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Password Camera

+6    How to protect photos taken from your iPhone ? Here is a new iPhone application, which provides you a password facility. Now you can take photos using our application and store them separately from the photo library. The photos taken from ...    919 kb    Views 835
+15    Albums can have password. When you create an album, you can specify whether it is protected by password. Once specified, the album will only be revealed after the correct password is input. Use the security question wisely. When setting a new ...    5 MB    Views 9350


-1    It is a simple utility to help you: 1) arrange some useful informations of your friends. The App will help you to gather photoes and other contact informations together. 2) contacts can be put into different groups, and protected by a password. ...    1 MB    Views 2154
+2    Amazing app in App Store There may be certain things that you don’t want anybody to see in your phone. The photos, videos, important notes which are confidential and so on. Protect your secret photos, videos, contacts, audio and notes all ...    18 MB    Views 9318
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+3    Nobody would allow anyone else to watch his/her albums,photos,and videos without the owner's permission. Someone who are playing your phone might copy your photos or even share your videos to some popular websites without letting you know, and this is ...    6 MB    Views 8994
+2    Decoy is an absolute gamechanger for sending pictures. No more "secret folders". No more worrying about screenshots. No more sleepless nights if someone loses their phone. Decoy lets you take your safety into your own hands. It works by hiding the ...    15 MB    Views 2302

Gallery Guard Lite

photos gallery lite guard private locker password
+3    Gallery Guard Lite lets you passwordprotect your personal photos yet.User can transfer their private photos to locker folder.This is fully password protected.In free version this locker is limited photos locked.Gallery Guard Lite provides security for your private photos, mainly when ...    596 kb    Views 4802
photo photos videos video albums protected export import password
-4    Snooping Parents ? Siblings ? Spouses ?? Are you concerned with having your photos and videos available for anyone looking at your device to see ? Keep your photos and videos hidden from prying eyes PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • ...    3 MB    Views 7111


wedding album download enter bride beautiful watch password share
+1    This is a new series of wedding album theme album. Marriage is a lifetime event for everyone, and happy wedding album to share to every family and friends, use the tablet photographic lens scanning QRcode twodimensional code, available for immediate download ...    11 MB    Views 5920
+15    We all have couple of those pictures or videos in our phones that nobody else should see :)) This app lets you easily lock those files, by your own unique password. So you don not have to worry anymore about ...    3 MB    Views 1010
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+19    Photo Vault is an app protect your photos and videos. It import photos from your Camera Roll of your iPhone, and lock it, password is required when you review these photos. ==== Features ===== [Take photo and video] Take photos and videos quick and ...    57 MB    Views 6005


photos security phone password worry
-3    Protect your photos and never worry about their security again. Hiddn encrypts your photos at the moment they are taken and stores them only on your iPhone. The secure gallery can be opened only using your password, so you don’t ...    3 MB    Views 1743


photo hide password original part
+1    iMitu is an easy use tool to hide part or whole of your photo. With iMitu, you can even recover the concealed part of your photo. After the encrypted image is stored in photo album, it appears as edited photo. ...    7 MB    Views 2872
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-2    The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault™ to keep their photos hidden. Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, Finland, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, ...    29 MB    Views 1834


photos iphone protected password private folder add folders
-1    PhotoLocker allows you to take and store photos in private password protected folders. Just open the app, click the add button to create a new folder, then view and add further photos directly from the app. The photos taken are not copied ...    155 kb    Views 4079
photos photo personal password safe folder protect private protected
-7    Photo Safe Password Protection The BEST Photo Safe App in the app store. Get Photo Safe to protect all your private photos in a Private folder. Description Photo Safe allows you to put your photos into a password protected folder ...    1 MB    Views 1023
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-8    All your most important photos and videos are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Provide long PASSWORD PROTECTION for your private photos Extremely simple and powerful importing from Photo library Create albums to organize photos Support additional password for individual albums ...    13 MB    Views 3333
photos videos photo security application password protect lock
+14    Protect your privacy from prying eyes, do not allow anyone to look at your photos and videos, hide them with PhotoPrivateHD the most private Photo and Video app for iPhone with Pattern lock security password. Thanks to the perfect camouflage, PhotoPrivateHD ...    1 MB    Views 2762


+10    PicLock is a camera/photo library alternative that password protects photos. Each photo taken is stored inverted (reverse colors) in your photo library. When you enter your password, the photo can viewed in normal colors.    375 kb    Views 7539
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-1    Hide your pictures and videos without hassle and keep out snoopers Lock Out is an easy to use, hassle free app to protect your photos and videos It has a beautiful UI which was designed for iOS 7 and an ...    3 MB    Views 2051
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+9    VeryAlbum safely stores photos and videos, using encryption and double layer password protection. VeryAlbum will let you setup two passwords. Simple password consists of 6 characters restricted to numbers only. Complex password can be up to 16 characters in length and ...    5 MB    Views 898
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+2    Want to get thousands of Instagram likes? Wish you can simply press a button and get on Instagram popular page? Likegram help you get likes and popularity for your Instagram photos, for free Likes come in a minute, guaranteed How does ...    8 MB    Views 230


ipad photo photos kiosk feed feeds password refresh tap number
+24    PhotoKiosk turns your iPad or iPad 2 into a gorgeous kiosk, displaying photos from an unlimited number of Flickr photo feeds or compatible URLs. A passwordprotected setup screen allows you to add feeds using an individual ID, a group ID, tags, ...    106 kb    Views 11

iPrivate Lite

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+12    Works fine in iOS 6 Full Ipad supports. One App for iPad and iPhone. All new design. Works Fine in Landsace and Portrait Mode Personal secure Photo Gallery. Hide and secure your pictures with all great features. FULL Version is available on APP Store ...    8 MB    Views 1482
+3    Private Photo Hidden Vault Hide Your Personal Photos Professional Private Folder For your Photos with Password Protection How to Use Open the App, Setup Your Password Create and name your new folder You can create multiple folders Add photos to the folder and save them Your ...    4 MB    Views 1798
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+10    Photo Locker Advanced locks your personal and confidential photos on your iPhone. There are some images and photos that cannot be shared with others. Luckily, you no longer have to dread letting anyone go through your photo gallery on your ...    13 MB    Views 9074
videos photos partner password secret shared
0    Shared Secret is the app that let you safely have secret photos and videos with your partner With this app you would be able to set your password and your partner's password to your more secreted photos and videos Have fun ...    3 MB    Views 3104
+17    "happily my photo viewer" makes it possible for the people taken in Happily Photo Studio to browse, save and share a photo with the simple operation. Main features Viewing images Downloading images Sharing on Facebook and Twitter etc. User's Information Please use "Family ID" and "Password" ...    3 MB    Views 5252
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+6    Protect your private photos and videos ・PASSWORD REQUIRED: You must input your password when you launch app. ・PHOTOS & VIDEOS: You can put your private both photos and videos here. ・MULTIPLE ACCOUNT: Input different password, enter corresponding albums. It is safer and more ...    23 MB    Views 761
people photos videos files password documents lock fast screen
+2    ⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛You need this APP ⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛ People are curious, they want to check out your phone. You normally won't say no if they are your friends, however there are certain things you don't want them to see. The photos and videos you ...    3 MB    Views 2305
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+5    YOUR PRIVATE ALBUM ON YOUR IPHONE / IPOD / IPAD PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS BY PASSWORD organize ,share your photo in your album private FEATURES: • Create personalized albums protect your photos with a password • Enter a name to each album • Take photos from ...    219 kb    Views 2945
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-4    Get more Instagram likes with Swike How does it work? Login your Instagram account, then: Like other user's photos, get coins. Choose your photo for others to like. Does Swike store my username and password? Your username and password are passed safely ...    2 MB    Views 860


media photo library password import
-2    Midiabox is an amazing application that allows you to protect your photos and videos with a password . No more embarrassment when showing a photo or video for a family and it is among other prohibited . Mibiabox allows you to import ...    1 MB    Views 7608

Group Photo World

Related Apps photo group montages montage global create world share password phone
-2    Group Photography to the Max Group Photo World is the more global version of the our runaway success app Group Photo. Join a worldwide Photo montages: Group Photo World lets you create photo montages that are part of a larger global montage. ...    2 MB    Views 6155


videos video password log stored youtube
+3    A Private Video Journal with password protected access, an app to take and upload videos to youtube directly from the phone, A log for medical/recreational experiments, an organizer for videos from different vacations. These are just a few ways to ...    1 MB    Views 9203
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+20    Are you worrying about your private photos in your iPhone album may get leaked out? Or have you ever downloaded one single private app to secure your privacy? However, I just want to know whether it is on earth safe ...    13 MB    Views 5018
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-2    Securely store and share and view your pictures in a PicShare Box Photo Locker. Just manage your one master password and PicShare Box secures the rest with secure, industry best security practices. Features Images can be taken from your camera or ...    5 MB    Views 9754


+22    FINALLY A PRIVATE APP FOR YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Let's face it, we’ve all been there. You have a picture to show your friend, and they start scrolling through your life. We understand this situation can ultimately lead to very embarrassing ...    646 kb    Views 7234
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+21    ? Keep your photos and videos private and out of the reach of children, casual intruders, and others ? Highlight features: ? Add/Edit/Delete passwords to photo & video albums. ? Add/Edit/Delete/Copy/Save/Share Photos & videos. ? Share photos & videos using Email, Facebook, Twitter, Copy+Paste ...    9 MB    Views 722
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-4    This is the professional version of Private Photo Vault™. The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault to keep their photos hidden. Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, ...    29 MB    Views 1370

Group Photo

Related Apps photo photos group password photograph create lets
+4    Create Group Photos by taking parts of the same photograph using one or more iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touches. Take photos with your friends Create a new photo by choosing it's style and giving it any name and a password. Or ...    3 MB    Views 9927

Secret Photo Album

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-7    alone want to see photos Let's now managed by a password When used alone, in secret Simple and easy to use an unlimited number of photos 1. Multiple Selection iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > ON 2. User denied access iPhone ...    1 MB    Views 4637
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+9    PhotoLocker App is usefull to safe your Photos by Password protected Photo Album within the app you can preview your photos This app help us to prevent other people from seeing private photo and ensure higher protection against thefts. Features 1 you can ...    13 MB    Views 8486


profile history instagram password click pictures share
+13    Jewelry, and other physical items, all have stories and histories. These items have a hard time communicating their interesting tales and adventures. luvGems was created to give jewelry a way to preserve their history: who first owned this necklace, what ...    25 MB    Views 4097


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+18    "Private Photo Keeper" will hide all your pictures from prying eyes in a password protected archive. "Private Photo Keeper" will be useful when: You need to limit access to family or business photos when your phone is left unattended You need ...    1 MB    Views 4858
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+5    Password Video and Photo files Keep your privacy safe firmly. PROTECT YOUR SECRET PHOTOS and VIDEOS away from UNFRIENDLY unfriendly peeping. The best and most advanced PHOTO and VIDEO privacy APP in the App Store today. Has all the features ...    10 MB    Views 3042


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-7    FileBouncer lets you privately send, share and stream photos and videos for FREE Upload full resolution pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad. Set download password for security. Compress pictures and videos while on 3G network for faster uploads. ...    6 MB    Views 6735


photos photo encrypted password album computer characters
-8    Shoot and store your photos in an encrypted archives Each photo album is stored in the encrypted archive Define the password for the each album Convenient photo viewer with gestures support Copy and view encrypted arhive on your computer Most other ...    5 MB    Views 6067
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+12    If you're looking for a simple app with password protection for photos and videos, check out Photo Vault. Simply type in your PIN and import as many photos/videos as you'd like After importing photos you can organize them in folders, ...    4 MB    Views 4501
video features favorite cut password folder share friends
+24    一款实用,便捷,轻巧的视频工具。你可以通过iTunes文件共享任意编辑剪切你的视频文件,在剪切了之后你可以选择通过邮件发送给你的朋友,亲人,分享属于你们的喜悦。你也可以将自己的摄影或者视频成果保存到本地的文件夹内,方便日后浏览或者分享。你甚至可以建立多个自己的文件夹来分类保存你的视频文件,并加上密码。多种实用的功能尽在这款轻巧的工具内。快来使用吧!用户QQ交流群110606253 视频剪切器使用攻略 视频剪切器的第一大特色功能是,把喜欢的视频中不喜欢的部分剪掉,把浓缩的精华部分保存下来。 视频剪切器的第二大特色功能是,把喜欢的视频按照不同的类别分开来保存,互不干扰。 视频剪切器的第三大特色功能是,把不同类别的视频文件夹加上密码,或者不要密码。 视频剪切器的第四大特色功能是,把自己特别中意的视频发送到朋友的邮箱中,让朋友也能看到。 This is a practical, convenient, lightweight video tools.You can arbitrarily edit, cut your video files.You can share your video with your friends by Email.To share the joy belongs to you. You can also own photographic or video results saved to ...    7 MB    Views 9357

Foto Safe Lite

Related Apps photos photo iphone library camera albums foto safe location password
-7    LITE VERSION ALLOWS ONLY 2 ALBUMS, 4 PHOTOS EACH THIS IS FOR TRYBEFOREYOUBUY PURPOSES Tired of people eager to see your great iPhone or iPod touch, only to realize there may be pictures on there not meant for all to see? Foto ...    1 MB    Views 8165
photos photo wifi editing iphone album slide transfer password
+30    vPhoto is your side of the most powerful local album management software that allows you to easily manage your massive photos, while giving you an unprecedented user experience. 1. Minimal flat UI design. 2. Set the album password, to protect personal privacy. 3. ...    20 MB    Views 221
library photos photo private access device password worry
+14    Do you have pictures that you do not want anyone else to see? Do you want to take photos that are to only to be seen through your eyes? Then, this is the most suitable app for you? This is an ...    256 kb    Views 9084
Related Apps photos videos secure safety easy lock password files pro locker
+12    Safety Files Locker Pro is a secure password and data manager for iPhone and iPad. Store your usernames, passwords and secure,Photo ,Video , Recording. • Easily Lock your photos, videos from your phone. 
• Photos and videos is very secure. 
• Easy to ...    9 MB    Views 4682


photos photo iphone library password stored single transfer encrypted
+18    PictureVault keeps your private or sensitive photos securely stored on your iPhone or iPod touch. Access to stored photos requires a password of your choice. The access password is never stored anywhere on your device. Warning: do not forget the password. There is ...    5 MB    Views 6066


tools forum photoshop run remote connections version password
+13    PsTools is Photoshop's useful tools on iPhone. Now PsTools have all features of origin tools. You can use tools, color palette and camera. You need to version 12.0.4 or later required. How to use 1. run Photoshop (higher then version 12.0.4) 2. ...    10 MB    Views 5466

Pictures Plus

Related Apps photos media pictures protected password folders
-9    Pictures Plus is a mobile app that allows secure photo organization & sharing of those special moments captured with friends & loved ones. Features include: Create/rename folders to save & organize photos Tap & drag to easily move photos into designated folders Share photos ...    13 MB    Views 8778

Check'on Peeping

iphone application password check supported screen face
+15    If your boyfriend have peeped your iPhone ... Such you are safe if put this application This application, you can check that who peeped the iPhone. "what's this app?" This app will be effective when it is peep Take a photo to face the moment ...    1 MB    Views 4784
photo photos videos video albums protected export import password
+1    NO ADS and FREE INAPP Purchase Snooping Parents ? Siblings ? Spouses ?? Are you concerned with having your photos and videos available for anyone looking at your device to see ? Keep your photos and videos hidden from prying ...    1 MB    Views 906

Private Photos Free

Related Apps photos ipad wifi web private password zoom access
+23    You must have some private photos you don't want others peeping. Private photos is the perfect app to keep your private photos safely in your iPad. Photos are protected by a password and you won't worry your privacy when friends ...    1 MB    Views 4892
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