your own 3D photos by moving the camera sideways while photographing. Share 3D photos with others.    23 MB    Views 2793


+10    Dojo is an application manual camera that can be created easily using the photos and videos were taken. 1. take picture. 2. add a comment 3. output. You can create a manual in three easy steps. Documentation that is because the output is created in ...    5 MB    Views 6519
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+3    Create stunning PhotoCollages with your own photos. You can add as many photos as you want. Rotate and place it where you need Save it in your Camera Roll or share it in any social network or messaging app.    8 MB    Views 4011


+7    Add some Pittsburgh flair to your photos no matter where you're at. Local celebrities, ridiculous sandwiches, outdated modes of transportation and more could be taking your photos to the next level    7 MB    Views 367
+12    Mobile applications is probably one of the fastest developing areas of "digital art". It’s not a secret that there were created an unlimited number of programs to work with images. We are offering a completely new solution an ...    7 MB    Views 4669
+12    Optimized graphics for the Retina display In the Internet age, even Valentine's Day has been electronic vide. If you want to surprise the other person take advantage of our application. 
Thanks to her unique and create a unique piece. You have 23 ...    18 MB    Views 5660
+4    Notice This calendar app includes October, November and December, 2011. To enjoy from January to September, you will be charged in the application. To HANAtoIRO Calendar Fans Thank you for your waiting. Here, we are proud to announce that we have ...    6 MB    Views 8389
-4    " Quite simply that the synthesis of photos and maps application ." Share your photos and synthesize the map Will be automatically entered to address :) Boyfriend , girlfriend, now you know even know where it is :)    3 MB    Views 1441
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+7    Create collage style photo by splitting pics frame by frame in multiple frame layouts. There are over 200 frames that can be unlocked to create the collages in. With endless editing tools there will be no 2 Split Frames that ...    42 MB    Views 7925


-1    Where mobile photographers thrive. Publish your best photos for sale: Sell your photos through your own gallery Shoot for paid projects: Respond to calls for submissions from brands and agencies offering premium payouts. Showcase your portfolio to the world: Find an audience, get ...    21 MB    Views 8793

HC PhotoShow

clock photo ipad date created album
+4    HC PhotoShow is a slideshow with the clock that play the photo album. iPad can be used as a photo stand. The date and clock and the created date can be displayed. The show or hidden, and the font can be set at ...    185 kb    Views 6625
+4    EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) – is a standard that allows to add additional information (metadata) to photos with comments on that file and describes the conditions and methods of its production, authorship, GPS coordinates of the location of shooting ...    1 MB    Views 6014

Monki Mi

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+19    The Monki Mi photo booth Created by Monki—fashion made for expressing yourself. Find out more at Monki Mi opens the door to the Monki way of being Make magic with Monki Mi Photo Booth and turn your everyday snaps into decorated portraits. ...    21 MB    Views 2912
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+9    Fly fearlessly, capture candidly.... Record your gameplay video and flaunt your flapping skills Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to record a game of your bird and save it for ever? Did you ever wish to relive your game ...    11 MB    Views 385

Love Photography

+1    Application for customers to upload photos from an apple iphone to our servers so photos can be printed.    NAN    Views 4833

Chisel App

+2    Add location overlays to photos Then share to your social networks seamlessly. Great while traveling Sharing photos of food from restaurants Or event outings with friends    11 MB    Views 5368


+11    The only app you need for photo sharing, complete control over where and how to share photos. Post photos to: Tumblr Flickr Twitter Facebook    1 MB    Views 907

Photo Album Secure

-9    Keep your photos and videos safe with Touch ID. Use your fingerprint to unlock the photos.    3 MB    Views 8711
+1    Make your picture into artwork of text You get bored with ordinary and boring pics? You wanna try out ASCII art, but you've got no sense of art or simply don't wanna spend laborious days or weeks? "FaceSymbol" is exactly what you've been ...    24 MB    Views 4982

social light

social light fast edit created
-8    Social light is a chic and modern way to edit your photos on the go, crafted uniquely for the fastpaced lifestyle. The user friendly design offers 17 filter options and introduces a new way to edit contrast & brightness. The ...    18 MB    Views 4166


photos maps pin contacts reminders location saved contact list locations created
0    With pinDown, keep on top of your relationships, activities and commitments, through a beautiful integration of Maps, Contacts, Photos and Reminders: 1) it's easy and fast, 2) in pinDown, you can see all your saved locations not only as a list but ...    4 MB    Views 7709
plant art film photography artist singing presentation media plants exhibition world created works photographs
+5    Tropisms Tropisms are projects created by art movement Tropism. Photosynthesis is the travelling exhibition that wants to shed a new light on plants. This app forms the complete catalogue for botanical gardens curators and for galleries that are interested in botanyrelated ...    572 MB    Views 2926


+15    Upload your photos and collect sweet karma. Judge others with the flick of a finger. ReSnapped photos are more likely to be seen again. There's not much else to it, but it's fun Download it now    14 MB    Views 8673


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0    FEAR NOT LOYAL FANS AN UPDATE IS COMING SOON FOR A MUCH BETTER APP Add speech bubbles, thought bubbles, exclamation bubbles, captions and neon text to your photos Then save your photos or email them. IBubble Lite takes photos from your ...    4 MB    Views 3595

Video Creater

+3    An amazing application to create video from your photos and that is with your selected song. Its create video very quickly and arranging your videos in a video frame. Just you need to select your all photos in Photo ...    56 MB    Views 7183


+4    Turn your photos into beautiful posters. Optimized for retina displays. For IOS 7 Multiple controls that allow you to give the perfect look to your photos. Save or delete the settings you want. Share your photos in social networks. Add to album or send your photos ...    3 MB    Views 9388
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+7    " Tell the world your story via amazing looking photos in seconds It's all about one thing… making cool and funny photos better than any of your friends. You won't believe how great this camera app is until you use it "    13 MB    Views 6078
+6    If you like to retouch photos and graphic design, here you have a collection free incredible image retouched with photo editing programs. Spectacular montages created by the people and shared on the internet. True digital artists. You amazed with these ...    14 MB    Views 9520
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+1    FaceBooth : Swap Machine is an amazing new app for taking pictures and swapping the faces over. Quick, accurate automatic face detection and placement to help you swap faces in your photos for everyone’s entertainment. The process of transferring one face ...    8 MB    Views 6674

FX image for Photos

+23    Any photos that you have made yourself look like to change it? Fast and easy way Give effects to your photos. Invert colors Color Control Adjustment Range Adjust Hue combine all Your best photos    5 MB    Views 8552
+5    Edit your photos and share on Social sites. App consist of many effects for photos which will make your image praise worthy.    5 MB    Views 7072

Photos To Go Lite

0    Take and send photos without having them in your camera roll. This is the free version with watermarks on the photos.    1 MB    Views 3222
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+10    FaceBooth : Swap Machine is an amazing new app for taking pictures and swapping the faces over. Quick, accurate automatic face detection and placement to help you swap faces in your photos for everyone’s entertainment. The process of transferring one face ...    8 MB    Views 5022

Photos Secret

-9    With this utility, you can take your own pictures in any place in museums, without anyone noticing Using it is very simple: Open the app > Fake Write > Click on the Save button With these 3 small steps you will find all ...    2 MB    Views 9835
+3    Create awesome slideshows with your photos and videos. High quality like Hollywood movies. Looks fantastic with Instagram photos. All templates are free    75 MB    Views 9772


wedding event events friends share create created experience
+24    We all remember what we were doing at important moments of our lives : an extraordinary concert, a wedding, a memorable sporting event, a historical event, a party with friends ... We share with our closest friends on how we lived ...    16 MB    Views 9767


photo photos iphone time tag tags version free created privacy
0    WELCOME TO TAGGER A FREE VERSION NEWS: Apariya LLC is celebrating OVER 15,000 DOWNLOADS from all of it's popular Apps. A Big THANK YOU from our team DESCRIPTION: This is a photo and video bookmarking or tagging app for iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 1620
0    Pinpoint is an easy way to plan an event with your friends and family. Share everyone’s location during the event and enjoy the memories created while attending. Create an event with only the information that matters: where and when. Once you've ...    31 MB    Views 2469

OldPic Agent

-9    You can make old photos with a simple operation. You can control in detail (Frames, Filters, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation). Please try to change your photos in the iPhone / iPod / iPad photo album into the classical atmosphere.    25 MB    Views 7274
social time media work cards artist men arts practice lab street lens created
+21    Time Lens Pearl Street is an interactive documentary built on a growing set of immersive panoramas documenting the rapid gentrification of an urban neighborhood in Philadelphia. Incorporated into these digital panoramas are voices, stories, dreams and memories of members ...    863 MB    Views 5884

Poster Girl!

poster effects girl create choose effect created color posters image
+4    "Poster Girl" lets you easily create cool looking posters with any image. Apply poster and art effects to your own photos. Transform them instantly into amazing posters Warhol style. You'll create a fabulous poster every time. "Poster Girl" features a straightforward and ...    3 MB    Views 9745

PhotoNova 2

photos photo green summer facebook twitter tools editing select tool modify change color created scale
+30    Enhance photos and transform simple pictures into stunning images with the PhotoNova 2. An essential tool for both amateur and professional iPhoneographers, PhotoNova 2 is a powerful collection of mobile editing tools that gives you unprecedented control over the aesthetics of ...    45 MB    Views 3951

Rainbow Photo

+15    LET'S CELEBRATE PRIDE Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom Key features: Merge multiple photos together Get photos from album, camera and Facebook Search and use images from the web Easy to share your creation Simple to use and suitable for all ages.    12 MB    Views 9447


social photos twitter iphone videos create images content explore created users
-3    Choose any topic or hashtag, and instantly pull photos and videos from across the social universe, into an explorable and fun social object called a “fractograf.” Sign in to create fractografs from your own images, store and edit your fractografs, ...    9 MB    Views 8339
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+10    Over 25 UFO's Lighting Effects Created by Hollywood Special Effects Artists SImple and Easy to Use Best UFO camera on the market Post to FACEBOOK, EMAIL or SAVE TO YOUR LIBRARY Be the first to own this Professional Version Create amazing UFO pictures instantly Includes over 25 ...    14 MB    Views 3286
photo photos facebook twitter mood created
+3    Photomood was born to express yourself through your photos Meet our "MoodGuys": Chirpy: the first, is coming to help you telling the world how much sadness or happiness is in your moments. Angry: consumed with rage, here to shout all of its Fury ...    4 MB    Views 6283


+5    Build your own special effect photos. Combine differents photos into one and adjust different parameters, add text, etc. Send the result per mail or store it in your album.    17 MB    Views 754

Manga Camera

frame photo camera library green comics text photos comic manga view update created moved sliding
0    "Manga Camera" collages photos as one page of comics. Here, "manga" means comics in Japanese. It draws each view, a manga frame separated as comics, using the builtin camera or the photo library. Let's change daily life to a comic. ...    968 kb    Views 3039


+20    One tap to turn your photos from trip, party, wedding, vacation or family gettogether into amazing movies with beautiful background music. Just use templates and choose your photos for quick movie making. Or try to be a director yourself by experiencing ...    19 MB    Views 9072


+13    Browse through my designs, illustrations and photos. Download them as wallpapers. Follow me on Twitter and view my latest photos on Flickr    8 MB    Views 5133

Angel Voice

Related Apps photos voice photo language communication boards angel screen create user built created
0    Angel Voice is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication tool for iOS, designed to help people communicate their ideas and needs through photos. It includes no abstract symbols or indecipherable sketches, and requires no language skills. You will use your own photos ...    10 MB    Views 2456
+2    The application allows users to view photos from popular social network vkontakte which were uploaded near your location. Browse interesting moments or events around you, add authorS to your friend list, share photos with friends or relatives. It is a paid ...    6 MB    Views 7389

squarephoto BB

+11    You can square your photos easily with this app. And you can make funny photos with the more than 20 filters.    6 MB    Views 1126
design photos page story create choose layouts created favorite layout
+4    Design your own story, PAGE UP Design and tell your memorable stories using your own photos with various layouts and editing features powered by PAGE UP a new, fun and simple way to create and share your stories for your ...    26 MB    Views 3909


picture location address document created user
+20    Certify any image. Anywhere, anytime. Whatever the mishap, shot it with Stamphoto. You get a legally binding document certifying date, time and picture GPS location The issued certificate is legally valid and kept for 5 years by a third trusted party. Stamphoto ...    14 MB    Views 3477


-8    Use this app to quick and easy add speech balloons and text boxes to your photos. This is the free version of QuickBalloons. The limitations are that you can't combine multiple photos to make like a comic strip. Create and share with ...    642 kb    Views 649
work people camera evernote picture notebook annoying created process
-9    DO NOT WASTES YOUR TIME FOR CATEGORIZING EVERNOTE NOTEBOOKS ANYMORE When you take a picture, you can directly select Evernote notebook that you want, and then you can save it. We released QuickSnap, Evernote version of 1tap camera that many people loved It ...    6 MB    Views 3931

Usacoo Snap

photo upgrade masks remove faces created ways select
-6    How to Use Take a photo or select photo from cameraroll. UsacooSnap detects faces and sets masks the faces. You can also add or remove masks. It's so easy to share your photo to Twitter or facebook. Upgrade You can select a mask in Setting ...    3 MB    Views 1426

pin!Down for iPad

photos maps pin contacts reminders saved location contact created list add
+4    With pinDown, keep on top of your relationships, activities and commitments, through a beautiful integration of Maps, Contacts, Photos and Reminders: 1) it's easy and fast, 2) in pinDown, you can see all your saved locations not only as a list but ...    4 MB    Views 5331


photo photos
-4    What would it look like if the Mona Lisa was on your wall, shutters were added to your house, or your room reorganized? By manipulating dimensionally correct images, “See It” allows you to quickly and easily see “how it would ...    3 MB    Views 7189
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