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+10    Good and Great Fisheye App coming now You can easy to take a fisheye photo effects using this application. In addition to the fisheye effect, 6 different kinds of great fisheye effects enable you to apply various shades on your photos. SEE THE ...    2 MB    Views 2231

Multi-lens Camera

0    Multilens Camera could provide multiple display screens simultaneously when you are taking pictures, and it could make multiple photos into one photo after shooting. Come and experience to take a picture that contains multiple photos now. Features 1 Could take 26 photos ...    18 MB    Views 9194
+4    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in Thailand. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view ...    NAN    Views 8509
ipad iphone content images
+21    Alumina is an app designed for iPad, iPhone, iPod. With Alumina for iOS, AppWorks SC provides functionality to download photo albums from a content library compiled by artists, photographers and sponsors. Browse album images and related information, set as device ...    2 MB    Views 3594

Freely - Just Share

0    Freely is the easiest way to be yourself. It allows you to share your thoughts, pictures and videos. Browse your local feed for nearby content or branch out and view what people are posting worldwide. Get kudos for sharing fun, creative, ...    8 MB    Views 9784

Camera Lenses

camera photos lenses size application original 100 cameras
+13    If you are a photographer, or want to compare the quality of different kinds of lenses & cameras, you need this application. This application will find and show original size of photos taken by the lenses or camera you select, then ...    18 MB    Views 32


camera photos photographers series fujifilm cameras lenses parts listing guide
+30    The FUJIFILM XSERIES digital camera app allows photographers the flexibility of having access to their instruction manuals without the necessity of carrying a printed version. With most XSeries cameras and lenses listed, photographers will be able to search the product ...    44 MB    Views 3334


videos news funny content
+7    Cactopia has the web's hottest viral videos and news, keeping people happy We supply tons of new content daily and only report current, upbeat and funny news. With the new iPhone app, you can not only check out new funny photos ...    4 MB    Views 9970

ShutterBug Remote

+15    ShutterBug Remote is a full featured wireless controller for your digital camera. Plug the Shutterbug Remote dongle into your camera's shutter release port and your iOS device will pair with it using its builtin BluetoothLE capabilities; no wires, tethers, or ...    3 MB    Views 992
+23    It’s never been easier to share or follow the content you care about. Patter helps you exchange and discover photos in collaborative albums. Create private groups (inviteonly) or add to the collective perspective by starting a public Patter album. How to ...    13 MB    Views 2886


Related Apps videos photos sports content share easily device
0    Kazore is the first dedicated mobile community for Action Sports enthusiasts. Discover the best content on the web from your favorite sports; follow friends & pros; easily share your photos & videos from any device; leaderboards display users with the hottest ...    47 MB    Views 9285
video camera editing facebook videos music twitter movie free export instagram support lenses
+16    VivaVideo is one of the most popular free video editor & video camera apps in App Store. It has over 50 million users all over the world so far. With VivaVideo, you can easily create your video story and share ...    60 MB    Views 7668
Related Apps time film camera fisheye stretch lenses pictures lens intensity adjust
+11    ▶ ON SALE NOW 50% OFF The most authentic, versatile, and easy to use fisheye camera on the App Store. VIEWFINDER ■ Total live view. What you see in the viewfinder is the picture you take. LENSES ■ 10 lenses Full Fisheye, Full ...    6 MB    Views 5908

f/8 DoF Calculator

iphone camera photography apps calculator field lenses formats 35mm maximum
+6    Macworld: 4.5 mice Score 9/10 PDN Gear Guide: Top Ten iPhone App for Photographers ("...takes photography seriously.") Photography Gadgets: Field tested and highly recommended. CNET Reviews: One of the five favourite iPhone photo apps. iLounge: One of eight good to great new photography apps. Photojournalists ...    504 kb    Views 6128


social media language content users post
+3    FotoYapp works by providing users with the ability to create their own media content as well as curate media from other users and content from other social media platforms, as well as select Getty Images photography into a single global ...    18 MB    Views 7799

Creative Outlet

creative content share quickly
+1    Creative Outlet is your source for illustrations, vectored graphics, photography, auto & food images, ad templates and more The Creative Outlet app functions identically to the Creative Outlet website in that it allows users to search and save content the same ...    13 MB    Views 8543


choice god content rich vote create
-9    Choice let you quickly create choice with rich content and collect opinions. Features: Quick build choice with rich content Two modes to create a new choice: photo and text Watch vote results directly and clearly Quote and compare an option by swipe Record your choice reason Review ...    10 MB    Views 817

Suar™ Photo Share

photo photos share content objectionable notice user
+5    Share photos with the whole world This elegant app allows you to capture photo and share with people around you. Play with your friends together to double the fun time Features include: View photos around you Fully animated user interface Share from ...    6 MB    Views 843
+4    "Ranked as the 1 camera app in the U.S. App Store and a top 10 photo app in 31 other countries, Wood Camera is a featurerich iOS camera and photo editor." Victor Paul Alvarez, Yahoo "I don’t think you can go ...    39 MB    Views 3236


facebook camera photos easily lenses touch
+4    ShotMate is an application especially designed for photographers and for those who are fond of photos. It’s a fast and simple tool to get those technical information needed to take good photographs. ShotMate allows to calculate: Size and angles of view ...    42 MB    Views 6735
camera ipad photos photo facebook twitter email lens multi lenses choose effects
+2    You have an iPad 2 but does not have any camera lenses for it becouse iPad 2 is not a DSLR camera? Now you have Introducing Camera MultiLens application its brings DSLR lens emulation feature to your photos taken in ...    1 MB    Views 1550

Hipster Camera HD

Related Apps camera photos photo hipster fast lenses live image vintage
0    From now on iPad Hipster Camera is advanced vintage/retro/grunge photo app. It’s fast, easy to use, it brings back the look, feel of photos and cameras from the past Take advantage of more then 30 live camera lenses with exciting detailed Vintage ...    16 MB    Views 7704
camera photography dslr nikon min guides specific guide lenses
+27    'MinU Guide Nikon D300s v1.0' plugs you straight into the menus and is designed with a focus on the camera's features and options. This menuspecific information of course ties into controls and usage. In addition to the specific menu content ...    2 MB    Views 114


Related Apps photos camera fonts lens filters share
-9    Camera Application with Live Lens Filters and After Lens Filters and CubbyText Editor. Native IOS 8, IPhone and IPad support. An advanced camera app has never been so easy to use. The intuitive interface and great features will keep you smiling. Capture, ...    43 MB    Views 3422
+3    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in Malaysia. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view ...    NAN    Views 3088


photos photo video iphone ipad library mode macro lenses
0    The awardwinning olloclip Lens System and App turn your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into an even more creative tool. This powerful combination will help you to take your mobile photography even further. Shoot, edit and share your photos and ...    17 MB    Views 1887
lens eye fish
-3    It is app in image processing using fisheye lens. You can take a picture or the photos are stored in phone.    704 kb    Views 570

NewsCred Lens

+21    NewsCred Lens is an iOS companion app to NewsCred's Content Marketing Cloud. NOTE: You will need an active NewsCred account to use this app. NewsCred is the world’s leading content marketing platform. We provide brands with a single platform to streamline the ...    2 MB    Views 1327


photos time camera stock lenses shutter filters lens edit image capture
+16    Capture the most amazing photos with your iPhone. Build and use professional real time filters that you can combine into lenses to capture great photos in any setting or environment. We believe in having full control over our lives, memories and ...    13 MB    Views 7443

Love Lens

love photos lens event guests
0    Love Lens is a way to collect photos from everyone at your event Use Love Lens to take photos in place of your normal camera app and all the photos will be uploaded to a shared album automatically Perfect for weddings ...    3 MB    Views 6058
Related Apps photos photo camera apple shooting film video time fisheye instagram effects resolution lens lenses high
+6    ◉ Featured by Apple with "Apps for Photographers" ◉ Featured by Apple with "What's Hot" ◉ Featured by Apple with "New to App Store" Wanna square format Fisheye photography for Instagram? Here is the App you are looking for. To all Instagram users, the ...    11 MB    Views 812
Related Apps camera artist simulation frame mark viewfinder wide lens format lenses super converter
+20    Artist's Viewfinder assists the filmmaker or still photographer in exploring different places and angles to find the optimal placement for the camera, and to secondguess compositions. By simulating real camera and lens combinations it allows you to visualize what you ...    5 MB    Views 537


doodle lens erase photograph
+6    Let's take the photograph with doodled lens. You doodle on your lens, then take a photograph. That's it. You cannot erase a part of your doodling. If you doodle on your lens, you will be able to erase it? Anyway you can ...    634 kb    Views 4581

ALPA eFinder II

Related Apps camera gps iphone lenses wide picture viewfinder lens focal
+5    Whether you are photographer, cinematographer or even painter, one oft the fundamental elements when composing a picture or artwork is to visualize and frame. With the ALPA camera the photographer performs this task via the optical viewfinder and masks per ...    5 MB    Views 2159


photos iphone body photography lens prime lenses great portrait
-8    This app will completely change the way you shoot your mobile photos. In photography, prime lens is a symbol of professional and high quality picture. This app make your iPhone into some of the most popular prime lenses in the world. ...    3 MB    Views 1456


artistic lenses
+9    See the world through a new artistic style lenses, PaperCam converts your iPhone into live graphic pen drawings, transform your room, house, street, family, your friends into new visual artistic experience Brand new IOS7 design with rewritten engine allows you to ...    27 MB    Views 4145


videos photos content messages event
+15    Fomograph creates a TV channel for your event or venue. You and your staff can easily control the media content on your screens from any deviceyou don't even have to be there It can strengthen your promotional and/or marketing messages ...    22 MB    Views 2688
+2    Lens Corrector corrects/removes radial distortions which occur with wide angle lenses, such as used in GoPro Hero cameras, and fish eye lenses. Lens distortions are especially visible on aerial photography where straight lines, such as the horizon, show significant curvature. Features: ...    349 kb    Views 3914
kids voice content tool learn
-9    Using your photos and voice help your kids to learn the world. That are why I wrote this app. All of kids love to play iPhone or iPad. We always spend a lot of time to select the kids app, and always ...    3 MB    Views 6356
Related Apps photos sharing content lite islamic
+25    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Take note that this is a LITE version and comes with limited contents. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature ...    23 MB    Views 9774

Vintage Looks

videos photos music video time images add cool vintage lenses filter change
+29    HIGH QUALITY EFFECTS REAL TIME FILTERS ______________________________________________ Make your videos and images look cool and nostalgique with Vintage Looks. Play videos in real time and ...    36 MB    Views 8282


lens focus adapter
+9    Turnikit Is an app that allows you to seamlessly take photos & videos while using a Turnikit lens adapter. Giving you a large live viewfinder, so you can clearly compose beautiful content. Turnikit adapters allow you to attach Canon and ...    362 kb    Views 8488

H2O Tools

browse product lenses
+1    Browse our new catalogs with underwater photography equipment. The current product catalog with lists of all under water housings and which lenses, adpater and filter are suitable for them as well as diverse comparisons of lenses, lights and filters can be ...    5 MB    Views 3122
Related Apps photos hashtag content cool upload
0    HashTag brings you the quirkiest, most random photos from around the globe, not only do we bring you daily content right to the plam of you hand, but you can upload your own with a tap or two of your ...    24 MB    Views 9348


flickr photos photographers beauty gorgeous lenses awesome places
+30    Inspire yourself, see the life around you through the lenses of others who been exactly where you stand and help your eye see beauty that hidden among the common, FlickroundMe will help you find the most awesome flicks taken where ...    3 MB    Views 4680
Related Apps photos event share content
+4    Backflip is the best way to share photos with the crowd around you. Check into a nearby event, take and upload photos, and view the best content from everyone there. • Share at any kind of event: concerts, sporting events, festivals, ...    29 MB    Views 8473

Lens Distortions®

editing workflow iphone lens real
+17    The ALL NEW Lens Distortions app Stunning photographic overlays add character and dimension to your shots. Optimized for iPhone 6 Compatible with iPhone 4s+ AUTHENTIC Lens Distortions look real, because they are real. Made from opticallycaptured elements, including actual sunlight, haze, and fragments ...    56 MB    Views 6822
wall local community spread content
+7    Gum Wall is the best place to express yourself online. Gum Wall acts like a local bulletin board for your area by showing local photos shared by users around you. It allows anyone to connect and share information with others ...    4 MB    Views 7072
Related Apps magazine photography color black white digital content
+14    BLACK&WHITE IN COLOR is a bimonthly magazine where you can find content related to the history of photography. Fine Art, mobilephotos, large and medium formats, photography in design, streetphoto, equipment, exhibitions, courses, workshops and more. Now, imagine all this going between ...    8 MB    Views 9128


instagram users www find pictures discover content
+3    Discover the best content on Instagram Huntgram lets you find what you want in a fast and easy way, filtering all the content you don’t want to see. Find the best pictures and users from each country. Discover the best pictures ...    59 MB    Views 5754
Related Apps photos time camera multiple lens multi
+18    FREE for a limited time Multilens Camera could provide multiple display screens simultaneously when you are taking pictures, and it could make multiple photos into one photo after shooting. Come and experience to take a picture that contains multiple photos now. Features 1 ...    9 MB    Views 8996

EF Lens Simulator

camera lens simulator canon field depth compare lenses interactive content specifications
-5    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in South Asia. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of ...    45 MB    Views 6041

Color Lens

Related Apps photo camera color lens
+2    Color Lens is an amazingly fun and simple augmented reality application that can turn any color in the video feed or photos taken from albums or the camera into a color of your choice in real time. You can also ...    2 MB    Views 9681
Related Apps camera lens simulator canon field depth compare content interactive lenses
-5    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in the Philippines. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of ...    NAN    Views 2783
video movie shooting recording frame camera photography nikon settings modes microphone lenses
+1    In this Shooting Video Guide you'll learn about the User Settings Modes, bracketing, autofocus modes and area modes, multiple exposures, interval timer photography, choosing lenses and accessories, camera care and maintenance and much, much more This tutorial provides: Instructional video on ...    296 MB    Views 2071


software movement tap lens colors random
0    A multitouch movement of neon colors and distortions. It reacts to movement using the accelerometer. It generates a random lens effect as well as random images to create a fluid and quick movement and rotation. Tap once to change the ...    324 kb    Views 2440

Hipster Camera

camera photo photos apps hipster live ios lenses vintage fast
-2    ON SALE Half price for a limited time +++++ Maczone EU “Hipster Camera has set the standard for all photo apps.” “Hipster Camera is the best allaround camera replacement app for iOS.” Cult of Mac “One of the best camera apps for the iPhone.” “Hipster Camera ...    19 MB    Views 91
Related Apps camera lens simulator canon field depth compare content interactive specifications lenses
+4    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in South Asia. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of ...    NAN    Views 5313
Related Apps camera film time fisheye view viewfinder lenses stretch live pictures lomo
+3    ▶ ON SALE NOW (It was 2.99) ▶ GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Same as the world famous LOMO arsenal, your iPhone will not only have a simulated 170degree wideangle view and stunning fisheye barrel distortion, but also a ...    2 MB    Views 4801


lens multi
+3    Recreate the analog Lomolike multi lens photography on your iPhone Choose between a 1x4 or 2x2 multi lens picture. Spit out the most beautiful multilens images and share your Lama creations on Facebook. Get creative, it's 100% Lama spit free    2 MB    Views 3664
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