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Best Colour text Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+2    Best Font lets you add beautiful typography to the photos you like. At the same time, combine it with elaborate filters, picture frames and artwork to help make beautiful, rich and creative photos. As soon as you share your photos ...    30 MB    Views 1428


photos text tagging
+3    1. Tagging your photos with creation date, address, text. 2. Batch processing with high performance. 3. Change the text color. 4. Share tagging photos via message, facebook, twitter and etc..    1 MB    Views 5436

Text Over Photos HD

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+20    Add beautiful text to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram. Create inspirational, informational or even funny images to share quickly and easily. In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes, jokes, poems or ...    16 MB    Views 4247


+29    Create art murals composed of text with TextCanvas It's really just two steps... 1) Select your photo 2) Copy and paste your text It's that easy    31 MB    Views 9063

Filter Frames Light

+4    Combine your image, taken from camera or gallery, add filter, tune the colors, add text (emoji too), place it (swiping on screen) in 9 position from top left to bottom right, sets the transparency of your text, choose the font ...    14 MB    Views 5447

JpgStory Little

0    Add descriptive multiline captions below copies of your images so that they will be more meaningful to viewers. Control the text font, size, and colour, along with resolution and quality. Save your permanently captioned copies into the Camera Roll at ...    991 kb    Views 8247

-2 turns your photographs into beautiful text portraits. The ability to chose between different fonts, text sizes, backgrounds and more ensure that you'll never see the same result twice Still not convinced? Feel free to try out the online version:    2 MB    Views 7755
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+15    Create your own meme with any photos Tons of funny meme faces to choose from (will be updated regularly) Add your own text captions Photo stickers and text caption size can be adjusted Share option to facebook, instagram, twitter and email 3791570cb7    7 MB    Views 663

In Search of Monet

0    Fine art photography comes to the iPad in the form of stunning photography from the West Coast of Scotland to the Sahara Desert, Monet inspired poppy fields full of beauty and colour, cherry orchards in full bloom. An idyllic childhood ...    63 MB    Views 2929

Caption My Photo

-6    Caption My Photo is great for creating personalized greeting card, postcard or meme by adding amazing text to your photos. We have included 6 beautiful fonts for Free. Other features: Upgrade to Pro to Unlock More Fonts Change Color of Text Rotate text on ...    20 MB    Views 4055


text emoticon
+8    Application for decorating DECO(forehead in Japanese). Automatically recognize faces and decorate their forehead. You can specify text or emoticon for decoration. You can specify color of text(excluding emoticon). History management Tweet and mail photos.    167 kb    Views 4444


film iphone industry colour free control mac standard
-6    CONTROL YOUR COLOUR AIRGRADE Now everyone can enjoy the art of film style colour grading with AirGrade, the new FREE colourgrading application that's remotecontrolled from an iPhone. Created by The Pixel Farm Ltd, developers of renowned film industry VFX software. AirGrade ...    889 kb    Views 1145
+2    Add Text to your pictures for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save, MMS and more. Customize the size, color and font type for your pictures. Add photos and a big variety of faces Designed especially for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. InApp purchase option ...    14 MB    Views 4599


-2    This cool app lets users create a stylish text and save it in their photos album. Features: 1. Select text color 2. Select text position 3. Select text size 4. Select text font etc..    152 kb    Views 2999
text photo thoughts
+29    Text Photo allow you quickly add text to pic. You can write all your thoughts with a lots of well designed templates and your favorite photos. It is really cool and useful way to share your thoughts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email. Make ...    37 MB    Views 4275
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-6    Discover the quickest and best way to make sensational images in this comprehensive video tutorial course covering Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile, brought to you by the makers of Teach Yourself Photoshop and Digital Camera magazine. In 55 easytofollow ...    931 MB    Views 4900

Collage Designer

photo facebook text ipad iphone collage share album colour ipod save
-6    Create amazing collages of you, your family and friends

 With Collage Designer you can quickly and easily create spectacular photo collages from the photos stored in your photo album using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

 Once you've created your collage, you ...    8 MB    Views 3522
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+14    Play with changing the background behind your photos to enhance them and to emphasise different colours and values. Features are Tap on various parts of photos and images to change the background colour. Sliders automatically match to the background colour ...    583 kb    Views 4744


-9    Customise a tshirt with your favorite photos directly from your iPhone. A simple user friendly interface that lets you customise a tshirt with a photo of a memorable event. Import photo directly from your : iPhone gallery or Camera Facebook profile Instagram ...    7 MB    Views 408

Easter Egg Painter

easter social egg style pattern image colour brush select create save
-7    Welcome to easter day Create your favourite egg colour style. "EASTER EGG PAINTER" let you create a photo egg image by your finger style (dot, tap, gesture, draw, etc.) with your select egg object pattern and make colour style if you ...    7 MB    Views 7993
photos frame flickr facebook twitter email photo instagram colour individual add
-9    AMAZING Easily combine multiple photos and apply beautiful effects to create amazing photo frames that can be shared with friends and family via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Flickr. With 12 filters, rounded borders and 40 customisable frames, its ...    19 MB    Views 8899

Text on Photos.

text photos
-2    Add beautiful text to your photos with SnapQuote Create quotes or captions quickly and easily. Select any picture from your library or take a new one with your camera. Express your thoughts on top of your photos with tons of different fonts. Customize your ...    6 MB    Views 4788
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+14    Instafont lets you add beautiful typography to the photos you like. At the same time, combine it with elaborate filters, picture frames and artwork to help make beautiful, rich and creative photos. As soon as you share your photos on ...    30 MB    Views 7825
text years add 2014
-5    Thanks for checking out the app, Happy New Year 2014 Choose a photo, add a frame with or without some New Years text. Then add some fireworks or champagne. Finally save it to your photos to text or share directly to Facebook or ...    9 MB    Views 6884

Quick Paint

+13    FEATURED IN APPLE'S "WHAT'S HOT" "Finally, a good, simple paint application Quick Paint should be included with every iPad" Macworld ___________________________ Quick Paint is a fun way to make quick sketches, doodle on photos, and share with friends. Features: universal app will ...    711 kb    Views 1588


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0    This is an application for adding texts to photographs. Very easily and quickly. You can save the text Template. & How to use 1. Add a photo 2. Scale and move the photo 3. Add some text (or Load your template) 4. Drag your text around the ...    784 kb    Views 6184
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+6    Photo Mator is the ultimate application for creating customised picture combos, provides an easy process to merge your multiple pictures into one brilliantly framed photo. You can also PRINT photo collage on CANVAS and ship directly to: Germany Luxembourg Italy United Kingdom Denmark Finland France Ireland Netherlands Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey The app renders a ...    41 MB    Views 8257
+3    Pick a fair image to Apply ColorEffects to that image.Apply Grayscale to the image you selected and also color effects. Features: Directly Pick photos from library/Camera Applying Grayscale To selected image You can erase Grayscale image with your finger to get ...    28 MB    Views 5344

AsciiArtist HD

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-5    AsciiArtist is your choice to turn your favorite images into stunning text versions of themselves. Convert your photos to original ascii art or apply another cool text filter that creates results you will be surprised of. AsciiArtist allows you to select the ...    9 MB    Views 8318
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-7    Modern Photographers Kit is a beautifully designed tool with many uses. It has been designed following the modern "Metro style" and you can customise the look of this app with your favourite "Metro" colour style and photo. Just swipe left to bring ...    3 MB    Views 5625

Phoxt for iPad

0    Phoxt is an application program that converts the photograph into the text. The converted text can be transmitted with mail. Moreover, the thing contributed to twitter can be done. Let's convert various photographs, and play all.    522 kb    Views 3802

Your Photo Editor

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+4    Your Photo Editor – The New complete image editor now on the APP Store, If you like edit your images on the go or optimise them, this is the app for you FEATURES Enhance Your Image, illuminate, automatic colour fix or change ...    12 MB    Views 9381

Kromatik Pro

photo photos library email facebook button save mask colour tapping share select image
0    Impress your friends by giving your photos dramatic colour effects. With Kromatik bringing out the artist in you has never been easier, all you need to do is choose the desired mask, select the photo to retouch and swipe your finger ...    8 MB    Views 3991

Glow Mail

email lets glow compose multi colour fonts background
+6    This Application lets you send the emails with colour and glow fonts. Features 1. Lets you Add Glow Labels to your photos 2. Lets you Compose email with multi colour fonts 3. Lets you compose email with multi colour and multi font 4. Lets you ...    5 MB    Views 9107


photos photo output images image mosaic colour created selection control
-3    Mosaic Image will generate a large photo made up of your selection of photos from the iPhone or iPad. You can use the complete camera roll, or take only the photos that you want from a specific album. You can control ...    9 MB    Views 7251

Colormaker touch

colour effects colours environment
+16    Paint and decorate with a finger the walls of your room, the home environment, the facades of the street. Upload your photos, design your colour and play with the endless combinations and effects of the paints by Colorificio Sammarinese. Then ...    36 MB    Views 1062


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+2    Change photo appearance. Add different sticker, add text on photo with different fonts and different size, draw text.    38 MB    Views 7201


+14    Shamoji123 can Burn Text Into Photo only 3 Step. Select Photo, Input Text, Set Background Color... ... Well done Of course, You can save your image into your photo role or send your photo via mail Pro Edition can select color detail and change ...    3 MB    Views 2967

Wish Pix

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0    Writing your name easy and fast on beautiful collection of high resolution photos. App is useful for those who don't know how to write any text on images. Anyone can write their names or custom text on images in few ...    5 MB    Views 6114

My Room Painter

tools colour images paint colours find project
0    Crown Paints’ “MyRoomPainter” is the all in one project tool for both DIY and Professional users. Visualise how interior or exterior surfaces would look with a fresh coat of Crown, Sandtex or Sadolin paints. From just one menu, choose from up ...    106 MB    Views 9089


photo text
0    Shamoji123 can Burn Text Into Photo only 3 Step. Select Photo, Input Text, Set Background Color... ... Well done Of course, You can save your image into your photo role or send your photo via mail    3 MB    Views 7062
photos color game splash fun colour change effects
-7    THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS Check out this new fun and cool game Add life to your photos Color Splash Effects HD allows you to change the colour theme of your photos. The best thing is, you can change the ...    14 MB    Views 7627


photos camera photo colour screen aspect smartphone geotags operate
-9    Capture the scene in front of you the way you want OA.ColorCreator is a photo app for use with the Olympus Air open platform camera. With intuitive controls, you can adjust the colour and saturation to capture an impressive photo of ...    NAN    Views 5704


text effect circular
+20    Add beautiful circular text to your photos. Main features: 100+ fonts 18 circular text templates 20 circle frames for text 27 patterns 10 masks Move, resize and rotate text Emboss Effect Drop Shadow Effect Transparency Effect MultiLevel Undo/Redo Max Resolution    5 MB    Views 9628


colour sequences create set designed
-6    Designed for light graffiti or painting, LightLoops is an app for creating repeating, animated colour sequences to be waved about in imaginative and creative ways. Create and name multiple RGB sequences, set up repeating subsequences, set the individual colour transitions from ...    310 kb    Views 7619

Happy Paint

happy colour ages
-5    Put yourself in the painting Open any photo as black and white comicstyle outlines and colour it in Super easy to use for all ages no confusing pulldown menus or swipe controls. Designed for ages from toddlers up Also includes a range of ...    5 MB    Views 9651
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+6    Check out this new fun and cool game Add life to your photos Color Splash Effects HD allows you to change the colour theme of your photos. The best thing is, you can change the colour of your photo on specific areas ...    14 MB    Views 5159


twitter facebook painting colour hard soft precise image intuitive mode
+9    Discover the creative application for your iPhone, iPad and iPod and become an artist Bodypaint is an artistic, intuitive app that allows you to add realistic, colourful body painting to your photos. With the imageprocessing program you can give your face that ...    3 MB    Views 583


text photo
0    NotesWiz is revolutionizing the concept of note taking. No longer will you have to spend hours writing boring notes. NotesWiz will do it for you All you have to do is take a nice photo of the text and NotesWiz ...    19 MB    Views 8076


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+20    My Comic Hero allows you easily to create a multiplecell comic and share with your friends. Just select an existing image from your photo album or take a picture and add some captions and you are good to go It's ...    433 kb    Views 3843

Laser Meme

text meme memes laser internet
+5    Laser Meme, now for iPad too Laser Meme is a beautiful way to add text captions to your photos to generate memes 1. LOAD an image begging for a caption from the camera or Photo Library. 2. WRITE your comedic masterpiece by ...    6 MB    Views 6174


iphone camera search photo colour colours image find palette paint
+29    Seen a colour you’d love for the house? Maybe it was at the beach, on a fabric or in your friend’s living room, but you don’t know what that colour is or how to describe it? Resene ColourMatch can help. This ...    NAN    Views 2580

Colour Picker Pro

colour pro picker
-2    Colour Picker pro is a handy app for designers and photo editors. A simple colour wheel gives you the RGB value for any given colour    1 MB    Views 4847


text collage number
-2    Assemble photos into a collage using any number of different layouts. Zoom, shrink, pan each photo. Add text anywhere. Rotate the text. Change color, font. Email the collage to any number of recipients.    11 MB    Views 1935
calendar birthday personal facebook video text twitter email videos photos private colour add info lock
0    Never let anybody to discover your private life My Calendar Top Secret appears like a standard and Birthdate Calendar App: the private area will be shown only by typing your private 4 digits PIN on calendar.easily hide and protect your private ...    5 MB    Views 3614

Maurice Meade

salon colour experience
+20    As one of Australia’s leading names in hairdressing, the Maurice Meade philosophy is that everyone should have the confidence to look and feel their best. We are excited to launch our new app, which will give you the tools to ...    5 MB    Views 5696
Related Apps calendar birthday personal facebook video text twitter email videos photos private colour add font
+4    Never let anybody to discover your private life My Calendar Top Secret appears like a standard and Birthdate Calendar App: the private area will be shown only by typing your private 4 digits PIN on calendar.easily hide and protect your private ...    7 MB    Views 2118
-3    Enhance your photo by adding multiple stylish text boxes. Share to twitter, facebook and instagram    18 MB    Views 8176


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+11    Are you sick of the usual app with which to take pictures and apply effects? Now you can transform your shots in any text you want Choose a photo from your photo album or take a picture, then you can choose ...    4 MB    Views 6267


photo email facebook button effects sharing colour application save
-3    SnapMe is an application that allows users reformatting photos by applying different effects and borders. The application can also be used to add a caption to the photo and/or share it via email Facebook post. Colour effects are available in the current ...    788 kb    Views 2112
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